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1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, Iowa
(641) 842-5431

Track Info  
The Knoxville Raceway, located on the Marion County Fairgrounds, began as a track for horse racing. The first automobile race was held in 1901. Johnny Gerber and "Speed" Adams were among the drivers featured between 1927 and 1936 during racing’s growth in popularity.

Racing came to a halt in the early 1940s due to the war, and returned late in the decade with hot rod racing. Soon after, midget and stock car racing became common.

In 1954, weekly racing began at the Knoxville Raceway. By this time, lighting was added to the track, along with new fencing. Stock car racing was the primary attraction, which were passenger cars stripped of glass, innards and extra metal. Roll cages were often constructed inside the car as a safety precaution.

Events at the Knoxville Raceway were promoted by the Southern Iowa Stock Car Racing Association until 1956, when Marion Robinson took over as promoter. During Robinson's tenure, "modifieds", (a stock car with modifications made to the engine), and "supermodifieds" (modifieds with the car bodies cut away to eliminate weight), were the rage. Eventually, tubing replaced the car frames, giving way to the sprint car as we know it today. Under Robinson's leadership, the Knoxville Nationals were born.

P. Ray Grimes came into leadership at the Knoxville Raceway in 1974, promoting races until 1977. Grimes' legacy includes extending the length of the Knoxville Nationals to four days.

1977 brought about a new Race Director, Ralph Capitani. Capitani continued to build on the growth of his predecessors, increasing the payoff for the 4-day Knoxville Nationals event to $100,000. The first tape-delayed broadcast of the Nationals was in 1987, with the first live broadcast in 1993.
Track Size
Semi-banked clay oval
410 Sprint Car Track Record
14.351 seconds by Brian Brown on 5/22/21
Office Phone
(641) 842-5431
Ticket Phone
What type of grandstands does Knoxville Raceway have?
Bleachers/ Chairbacks
Where is general admission seating located?
Where is reserved seating located?
All seating
Where is the family section located?
Sections I & J
What is the alcohol policy?
Alcohol is available at the track
What is the cooler policy?

Soft side, collapsible coolers no bigger than 6-pack size and empty are allowed

What is the smoking policy?
All grandstands are non-smoking. Smoking areas are available underneath stands.
Where is the handicapped seating located?
Located in the front stretch grandstands. Wheelchairs and scooters seating is available in row 39 (AA & BB) Also is section D, row 1
Where is the handicapped parking located?
Behind the front stretch grandstands and behind Dyer-Hudson Hall.
How much does parking cost?
Are credit cards accepted?
Concessions, Pit Gate, Ticket Window
Does Knoxville Raceway have ATMs on property?
Is there any camping available?
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services
How much does it cost to camp on property?
camping at the North Campground for $160 for 4 days. Water and electric hookups are available.
What is the closest airport?
Des Moines International Airport
What is the pit age requirement?
Aged 17 and under require parent waivers - Aged 12 and under must remain in vehicle or the fenced in area between turns 1 and 2. All pit fees apply. All ages same price
Track Winners  

