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Close to Completely Conquering Canada: Elite Racing comes close to pulling off Edmonton Sweep


Edmonton, Canada has many nick names. This week after racing at Black Hills Speedway, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team traveled to “The Gateway of the North.” When they arrived in the “Oil City,” it seemed fitting that the 2010 Oil Cup and World of Outlaws champion would walk away victorious from “The City of Champions.” During the first night of action in the “River City” Meyers rolled to his fourth win of the season. The second night was not quite as festive in the “The Festival City” as the team would come close to pulling off the sweep but fell short. When the team left “E-Town,” they still held their heads high as they lead the point standings by 87 points going into the West Coast Tour.


Four for all in the Black Hills


At Black Hills Speedway the number 4 kept coming up for Jason Meyers throughout the night. He started by qualifying 4th, then finished 4th in his heat race, and 4th in the dash. As a result, the 2010 Champion was lined up in 4th beside Lucas Wolf at the drop of the green flag for the feature event.


At the start of the race, Meyers held on to his spot and was fending off a charge from Cody Darrah when the first and only interruption in race action came on Lap 2. When the field restarted, the Californian held on to his position and started to track down Wolfe again. He was able to close on both the 5w and Steve Kinser in his #14 GLR Investments KPC in traffic.


Meyers spent most of the race on the cushion, because it was the quickest way around the lighting fast ½ mile. Meyers held on to the 4th position for most of the race. He had a few chances to close in traffic, but with the surface being so fast there was not much passing. In the final stages of the 25-lap contest, Meyers held off a charge from Sammy Swindell, but would have to settle for 4th while Donny Schatz went on to record the victory.


“I have always enjoyed racing on the half-miles,” Meyers stated. “We certainly had one big, wide half mile out here tonight. The GLR Investments, DDNi, Allstar Performance MediaTile KPC was good, but the track was very fast and hard to pass on.”


At home in E-Town Victory Lane


Going into Edmonton Meyers had the track record, but he decided to shave a little off of it when he set quick time and established a new track record of 12.653 on Friday night. The 2010 Oil City Champion then went on to finish 4th in his heat race, before starting 4th and finishing 3rd in the dash. This lined him up in the 3rd position for the feature and put him in the perfect position to challenge for the victory.


At the start of the 30-lap contest, Meyers was lined up by Donny Schatz in his #14 DDNi KPC. On the start, Jason Sides got a jump and got past the 2010 Champion on Lap 1. On the following lap, Meyers made up the spot when he got under Lucas Wolfe. Then on Lap 4, Meyers picked up another position when he got to the inside of Sides to take the runner-up spot.


Now that Meyers had established himself in the second position, he had one car in his sights– the 83 of Paul McMahan. The 2010 champion worked on 83 for several laps before taking the lead away on Lap 18. From there Meyers set sail at the front of the pack. He would have to hold off a challenge from fellow title contender Donny Schatz in the closing laps, but had the upper hand. With the Checkered Flag looming, Meyers stayed stong and recorded his 4th victory of the season, 2nd in North of the Boarder this season, and 2nd at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton.


“Charlie Garrett horsepower is the key to all of those Quick Times and track records,” Meyers said as he stood by his #14 DDNi, GLR Investments, All-Star Performance KPC. “Everyone on this crew really works hard and I have to tell you, we love Canada. It’s a long haul up here but the people are great and so is the racing. Another win is great. It puts more points up on the board. Tonight you really had to hunt around to find the right line because the track kept changing. The crew here did an awesome job of giving us a great racing surface tonight.”


Oh so close…


Meyers began his second night at Castrol Raceway by lowering the track record yet again to 12.561. He then went on to finish 2nd in Heat #1 and 4th in the dash. On the start of the A-Main, Meyers was lined up beside Donny Schatz and quickly got around him on the bottom side on the start.


The first stop in racing action was on lap 3. On the restart, the Champion got past Chad Kemenah to take the second position. The Californian continued to use the high line to his advantage. He was closing on leader Steve Kinser when the second yellow flag flew on Lap 10.


On the restart, Meyers started experimenting with his line to track down Kinser. He began running low in turns 1 and 2 in his #14 Allstar Performance KPC. Lap 15 is where everything came to a screeching halt for Meyers. He was sizing up Kinser to take the lead when a lapped car slowed in front of the leaders. Kinser slowed to avoid the car, but Meyers did not get slowed quickly enough and ended up making contact with the wall to avoid hitting the 11 car.


This sent Meyers to the work area. He rejoined the field in 18th and worked his way up to 11th at the drop of the Checkered Flag. Cody Darrah went on to celebrate in Victory Lane while the Elite Racing team can hold their heads high, because their quick work helped their driver hold on to an 87 point lead in the standings going into Labor Day weekend.


“I had another great racecar here tonight with Charlie Garret horsepower,” explained Meyers. “The track was a little bit faster tonight and we were able to improve on the track record. It is just too bad it ended the way it did, but we are looking to make up some of those points on the West Coast.”


Up Next


After a few days of relaxing in the upper North West, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team will be heading to Washington State and Oregon for Labor Day weekend. First up will be Skagit Speedway on Friday night the 2nd and Saturday night the 3rd. Meyers has 9 World of Outlaws starts at Skagit which includes a win in 2009 and an average finish of 6.2. In his last 6 starts at the Alger, Washington track, Meyers has 4 podium finishes to his credit. On Monday September 5th, the Elite Racing team will be at Cottage Grove Speedway. There Meyers also has 9 World of Outlaws starts to his credit, including a victory in 2009. Out of those, 7 of his finishes were in the top-10.


“We have been throughout the U.S. all summer and we are looking forward to getting back to home on the West Coast,” Meyers stated. “We have fans throughout the U.S., but the ones that have been with us the longest his are from there. We really enjoy getting back home and spending some time in California. My daughter’s birthdays are coming up and we have a bunch of things planned. We are concentrating on winning another championship. They say consistency is the essence of excellence. We have definitely been consistent lately and it is paying off. All the West Coast tracks like Skagit and Cottage Gove, I grew up going to those tracks and am looking forward to racing on them again.”

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