Ferguson, Lanigan Top World Finals Qualifying

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Ferguson, Lanigan Open Bad Boy Buggies World Finals With Late Model Fast-Time Honors

Event Record 86-Car Field Turns Out For Qualifying Night At The Dirt Track At Charlotte (Barry Lenhart photo)

CONCORD, N.C. (Nov. 5, 2015) — Chris Ferguson of Mt. Holly, N.C., and Darrell Lanigan of Union, Ky., were the fleetest of an event record 86 entries as the ninth annual Bad Boy Buggies World of Outlaws World Finals kicked off with Qualifying Night Thursday at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

The 25-year-old Ferguson continued the best season of his young career with yet another fast-time honor, blasting around The Dirt Track in 14.744 seconds to register the overall quickest lap in the first of two Ohlins Shocks Time Trials rounds for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. His effort earned him the pole position for the fourth of six heat races scheduled for Friday night.

Lanigan, 45, shined in the second round of qualifying, turning a lap of 14.999 seconds to begin his first weekend driving for the Clint Bowyer Racing team in strong fashion. He will start from the pole position in the first of six heat races on Saturday night’s program.

The two qualifying rounds were part of the opening night of the World Finals weekend at Charlotte’s 4/10-mile oval. The three-night blockbuster event features season-ending doubleheaders for the WoO LMS, the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars and the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds.

The results of Thursday’s WoO LMS time trials will be used to determine the heat race lineups for separate $12,000-to-win WoO LMS programs on Friday and Saturday. First-round qualifying times set lineups for Friday night’s action and second-round times align Saturday’s preliminaries.

Ferguson’s fast time came despite the apparent handicap of timing at the end of both qualifying rounds because he did not register his car and draw his time-trial positions before the drivers’ meeting. His Longhorn car was in the pits all day, but both Ferguson and his father arrived late due to work commitments and did not arrange to have someone else sign them in.

“It worked out pretty decent though because the times didn’t change (over the course of the session),” said Ferguson. “The first round everybody was kind of running the middle-bottom, and then I went up there and just blasted the top and it wasn’t too rough. Sometimes you just gotta go up there and hope that it works, and fortunately for me, tonight it worked.”

Ferguson nearly met disaster with the same strategy in Round 2, however. He bounced through the cushion and got his car on two wheels, slowing his first lap, though he recovered to time sixth-fastest in his group.

“In the second round, when I went up there (in the outside groove), there had been some cars up there and it dug some holes,” said Ferguson, who captured his first two WoO LMS victories of his career earlier this season. “Going into one and two I hit one and thought I was gonna flip.”

Lanigan, meanwhile, was nearly perfect. After clicking off the second-fastest lap in his group during the Round 1 — giving him a Friday-night heat-race pole — he was the overall fastest in the second round steering a new Club 29 car in his debut weekend with NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer’s team, which he will drive for full-time in 2016.

“The car was extremely good,” said Lanigan, a three-time WoO LMS champion who has two career World Finals wins. “We were just a hair short of fast time in the first round, and then we got it done in the second round. I’m really happy with the piece.

“You had to be real careful. You had to get a good lap, but you couldn’t get up there against that cushion too hard because it would just jerk you into it. I just kind of ran right against it without jumping it. We got lucky and cut a smooth lap.”

Joining Ferguson and Lanigan as pole-position starters in Friday heats after strong qualifying runs in Round 1 were Chris Madden of Gray Court, S.C. (group fast-timer), Steve Francis of Ashland, Ky., Josh Richards of Shinnston, W.Va., and Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn.

Richards was a group quick-qualifier in Round 2, putting him on a Saturday-night heat pole along with Lanigan. Other polesitters will be Randy Weaver of Crossville, Tenn., Casey Roberts of Toccoa, Ga., all-time winningest World Finals driver Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn., and Billy Moyer Jr. of Batesville, Ark.

The Bad Boy Buggies World of Outlaws World Finals continue on Friday and Saturday with gates opening at 3 p.m. and hot laps scheduled to begin at 4 each day. Each program will include a 50-lap A-Main for the WoO LMS, a 30-lap A-Main for the WoO Sprint Car Series and a 40-lap main event for the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds.