World of Outlaws Sprint Car Winners

2023 - Brian Brown on June 9, David Gravel on June 10, Kyle Larson on Aug. 12 (Knoxville Nationals)
2022 - Brent Marks on June 10, Brian Brown on June 11, Donny Schatz on Aug. 13 (Knoxville Nationals)
2021 - Carson Macedo on June 11, Carson Macedo on June 12, Kyle Larson on Aug. 14 (Knoxville Nationals)
2020 – David Gravel on May 8, Kyle Larson on June 12, Kyle Larson on June 13, Kyle Larson on Aug. 13, David Gravel on Aug. 14, Kyle Larson on Aug. 15
2019 – Brian Brown on June 14, Brad Sweet on June 15, David Gravel on Aug. 10 (Knoxville Nationals)
2018 – Donny Schatz on June 29, David Gravel on June 30, Greg Hodnett on Aug. 8, Brad Sweet on Aug. 9, Logan Schuchart on Aug. 10, Brad Sweet on Aug. 11 (Knoxville Nationals)
2017 – Brad Sweet on June 9, Donny Schatz on June 10, Donny Schatz on Aug. 12 (Knoxville Nationals)
2016 – Terry McCarl on June 10, Donny Schatz on June 11, Jason Johnson on Aug. 13 (Knoxville Nationals)
2015 – Donny Schatz on June 13, Donny Schatz on Aug. 15 (Knoxville Nationals)
2014 – Brad Sweet on June 14, Donny Schatz on Aug. 9 (Knoxville Nationals)
2013 – Donny Schatz on May 11, Donny Schatz on June 15, Donny Schatz on Aug. 10 (Knoxville Nationals)
2012 – Sammy Swindell on April 28, Kerry Madsen on June 9, Donny Schatz on Aug. 11 (Knoxville Nationals)
2011 – Sammy Swindell on June 11, Donny Schatz on Aug. 13 (Knoxville Nationals)
2010 – Brooke Tatnell on June 3, Jac Haudenschild on June 4
2009 – Donny Schatz on May 2, Terry McCarl on June 27
2008 – Donny Schatz on May 3, Shane Stewart on June 6, Donny Schatz on June 7
2007 – Donny Schatz on April 28, Terry McCarl on June 16
2006 – Joey Saldana on June 23, Donny Schatz on Oct. 7
2005 – Kraig Kinser on June 24, Steve Kinser on April 30
2004 – Craig Dollansky on June 26, Mark Kinser on May 1, Danny Lasoski on Aug. 14 (Knoxville Nationals)
2003 – Danny Lasoski on April 26, Danny Lasoski on July 5, Danny Lasoski on Aug. 16 (Knoxville Nationals)
2002 – Steve Kinser on April 26, Danny Lasoski on June 29, Steve Kinser on Aug. 10 (Knoxville Nationals)
2001 – Danny Lasoski on April 28, Stevie Smith on June 30, Jason Meyers on July 16, Danny Lasoski on Aug. 11 (Knoxville Nationals)
2000 – Danny Lasoski on April 29, Stevie Smith on July 1, Steve Kinser on July 19, Mark Kinser on Aug. 12 (Knoxville Nationals)
1999 – Sammy Swindell on May 1, Danny Lasoski on July 3, Danny Lasoski on July 21, Mark Kinser on Aug. 14 (Knoxville Nationals)
1998 – Jac Haudenschild on May 2, Jac Haudenschild on July 4, Jac Haudenschild on July 22, Danny Lasoski on Aug. 15 (Knoxville Nationals)
1997 – Mark Kinser on April 26, Jac Haudenschild on July 5, Mark Kinser on July 23, Dave Blaney on Aug. 17 (Knoxville Nationals)
1996 – Mark Kinser on April 27, Mark Kinser on June 22, Mark Kinser on July 24, Mark Kinser on Aug. 17 (Knoxville Nationals)
1995 – Mark Kinser on May 6, Mark Kinser on June 24, Steve Kinser on July 19, Steve Kinser on Aug. 19(Knoxville Nationals), Mark Kinser on Sept. 27
1994 – Dave Blaney on April 29, Steve Kinser on June 25, Steve Kinser on July 20, Steve Kinser on Aug. 20 (Knoxville Nationals), Jac Haudenschild on Sept. 23
1993 – Danny Lasoski on April 30, Mark Kinser on June 27, Steve Kinser on Aug. 21 (Knoxville Nationals), Stevie Smith on Sept. 24
1992 – Sammy Swindell on April 26, Steve Kinser on June 20, Steve Kinser on July 22, Steve Kinser on Aug. 15 (Knoxville Nationals), Steve Kinser on Sept. 26
1991 – Steve Kinser on April 27, Doug Wolfgang on June 22, Steve Kinser on July 24, Steve Kinser on Aug. 17 (Knoxville Nationals)
1990 – Doug Wolfgang on April 29, Steve Kinser on June 23, Sammy Swindell on July 25, Bobby Allen on Aug. 18 (Knoxville Nationals)
1989 – Sammy Swindell on April 29, Doug Wolfgang on June 24, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 19 (Knoxville Nationals)
1988 – Steve Kinser on April 30, Steve Kinser on June 22, Steve Kinser on Aug. 13 (Knoxville Nationals)
1987 – Steve Kinser on April 25, Steve Kinser on June 22, Steve Kinser on Aug. 15 (Knoxville Nationals)
1986 – Sammy Swindell on April 26, Steve Kinser on June 25, Steve Kinser on July 23, Steve Kinser on Aug. 16 (Knoxville Nationals)
1985 – Sammy Swindell on April 28, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 17 (Knoxville Nationals)
Doug Wolfgang on Oct. 6
1984 – Sammy Swindell on July 25, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 11 (Knoxville Nationals)
1983 – Sammy Swindell on April 16, Sammy Swindell on July 27, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 13 (Knoxville Nationals), Sammy Swindell on Oct. 16
1982 – Doug Wolfgang on April 17, Danny Smith on July 21, Steve Kinser on Aug. 15 (Knoxville Nationals)
1981 – Steve Kinser on April 18, Doug Wolfgang on May 22, Sammy Swindell on May 23, Sammy Swindell on July 22, Steve Kinser on Aug. 15 (Knoxville Nationals), Doug Wolfgang on Sept. 12
1980 – Steve Kinser on April 19, Steve Kinser on April 20, Doug Wolfgang on May 31, Steve Kinser on Aug. 17 (Knoxville Nationals), Tim Green on Sept. 20
1979 – Sammy Swindell on April 21, Ron Shuman on Aug. 11 (Knoxville Nationals)
1978 – Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 12 (Knoxville Nationals)
Track Map  

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