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WHAT TO WATCH FOR: 34, Wilmot Await the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars

The Greatest Show on Dirt Prepares for "The Month of Money"

The busiest month of the season rumbles on this weekend as the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series visits 34 Raceway in West Burlington, IA on Friday and Wilmot Raceway in Wilmot, WI on Saturday.

It’s the final tune-up for teams and drivers before the fabled “Month of Money” begins next week in Ohio with the Brad Doty Classic at Attica Raceway Park on Tuesday leading into the Historical Big One and Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway from Wednesday-Saturday.

Brad Sweet continues to firmly grasp control of the championship while his closest contenders including Sheldon Haudenschild, Carson Macedo, David Gravel, and Logan Schuchart jockey for position behind him. Those five, plus the likes of Donny Schatz, Spencer Bayston, James McFadden, Jacob Allen, Brock Zearfoss, Kraig Kinser, and Kasey Kahne, all enter with chances at victory this weekend.


Let’s look at what to watch for this weekend on

MILESTONES AHEAD: Amid his 26th full-time season of racing with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars, Donny Schatz is on the verge of three major milestones with the Series. If all goes planned…

He’ll start his 2,000th career Feature on Wednesday, July 20 at Port Royal (PA) Speedway. The 10-time Series champion currently sits at 1,992 starts and will join Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell as the only three drivers to join the 2K club.

He could reach his 1,000th top-five finish by next Thursday, July 14 at Eldora (OH) Speedway. Again, the Fargo, ND native would put himself in a club with only Kinser and Swindell by achieving the feat.

He also has a chance to hit 500 Heat wins this Saturday, July 9 at Wilmot (WI) Raceway. Over the time span since he joined full-time in 1997, Schatz has almost 200 more Heat wins than his next closest competitor, Joey Saldana (302).

RETURN TO FORM: After struggling through the past two weeks as the points lead dwindled with zero top-five finishes in six starts, Brad Sweet and Kasey Kahne Racing returned to form last weekend at arguably The Big Cat’s best track – Cedar Lake Speedway. The Grass Valley, CA native was a winning contender both nights in New Richmond, WI, ending up second on Friday and third on Saturday following a pair of bids for the race lead that fell short.

His points advantage soared from +12 over Carson Macedo to +38 over Sheldon Haudenschild as he continues pursuit of a fourth consecutive championship this season. The NAPA Auto Parts #49 hopes to build that gap this weekend at 34 and Wilmot, where Sweet will enter as the defending winner at both tracks and looking to end a 23-race drought from Victory Lane.

BATTLING ADVERSITY: While Sweet enjoyed a peaceful podium performance last weekend, his championship counterparts had a much more trying outing at Cedar Lake. All four of the other top-five teams in the standings suffered some sort of mishap, resulting in either a DNF or work area trip, which only allowed the #49 to pad the points.

Carson Macedo entered the weekend second in points, but slipped from the lead to finish fifth on Friday, and then went for a big flip down the backstretch on Saturday which ended his night with a cracked frame.

Sheldon Haudenschild was stellar on Friday with a seventh-to-third effort, but his ninth-place effort on Saturday was limited due to a work area trip for a flat right rear tire on Lap 31 of 35.

David Gravel went backwards from eighth-to-ninth on Friday, and rallied for a big result on Saturday after dropping from third-to-16th thanks to a flat right rear tire on Lap 19. He quickly rebounded and drove from 16th-to-sixth in six laps and ended his night with a last-lap pass for second-place on Sweet.

Like Gravel, Logan Schuchart fell behind from fourth-to-10th on Friday and had to take the #1S to the work area while running fourth in Saturday’s finale. He went tailback and followed Gravel through the field to finish fourth in the 35-lap Feature.

LOCAL LEGENDS: Each venue on the docket this weekend has seen a fair share of local stars loading up and taking it to The Greatest Show on Dirt. Among the most notables performances of drivers expected to be racing are Josh Schneiderman and Scotty Thiel.

Schneiderman, who lives within walking distance to 34 Raceway in West Burlington, IA, enjoyed one of the finest debuts in World of Outlaws history in 2008. The driver of the #49J finished third behind Tony Bruce Jr. and Steve Kinser to become one of only 286 drivers to record a podium finish against the Series. He’ll try to replicate that performance this Friday night on home turf.

Thiel, who hails under two hours away from Wilmot in Sheboygan, WI, previously earned his World of Outlaws career-best at the track last year with an eighth-place performance. That mark was broken last week when the #73 pilot pulled off a sixth-place run at Cedar Lake, giving him momentum to aim for his first-career top-five with the Series this week.

