Port Royal, Pennsylvania’s sparkling “Speed Palace” is evidence that a beautiful swan can evolve from an ugly duckling. To say that such a beautiful woman scarcely reflects her rough origins is to compare splintered oak to polished steel. The old girl had plenty of personality and atmosphere but today’s heartbreaking half-mile is superior in every physical aspect.

Before her Quaker State makeover into one of America’s finest facilities, Port Royal sprint car observers were limited to a low open bleacher exiting turn four, cavernous infield or 138-year old covered grandstand. None afforded a view of the entire oval. Lighting was weak. Rim riders were rumors. Port Royal’s old box did enable such sensory overload that fans were tempted to don helmets. First, its concrete base doubled as an outside wall to bring wings near enough to trim fingernails. Second, the enclosure at the end of the chute enabled unlimited engines to build speed before abruptly appearing. Some drivers were already turning in so wind from sideboards blew the bird nests right out of the rafters. Eyes burned with methanol and sometimes nitromethane. It was so loud that you could scream, “Just watch Keith Kauffman!” to a person seated inches away and they would not hear a word. To quote a friend after a Motorhead concert, “It was like sticking your head in a jet engine!”

Sensations of “The Speed Palace” are exceeded by the history that permeates the Juniata County Fairgrounds. Stroll this tunnel through time…

Sept 13, 1963: Leroy Felty (Hackenberg 7) parked a full modified in the win circle over Lorenzo Ritchey Jr. (Roy Morral 880) and Bryan Osgood of Elmira, NY. Ritchey ravaged nine Port programs.

Sept 7, 1964: Dick Tobias (Roy Emrich 1) beat Bobby Abel’s Gohn Jewelers hybrid. Western PA’s Hank Jacoby opened in a lidded sprint. Oswego’s Nolan Swift posted his only Port reward. Ray Tilley topped 11 of 24 with the Ford of Maryland’s Budd Grimm.

Sept 25, 1965: Tobias (Consoli 54) and brilliant Davey Brown beat the bugs with a full Reading coupe. Brown first visited victory lane at The Port with unbeatable Johnny Mackison.

Aug 20, 1966: New York’s Earl Halaquist (George Nesler 2) led Delaware’s Lou Johnson and Don Kreitz in return of cageless cars under the United Racing Club. Saturday nights saw Pete Swarmer post a pair. Johnny Grum and Maryland’s Harry Fletcher began ten triumphant seasons. Mitch Smith snared 11 of 22.

Jul 22, 1967: Dressed-down sprint cars of Gus Linder (Mickey Banas 69) and Bobbie Adamson (Wilbur Hawthorne 35) flashed first and second. Gus got $700. A week later, Gerald Chamberlain showed the way with a Ford hardtop. Technology accelerated. Central PA broadened rules to allow sprints each week yet Mitch and bulky Regester Chevrolet won eight straight.

May 27, 1968: Mitch Smith (Regester 6) held off Kansas City’s Kenny Weld, Felty, Adamson, Gene Varner, opening winner Milt Miller, Gene Kohr, Spunk Wilson and Florida’s Bobby Allen after lowering the one-lap mark to 22.1. Lynn Paxton’s initial Emrich campaign stacked six wins. Grum got five; Felty four; Gus got a pair. Mitch faced the inevitable and saddled into the Trevis Craft of Gary Wasson tweaked by Dick Hench. The new package claimed the first Tuscarora 50 and another 71 in three years, most notably three USAC wins that cast “outlaws” in a new light.

Aug 2, 1969: Everett’s Jim Kennedy earned $800 for edging Elmer Ruby, Don Kimberling and Larry “Smokey” Snellbaker. Ruby of rural Artemas “swallowed the leader” three times during that season. Junior Ritchey and Roy won five; Grum and Harry four. Lynn and Shorty collected eight of 24 checkereds. Adamson enabled the first of 63 Port victories by Al Hamilton.

May 9, 1970: Paxton (Emrich 1) pocketed $750 trailed by Tom Spriggle (Morral 880), Ruby, Cowboy Kennedy and Grum, winner of nine in 23 tries. Smokey posted his first. Hawthorne returned to glory with West Virginia’s Billy Cassella. Gary’s Motor Mart mauled the opener and fair dates capped by a third Tuscarora 50.

Sept 10, 1971: Al Hamilton Contracting of Clearfield leveled the Tuscarora 50 podium with Smokey and Cassella first and second. Ruby recorded four wins. Snellbaker and Roy bagged four; so did Lynn and Shorty. Grum and Cowboy took three. Felty squeezed in a win during his URC title campaign. Beavertown’s Barry Camp (Dick Bogar 99) finally won only to get canned for a long-haired Jesus freak from Haight-Ashbury.

Sept 23, 1972: Snellbaker (Morral 880) defeated Texas traveler David James (Ted Brewer & Jim Seidel 98), Donnie Varner (Joel Anthony 44) and Hal Browning’s Wasson 81. Smokey and Roy ran their total to nine of 23 after lowering the record to 21.24. Georgia’s Herman Wise won the 1971 Little 500 before his Port trophy in 1972. Bogar and Jan Opperman opened with two in two tries then six more to 41 wins. Jan added three more in midgets.

Sept 7, 1973: Kenny Weld (Bob Weikert 29) capped hiss 41-win career year with Tuscarora 50 followed by Paxton (Emrich 1), NorCal’s Jimmy Boyd, Kramer Williamson (Hamilton 77), Jan (Bogar 99), Smoke (Morral 880), Grum (Fletcher 66) and Minnesota’s Roger Rager in Trim’s Automotive 25. Grum got four as did Lynn. Repeat winners were Snellbaker, Jim Sheaffer and Gary Howsare. Swatting singles were Paul Pitzer (Mike Gurtizen 50) and Dub May from El Paso, TX. Season opener was Opperman’s again.