Results of World of Outlaws Late Model Series Bad Boy Buggies World Finals Qualifying Night at The Dirt Track at Charlotte:

First round qualifying

First group
Chris Madden (44), Gray Court, S.C., 15.104
Darrell Lanigan (15), Union, Ky., 15.107
Steve Francis (15), Ashland, Ky., 15.196
Frank Heckenast Jr. (99Jr), Frankfort, Ill., 15.308
Austin Smith (11s), Cedartown, Ga., 15.312
Mike Marlar (157), Winfield, Tenn., 15.316
Casey Roberts (101), Toccoa, Ga., 15.364
Brian Ligon (4L), Augusta, Ga., 15.411
Boom Briggs (99b), Bear Lake, Pa., 15.423
Donald Bradsher (93), Burlington, N.C., 15.428
Justin Labonte (44L), Trinity, N.C., 15.434
Mason Zeigler (25z), Chalk Hill, Pa., 15.44
Chub Frank (1*), Bear Lake, Pa., 15.46
Brandon Overton (76), Evans, Ga., 15.467
Donny Schatz (15), Fargo, N.D., 15.487
Chris Simpson (R5), Oxford, Iowa, 15.518
Willie Milliken (2), Roanoke Rapids, N.C., 15.548
Gregg Satterlee (22), Indiana, Pa., 15.575
Austin Kirkpatrick (11K), Ocala, Fla., 15.6
Dennis Franklin (2), Gaffney, S.C., 15.61
Will Vaught (1G), Crane, Mo., 15.625
Dale McDowell (17M), Chickamauga, Ga., 15.627
Kenny Pettyjohn (11P), Millsboro, Del., 15.627
Matt Westfall (54), Pleasant Hills, Ohio, 15.655
Austin Hubbard (1A), Seaford, Del., 15.658
Tim Shaffer (47), Aliquippa, Pa., 15.66
Dennis Erb Jr. (28), Carpentersville, Ill., 15.704
Garrett Alberson (F5), Las Cruces, N.M., 15.773
Chris Brown (77), Spring, Texas, 15.781
Josh Rice (11), Verona, Ky., 15.832
Jason Wagner (J12), Morton, Ill., 15.9
Jim Rasey (6R), Southington, Ohio, 15.939
Joey Coulter (2c), Charlotte, N.C., 15.965
Kyle Pierce (281), Statesville, N.C., 16.018
Pancho Lawler (93), Hanover, Pa., 16.046
Gary Stuhler (1s), Greencastle, Pa., 16.061
Kelly Guy (28), Thomson, Ga., 16.088
Nick Davis (92), Gumboro, Del., 16.286
Adam Bowman (77A), Seymour, Ind., 16.302
Bob Gordon (31G), Keyser, W.Va., 16.369
Earl Pearson Jr. (1), Jacksonville, Fla., 16.399
Brian Ledbetter (07), Dallas, N.C., 16.623
Dan Stone (21d), Thompson, Pa., 16.677
Second group
Chris Ferguson (22), Mt. Holly, N.C., 14.744
Josh Richards (1), Shinnston, W.Va., 15.045
Scott Bloomquist (0), Mooresburg, Tenn., 15.094
Jimmy Owens (20), Newport, Tenn., 15.119
Randy Weaver (116), Crossville, Tenn., 15.192
Shane Clanton (25), Zebulon, Ga., 15.367
Brandon Sheppard (B54), New Berlin, Ill., 15.417
John Henderson (2x), N. Augusta, S.C., 15.421
Greg Johnson (88), Bedford, Ind., 15.423
Jonathan Davenport (6), Blairsville, Ga., 15.432
Mark Parks (89), Forrest, Va., 15.483
Jason Feger (25), Bloomington, Ill., 15.53
Don O’Neal (5), Martinsville, Ind., 15.545
Russell Erwin Jr. (22e), Beaverdam, Va., 15.566
Billy Moyer Jr. (21Jr), Batesville, Ark., 15.592
James Rice (11R), Verona, Ky., 15.603
Eric Wells (18), Hazard, Ky., 15.633
Rick Eckert (7E), York, Pa., 15.638
Morgan Bagley (14M), Tyler, Texas, 15.651
Dale Hollidge (0), Mechanicsville, Md., 15.669
Paul Wilmoth Jr. (B1), Clarksburg, W.Va., 15.669
Max Blair (111), Titusville, Pa., 15.687
Chad Hollenbeck (4ds), Kingsley, Pa., 15.711
Dean Bowen (32), Whiteville, N.C., 15.805
Chase Junghans (18c), Manhattan, Kan., 15.828
Walker Arthur (87), Forrest, Va., 15.859
Nick Latham (31), Winchester, Ohio, 15.865
Dustin Mitchell (d8), Princeton, N.C., 15.873
Tim McCreadie (39), Watertown, N.Y., 15.875
Jay Sessoms (84), Stanley, N.C., 15.991
Allen Murray (2M), San Antonio, Texas, 16.007
Jeff Wolfenbarger (28W), Knoxville, Tenn., 16.008
Kerry King Jr. (KB1), Delmar, Del., 16.122
Cody Mahoney (4), Hanover, Ind., 16.144
Greg Clark (39c), Stanley, N.C., 16.193
Colton Flinner (75), Allison Park, Pa., 16.204
Andy Fries (82), Mercersburg, Pa., 16.221
Jordan Yaggy (77), Rochester, Minn., 16.224
Tyler Horst (14H), Wayneboro, Pa., 16.28
Reid Millard (14), Jefferson City, Mo., 16.848
Dan Shepherd (68), Greeley, Colo., 16.863
Scott Lewis (99), Henderson, Colo., 19.598
Ross Robinson (7), Georgetown, Del., N/T

