With a historic Kings Royal week in the rear view mirror, the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series now prepares to face off against the Pennsylvania Posse for three nights this week.

Port Royal Speedway hosts a summer showdown for the first time with a $20,000-to-win midweek special coming on Wednesday night, and then Williams Grove Speedway retains the traditional $20,000-to-win Summer Nationals on Friday and Saturday.

The full-time stars of The Greatest Show on Dirt will be battling for crucial points as the championship fight enters the second half, while the dedicated PA Posse members will be desprate to defend their home turf.


Let’s preview the action you can expect on DIRTVision.com this week:

SECOND HALF BEGINS: With 40 of 77 races completed, the 2022 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car campaign is officially halfway over, which means the championship battle is about to really heat up. A bit more than three months remain, and the top-five are currently separated by a little more than 100 points as they face their own challenges this week.

Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA still controls the top spot in pursuit of a fourth-straight championship for the Kasey Kahne Racing, NAPA Auto Parts #49. Amazingly enough, The Big Cat hasn’t won in 29 races since March 30 at Vado (NM), yet his unrivaled consistency (5.9 average finish) has kept him atop the charts. He’ll return to a track he’s conquered before – Port Royal – and a track that has proven to be his kryptonite with 0 wins through 50+ starts – Williams Grove – this week.

David Gravel (-42 PTS) of Watertown, CT resides in the runner-up spot, hot off a weekend where he snapped a 25+ race winless streak with not only one, but two triumphs at Eldora Speedway. The Big Game Motorsports #2 squad is feeling fresh and confident with two nights at Williams Grove on Friday and Saturday, the winningest track (8) of his 73-win career.

Carson Macedo (-58 PTS) of Lemoore, CA was a top-10 contender over all four nights at Eldora, and hopes that 1/2-mile success transitions to the Pennsylvania ovals. The Jason Johnson Racing #41 was twice a winner at Williams Grove last year, yet has historically struggled at Port Royal with an average finish of 16.1 highlighted by just one top-10 result.

Sheldon Haudenschild (-80 PTS) of Wooster, OH left his home state disappointed with 0 top-10 finishes during Kings Royal week at Eldora. The Stenhouse Jr. / Marshall Racing, NOS Energy Drink #17 is chomping at the bit to get back on track and gain those valuable points back. The 29-year-old earned his first Williams Grove win last July during this race against the Posse, but has yet to top The Speed Palace at Port Royal.

Logan Schuchart (-122 PTS) of Hanover, PA lost nearly 70 points over the course of three point races last week, a number he hopes to redeem as he takes the Series back to his home state this week. The Shark Racing #1S is a former winner at Port Royal in 2016, but surprisingly has yet to win at Williams Grove with the World of Outlaws. He’s won at the Mechanicsburg, PA 1/2-mile in local action, Speedweek competition, and against the All Stars, but an Outlaws triumph still eludes him.

POSSE PRIMED FOR WIN: Since returning to The Speed Palace in 2014, the PA Posse have struggled to take down the World of Outlaws at Port Royal. Kunkletown’s Ryan Smith won that race in 2014, but since then a run of six different locals including Greg Hodnett, Lance Dewease, Danny Dietrich, Freddie Rahmer, Anthony Macri, and Brent Marks have all ran second to full-time Outlaws at the 1/2-mile. It’s about time that the Posse put a new one on the scoreboard on Wednesday night.

King Brent XXXIX leads the charge following an epic week at Eldora. In fact, Marks remains the only member of the PA Posse to beat the World of Outlaws since Lance Decease last did it in May of 2019. The Myerstown Missile is the reigning Summer Nationals winner at Williams Grove, and he swept both Pennsylvania Speedweek shows at Port Royal earlier this month.

Anthony Macri of Dillsburg, PA is the winningest driver at Port Royal in 2022, topping six shows with three of those against the All Star Circuit of Champions. The Concrete Kid has recently handed the wrenches Bernie Stuebgen of Indy Race Parts, and hopes the transition will help guide him to his first-career World of Outlaws win this week on home turf.

Logan Wagner of Harrisonville, PA is the four-time and defending track champion at Port Royal, and still chasing his first-career World of Outlaws win like Macri. The pilot of the Zemco #1 has stepped up his game with a pair of top-10 finishes in the past two years, but hopes to take it up a notch on Wednesday with $20,000 big ones on the line.

A winner of 120 Port Royal Features through his career, Lance Dewease of Fayetteville, PA can never be counted out. Danny Dietrich of Gettysburg, PA has topped the Outlaws on five occasions, but is undetermined on whether he’ll race on Wednesday following a big crash at Eldora. Look for those five and more to potentially end the streak and put the Posse back on top of the Outlaws at Port Royal.