Sept 2, 1974: Labor Day at the 138th Juniata County Fair saw Silver Spring graduates Bobby Weaver (Glenn Gohn 8), Leroy’s nephew Elvin Felty and Kramer Williamson on podium. Leroy Felty (Jim Russell 26) won with the team that became Camel Express. Snellbaker (Wasson 5) hoarded 10 of 23. Howsare of Everett managed five wins for Morral of Breezewood plus a record lap of 20.45. Weikert won with Pitzer. Ruby recorded his final victory. Paxton (Emrich 1) won the opener and Tuscarora closer.

June 21, 1975: Grum (Fletcher 66) outran Jay Myers, Joe Lingle and Leroy Felty, who won the late model feature followed by Harry Garman, Jeff Robinson and the Spencer family from Berwick. Ed’s son Jim Spencer scaled NASCAR’s ladder from modified championships to an 18-year Cup career. Grum won 11 of 22 and eight straight. Myers of Maryland took three. Mitch and Lynn returned Hamilton to glory. Williamson won his first. Smoke (Wasson 5) swept the final two after securing KARS crown.

July 20, 1976: Myers took $1000 trailed by Mitch Smith (Hamilton 77), Steve Smith, Williamson, Allen, Dub, Rager, Grum (Fletcher 66), Jim Nace, Elvin, Randy Ruth (Ted Brewer 35), Sammy Swindell, Sheaffer and Nebraska’s Butch Bahr. Paxton won eight of 22 for Maynard Boop of Beaver Springs. Jay enjoyed seven that peaked with Juniata’s richest race at $1776. Grum got three. Howsare put Walter Dyer Masonry in the first of 68 ceremonies. Nace of McAlisterville turned Tuscarora 50 into a local party.

May 28, 1977: Mitch (Hamilton 77) defeated Nace, Paxton (Benchoff 11), Sheaffer (Dyer 461) and Grum, who then won the late model main. Mitch and Al hogged nine of 23. Paxton and Bob Benchoff bagged three. Keith Kauffman was a boy when compiling the first three wins that would establish him as “The Man From Mifflintown.” Lincoln rained out so Steve Smith punished Port after Weld broke. Smokey sealed the first of 21 Port wins for Charlie Lloyd and son Mike. Howsare had two that concluded with Tuscarora 50 for Boop’s Aluminum.

9.5.77 Port Royal, PA: Jim Edwards (Lucas Mining 90)

June 21, 1978: Bobby Weaver (Gohn 20) was Wednesday’s winner of $1200 trailed by Doug Wolfgang (Speedway Motors 4x), Barry Camp, Dub’s brother Van and Sammy Swindell’s M.A Brown J&J. Snellbaker (Lloyd 56) earned eight and NTR of 19.62. Mitch and Al took three. Williamson parked George Moskat Buckley down front. Keith collected nine of 24 including six straight and Tuscarora 12k.

July 25, 1979: The first visit by the World of Outlaws earmarked $2000 to a Boop’s Aluminum mount guided by Lynn Paxton of York Springs, built by Lloyd of Highspire, powered by Brown and maintained by Davey Brown Jr. Pursuit was Swindell (FedEx 91), Nace, Steve Kinser, Randy Wolfe (Woefling 5w), Spriggle (Harry Kuhn 21), Weaver, Jack Hewitt (Harold Kemenah 3x), Bobby Allen, Allen Klinger (Lucas Mining 98), Kauffman, Lee James (Dale Pettet 15), Lee Osborne and Scott Tobias, second son of icon. Weikert Livestock paired Kramer with NorCal’s Johnny Anderson. Dub brought Kenny Rogers Trostle. New Jersey’s Jimmy Horton entered Port for the first time. Outlaws were three notches in Paxton’s career year. Seven of 25 wins were along the Juniata River where Kauffman accumulated 10 of 23. Nace nailed three as did Smokey at Tusky 50.

Aug 2, 1980: Kauffman (Weikert 29) earned $1200 and a guaranteed slot in the third Syracuse Super Nationals. Kauffman’s campaign began with five wins in the car owned and built by Joe Woefling at the Lebanon Pattern Shop before Keith herded Weikert big block Cooks to three more plus 19.37 record. Paxton and Boop scooped six spiced by 1500 Tuscarora bucks. Smokey and Charlie carved up four. New victors were Joey Gravino, Bloomsburg’s Steve Yodock, and Lupo from Florida. York barber Ed Zirkle earned his third and final Port accolade.

6.24.81: Lee Osborne (81) and Bobby Weaver (Gohn 20) Bill Hollinger photo

June 24, 1981: The first appearance of the All Star Circuit of Champions met the same fate as the World of Outlaws when Paxton (Boop 1) dished another $2000 humbling of Van May (Weldon Sterner 69), Camp (Russell 26), Steve Smith (Fletcher 66), Bill Stief (Dyer 461), Klinger (Frank Lucas 98), Oz, Gravino, Steve Siegel of Texas and George Bischoff from New Mexico. Failing to finish were Brad Doty (Bowers Coal 28d), Smoke and Pop, Tobias and Weaver. Unable to start were Ohio’s Fred Linder, “Indy Andy” Hillenburg, Washington’s Jesse Norton and the turbocharged Chevy of Sacramento’s Billy Garcia. Kauffman (Weikert 29) won 10 of 25 beginning with the first five. Snellbaker also sacked five; Tobias two. Port dropped its last flag on Jay Myers. Philly flyers Stief and George Ferguson parked Lloyds on the chute. George drove Smokey’s old steed to Tuscarora 2k.

5.1.82: Smokey (56), Gravino (28g) and Klinger (98) Bill Hollinger photo

May 1, 1982: Lloyd Enterprises unleashed a bundle of dynamite coined “Pocket Rocket” to reduce track records to stopwatch folklore. Brad Doty’s 18.86 standard was three weeks dry when Smokey sizzled at 17.56! Snellbaker snuffed Wolfe (Keen 5w), Gravino, Tobias, Bischoff plus Scott’s brother-in-law rookie Paul Lotier. Smokey added three more but none in the fragile flyweight. Wolfe won five. Smith (Fletcher 66) swept sprints ($1300) and stocks ($700) at season opener. Dyer won two with Stief and Labor Day with Ferguson Jr. Paxton and Boop took their last pair. Weikert won with Kauffman before importing Bobby Davis Jr. Bischoff and Bobby Allen became Port winners.