Second round qualifying

First group
Darrell Lanigan (15), Union, Ky., 14.999
Randy Weaver (116), Crossville, Tenn., 15.201
Casey Roberts (101), Toccoa, Ga., 15.215
Brandon Sheppard (B54), New Berlin, Ill., 15.232
Scott Bloomquist (0), Mooresburg, Tenn., 15.233
Shane Clanton (25), Zebulon, Ga., 15.319
Rick Eckert (7E), York, Pa., 15.381
Paul Wilmoth Jr. (B1), Clarksburg, W.Va., 15.388
Tim Shaffer (47), Aliquippa, Pa., 15.428
Will Vaught (1G), Crane, Mo., 15.484
Chris Brown (77), Spring, Texas, 15.505
Chase Junghans (18c), Manhattan, Kan., 15.52
Jonathan Davenport (6), Blairsville, Ga., 15.536
Willie Milliken (2), Roanoke Rapids, N.C., 15.537
Walker Arthur (87), Forrest, Va., 15.554
Chub Frank (1*), Bear Lake, Pa., 15.571
Dennis Erb Jr. (28), Carpentersville, Ill., 15.62
Jason Feger (25), Bloomington, Ill., 15.651
Gregg Satterlee (22), Indiana, Pa., 15.661
Matt Westfall (54), Pleasant Hills, Ohio, 15.706
Dustin Mitchell (d8), Princeton, N.C., 15.717
Scott Lewis (99), Henderson, Colo., 15.723
Allen Murray (2M), San Antonio, Texas, 15.774
Mark Parks (89), Forrest, Va., 15.79
Morgan Bagley (14M), Tyler, Texas, 15.811
Kelly Guy (28), Thomson, Ga., 15.814
Earl Pearson Jr. (1), Jacksonville, Fla., 15.863
Austin Hubbard (1A), Seaford, Del., 15.877
Kyle Pierce (281), Statesville, N.C., 15.915
Brian Ligon (4L), Augusta, Ga., 15.966
Dale Hollidge (0), Mechanicsville, Md., 15.982
Kerry King Jr. (KB1), Delmar, Del., 16.012
Jordan Yaggy (77), Rochester, Minn., 16.087
Austin Kirkpatrick (11K), Ocala, Fla., 16.135
Jason Wagner (J12), Morton, Ill., 16.23
Garrett Alberson (F5), Las Cruces, N.M., 16.307
Brian Ledbetter (07), Dallas, N.C., 16.379
Bob Gordon (31G), Keyser, W.Va., 16.463
Jim Rasey (6R), Southington, Ohio, 16.619
Ross Robinson (7), Georgetown, Del., 16.7
Kenny Pettyjohn (11P), Millsboro, Del., 16.74
Dan Shepherd (68), Greeley, Colo., 16.968
John Henderson (2x), N. Augusta, S.C., N/T
Second group
Josh Richards (1), Shinnston, W.Va., 15.145
Jimmy Owens (20), Newport, Tenn., 15.15
Billy Moyer Jr. (21Jr), Batesville, Ark., 15.16
Chris Madden (44), Gray Court, S.C., 15.284
Justin Labonte (44L), Trinity, N.C., 15.284
Chris Ferguson (22), Mt. Holly, N.C., 15.316
Mike Marlar (157), Winfield, Tenn., 15.328
Dennis Franklin (2), Gaffney, S.C., 15.347
Don O’Neal (5), Martinsville, Ind., 15.386
