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Champion Racing Oil National Open
Williams Grove Speedway | Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Race Recap  

NOT DONE YET: Lance Dewease Banks $75,000 with Fifth-Career National Open Title

A historic edition of the 60th annual Champion Racing Oil National Open played host to a historic happening on Saturday night.

Going back to the fountain of youth, 57-year-old Lance Dewease held off two of the fastest rising PA Posse stars and a slew of full-time World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series drivers to win his fifth-career National Open – becoming the second driver in history to reach that feat behind Donny Schatz‘s six titles.

Leading from flag-to-flag in the 40-lap, $75,000-to-win finale at Williams Grove Speedway, Dewease made history as the first man to conquer the National Open in four decades, winning the Pennsylvania staple in 1996, 2001-02, 2018, and 2022.

With the Hall of Fame trio of driver Dewease, owner Don Kreitz Jr., and crew chief Davey Brown Sr., the #69K made it clear they’re not going anywhere.

“We’re not stopping now,” Dewease said after his record-extending 111th win at Williams Grove. “I don’t plan on retiring and these guys want to keep racing. Someone has to keep these young guys honest out here. Brent [Marks] and Anthony [Macri] are two of the best and I love racing against them. I’m not done yet.”

“It’s pretty special to break a tie with Steve Kinser for anything,” he added, passing “The King” for second-most National Open titles. “I don’t know how many more of these I’ve got left, but I know [Donny] Schatz is next in our picture. We’re just taking it one race at a time. My son [Cole Dewease] recently started racing Micro Sprint and it’s been a joy.”

Scoring the fifth-highest payday of the season didn’t come easily for Dewease, who was forced to fend off Myerstown, PA’s Brent Marks for the entirety of the race. Marks actually slid by and took the lead on a Lap 28 restart, but the red flag flew and negated his pass before he could cross the finish line to count the lap.

“I caught a lucky break with Brent on that restart,” Dewease noted. “I was having radio problems the whole Feature and worried too much about that. I wasn’t paying attention as well as I should have been and fell asleep on that restart. Brent is so fast here right now that I don’t think we could’ve beat him had he actually passed us. We took advantage of everything we needed, though, and it paid off.”

Marks (19) chased Dewease (69K) for all 40 laps around Williams Grove. [Trent Gower]
On the heartbreaking side of Saturday’s loss, Marks finished 0.792-seconds shy of completing his dream season in the Murray-Marks Motorsports #19. He settled for a $25,000 payday and now looks to end his season on a high note with three more chances at World of Outlaws Victory Lane during the World Finals in November.

“It’s extremely disappointing,” Marks said after falling short of his second National Open title. “It just didn’t go our way tonight. We had a fast car, but it was so top-dominant and I needed lap traffic to make a move. I was so close to the flagstand when that red flag came out after taking the lead, that was a big bummer. Proud to be standing on the frontstretch, though.

Finishing third and completing the PA Posse podium sweep was Dillsburg, PA’s Anthony Macri with a ninth-to-third charge fueling his career-best National Open effort. “The Concrete Kid” rallied late in the running and applied pressure to both Marks and Dewease, but ran out of time and track in his charge to the front.

“That was a lot of hard racing for $75,000 tonight,” Macri mentioned after contact nearly sent him over in the final laps. “I gave it my all tonight, but we came up in third place. It sucks, but we’ll take it and move on. Considering that we started ninth and how narrow it was in the early running, I’m impressed with our run. The cookie just didn’t crumble completely our way this time.”

Updated Career Podium Totals – Dewease (54th), Marks (27th), Macri (10th). [Trent Gower]
Behind the PA Posse’s lead trio was a pair of full-time Outlaws closing out the top five. Spencer Bayston finished a career-best fourth at Williams Grove in the CJB Motorsports #5, while David Gravel finished fifth in the Big Game Motorsports #2 as he closed on the championship lead for the sixth-straight race.

Rounding out the top-10 of the 60th National Open was Justin Peck in the Buch Motorsports #13, Jacob Allen in the Shark Racing #1A, Danny Dietrich in the Gary Kauffman Racing #48, Carson Macedo in the Jason Johnson Racing #41, and James McFadden in the Roth Motorsports #83.


Dewease is the 32nd driver in World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series history to reach 20 victories – tying him for 31st on the All-Time Win List with fellow PA Posse legend, Greg Hodnett. He concluded the 2022 campaign at Williams Grove Speedway with five consecutive wins (two against the World of Outlaws) to push his all-time record to 111 wins at the Mechanicsburg, PA 1/2-mile.

At 57 years, 16 days, Dewease passes another Posse icon, Fred Rahmer (55 years, 7 months, 2 days), as the oldest winner in National Open history. His fifth win now puts him second all-time in National Open titles – trailing Donny Schatz (6) – and makes him the first to ever win the race in four different decades – 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, 20’s.

