In 66 days when the rest of us are unwrapping presents under our tree, Jason Meyers will be “Down Under” unwrapping his racecar for the final race of 2011 and first of 2012. This year the 2010 World of Outlaws champion looks to expand upon his successful campaign in Australia, which kicked off his 2011 season. Meyers will be once again join forces with Steve Caunt Racing to pilot the Fire Service Plus SCR9 in 9 events over the span of a month.


Meyers’ tour in the SCR9 will begin at Sidney Speedway on December 26. Then once the New Year rings in, Meyers will race events at Sydney Speedway, Archerfield Speedway, and Warnambool. Included in these events are racing staples in Australia like the Darley Challenge, Warnambool Touristy, and The Classic.


“I am looking forward to going back to Sydney Speedway this season after being absent the last couple of years due to other commitments,” explained Meyers. “David Lander and the staff at Sydney Speedway have been working hard to put a great racing program together for this upcoming season and we are looking forward to participating in some of the greatest races in Australia.  I have always enjoyed the racing at Sydney Speedway and the opportunity to race for the SCR9 team owned by Steve and Dee-Ann Caunt is a great opportunity.  We had a good run last season at the Classic and we are looking forward to continuing the drive towards victory this year.”


Meyers has three victories on the Australian dirt. His first came in 2001 at Perth. The Californian’s last victory came in 2007 at Parramatta City Raceway when he beat Kerry Madsen, Donny Schatz and Steve Kinser to the finish line. The last one came last year when Meyers won the first night of “The Classic” in the SCR 9 when he narrowly crossed the finish line in front of Joey Saldana.


“Dee-Ann and I are looking forward to Robyn, Jason and the kids’ visit to our town – Albion Park, Wollongong,” stated team owner Steve Caunt.  “Jason will be showing the fans of Sydney that he is deserving of his champion status. The Elite Racing equipment has been sent and will be an added bonus for Jason since he will be in a car he has already run back in the USA. The Classic Weekend will be a highlight for the Meyers Family taking in awesome sights of Warrnambool, Victoria which is track Jason knows well from last season. “


“Australia is not only a great place to race, but also a great place to visit and I am looking forward to spending some time with my family in between races and to having a chance to see the sites,” Meyers expressed.

In addition to taking on Australia’s best drivers and a few American Outlaws, The Classic will qualify Meyers for the World Challenge at the 2012 Knoxville Nationals. This will give Elite Racing a chance to win not only one race Nationals weekend, but a second one as he takes on the best drivers in the World.