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World of Outlaws Dirt Tracks

2024 World of Outlaws Tracks


NameCity/StateLengthTrack TypeTrack Record
81 SpeedwayWichita, KS0.375Sprint Cars: 13.023 by Carson Macedo on 3/30/2024
Late Models: 15.718 by Mike Marlar on 10/22/22
Arrowhead SpeedwayColcord, OK0.333Semi-Banked Clay OvalSprint Cars: 10.902 by David Gravel on 4/6/2024
Atomic SpeedwayChillicothe, OH0.375Sprint Cars: 10.915 by Brock Mayes in 2005
Late Models: 12.748 by Jimmy Owens in 2015
Attica Raceway ParkAttica, OH0.333Sprint Cars: 11.306 by Butch Schroeder on 9/7/98
Bakersfield SpeedwayBakersfield, CA0.333Sprint Cars: 10.342 by Jason Sides on 3/18/06
BAPS Motor SpeedwayYork Haven, PA0.4Sprint Cars: 14.376 by Brent Marks on 11/12/2022
Beaver Dam RacewayBeaver Dam, WI0.333High-bankedSprint Cars: 11.025 by Sheldon Haudenschild on 6/17/2022
Late Models: 13.104 by Frank Heckenast Jr. on 6/30/21
Bedford SpeedwayBedford, PA0.625Late Models: 18.490 by Tyler Bare on 9/28/18
Big O SpeedwayEnnis, TX0.25Semi-banked clay oval
Boothill SpeedwayGreenwood, LA0.333
Brownstown SpeedwayBrownstown, IN0.25Late Models: 12.509 by Josh Richards on 3/20/21
Cedar Lake SpeedwayNew Richmond, WI0.375Sprint Cars: 10.721 seconds by Carson Macedo on 6/29/2024
Late Models: 12.950 by Shannon Babb on 8/3/23
Cotton Bowl SpeedwayPaige, TX0.375High-bankedSprint Cars: 13.356 seconds by Aaron Reutzel on 3/19/21
Deer Creek SpeedwaySpring Valley, MN0.375Late Models: 13.900 seconds by Tim Fuller on 7/3/14
Dirt Oval 66Joliet, IL0.375
Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH0.5High bankedSprint Cars: 12.599 seconds by David Gravel on 9/23/20
Late Models: 14.761 seconds by Brandon Sheppard on 10/12/18
Fairbury SpeedwayFairbury, IL0.25Semi-bankedLate Models: 12.143 seconds by Kyle Strickler on 9/15/20
Farmer City RacewayFarmer City, IL0.25BullringLate Models: 11.750 seconds by Brandon Sheppard on 4/5/19
Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55Pevely, MO0.333High-banked bullringSprint Cars: 9.995 seconds by Kyle Larson on 5/22/20
Late Models: 12.081 seconds by Billy Moyer on 6/23/07
Fremont SpeedwayFremont, OH0.333Sprint Cars: 11.732 by Lee Jacobs on 05/03/2003
Hamilton County SpeedwayWebster City, IA0.5Semi-Banked Oval
Highland SpeedwayHighland, IL0.25Late Models: 12.573 seconds by Daryn Klein on 7/27/22
Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD0.333High-banked bullringSprint Cars: 10.319 seconds by Terry McCarl on 5/10/09
I-94 EMR SpeedwayFergus Falls, MN0.375Late Models: 16.580 seconds by Don Shaw
Independence Motor SpeedwayIndependence, IA0.375Late Models: 13.575 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 6/24/24
Jackson MotorplexJackson, MN0.4Sprint Cars: 12.572 seconds by Carson Macedo on 8/20/22
Late Models: 14.337 seconds by Brandon Sheppard on 7/9/21
Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville, IL0.25Sprint Cars: 9.990 seconds by Sheldon Haudenschild on 4/29/21
Late Models: 11.783 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 6/21/16
Kennedale Speedway ParkKennedale, TX0.25Sprint Cars: 11.467 by Carson Macedo on 3/23/2024
Kings SpeedwayHanford, CA0.375Sprint Cars: 12.293 by Joey Saldana on 02/23/2001
Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA0.5Semi-banked clay ovalSprint Cars: 14.351 seconds by Brian Brown on 5/22/21
Lawton SpeedwayLawton, OK0.25Sprint Cars: 12.490 by Brad Sweet on 9/18/2020
Lincoln Speedway (PA)Abbottstown, PA0.375Sprint Cars: 12.577 seconds by Greg Hodnett on 4/30/16
Maquoketa SpeedwayMaquoketa, IA0.25