Greg Johnson (88), Bedford, Ind., 15.418
Brandon Overton (76), Evans, Ga., 15.492
Steve Francis (15), Ashland, Ky., 15.503
Austin Smith (11s), Cedartown, Ga., 15.511
Chris Simpson (R5), Oxford, Iowa, 15.524
Max Blair (111), Titusville, Pa., 15.558
Pancho Lawler (93), Hanover, Pa., 15.581
James Rice (11R), Verona, Ky., 15.622
Donny Schatz (15), Fargo, N.D., 15.647
Donald Bradsher (93), Burlington, N.C., 15.68
Nick Latham (31), Winchester, Ohio, 15.684
Frank Heckenast Jr. (99Jr), Frankfort, Ill., 15.685
Eric Wells (18), Hazard, Ky., 15.706
Tim McCreadie (39), Watertown, N.Y., 15.814
Dean Bowen (32), Whiteville, N.C., 15.818
Boom Briggs (99b), Bear Lake, Pa., 15.836
Gary Stuhler (1s), Greencastle, Pa., 15.838
Josh Rice (11), Verona, Ky., 15.842
Chad Hollenbeck (4ds), Kingsley, Pa., 15.861
Dale McDowell (17M), Chickamauga, Ga., 15.925
Russell Erwin Jr. (22e), Beaverdam, Va., 15.988
Andy Fries (82), Mercersburg, Pa., 16.171
Colton Flinner (75), Allison Park, Pa., 16.238
Dan Stone (21d), Thompson, Pa., 16.24
Tyler Horst (14H), Wayneboro, Pa., 16.247
Greg Clark (39c), Stanley, N.C., 16.259
Jay Sessoms (84), Stanley, N.C., 16.265
Mason Zeigler (25z), Chalk Hill, Pa., 16.273
Cody Mahoney (4), Hanover, Ind., 16.392
Reid Millard (14), Jefferson City, Mo., 16.474
Nick Davis (92), Gumboro, Del., 16.507
Jeff Wolfenbarger (28W), Knoxville, Tenn., 17.029
Adam Bowman (77A), Seymour, Ind., N/T
Joey Coulter (2c), Charlotte, N.C., N/T

The World of Outlaws Late Model Series is brought to fans across the country by many important sponsors and partners, including: Arizona Sport Shirts (Official Apparel Company), Hoosier Racing Tires (Official Racing Tires), Lincoln Welder (Official Welder), VP Racing Fuel (Official Racing Fuel), DirtonDirt.com (Hard Charger Award) and McCarthy’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning (Raye Vest Memorial Pill Draw Award); in addition to contingency sponsors: Butlerbuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, Mobil 1, MSD, Ohlins Shocks, QA1, QuarterMaster, Superflow Dynos and Wrisco Aluminum; along with manufacturer sponsors Capital Race Cars, Club 29 Chassis, Integra Shocks, Impact Racing Products, Intercomp, Racing Electronics, Rocket Chassis, and TNT Rescue.

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