Apr 16, 1983: Barry Camp (Frank Campbell 26) led USAC legend Rich Vogler (Bob Hampshire 63), Paxton (Hamilton 77), Linder (Kemenah 3x), Johnny Beaber (Jim Ziegler 66), Wolfe (Keen 5w) and Roger Fickett across the line. Hamilton paired Paxton with Kauffman to combine for five wins. Wolfe won four. Smoke scored for Roy then Jim Sheaffer from Lloyd bus. Weikert won 11 of 24 with Davis Jr. Ohio’s Dave Blaney blitzed Tuscarora 50.

3.24.84: Snellbaker (880), Vogler (4), Nace (26) and Lupo (2a)

May 23, 1984: After joining the World of Outlaws circus, reigning track champ Bobby Davis Jr. (Gil Suiter 18) used Lernerville rain to earn the largest check in Port history. Davis deposited $12,500 followed by Gravino, Wolfgang (Laverne Nance 1n), Snellbaker (Morral 880), Allen, Blaney, Tobias (Dyer 461), Don Kreitz Jr, Steve Stambaugh (Bobby Allen 3a), Stief and Keen Transport. Hamilton had Gamblers for Paxton and Kauffman while Weikert had Jac Haudenschild in another. Jeff Swindell (Merle Thomason 80), Tim Green (Blazer Plumbing 7) and Yukon’s Tim Gee also arrived. Kauffman nailed nine of 24. Dyer won with Tobias. Blaney backed Tuscarora with the season opener. Klinger and New York’s Dave Wickham were first-time winners. Weikert won with Haud and twice with Wolfgang ending with Tuscarora 4k.

June 19, 1985: Wolfgang (Weikert 29) was $4600 winner of the Buzz Renninger Memorial over Bobby Allen, Siegel, Kreitz, Stevie Smith (Jeff Creasy 19), Kauffman (Hamilton 77), Camp (Bob Fetter 77), Van May, Jerry Stone (Lloyd Stephens 21s) and Waynesboro’s Lance Dewease. The Wolf devoured five and another Tuscarora 4k. Maynard Yingst won three for Gary Beam and Bob Leiby. Stevie and Creasy claimed one. Hardee’s of Breezewood won with Tobias. Kauffman took 15 of 26 that included seven straight.

May 28, 1986: The first World of Outlaws event in seven years was a $4260 surprise by URC champ Don Kreitz Jr. Two months later when he added 50k from Kings Royal, Port Royal looked less shocking. Outlaws left in Donald’s dust were Wolfgang (Weikert 29), Blaney (Stanton 40), Hewitt and Hamp, Haud (Daryl Saucier 1st), Jeff Swindell (Ken Woodruff 18), Davis (Paul Morgan 6), Mark Kinser, Craig Keel, Dave Kelly, Nace (Campbell 26), Ron Shuman (Stephens 21x), Yingst, Lotier, Jimmy Sills (Fred Marks & Les Kepler 9), Randy Smith (Lenard McCarl 7x), Gee and Cris Eash. Unable to finish were Kauffman (Hamilton 77), Allen, Steve Kinser, New Mexico’s Richard Griffin (Tom Klein 7az), Camp (Lloyd 56) and Siegel. Morral and Keen were ejected when engines for Tobias and Wolfe pumped above 410ci. Weaver (Bill Brian 16) picked up six and three more in 358 modified from Zemco Speed Equipment. Port dropped mods after a year. Yingst yanked down three as did Kauffman before Hamilton parked and Keith joined Morral. Maryland’s Darren Eash earned two as did Meme DeSantis in the New Jersey Nance of Mike Jablonski. Kreitz won on Labor Day. Wolfie took three and Tuscarora 7k.

May 27, 1987: Port’s third World of Outlaws stop found Wolfgang (Weikert 29) edging Steve Kinser, Cris Eash, Doty (Marks & Kepler 18), Blaney (Stanton 40), Danny Smith (Dave Brewer 3x), Haud (Ted Lee 2), Bobby Allen, Joey Allen, Nace (Campbell 26), Weaver (Brian 16), Greg Wooley, Frankie Kerr (Bud Lawrence k54), Shuman (Casey Luna 10) and Keel. Failing to finish were Yingst (Morral 880), Johnny Herrera, Lotier (Dyer 461), Lee Brewer (Saucier 1st), Mark Kinser (Ron Nott 48), Barry Camp (Ed Powell 14), Wolfe (Keen 5w), Mike Wagner and Davis Jr. Denver visitors Rick Salem and Rich Bubak did not transfer though Salem became Colorado’s first Port victor. The Wolf won four with his fourth straight Tusky 50. Roy and Keith won six; Weaver and Lotier three; Bob Landis and URC king Kelly two. Camel Express dropped 3250 Renninger dollars on Nace. Allen beat All Stars out of 3k. Grandview grad Fred Rahmer and Dave’s dad Greg Ely won with the New York Nance of Scott Stackus. Gary “Toad” Turnbaugh retired from driving to win as car owner to kart whiz Todd Shaffer.

Fred Rahmer (Steve Koletar photo)

April 9, 1988: In the feature postponed by rain, Dewease drove his Allen chassis to the first of 115 Port wins over Weaver (Brian 16), Kelly, Lotier (Dyer 461), Johnny Mackison Jr. (Michael Barshinger 65), Shaffer (Turnbaugh 11), Wagner, Glenn Fitzcharles (Don Kerr 26) and Kauffman’s Morral 880. Keith won seven for Roy then one for Hamilton. Kelly won two. Single wins went to Weaver, Lotier, Mackison, Shaffer, Nace and Campbell. Basking in their first Port spotlights were Dan Dietrich, Joey Kuhn, Ron Kramer and Maryland’s Jeff Shepard. Stevie Smith (Creasy Signs 19) won on Labor Day and Tuscarora 10k.