Marion Center RacewayMarion Center, PA0.25High-banked ovalLate Models: 14.282 seconds by Max Blair on 5/20/22
Merced SpeedwayMerced, CA0.25Semi-bankedSprint Cars: 10.057 sec. set by Gio Scelzi on March 18, 2022
Mississippi Thunder SpeedwayFountain City, WI0.375High-banked sweeping ovalLate Models: 13.417 seconds by Ryan Gustin on 5/4/24
Norman County RacewayAda, MN0.375
Ogilvie RacewayOgilvie, MN0.375Sprint Cars: 11.743 seconds by Carson Macedo on 6/3/2023
Late Models: 14.186 seconds by Darrell Lanigan on 7/13/19
Paducah International RacewayPaducah, KY0.375Sprint Cars: 12.825 by Joey Saldana on 04/17/2009
Late Models: 15.294 seconds by Kyle Bronson on 6/3/2023
Path Valley SpeedwaySpring Run, PA0.25Red clay oval
Ponderosa SpeedwayJunction City, KY0.375Clay ovalLate Models: 12.186 by Tim McCreadie on 4/30/21
Raceway 7Conneaut, OH0.4375
Red River Valley SpeedwayWest Fargo, ND0.375Semi-bankedSprint Cars: 11.460 seconds by Kasey Kahne on 8/21/21
Late Models: 14.270 Seconds by Cade Dillard on 6/29/23
River Cities SpeedwayGrand Forks, ND0.25Sprint Cars: 9.269 seconds by Jason Meyers on 8/21/09
Late Models: 11.255 by Joey Pederson on 9/9/2018
Riverside International SpeedwayWest Memphis, AR0.25High-banked bullringSprint Cars: 11.060 seconds by Jason Solwold on 5/5/07
Rocket Raceway ParkPetty, TX0.25High-Banked Oval
Rome SpeedwayRome, GA0.5
Selinsgrove SpeedwaySelinsgrove, PA0.5Sprint Cars: 15.428 seconds by T.J. Stutts on 4/21/2024
Late Models: 18.381 seconds by Tyler Emory on 6/18/2023
Senoia RacewaySenoia, GA0.375Banked Gumbo OvalLate Models: 12.684 seconds by Brandon Overton in 7/2020
Sharon SpeedwayHartford, OH0.375Sprint Cars: 12.704 seconds by Danny Holtgraver on 8/20/13
Late Models: 14.842 seconds by Brandon Sheppard on 4/21/17
Spoon River SpeedwayLewistown, IL0.375Late Models: 12.770 seconds set by Jason Feger on May 3, 2024
Stockton Dirt TrackStockton, CA0.375Semi-bankedSprint Cars: 12.561 seconds by David Gravel on 9/13/19
Talladega Short TrackEastaboga, AL0.333High-banked, red clay ovalLate Models: 12.420 sec. by Jason Hiett on 3/28/19
The Dirt Track at CharlotteConcord, NC0.4semi bankedSprint Cars: 11.880 seconds by Jeff Shepard on 10/6/01
Late Models: 14.183 seconds by Kyle Larson on 11/5/20
Thunderbird SpeedwayMuskogee, OK0.5
Thunderbowl RacewayTulare, CA0.333Sprint Cars: 12.582 seconds by Brad Sweet on 3/13/15
ThunderHill RacewaySummertown, TN0.333High-Banked, Red Clay Oval
Tri-State SpeedwayHaubstadt, IN0.25High banked bullringSprint Cars: 11.110 seconds by Sammy Swindell on 10/8/04
Ultimate Motorsports & RV ParkElkin, NC0.375
US 36 RacewayOsborn, MO0.375Sprint Cars: 9.846 seconds by Paul McMahan on 5/5/06
Late Models: 12.463 by Dennis Erb Jr. on 5/22/09
Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL0.482D-shaped ovalSprint Cars: 12.569s by Paul McMahan on 2-10-11; 360 Sprint Car: 14.160 sec. by Brenham Crouch on Jan. 27, 2023; Non-Wing: 16.362s by Thomas Meseraull on Feb. 14, 2023
Late Models: Super: 15.100 sec. by Bobby Pierce on Jan. 19, 2024
Wayne County (OH) SpeedwayOrrville, OH0.375Sprint Cars: 13.808 seconds by Spencer Bayston on 4/21/18
Late Models: 16.324 set by Nick Hoffman on July 14, 2024
Weedsport SpeedwayWeedsport, NY0.375D-shaped claySprint Cars: 13.401 seconds by Greg Hodnett on 5/17/15
Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg, PA0.5Semi banked; paperclip ovalSprint Cars: 16.089 seconds by TJ Stutts on 4-8-23
Late Models: 19.500 seconds by Jason Covert
Wilmot RacewayWilmot, WI0.333Semi-bankedSprint Cars: 12.199 by Bill Balog on 7/8/2023

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