World of Outlaws Welcomes Drydene as Official Motor Oil and Official DEF

CONCORD, NC — Nov. 1, 2018 — The World of Outlaws announced today a partnership with Drydene Performance Products, declaring them the Official Motor Oil and Official Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car and Late Model Series.

The Drydene brand has been a commercial and automotive product staple in the mid-Atlantic region dating back to the 19th century. The brand offers a complete product lineup of lubricants, from engine, transmission, and hydraulic oils, to greases, gear lubricants and DEF.

“We’re excited to partner with another strong heritage brand,” said World of Outlaws CMO Ben Geisler. “Drydene has an excellent product line that is used by consumers, as well as customers in the transportation, construction and automotive sectors, many of whom support dirt track teams across the country. They have identified the World of Outlaws as their motorsports platform of choice and we couldn’t be more excited to have them on board.”

In addition to the Official Motor Oil and Official DEF designations, the multi-year partnership will include contingency awards, a special discount program for teams and additional incentives for drivers, while providing Drydene the opportunity to promote their full breadth of lubricant products.

“The World of Outlaws is an excellent platform for Drydene, fitting in perfectly with our recent motorsports initiatives,” said Dave Klinger, President of Drydene Performance Products. “Drydene values passion and hard work, and that’s something both World of Outlaws’ series, and all of the teams involved, exemplify every day. We’re excited to be a part of that and to engage with the racers, engine builders and fans looking for superior performance products.”

In conjunction with the World of Outlaws partnership, Drydene is also expanding its team sponsorship with Shark Racing. This year, Logan Schuchart carried the Drydene lubricants brand mark on his Shark Racing No. 1s. In 2019, Drydene will back the entire Shark Racing team, adding Jacob Allen’s 1a to the mix, along with team owner and Sprint Car Series veteran Bobby Allen.

American owned and operated, Drydene Performance Products is headquartered in Jonestown, Pennsylvania, the heart of Sprint Car country, where Allen and the Shark Racing team got their start.

About Drydene Performance Products
For over a century Drydene lubricants have been made in America and made to last… paving the way on our highways, in our fields and on the production line. In the dawn of American industry, Drydene was there as we built our first roads, laid the blocks for our first factories, spanned rivers with new bridges and rail. And we’re still right here today doing what we do best; helping America Get the Job Done. Drydene products are built with ALL Technology®, Advanced Lubricity Life chemistry, to meet and exceed today’s modern automotive, heavy duty and industrial needs.

Drydene offers a complete line of automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants: Engine Oils, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Transmission Fluids, Grease, Hydraulic & Gear Oils.

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