Aug 12, 1989: Hamburg stock car star Scotty Haus (Ed Powell 76) posted his first Port flag followed by Kramer (Brian 16), Rahmer (Lawrence 99), Weaver (Zemaitis 1z), Jacobs (Weikert 29), Lotier (Dyer 461), Dave Haight, Billy Pauch (Glenn Hyneman 126), Dewease, Wolfe, Shaffer (Turnbaugh 11) and Dave Calaman’s Fickett 66. Hamilton hired Stevie and won twice. Fred and Bud landed two as did Mouse and Mr. Beef. Gravino snared the season opener for Maynard’s brother Dave Yingst. Kelly claimed seven of 20. Port welcomed Tim Dietz to victory lane. Allen pocketed $6550 at Tuscarora 50.

Steve Koletar photo

July 19, 1990: Bob’s brother Joey Allen (Dyer 461) became a Port hero when he outran Wolfe (Leon Wintermyer 5w), Kelly, Kramer, Calaman (Fickett 66), Dietrich (Ken Cooper 25), Camp, Rob Hart (Ted Gano 57) and Mike Kratzer. Dave Kelly collected six of 21. Weikert and Jacobs scored four as did Wintermyer after Kenny replaced Randy. Kenny Adams (Joe Harz 88) and Bobby Strawser were fresh faces. Todd and Toad won three topped by Tuscarora.

July 13, 1991: Tim’s big brother Joey Kuhn (Kronenburg 2k) scored his second straight trailed by Camp, Krautheim, Craig Eshenauer, Kevin Frey (Fickett 66), Wolfe (Gano 57), Dave Hahn, Kelly (Hyneman 126) and Billy Crawford, another Silver Spring student who won two as sprint rookie. Barry compiled five in 24. Wolfe won four for Gano of Onteora, NY; Adams (Stallings 28) three. Siegel pupil Frey enabled Fickett to finally stroll to the circle. Weikert Livestock stampeded to a new 16.92 standard during Jeff Swindell’s opening romp. Dewease won for Weikert and Dyer on successive Saturdays and stacked bricks for eight years.

Sept 11, 1992: Selinsgrove stud Len Krautheim III polished off the Tusky 50 chased by Chuck Reinert (Beam 88), Kauffman (Wintermyer 1w), Kuhn (Kronenburg 2k), Lasoski (Guy Forbrook 5), Camp (Weikert 29), Wagner, Nace, Shaffer (Turnbaugh 11) and Joey Allen. Unable to last were Dewease (Dyer 461), Weaver (Zemco), Adams (Lawrence 99) and Wolfe’s Keystone Pretzels 126. Todd and Toad topped six of 22 after snow and sleet wrecked the first four. Four-time victors were Kauffman, Kuhn and Dewease. World of Outlaws veteran Cris Eash earned his first stripes.

July 3, 1993: The first feature win ever by Eshenauer paid 5k for dusting Dewease (Dyer 461), Kauffman (Weikert 29), Camp (Beam 88), Dietrich, Wagner and Bill Brian Jr. Lance landed six of 24 plus NTR of 16.78. Shaffer (Wintermyer 1w) also won six; Keith five; Kuhn three. Camp claimed the last in a long career. Keystone Auto Racing on Speedways revived as 358ci. Winning the first Port contest by KARS was Randy Ruth. Labor Day and Tuscarora 50 went to Kreitz Jr.

Aug 31, 1994: The return of the All Stars gave 5k to Dewease (Dyer 461) for beating Pauch (Zemco 1z), Shaffer (Beam 88), Joey Borich, Joey Saldana (Warren Johnson u2), Ed Lynch Jr, Rick Hench, Kuhn (Kronenburg 2k), Tony Greener, Krautheim and Van Gurley Jr. Weikert’s car did not fire for Australia’s Garry Brazier after winning with Lenny III. Lance dominated 14 of 22 with $9500 at Tuscarora. Todd got five.

June 13, 1995: Indiana’s Dennis Chitwood was a friend to Kerr and Tim Hughes, owner of Dale Blaney’s car. “Weed” boasted once too often because Frank and Tim taught him a lesson. When the All Stars docked at The Port, Rod Stroup leased a second car. Calling a bluff almost turned tragic when Chitwood mashed the gas, slammed the first turn fence and broke his foolish neck. In actual racing, Dewease (Dyer 461) defeated Jacobs (Johnson u2), Blaney (Hughes 94), Mark Richard (Kronenburg & Fickett 66k), Wolfe (Scott Mertz & Gene Jenkins 55), Kauffman (Jim Wahlie 1w), Pauch (Zemco 1z), Danny Smith (Ken Bodkins 00), Eash, Rahmer (Bob Stewart 12), Wagner and Eshenauer. Lance added four more. Shaffer and Beam creamed 11 of 23 highlighted by Tuscarora 8k. Dick’s boy Rick Hench (Bomberger 5) hit two victory lanes and fellow first-time heroes were Richard, Will Cramer and Tony Greener. KARS winners included S-Grove wizard Brian Seidel (Gurtizen 50) and Jeff’s brother Judd Shepard.

Aug 29, 1996: The third annual All Star visit marked the only victory of the campaign by Don Kreitz Jr. Donald led Tim Shaffer (Beam 88), Blaney (Hughes 94), Kevin Huntley (Johnson u2), Davey Brown and Pauch (Zemco 1z), Rahmer (Hamilton 77), Richard (Kronenburg & Hank Gentzler), Kauffman (Apple 12), Wagner, Shepard (Wahlie 1w), Calaman (Weikert 29), Kerr (Stan Shoff 23s), Cramer, Gurley, Smith (Bodkins 00), Alan Cole, Stroup, Dave Hahn, Tim Shaffer (Mertz & Jenkins 55), Dean Jacobs (Frigidaire 1), Brian Carlson and Dewease, who nailed nine of 21 in 461. Todd took six. Western PA’s Rod George (Bomberger 5) won twice. Hamilton returned with Rahmer to take Tuscarora 50.