WILMOT WARRIOR: When it comes to Wisconsin’s Wilmot Raceway, David Gravel holds the keys to the kingdom. Before last year – a daunting night which saw the #2 flip twice – he had yet to finish outside the top-five in six starts at the 1/3-mile oval. In fact, the Watertown, CT native held a whopping 1.6 average finish with four victories to his credit.

Gravel has won at Wilmot in the Roth Motorsports #83, CJB Motorsports #5, and Jason Johnson Racing #41, and now looks to add the Big Game Motorsports #2 to that list. The 30-year-old star will be extra hungry to snap a 23-race winless streak, his longest drought in more than three years.

FEEL-GOOD WINNERS: Entering as the most recent winners in World of Outlaws competition this weekend is two of the most likable stars on tour. Jacob Allen of Hanover, PA recorded his third win of the season last Friday at Cedar Lake, extending his remarkable 2022 campaign aboard the Shark Racing, Pells Tire Service #1A. Amazingly enough, only Sheldon Haudenschild (8) and Carson Macedo (6) have won more races than Allen this year.

After Allen, Brock Zearfoss of Jonestown, PA finally enjoyed his long-awaited moment in the spotlight on Saturday. He drove by champion Brad Sweet and off into the sunset at Cedar Lake, scoring his first World of Outlaws win since 2017 and his first as a full-time driver with the Series.

PARITY AT THE FRONT: The World of Outlaws have enjoyed a phenomenal stretch recently with six different winners highlighted by a trio of different leaders in those six consecutive races. Dial up DIRTVision this weekend to see if the impressive streak of outstanding racing at the front can continue.

Huset’s – Kahne / Gravel / Bayston
Huset’s – Zearfoss / Kofoid / McFadden
Huset’s – Goodno / Brown / Macedo
Huset’s – Macedo / McFadden / Haudenschild
Cedar Lake – Macedo / Schatz / Allen
Cedar Lake – Scelzi / Sweet / Zearfoss


Friday, July 8 at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, IA
Saturday, July 9 at Wilmot Raceway in Wilmot, WI

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1. 49-Brad Sweet (4,646 PTS); 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild (-38 PTS); 3. 41-Carson Macedo (-56 PTS); 4. 2-David Gravel (-58 PTS); 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart (-72 PTS); 6. 15-Donny Schatz (-160 PTS); 7. 5-Spencer Bayston (-190 PTS); 8. 83-James McFadden (-242 PTS); 9. 1A-Jacob Allen (-354 PTS); 10. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss (-498 PTS).

8 wins – Sheldon Haudenschild, Stenhouse Jr. / Marshall Racing #17
6 wins – Carson Macedo, Jason Johnson Racing #41
3 wins – Jacob Allen, Shark Racing #1A
3 wins – Brent Marks, Murray-Marks Motorsports #19
2 wins – David Gravel, Big Game Motorsports #2
2 wins – Spencer Bayston, CJB Motorsports #5
2 wins – Kyle Larson, Kevin Kozlowski/Paul Silva #57
2 wins – Giovanni Scelzi, KCP Racing #18
1 win – Brad Sweet, Kasey Kahne Racing #49
1 win – Logan Schuchart, Shark Racing #1S,
1 win – Donny Schatz, Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing #15
1 win – Brock Zearfoss, Zearfoss Racing #3Z
1 win – Brian Brown, Brian Brown Racing #21
1 win – Buddy Kofoid, Crouch Motorsports #11

FEATURE LAPS LED (25 Drivers):
146 laps – Carson Macedo
144 laps – Sheldon Haudenschild
108 laps – Brad Sweet
78 laps – Jacob Allen
73 laps – David Gravel
66 laps – Spencer Bayston
61 laps – Kyle Larson, Giovanni Scelzi
54 laps – Brent Marks
44 laps – Donny Schatz
41 laps – Logan Schuchart
38 laps – Brian Brown
31 laps – Buddy Kofoid
26 laps – Sam Hafertepe Jr.
23 laps – Kasey Kahne
22 laps – Brock Zearfoss
15 laps – Justin Peck
14 laps – James McFadden
13 laps – Cory Eliason
9 laps – Dominic Scelzi, Brady Bacon
8 laps – Anthony Macri, Riley Goodno
1 lap – Corey Day, Aaron Reutzel