MEGA MILESTONE: If all goes as planned, Donny Schatz will hit his next milestone this Saturday night at Williams Grove Speedway with his 2,000th career Feature start in World of Outlaws competition. Like his 300-win achievement, he’d join an exclusive club with Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell as the only drivers in history to reach the feat.

The 10-time World of Outlaws champion has recorded his current 1,997 starts in 37 different American states and a trio of Canadian provinces. The Fargo, ND native hopes to put an exclamation point on his achievement this week at two tracks he has always succeeded at, Port Royal (4 wins) and Williams Grove (21 wins).

MONTH OF MONEY: With $276,125 already pocketed, Brent Marks no doubt leads the earnings as the famed Month of Money begins for the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series. Behind him through five nights is Donny Schatz ($40,300), David Gravel ($35,500), Tyler Courtney ($33,775), Kyle Larson ($32,225) and Carson Macedo ($30,900).

The boosted purses continue this week with a $20,000-to-win offering on Wednesday at Port Royal and again on Saturday at Williams Grove.


Wednesday, July 20 at Port Royal Speedway in Port Royal, PA
Friday-Saturday, July 22-23 at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA

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1. 49-Brad Sweet (5,390 PTS); 2. 2-David Gravel (-42 PTS); 3. 41-Carson Macedo (-58 PTS); 4. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild (-80 PTS); 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart (-122 PTS); 6. 15-Donny Schatz (-164 PTS); 7. 5-Spencer Bayston (-280 PTS); 8. 83-James McFadden (-304 PTS); 9. 1A-Jacob Allen (-464 PTS); 10. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss (-570 PTS).

8 wins – Sheldon Haudenschild, Stenhouse Jr. / Marshall Racing #17
7 wins – Carson Macedo, Jason Johnson Racing #41
5 wins – Brent Marks, Murray-Marks Motorsports #19
4 wins – David Gravel, Big Game Motorsports #2
3 wins – Jacob Allen, Shark Racing #1A
3 wins – Kyle Larson, Kevin Kozlowski/Paul Silva #57
2 wins – Spencer Bayston, CJB Motorsports #5
2 wins – Giovanni Scelzi, KCP Racing #18
1 win – Brad Sweet, Kasey Kahne Racing #49
1 win – Logan Schuchart, Shark Racing #1S,
1 win – Donny Schatz, Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing #15
1 win – Brock Zearfoss, Zearfoss Racing #3Z
1 win – Brian Brown, Brian Brown Racing #21
1 win – Buddy Kofoid, Crouch Motorsports #11

FEATURE LAPS LED (25 Drivers):
184 laps – Carson Macedo
144 laps – Sheldon Haudenschild
108 laps – Brad Sweet
78 laps – Jacob Allen
73 laps – David Gravel
66 laps – Spencer Bayston
61 laps – Kyle Larson, Giovanni Scelzi
54 laps – Brent Marks
46 laps – Donny Schatz
41 laps – Logan Schuchart
38 laps – Brian Brown
31 laps – Buddy Kofoid
26 laps – Sam Hafertepe Jr.
23 laps – Kasey Kahne
22 laps – Brock Zearfoss
15 laps – Justin Peck
14 laps – James McFadden
13 laps – Cory Eliason
9 laps – Dominic Scelzi, Brady Bacon
8 laps – Anthony Macri, Riley Goodno
1 lap – Corey Day, Aaron Reutzel

7 QuickTimes – Carson Macedo
5 QuickTimes – David Gravel
3 QuickTimes – Brad Sweet, Sheldon Haudenschild*, Giovanni Scelzi*
2 QuickTimes – Logan Schuchart, Spencer Bayston, Jacob Allen, Rico Abreu, Justin Peck
1 QuickTime – James McFadden, Aaron Reutzel, Cory Eliason, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Buddy Kofoid, Brent Marks, Kerry Madsen, Daryn Pittman
* Denotes New Track Record

17 Heat Wins – David Gravel
14 Heat Wins – Carson Macedo
11 Heat Wins – Brad Sweet
9 Heat Wins – Logan Schuchart, Jacob Allen
7 Heat Wins – Sheldon Haudenschild, James McFadden
6 Heat Wins – Donny Schatz
5 Heat Wins – Rico Abreu, Giovanni Scelzi, Kerry Madsen
4 Heat Wins – Spencer Bayston, Kraig Kinser, Aaron Reutzel, Brian Brown
3 Heat Wins – Brock Zearfoss, Kasey Kahne, Tyler Courtney, Cory Eliason
2 Heat Wins – Austin McCarl, Justin Peck, Brent Marks, Hunter Schuerenberg, Kyle Larson
1 Heat Win – Sam Hafertepe Jr, Dominic Scelzi, Corey Day, Anthony Macri, Justin Whittall, Ian Madsen, Parker Price-Miller, Buddy Kofoid, Mark Dobmeier, Mitchel Moles, Brooke Tatnell, Riley Goodno, Matt Juhl, Jack Croaker, Paige Polyak, Carson McCarl, Marcus Dumensy, Sye Lynch, Daryn Pittman