July 10, 1997: Pennsylvania Speed Week’s first Port Royal race fell to Dewease (Dyer 461) ahead of Shaffer (Beam 88), Rahmer (Hamilton 77), Kevin Gobrecht (NTR of 16.67 aboard Apple 12), Shepard (Jim Shuttlesworth 41), George (Bomberger 5) and Kreitz Jr. Dewease dominated nine of 24 including All Stars. Todd grabbed eight; George of Kittanning two. All Stars also lost to Pauch and Zemco. Stroup survived Chitwood Thrill Show to win along with ex-Nazareth racer Hahn. Fast Fred and wealthy Al swept Labor Day and Tuscarora.

July 22, 1998: Shaffer (Beam 88) dusted All Stars trailed by Gobrecht (Zemco 1z), Dewease (Dyer 461), Kenny Jacobs (Hughes 94), Dean Jacobs (Denny Ashworth 92), Sean Michael (Harz 88), Kerr (Shoff 23s), Saldana, Brian Paulus, Len Thompson, Wolfe (Allebach 75), Cole, Jess Thomas and Shepard, who set a record of 16.25. Shepard and Les Stewart stopped Speed Week. Todd and Gary took 10 of 22; Lance five. Bill Brian’s son Cliff and Bev and Bruce’s boy Lenny landed first Port plaudits. Mike Lehman led three of five fields of KARS while Richard (Gurtizen 50) and Darren Eash (Tom Leach 30) also won with 358ci. Lee Stauffer hired Tennessee’s Greg Hodnett (Stewart 12) to sweep Tuscarora.

Sept 11, 1999: Kreitz secured the tallest Tuscarora check of $11,250 followed by Rahmer (Hamilton 77), Dewease (Harz 88), McMahan (Johnson u2), Dave Ely (Gilbert 77e), Jim Carr (Dyer 461), Rodney Duncan (Al Harrison 22), Shawn Keen, Hodnett (Apple 12), Thompson, Shepard (Zemco 1z), Shaffer (Beam 88), Dean Jacobs (Junior Holbrook 8h), Jerrod Hull (Guy Webb 51), Mackison (Swope 65), Dave Haight (Neiderer Sanitation), Jimmy Hawley (Crawford cIII) and Curt Michael aboard Bill Tanger 07. Cliff Brian’s second Dyer Masonry mount did not finish nor did Kauffman (Dave Middleswarth 7), Danny Jones (Creasy Signs 8), Jacobs (Honecker 6) or Saldana, fastest All Star at 16.35. Weikert missed the cut with Von McGee as did Darren Eash and Ashley’s dad Joe Diehl. Eash (Leach 30) and Richard (Gurtizen 50) were KARS winners. Lance landed six; Todd four; Kauffman three; Thompson two. Fast Fred took a Thursday special. Dyer won with Wagner. Ely earned his first. John Zemaitis opened with Gobrecht then closed by winning with Shepard.

Aug 26, 2000: The second appearance by the World of Outlaws Gumout Support Series saw Jeff Shepard (Stewart 4J) establish a 16.14 record and 5k followed by Fresno’s Jason Meyers, Dewease (Harz 88), Brad Furr, Kreitz, Washington’s Kasey Kahne, Kauffman (Middleswarth 7), Shane Stewart (Holbrook 9h), McMahan (Johnson u2), Shaffer (Beam 88), Craig Dollansky, James Chesson, Todd Hestor (Middleswarth 7), Ely (Weikert 29), Jason Statler, Ronald Laney, Keen, Jimmy Carter (Kevin Rudeen 14c), Cole, Randy Kinser, Thompson, Mike Walter (Fry 49), Bob Bennett (John Mickle 3) and Cliff Brian. Opening day saw Skip Jackson (Zemco 1z) become the first Port winner from Australia. Two more came to Zemco via Sean Michael. Harz Furniture reclined eight times in 19 races. Keith claimed three; Kreitz two. Dietrich and Chad Layton conquered KARS. Rahmer (Hamilton 77) took Tuscarora 10k.

4.28.01 Johnny Herrera (Junior Holbrook 8h) David Giles photo

Sept 27, 2001: The first World of Outlaws event in 14 years was 10k for Oklahoma’s Danny Wood (Woodburn 21) and crew of Rob Hart and Australian wife Cathy Barrows. Mark Kinser dropped record to 15.91 but settled for second over Steve Kinser, McMahan (Johnson u2), Meyers (Craig Cormack 20), Lasoski (Tony Stewart 20), “Okie Andy” Hillenburg, Tim Shaffer (Dave Helm 11h), Dewease (Harz 88), Todd Shaffer (Beam 88), Furr, P.J Chesson, Donny Schatz, Michael (Zemco 1z), Kauffman (Middleswarth 7), Shepard (Forbrook 5), Herrera (Lonnie Parsons 6), Stevie Smith, Hestor (Middleswarth 7), Saldana (Dennis Roth 83), Richard (Allebach 75), Skip (Keen 53), Wagner, Dollansky, Dale Blaney and Hodnett’s Apple Chevrolet. Rahmer (Hamilton 77) and Kreitz were too slow as was Alaska’s John McDonald. Outlaws closed a Port season when Middleswarth of Middleburg scored seven with “The Man From Mifflintown” and two with Hestor. Dewease did drive to five topped by Tuscarora 12k. Todd Shaffer won four. New winners were Alan Cole and Mike Walter. The Port’s first 305 feature was won by Jason Shultz, son of the builder of Bobby Allen’s 1990 Knoxville Nationals winner.

Sept 29, 2002: San Jose’s Brad Furr found victory lane with the World of Outlaws over Mark Kinser, Hodnett (Apple 12), Tim Shaffer (Roth 83), Dollansky, Saldana, Lasoski (TSR 20), Hestor (Middleswarth 7), Steve Kinser, Randy Hannagan, Daryn Pittman, Len Thompson (Tanger 07), Herrera (Bill Wilburn 2w), Haud (Forbrook 5), Stevie Smith (Helm 11h), Schatz, P.J Chesson, Michael (Zemco 1z), Dewease (Hamilton 77), Wood (Parsons 6), Rahmer (Harz 88), Cole, Brook Weibley and Paulus. Kauffman (Middleswarth 7) did not transfer after winning eight of 21. Keith’s teammate Hestor added three as did Lance led by Tuscarora 50. Hodnett won two. Sunbury’s Mark Smith scored.