7 QuickTimes – Carson Macedo
4 QuickTimes – David Gravel
3 QuickTimes – Sheldon Haudenschild*
2 QuickTimes – Brad Sweet, Logan Schuchart, Spencer Bayston, Jacob Allen, Rico Abreu, Giovanni Scelzi*
1 QuickTime – James McFadden, Aaron Reutzel, Cory Eliason, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Justin Peck, Buddy Kofoid, Brent Marks
* Denotes New Track Record

13 Heat Wins – David Gravel
11 Heat Wins – Carson Macedo
9 Heat Wins – Brad Sweet, Jacob Allen
8 Heat Wins – Logan Schuchart
7 Heat Wins – Sheldon Haudenschild
6 Heat Wins – Donny Schatz
5 Heat Wins – James McFadden, Rico Abreu, Giovanni Scelzi
4 Heat Wins – Kraig Kinser, Aaron Reutzel
3 Heat Wins – Spencer Bayston, Brock Zearfoss
2 Heat Wins – Kasey Kahne, Tyler Courtney, Cory Eliason, Kerry Madsen, Brian Brown, Austin McCarl
1 Heat Win – Sam Hafertepe Jr, Dominic Scelzi, Corey Day, Justin Peck, Anthony Macri, Justin Whittall, Ian Madsen, Parker Price-Miller, Brent Marks, Buddy Kofoid, Mark Dobmeier, Hunter Schuerenberg, Mitchel Moles, Brooke Tatnell, Riley Goodno, Matt Juhl, Jack Croaker, Paige Polyak, Carson McCarl, Marcus Dumensy

21 Dashes – David Gravel
18 Dashes – Brad Sweet, Carson Macedo, Spencer Bayston
17 Dashes – Logan Schuchart
16 Dashes – Jacob Allen
14 Dashes – Sheldon Haudenschild
12 Dashes – Donny Schatz
9 Dashes – James McFadden, Rico Abreu
8 Dashes – Giovanni Scelzi
7 Dashes – Kraig Kinser
5 Dashes – Brock Zearfoss, Kyle Larson, Cory Eliason, Aaron Reutzel
4 Dashes – Brent Marks
3 Dashes – Kasey Kahne, Tyler Courtney, Kerry Madsen, Anthony Macri, Brian Brown
2 Dashes – Dominic Scelzi, Corey Day
1 Dash – Sam Hafertepe Jr, Colby Copeland, Tanner Carrick, DJ Netto, Brady Bacon, Justin Peck, Matt Campbell, Justin Whittall, Ian Madsen, Cole Duncan, Parker Price-Miller, Austin McCarl, Matt Juhl, Buddy Kofoid

3 LCS Wins – Sheldon Haudenschild, James McFadden, Ayrton Gennetten
2 LCS Wins – Logan Schuchart, Spencer Bayston, Kerry Madsen
1 LCS Win – Donny Schatz, Brock Zearfoss, Noah Gass, Anthony Macri, Mitchell Faccinto, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Brent Marks, DJ Foos, Christopher Bell, Austin Pierce, Jake Blackhurst, Robbie Price, Giovanni Scelzi, Rico Abreu, Scotty Thiel, Josh Schneiderman

6 Hard Chargers – Sheldon Haudenschild
4 Hard Chargers – Logan Schuchart
2 Hard Chargers – Carson Macedo, David Gravel, Donny Schatz, James McFadden
1 Hard Charger – Spencer Bayston, Brock Zearfoss, Kraig Kinser, Noah Gass, Jason Sides, Rico Abreu, Tanner Thorson, Alan Krimes, Devon Borden, Anthony Macri, Greg Wilson, Travis Philo, Kyle Larson, Russell Borland, Aaron Reutzel, Scotty Thiel

12 Podiums – Brad Sweet, Sheldon Haudenschild
11 Podiums – Carson Macedo
8 Podiums – David Gravel
7 Podiums – Logan Schuchart, Kyle Larson
6 Podiums – Donny Schatz
5 Podiums – James McFadden
4 Podiums – Spencer Bayston, Jacob Allen, Brent Marks, Brian Brown
3 Podiums – Giovanni Scelzi
2 Podiums – Aaron Reutzel, Corey Day, Buddy Kofoid
1 Podium – Brock Zearfoss, Kraig Kinser, Kasey Kahne, Cory Eliason, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Justin Peck, Rico Abreu, Parker Price-Miller, Riley Goodno