24 Dashes – David Gravel
21 Dashes – Brad Sweet
20 Dashes – Carson Macedo, Spencer Bayston
18 Dashes – Logan Schuchart
16 Dashes – Jacob Allen
15 Dashes – Sheldon Haudenschild
13 Dashes – Donny Schatz
11 Dashes – James McFadden
10 Dashes – Rico Abreu
9 Dashes – Giovanni Scelzi
7 Dashes – Kraig Kinser
6 Dashes – Kyle Larson, Cory Eliason
5 Dashes – Brock Zearfoss, Kasey Kahne, Aaron Reutzel
4 Dashes – Brent Marks, Kerry Madsen, Brian Brown, Tyler Courtney
3 Dashes – Anthony Macri
2 Dashes – Dominic Scelzi, Corey Day, Justin Peck
1 Dash – Sam Hafertepe Jr, Colby Copeland, Tanner Carrick, DJ Netto, Brady Bacon, Matt Campbell, Justin Whittall, Ian Madsen, Cole Duncan, Parker Price-Miller, Austin McCarl, Matt Juhl, Buddy Kofoid, Scotty Thiel, Robbie Price, Zeb Wise, Danny Dietrich, Ayrton Gennetten, Darin Pittman, Hunter Schuerenberg

4 LCS Wins – James McFadden
3 LCS Wins – Sheldon Haudenschild, Ayrton Gennetten
2 LCS Wins – Logan Schuchart, Spencer Bayston, Noah Gass, Kerry Madsen, Rico Abreu, Anthony Macri
1 LCS Win – Donny Schatz, Brock Zearfoss, Mitchell Faccinto, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Brent Marks, DJ Foos, Christopher Bell, Austin Pierce, Jake Blackhurst, Robbie Price, Giovanni Scelzi, Scotty Thiel, Josh Schneiderman, Brian Brown, Lachlan McHugh

7 Hard Chargers – Sheldon Haudenschild
5 Hard Chargers – Logan Schuchart
3 Hard Chargers – Carson Macedo, Donny Schatz
2 Hard Chargers – David Gravel, James McFadden, Noah Gass, Anthony Macri
1 Hard Charger – Spencer Bayston, Brock Zearfoss, Kraig Kinser, Jason Sides, Rico Abreu, Tanner Thorson, Alan Krimes, Devon Borden, Greg Wilson, Travis Philo, Kyle Larson, Russell Borland, Aaron Reutzel, Scotty Thiel

14 Podiums – Brad Sweet, Carson Macedo
12 Podiums – Sheldon Haudenschild
10 Podiums – David Gravel
9 Podiums – Donny Schatz
8 Podiums – Kyle Larson
7 Podiums – Logan Schuchart
6 Podiums – James McFadden, Brent Marks
5 Podiums – Brian Brown
4 Podiums – Spencer Bayston, Jacob Allen
3 Podiums – Giovanni Scelzi, Rico Abreu
2 Podiums – Aaron Reutzel, Corey Day, Buddy Kofoid
1 Podium – Brock Zearfoss, Kraig Kinser, Kasey Kahne, Cory Eliason, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Justin Peck, Parker Price-Miller, Riley Goodno, Tyler Courtney

TOP 10 FINISHES (45 Drivers):
35 Top 10s – David Gravel
34 Top 10s – Brad Sweet
31 Top 10s – Carson Macedo
30 Top 10s – Logan Schuchart, Donny Schatz
29 Top 10s – Sheldon Haudenschild
23 Top 10s – Spencer Bayston
21 Top 10s – James McFadden, Giovanni Scelzi
18 Top 10s – Jacob Allen
15 Top 10s – Rico Abreu
11 Top 10s – Kyle Larson
10 Top 10s – Brock Zearfoss
8 Top 10s – Brent Marks, Cory Eliason
7 Top 10s – Aaron Reutzel, Brian Brown, Anthony Macri
6 Top 10s – Tyler Courtney
5 Top 10s – Kasey Kahne, Kerry Madsen
4 Top 10s – Hunter Schuerenberg, Justin Peck
3 Top 10s – Kraig Kinser, Buddy Kofoid, Scotty Thiel
2 Top 10s – Dominic Scelzi, Corey Day, Sam Hafertepe Jr.
1 Top 10 – Noah Gass, Shane Golobic, DJ Netto, Carson Short, Tanner Thorson, Danny Dietrich, Lance Dewease, Greg Wilson, Cole Duncan, Cale Thomas, Cole Macedo, Mark Dobmeier, Parker Price-Miller, Riley Goodno, Ayrton Gennetten, Zeb Wise