Oct 2, 2003: Meyers substituted for injured Dollansky to defeat Pittman (Woodburn 21), Steve Kinser, Shaffer (Roth 83), Lasoski (TSR 20), Kraig Kinser, Jason Sides, New England’s Erin Crocker (Mike Woodring 16), Mike Erdley (Lisi 11), Herrera (Kevin Frey 2k), Rahmer (Harz 88), Saldana, Schatz, Haudenschild (Larry Woodward 4), Len Thompson (Crawford cIII), Adrian Shaffer (Pete Postupack 25), Wagner, Hodnett (Apple 12), McMahan (Helm 11h), Jonathan Allard (Rick Wright 35), Kauffman and Hestor (Middleswarth 7), Tyler Walker, Dewease (Hamilton 77) and Layton. Unable to transfer were Shaffer (Beam 88), Stevie Smith, Mark Smith (Zemco 1z), Michael (Barry Jackson 8), Sammy Swindell (Roth 1) and Randy’s son Lucas Wolfe. Shaffer and Beam stitched five. Keith counted four ending with his first Tuscarora in 35 years. Greg earned two. Mark Smith (Keen 53) won twice. Fred won the first Weikert Memorial while Doc Crawford and Lenny pocketed Pete Swarmer Memorial. Mark Coldren joined The Port winners.

Sept 29, 2004: North Dakota’s Donny Schatz scorched The Outlaws pursued by Pittman (Woodburn 21), Wolfe (Allebach 5w), Steve Kinser, Kraig Kinser, Hestor (Middleswarth 7), Mark Kinser (Roth 83), Dewease (Hamilton 77), Lasoski (TSR 20), Rahmer (Harz 88), McMahan (Helm 11h), Hodnett (Apple 12), Tim Kaeding (Roth 83), Sides (Wayne Rhodes 7), Layton, Kauffman (Middleswarth 7), Saldana (Woodward 2), Meyers, Swindell, Dollansky, Mark Smith (Zemco 1z), Jesse Hockett (Wright 35), Jacobs (Jim Kline 22), Wagner and Paulus via provisional. Mark and Zemco won seven of 22 including Swarmer Memorial. Craig Keel scored four to follow Wickham as winners from New York. Middleswarth split two between Kauffman and Hestor. Hodnett tossed Tusky 10k in the Apple cart.

May 21, 2005: Judi Buckwalter Bates became the first female feature winner in Juniata County history ahead of Cricket Keel, Cliff Brian, New Jersey’s Rick Lafferty and Todd Shaffer. Mark Smith (Zemco 1z) won five. Rahmer and Harz swept two Tuscarora evenings that earned $15,440.

July 1, 2006: Speed Week was Five Grand for “Fast Freddie” Rahmer (Kline 22) over Dewease (Postupack 25), Shepard (Stewart 4J), Wolfe, Doug Esh (Leach 30), Kauffman (Middleswarth 7) and Alan Cole. Zemco Speed Equipment added six with Mark Smith.

Aug 4, 2007: Cancer patient Jim Nace hired Sean Michael for an emotional victory in the first Dream Race and its rich reward of 30k trailed by Hodnett (Kline 22) and Mike Wagner. Hodnett won three; Kevin Nouse two. Kauffman brought Middleswarth Potato Chips to Speed Week’s circle. Esh and Leach landed Tuscarora.

Aug 2, 2008: The second Dream 50 went to Hodnett (Kline 22) followed by Rahmer (Chad Clemens 51), Shepard (Zemco 1z), Stevie Smith, Erdley (Lisi 11) and Mark Smith’s Mach One that mowed three fields. John Westbrook won twice to lead fellow first-time victors Ryan Taylor and Rick Lafferty, first winning driver from NJ. Shepard won Weikert Memorial. Cole and Charlie Sorokach captured the Swarmer Memorial. Cody Darrah won Speed Week 7k. Shaffer (Beam 88) shined on Labor Day before Erdley earned Tuscarora loot. Undercard aces Cowboy Kennedy (305) and Danny Dietrich (358) were separated by 48 years of age.

May 9, 2009: Stevie (Zemco 1z) topped Shaffer (Beam 88), Erdley (Lisi 11), Cole, Dewease and All Star quick qualifier Kauffman, who made Mike Heffner into a Port winner. Todd and Gary won five. Hodnett (Kline 22) won Swarmer, Speed Week and Tuscarora that paid $12,500. Darrah’s Dream was worth 15k. Gumout loyalist Bob Bennett (Mickle 3) posted his first at Port as did Layton. Mike Wagner won with 410 while Mike Wagner II won at 305. Nicole Bower became Port’s second woman to win a (358) sprint feature.

July 2, 2011: Speed Week went to South Dakota’s Justin Henderson (Sorokach 35) by defeating Pittman, Rahmer, Dewease (Owens 30c), Esh, Hodnett (Joe Trone 39), Stevie Smith, Layton, Danny Dietrich, Walker (Keen 17), Mark Smith, Jason Johnson, Erdley, Kauffman (Michael Heckman 8h), Adam Wilt, Todd Shaffer, Brian Montieth, Brent Marks, Cliff Brian, Mike Wagner and Nicole. Hodnett handled Speed Week and Weikert 9k. Blane Heimbach (Creasy 12) and Walker earned stripes as Kauffman stopped winning after 129 sprint victories. Billy Dietrich (358) and Logan Wagner (305) stepped to the stage. Steve Buckwalter (Ritter 17b) became a 410 winner while the first ARDC midget main went to Bruce Buckwalter Jr.