TOP 10 FINISHES (43 Drivers):
29 Top 10s – Brad Sweet, David Gravel
27 Top 10s – Sheldon Haudenschild, Logan Schuchart
26 Top 10s – Carson Macedo
24 Top 10s – Donny Schatz
22 Top 10s – Spencer Bayston
19 Top 10s – James McFadden, Giovanni Scelzi
17 Top 10s – Jacob Allen
12 Top 10s – Rico Abreu
9 Top 10s – Brock Zearfoss
8 Top 10s – Kyle Larson
7 Top 10s – Cory Eliason, Aaron Reutzel
6 Top 10s – Brent Marks
5 Top 10s – Anthony Macri
4 Top 10s – Tyler Courtney, Brian Brown
3 Top 10s – Kraig Kinser, Kasey Kahne, Kerry Madsen, Hunter Schuerenberg, Buddy Kofoid
2 Top 10s – Dominic Scelzi, Corey Day, Justin Peck, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Scotty Thiel
1 Top 10 – Noah Gass, Shane Golobic, DJ Netto, Carson Short, Tanner Thorson, Danny Dietrich, Lance Dewease, Greg Wilson, Cole Duncan, Cale Thomas, Cole Macedo, Mark Dobmeier, Parker Price-Miller, Riley Goodno

No. / Day, Date / Track / Location / Winner (Total Wins)
1. Thur, Feb. 10 / Volusia Speedway Park / Barberville, FL / Donny Schatz (1)
2. Fri, Feb. 11 / Volusia Speedway Park / Barberville, FL / Sheldon Haudenschild (1)
3. Sat, Feb. 12 / Volusia Speedway Park / Barberville, FL / David Gravel (1)
4. Fri, March 4 / Cotton Bowl Speedway / Paige, TX / Sheldon Haudenschild (2)
5. Sat, March 5 / Cotton Bowl Speedway / Paige, TX / Carson Macedo (1)
6. Fri, March 11 / Thunderbowl Raceway / Tulare, CA / Giovanni Scelzi (1)
7. Sat, March 12 / Thunderbowl Raceway / Tulare, CA / Kyle Larson (1)
8. Fri, March 18 / Merced Speedway / Merced, CA / Carson Macedo (2)
9. Fri, March 25 / Bakersfield Speedway / Bakersfield, CA / Giovanni Scelzi (2)
10. Sat, March 26 / Perris Auto Speedway / Perris, CA / David Gravel (2)
11. Tues, March 29 / Vado Speedway Park / Vado, NM / Brad Sweet (1)
12. Sat, April 2 / Devil’s Bowl Speedway / Mesquite, TX / Brent Marks (1)
13. Sat, April 9 / Lake Ozark Speedway / Eldon, MO / Jacob Allen (1)
14. Fri, April 15 / Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 / Pevely, MO / Carson Macedo (3)
15. Sat, April 23 / Tri-State Speedway / Haubstadt, IN / Carson Macedo (4)
16. Fri, April 29 / Bristol Motor Speedway / Bristol, TN / Logan Schuchart (1)
17. Sat, April 30 / Bristol Motor Speedway / Bristol, TN / Spencer Bayston (1)
18. Wed, May 11 / Lincoln Speedway / Abbottstown, PA / Jacob Allen (2)
19. Sat, May 14 / Williams Grove Speedway / Mechanicsburg, PA / Brent Marks (2)
20. Tues, May 17 / Bridgeport Motorsports Park / Swedesboro, NJ / Sheldon Haudenschild (3)
21. Fri, May 20 / Attica Raceway Park / Attica, OH / Kyle Larson (2)
22. Sat, May 28 / Atomic Speedway / Waverly, OH / Sheldon Haudenschild (4)
23. Mon, May 30 / Lawrenceburg Speedway / Lawrenceburg, IN / Sheldon Haudenschild (5)
24. Fri, June 3 / River Cities Speedway / Grand Forks, ND / Carson Macedo (5)
25. Fri, June 10 / Knoxville Raceway / Knoxville, IA / Brent Marks (3)
26. Sat, June 11 / Knoxville Raceway / Knoxville, IA / Brian Brown (1)
27. Fri, June 17 / Beaver Dam Raceway / Beaver Dam, WI / Sheldon Haudenschild (6)
28. Sat, June 18 / Beaver Dam Raceway / Beaver Dam, WI / Sheldon Haudenschild (7)
29. Wed, June 22 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Spencer Bayston (2)
30. Thur, June 23 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Buddy Kofoid (1)
31. Fri, June 24 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Carson Macedo (6)
32. Sat, June 25 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Sheldon Haudenschild (8)
33. Fri, July 1 / Cedar Lake Speedway / New Richmond, WI / Jacob Allen (3)
34. Sat, July 2 / Cedar Lake Speedway / New Richmond, WI / Brock Zearfoss (1)

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