Champions Schatz, Pittman Lead World of Outlaws Back to Texas and Devil’s Bowl

MESQUITE, TX – The World of Outlaws NOS® Energy Drink Sprint Car Series will continue to make history Friday, April 12, and Saturday, April 13, in Mesquite, Texas at Devil’s Bowl Speedway — the site of the Series’ inaugural race.

When the Series was formed in 1978, Devil’s Bowl Speedway was the first stop on its inaugural 41-race schedule. Jimmy Boyd claimed the first Series victory at the track, and there have been 28 years of winners after.

World of Outlaws 2013 champion Daryn Pittman and 10-time Series champion Donny Schatz having been dueling closely on track and in the points. The two are currently tied for the points lead and will look to continue their dueling hunt for another championship at the half-mile speedway. Both are previous winners at the track, as well.

The two have already found success on half-mile tracks this year with Pittman winning the two season opening races at Volusia Speedway Park in his new Roth Motorsports ride, and Donny Schatz winning the second night of racing at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas in February.

Their Texas Outlaw Nationals wins at Devil’s Bowl Speedway last year came in thrilling fashion, showing why the World of Outlaws is The Greatest Show on Dirt.

While Pittman led all 25 laps of the first race at Devil’s Bowl last year, Logan Schuchart — who got his first win of the 2019 season at the Stockton Dirt Track — closed on Pittman with a few laps to go but ran out of time to make a challenge for the lead.

The second night of racing at the speedway looked to be Brad Sweet’s race to lose. He led about three-quarters of the race, but lurking behind him the entire time was Schatz. After clearing Shane Stewart for second, Schatz set his sights on Sweet, eventually easing his way by him with five laps to go.

With strong early performances this season, all are sure to put on another spectacular show this year.

A victory at Devil’s Bowl would also hold an extra level of sentiment for Oklahoma natives Pittman and Stewart. En route to their World of Outlaws career, both grew up racing at the speedway.

No matter who wins the Texas Outlaw Nationals, history will be made once again at the iconic Devil’s Bowl Speedway.

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Previous Feature winners:
2018 – Daryn Pittman on April 27, Donny Schatz on April 28
2017 – Jason Johnson on April 14, Brad Sweet on April 15
2016 – Joey Saldana on April 22, Shane Stewart on April 23
2015 – Donny Schatz on April 25
2014 – Donny Schatz on April 18, Daryn Pittman on April 19
2003 – Tyler Walker on March 15
2002 – Joey Saldana on March 16
2001 – Craig Dollansky on March 10, Joey Saldana on October 27
2000 – Danny Lasoski on March 11, Sammy Swindell on October 28
1999 – Danny Lasoski on April 24, Sammy Swindell on April 24 (1998 Winter Nat’ls finale), Gary Wright on October 15
1998 – Steve Kinser on March 21
1997 – Mark Kinser on March 22, Mark Kinser on October 18
1996 – Steve Kinser on March 23, Mark Kinser on October 19
1995 – Gary Wright on March 18, Stevie Smith on July 29, Gary Wright on October 21
1994 – Andy Hillenburg on March 19, Steve Kinser on July 30, Sammy Swindell on October 23
1993 – Steve Kinser on March 20, Gary Wright on July 31, Dave Blaney on October 23
1992 – Stevie Smith on March 21, Sammy Swindell on June 13, Steve Kinser on October 24
1988 – Dave Blaney on March 19, Steve Kinser on June 18
1987 – Sammy Swindell on March 15, Bobby Davis, Jr., on June 20
1986 – Bobby Allen on March 9, Sammy Swindell on June 21
1985 – Steve Kinser on March 3, Sammy Swindell on June 21
1984 – Steve Kinser on March 4, Bobby Davis, Jr., on May 4, Jeff Swindell on June 22
1983 – Doug Wolfgang on April 22, Ron Shuman on June 24
1982 – Bobby Davis, Jr., on March 20, Steve Kinser on June 25
1981 – Danny Smith on March 14, Doug Wolfgang on March 21, Ron Shuman on June 26
1980 – Doug Wolfgang on March 15, Sammy Swindell on March 22, Sammy Swindell on June 27, Sammy Swindell on September 13
1979 – Steve Kinser on March 31, Sammy Swindell on September 8
1978 – Jimmy Boyd on March 18, Sammy Swindell on September 16

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