June 9, 2012: The first traditional sprint cars in 45 Port Royal seasons arrived with the United States Auto Club. NorCal’s Damion Gardner gave a sideways approach to topping Tracy Hines, Jon Stanbrough (Dan Roberts 21x), Robert Ballou (Dallas Mulvaney 81), Dave Darland (Jeff Walker 11) and Bryan Clauson, fastest at 19.08. Clauson’s lap essentially matched Smokey of 1981. Locals who shed wings were Mark Smith, Layton (Middleswarth 7) and Daryl Stimeling. Chad won three. Hodnett (Trone 39) won seven of 21 topped by Weikert Memorial. Dewease (Owens 30c) won twice as did Heimbach after $12,500 proved to be Dream Race reality. Leach and Esh were $11,450 Tuscarora titans. Tyler Walker (Sorokach 35) was escorted out of Williams Grove then won his next race at The Port. Dale Blaney (George Fisher 2) upheld All Star honor. Modified hero Frank Cozze labeled his sprint victory as “the greatest moment of my life!”

May 25, 2013: Lasoski (Zemco 1z) became the first winner from Missouri ahead of Heimbach (Creasy 12), Layton (Middleswarth 7), Mike Wagner, Hodnett (Trone 39), Dewease (Heffner 27), Lafferty, Kauffman (Heckman 8h), Buckwalter (Ritter 17b) and Erdley. Mark Coldren fielded cars for himself and Cliff Brian. Heimbach had five wins; Layton three. Hodnett handled All Stars. Dave Blaney blitzed his second opener in 30 years. Logan Schuchart (Bobby Allen 1s) secured the first Keith Kauffman Classic. Ryan Taylor’s Dream paid $10,580. Esh (Tom Chiapelli 98) won again. Kreitz captured Tuscarora 50. Local boy Dylan Cisney strolled to the circle. Jeff Miller emerged as a 305 force. Darland (Steve Phillips 71p) won the second USAC race.

Oct 25, 2014: The only World of Outlaws victory by Ryan Smith shocked Schatz (TSR 15), Pittman (Kahne 9), Kerry Madsen (Keneric 29), Darrah (Kahne 4), Wolfe (Zemco 1z), Marks, Shane Stewart (Kyle Larson & Justin Marks 2), Danny Dietrich (Gary Kauffman 48), McMahan (Clemens 51), Erdley, Brock Zearfoss, David Gravel (Roth 83), Hodnett (Heffner 27), Saldana (Dan Motter 71m), Dewease (Scott Dietz 14), Kyle Reinhardt (Scott McClaren 21), Steve Kinser (TSR 11), Brad Sweet (Kahne 49), Ryan Taylor, Schuchart (Allen 1s), Logan Wagner (Salathe RG3), Nate Snyder and Steve Buckwalter. Hodnett won Weikert Memorial and Tuscarora 50 that each paid 13k. Marks won twice after a $11,320 Dream deposit. Wolfe won Speed Week after a record of 15.16. Esh won with Heckman. Dale scored with Tony Kennedy. Stevie (Rahmer 51) beat All Stars. Dietrich wore “Weikert 29” for his first success. Justin Barger joined Wickham and Keel as winners from New York. Brady Bacon (Richard Hoffman 69) was the USAC star.

Oct 24, 2015: NorCal’s Brad Sweet (Kahne 49) edged stablemate Pittman (Kahne 9), Schatz (TSR 15), Dietrich (Kauffman 48), Marks, Dale Blaney (Janet Holbrook and Aaron Call 1), Greg Wilson, Shane Stewart (Larson & Marks 2), Hodnett (Heffner 27), Schuchart (Allen 1s), Wolfe (Zemco 1z), Darrah, McMahan (Clemens 51), Esh (Coldren 07), Todd Shaffer (Middleswarth 7), Madsen (Keneric 29), Taylor, Cannon (Zane Highlands 3), Cisney, Barger, Saldana (Motter 71m), Jacob Allen, Gravel (Rogers 7), Sides, Jason Johnson (Ricky Stenhouse 41), Logan Wagner, Jac Haudenschild (Tom Buch 13) and Mike Wagner II. One year after his upset, Ryan Smith missed the cut as did Oregon’s Logan Forler. Hodnett and Heffner scored five plus The Dream. Buckwalter won three in the Ritter sprint and once in Heffner midget. Wolfe won two. Darrah whipped the Weikert cast. Esh and Ely were ex-partners at Diversified Machine Inc. that made winners of Coldren and Gene Franckowiak. Nouse won with Will Rose. Don’s son Aaron Ott opened with a win. Mike’s boy Logan Wagner joined those ranks. Ballou thrilled the USAC crowd. Marks closed by winning on Labor Day and two Tuscarora nights.

Oct 15, 2016: The second World of Outlaws win in the career of Logan Schuchart happened ahead of Hodnett (Heffner 27), Schatz (TSR 15), Wolfe (Zemco 1z), Dewease (Kreitz 69), Brian Brown, Gravel (Clemens 5), Pittman (Kahne 9), Sweet (Kahne 49), Saldana (Roth 83), Stevie (Rahmer 51), Marks, Stewart (Larson & Marks 2), Madsen (Matt Wood 17w), Danny Holtgraver, Blaney (Holbrook & Call 1), Johnson (Stenhouse 41), Cisney, McMahan (Rogers 7), Sides, T.J Stutts, Jacob Allen, Bill Balog, Zearfoss and Buckwalter. Hodnett won seven of 23. Lance led three to the end including Dream and Tuscarora 50. Marks won two. New winners were Zearfoss, Joey Hershey and Bryan Clauson (USAC) two months before B.C demise.

Oct 14, 2017: Schatz (Tony Stewart 15) clinched his ninth crown by winning the World of Outlaws journey to Juniata chased by Dewease (Kreitz 69), Pittman (Kahne 9), Sweet (Kahne 49), Johnson (Stenhouse 41), Dave Blaney (Motter 71m), Dietrich (Kauffman 48), Sheldon Haudenschild, Jac Haudenschild (Wood 17w), Gravel (Clemens 5), Stewart (Larson 2), Ian Madsen (Jeff Nehring 18), Marks, Kraig Kinser, Sides, Taylor, Stutts, Paige Polyak (Woodring 19), Tony Stewart, Greg Wilson, Parker Price Miller (Rogers 4), Zearfoss, Tim Shaffer (Rudzik 49), Schuchart (Allen 1s), Wolfe (Barshinger 24) and Cory Haas in Trone 39. Lance and Donald won five as did Zearfoss. Lucas won three that peaked with Weikert Memorial. Hodnett won 4k with 410 and two with URC 360. Esh won two features and one record of 15.01. The Dream check for $12,510 was the largest of Lafferty’s modest career. Six Grand went to Chris Windom when USAC rolled in. Opening day saw Lynton Jeffrey join Skip Jackson as winners from Australia. Jeff Miller won three at 305ci; Tyler Reeser recorded 17.58 that compared to 1982 big blocks; and another 305 winner was Lorenzo’s grandson Drew Ritchey in the famous 880.

