JOLIET, IL— June 28, 2017— The World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series headed on to the track at the Dirt Oval at Route 66 Raceway for the FVP Outlaw Clay Classic 50 lap $10,000-to-win event at the same time that heavy rain and dangerous lightning moved into the area ultimately forcing the postponement of the event. The makeup date for the feature will be on Oct. 13 in addition to the already scheduled two-day event— the Chi Town Showdown on Oct. 13-14. The lineup for the postponed event is already set due to the completion of qualifying and heat races.

Chris Madden was the fastest car during qualifying (16.459) followed by Brandon Sheppard (16.490) and Frank Heckenast Jr (16.670). Madden won the first of three heats by dominating the field with a 4.5-second lead by the checkers. Just behind, the fight for second was down the wire as Devin Moran and Chad Simpson raced side-by-side for all 10 laps of the heat. Moran was able to complete the pass for second on the last lap but Simpson gave him a run for his money.

During the second heat Brandon Sheppard was able to hold off multiple charges from Shane Clanton. Sheppard was able to create a 2.264-second gap between him and the rest of the field by the last lap.

The third and final heat of the evening saw a great battle between Frank Heckenast Jr. and Donny Schatz. The pair  fought for the lead for the first 5-laps of the race. At the halfway mark, Heckenast got into the wall between turn three and turn four allowing Schatz to pull away. Dennis Erb Jr. who was trailing closely behind the pair, found his way past Heckenast one lap later.  

Craftsman Club Feature: *Will take place on Oct. 13 during the Chi Town Showdown at the Dirt Oval at Route 66 Raceway

Heat 1:  1. 44- Chris Madden[1]; 2. 9- Devin Moran[3]; 3. 25s- Chad Simpson[2]; 4. 7- Rick Eckert[5]; 5. 25F- Jason Feger[6]; 6. 9R- Curtis Roberts[4]; DNS. 27- Tom Smith[7]; DNS. 45H- Don Hammer[8]; DNS. 45- Doug Hammer[9]

Heat 2: 1. 1- Brandon Sheppard[1]; 2. 25- Shane Clanton[3]; 3. 40B- Kyle Bronson[2]; 4. 1*- Chub Frank[4]; 5. 18- Eric Wells[5]; 6. 14m- Morgan Bagley[9]; 7. 91- Tyler Erb[7]; 8. 2c- Joey Coulter[6]; DNS. 2H- Doug Hayes[8]

Heat 3: 1. 15s- Donny Schatz[2]; 2. 28- Dennis Erb Jr[3]; 3. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr[1]; 4. 18c- Chase Junghans[4]; 5. 89- Mike Spatola[5]; 6. 15v- Kolby Vanderbergh[6]; 7. 83- Brandon Williams[7]; 8. 42t- Robert Kupsik[8]

Qualifying: 1. 44- Chris Madden, 16.459; 2. 1- Brandon Sheppard, 16.49; 3. 99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr, 16.67; 4. 25s- Chad Simpson, 16.676; 5. 40B- Kyle Bronson, 16.813; 6. 15s- Donny Schatz, 16.813; 7. 9- Devin Moran, 16.825; 8. 25- Shane Clanton, 16.91; 9. 28- Dennis Erb Jr, 16.936; 10. 9R- Curtis Roberts, 16.942; 11. 1*- Chub Frank, 16.951; 12. 18c- Chase Junghans, 16.972; 13. 7- Rick Eckert, 17.179; 14. 18- Eric Wells, 17.248; 15. 89- Mike Spatola, 17.287;; 16. 25F- Jason Feger, 17.341; 17. 2c- Joey Coulter, 17.361; 18. 15v- Kolby Vanderbergh, 17.592; 19. 27- Tom Smith, 18.041; 20. 91- Tyler Erb, 18.093; 21. 83- Brandon Williams, 18.276; 22. 45H- Don Hammer, 18.497; 23. 2H- Doug Hayes, 19.705; 24. 42t- Robert Kupsik, 19.997; DNS. 45- Doug Hammer; DNS. 14m- Morgan Bagley

Tentative Lineup:

Devin Moran 1 Brandon Sheppard
Chris Madden  2 Dennis Erb Jr
Donny Schatz 3 Shane Clanton
Chad Simpson 4 Kyle Bronson
Frank Heckenast Jr 5 Rick Eckert
Chub Frank 6 Chase Junghans
Jason Feger 7 Eric Wells
Mike Spatola 8 Curtis Roberts
Morgan Bagley 9 Kolby Vanderbergh
Tom Smith 10 Tyler Erb
Brandon Williams 11 Don Hammer
Joey Coulter 12 Robert Kupsik
Doug Hayes 13