No. / Day, Date / Track / Location / Winner (Total Wins)

1. Thur, Feb. 10 / Volusia Speedway Park / Barberville, FL / Donny Schatz (1)
2. Fri, Feb. 11 / Volusia Speedway Park / Barberville, FL / Sheldon Haudenschild (1)
3. Sat, Feb. 12 / Volusia Speedway Park / Barberville, FL / David Gravel (1)
4. Fri, March 4 / Cotton Bowl Speedway / Paige, TX / Sheldon Haudenschild (2)
5. Sat, March 5 / Cotton Bowl Speedway / Paige, TX / Carson Macedo (1)
6. Fri, March 11 / Thunderbowl Raceway / Tulare, CA / Giovanni Scelzi (1)
7. Sat, March 12 / Thunderbowl Raceway / Tulare, CA / Kyle Larson (1)
8. Fri, March 18 / Merced Speedway / Merced, CA / Carson Macedo (2)
9. Fri, March 25 / Bakersfield Speedway / Bakersfield, CA / Giovanni Scelzi (2)
10. Sat, March 26 / Perris Auto Speedway / Perris, CA / David Gravel (2)
11. Tues, March 29 / Vado Speedway Park / Vado, NM / Brad Sweet (1)
12. Sat, April 2 / Devil’s Bowl Speedway / Mesquite, TX / Brent Marks (1)
13. Sat, April 9 / Lake Ozark Speedway / Eldon, MO / Jacob Allen (1)
14. Fri, April 15 / Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 / Pevely, MO / Carson Macedo (3)
15. Sat, April 23 / Tri-State Speedway / Haubstadt, IN / Carson Macedo (4)
16. Fri, April 29 / Bristol Motor Speedway / Bristol, TN / Logan Schuchart (1)
17. Sat, April 30 / Bristol Motor Speedway / Bristol, TN / Spencer Bayston (1)
18. Wed, May 11 / Lincoln Speedway / Abbottstown, PA / Jacob Allen (2)
19. Sat, May 14 / Williams Grove Speedway / Mechanicsburg, PA / Brent Marks (2)
20. Tues, May 17 / Bridgeport Motorsports Park / Swedesboro, NJ / Sheldon Haudenschild (3)
21. Fri, May 20 / Attica Raceway Park / Attica, OH / Kyle Larson (2)
22. Sat, May 28 / Atomic Speedway / Waverly, OH / Sheldon Haudenschild (4)
23. Mon, May 30 / Lawrenceburg Speedway / Lawrenceburg, IN / Sheldon Haudenschild (5)
24. Fri, June 3 / River Cities Speedway / Grand Forks, ND / Carson Macedo (5)
25. Fri, June 10 / Knoxville Raceway / Knoxville, IA / Brent Marks (3)
26. Sat, June 11 / Knoxville Raceway / Knoxville, IA / Brian Brown (1)
27. Fri, June 17 / Beaver Dam Raceway / Beaver Dam, WI / Sheldon Haudenschild (6)
28. Sat, June 18 / Beaver Dam Raceway / Beaver Dam, WI / Sheldon Haudenschild (7)
29. Wed, June 22 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Spencer Bayston (2)
30. Thur, June 23 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Buddy Kofoid (1)
31. Fri, June 24 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Carson Macedo (6)
32. Sat, June 25 / Huset’s Speedway / Brandon, SD / Sheldon Haudenschild (8)
33. Fri, July 1 / Cedar Lake Speedway / New Richmond, WI / Jacob Allen (3)
34. Sat, July 2 / Cedar Lake Speedway / New Richmond, WI / Brock Zearfoss (1)
35. Sat, July 9 / Wilmot Raceway / Wilmot, WI / Carson Macedo (7)
36. Tues, July 12 / Attica Raceway Park / Attica, OH / Kyle Larson (3)
37. Wed, July 13 / Eldora Speedway / Rossburg, OH / David Gravel (3)
38. Thur, July 14 / Eldora Speedway / Rossburg, OH / Brent Marks (4)
39. Sat, July 16 / Eldora Speedway / Rossburg, OH / David Gravel (4)
40. Sat, July 16 / Eldora Speedway / Rossburg, OH / Brent Marks (5)