Oct 28, 2018: For the first time, Mother Nature replaced All Stars with Outlaws. Just after Labor Day, Freddie Rahmer recorded All Star accolades on the night before the 50th Tuscarora 50. Then it rained. Port Royal tossed its Tusky title on the Outlaw visit, which was fine by Schatz because his pay swelled to $51,513. Rahmer waited two months to place second over Pittman (Kahne 9), Sweet (Kahne 49), Gravel (Clemens 5), Wolfe (Barshinger 24), Dietrich (Kauffman 48), Stewart (Larson 2) and Brian Brown, fastest ever at 120.64 MPH. Sides was tenth trailed by Ian Madsen (Nehring 18), Jim Siegel (Aaron Long 58), Cisney, Carson Macedo (Bobbi Johnson 41), Stutts, Buckwalter (Ritter 17b), Zearfoss, Gio and Dom Scelzi (Bernie Stuebgen 71), Reeser, Anthony Macri, Sheldon Haudenschild (Stenhouse and Richard Marshall 17), Schuchart (Allen 1s), Shaffer (Rudzik 49) and Logan Wagner’s Zemco zephyr. Zemaitis did win with Wagner and Reeser also rose to 410 success. Dewease won four spiced by Dream and Kauffman Classic. Wolfe won four with URC, Speed Week 7k and Weikert 10k. Hodnett’s wins stopped at 52. Apollo’s A.J Flick was Western PA’s first winner since Rod George in 1997. Aaron Reutzel’s Labor Day turned him into the first Texas winner since Dub May in 1973. Kevin’s brother Brian Gobrecht shaped Trey Starks into the first winner from Washington. Windom won another USAC 410 feature. New Jersey’s Mark Bitner bagged new USAC 360 honors. Buckwalter beat URC. Jeff Halligan handled a 358 field. Among the 305 victors was Vermont’s John Scarborough.

Oct 25, 2019: Schatz (TSR 15) dealt punishment for a third consecutive autumn ahead of Macri, Brown, Schuchart (Allen 1s), Reutzel (Baughman 87), Pittman (Roth 83), Ian Madsen (Nehring 18), Gio Scelzi (Stuebgen 71), Gravel (Johnson 41), Marks, Logan Wagner (Zemco 1z), Sweet (Kahne 49), Macedo (Larson 2), Zearfoss, Sheldon Haudenschild, Allen, Shane Stewart (Clemens 5), Ryan Smith (Heffner 72), Kraig Kinser, Stutts, Zeb Wise, Robbie Kendall, Polyak (Woodring 19), Dietrich (Kauffman 48), Paul McMahan (Buch 13) and Jeff Miller via provisional. Falling short was Dewease (Kreitz 69), Wolfe (Barshinger 24), Rahmer, Sides, Halligan (Long 58) and Oklahoma natives Wayne Johnson and Christopher Bell of NASCAR. Wagner won four topped by Weikert 10k; Miller three. Dewease took the Kauffman Classic and Speed Week 7k. Wolfe won twice with $7027 for Hodnett Memorial. Cisney and “Double-D” Danny Dietrich doubled their wins. The Dream paid 12k to Flick. Reutzel returned for Tuscarora 52k. Reinhardt won 4k with 410 and 2k with URC 360 as Zearfoss also defeated URC. T.J Stutts ended a long quest while the waits for Anthony Macri and Doug’s son Jared Esh were far shorter. Tyler Courtney (Marshall and Tim Clauson 7bc) was USAC winner. “Sunshine” is the nickname that Tim’s son Bryan pinned on Courtney.

Sept 12, 2020: The 53rd Tuscarora 50 paid $53,000 to Dewease (Kreitz 69) for schooling Macri, Cisney and All Star youth. Winning engine builder Davey Brown turned 86. Lance owns seven Tuscarora trophies and 115 Port checkered flags. Fourth in his first Tuscarora was the incredible Kyle Larson after pounding Port for Hodnett 11k, Weikert 15k then another 16k in a late model. Sixth was Cory Eliason (Rudeen 26) ahead of Logan Wagner (Zemco 1z), Sunshine (Clauson and Marshall 7bc), Spencer Bayston, Kerry Madsen (Tod Quiring 2), Rahmer, Marks (Clemens 5), Dietrich (Kauffman 48), Tony Stewart, Mike Wagner, James McFadden (Kahne 9), Heimbach (Creasy 12), Ian Madsen, Zearfoss, Brown, Gio Scelzi (Nehring 18), Reutzel (Baughman 87), McMahan (Buch 13), Rico Abreu, Jared Esh (Chiapelli 98) and Stutts. Marks won three for Clemens and crew chief Barry Jackson including the first Curt Hershey tribute. Marks of Myerstown and Zearfoss of Jonestown reside ten miles apart as Amish crows fly. Brock married Doug’s daughter Kaitlyn Esh in 2018. Mike Wagner and son Logan shared 410 honors. Halligan hammered out his first 410 victory after he was suspended from the 2020 Outlaw trail for qualifying at Lincoln on chemical rubber. Eliason followed Starks as a winner from Washington. Other than Kyle Larson, the biggest story at The Port is Anthony Macri. After dad hired crew chief Jim Shuttlesworth following the 2019 Knoxville Nationals they have become a force. Macri posted seven victories over URC, Kauffman Classic, Speed Week and Dream 10k. “The Concrete Kid” would dearly love to show the World of Outlaws how to circle “The Speed Palace.” Just swallow the leader.

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