Saturday marked the first-ever PA Posse podium sweep at the National Open under World of Outlaws sanction. Of his five titles at the race, the Kreitz Racing #69K is the first car that Dewease has won with on multiple occasions.

Breaking a rear axle on Lap 5, championship leader Brad Sweet suffered his first DNF since July 2020 – snapping a 166-race streak of completing 5,461 consecutive laps. Pairing that with David Gravel‘s fifth-place result, the title gap is now only 16-points entering the World Finals in two weeks.

UP NEXT (Nov) – All that remains in 2022 for the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series is the season-ending World Finals on November 2-5 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte in Concord, NC. The Greatest Show on Dirt will be joined by the World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series and Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds for one huge weekend to conclude the season. Fans can BUY TICKETS HERE, or watch every lap LIVE on DIRTVision.

NOS Energy Drink Feature Results (40 Laps) – 1. 69K-Lance Dewease [1][$75,000]; 2. 19-Brent Marks [2][$25,000]; 3. 39M-Anthony Macri [9][$10,000]; 4. 5-Spencer Bayston [4][$6,000]; 5. 2-David Gravel [3][$4,000]; 6. 13-Justin Peck [6][$3,500]; 7. 1A-Jacob Allen [7][$3,200]; 8. 48-Danny Dietrich [19][$3,000]; 9. 41-Carson Macedo [13][$2,700]; 10. 83-James McFadden [5][$2,600]; 11. 15-Donny Schatz [21][$2,500]; 12. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [26][$650]; 13. 9-Kasey Kahne [12][$1,850]; 14. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [8][$1,500]; 15. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [10][$1,400]; 16. 11-TJ Stutts [11][$1,350]; 17. 27-Daryn Pittman [16][$1,300]; 18. 39-Troy Wagaman [28][$]; 19. 44-Dylan Norris [22][$1,300]; 20. 1S-Logan Schuchart [14][$1,300]; 21. 71-Cory Eliason [24][$1,300]; 22. 18-Giovanni Scelzi [20][$1,300]; 23. 19R-Matt Campbell [23][$1,300]; 24. 11K-Kraig Kinser [27][$]; 25. 1M-Landon Myers [15][$1,300]; 26. 55K-Robbie Kendall [18][$1,300]; 27. 49-Brad Sweet [17][$1,300]; 28. 7S-Robbie Price [25][$]. Lap Leaders: Lance Dewease 1-40. KSE Hard Charger Award: 5W-Lucas Wolfe[+14]

NEW Championship Standings (71/74 Races) – 1. Brad Sweet (8,854); 2. David Gravel (-16); 3. Carson Macedo (-106); 4. Donny Schatz (-214); 5. Sheldon Haudenschild (-238); 6. Logan Schuchart (-386); 7. James McFadden (-446); 8. Spencer Bayston (-580); 9. Jacob Allen (-672); 10. Brock Zearfoss (-954).

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Feature Results
11069KLance Dewease 400.00040Running150$75,000
22019Brent Marks 40-0.792Running146$25,000
39+639MAnthony Macri 40-1.308Running144$10,000
4405Spencer Bayston 40-3.883Running142$6,000
53-22David Gravel 40-5.035Running140$4,000
66013Justin Peck 40-6.079Running138$3,500
7701AJacob Allen 40-8.988Running136$3,200
819+1148Danny Dietrich 40-9.182Running134$3,000
913+441Carson Macedo 40-10.497Running132$2,700
105-583James McFadden 40-11.694Running130$2,600
1121+1015Donny Schatz 40-12.362Running128$2,500
1226+145WLucas Wolfe 40-13.997Running126$650
1312-19Kasey Kahne 40-15.453Running124$1,850
148-617Sheldon Haudenschild 40-16.003Running122$1,500
1510-53ZBrock Zearfoss 40-16.859Running120$1,400
1611-511T.J. Stutts 40-17.076Running118$1,350
1716-127Daryn Pittman 40-17.988Running116$1,300
1828+1039Troy Wagaman Jr.39-1 LapsRunning114$0
1922+344Dylan Norris 39-1 LapsRunning112$1,300
2014-61SLogan Schuchart 29-11 LapsDNF110$1,300
2124+371Cory Eliason 29-11 LapsDNF108$1,300
2220-218Giovanni Scelzi 27-13 LapsDNF106$1,300
2323019RMatt Campbell 24-16 LapsDNF104$1,300
2427+311KKraig Kinser 24-16 LapsDNF102$0
2515-101MLandon Myers 17-23 LapsDNF102$1,300
2618-855KRobbie Kendall 14-26 LapsDNF102$1,300
2717-1049Brad Sweet 5-35 LapsDNF102$1,300
2825-37SRobbie Price 0-40 LapsDNS102$0
KSE Hard Charger: Lucas Wolfe
Last Chance Showdown Results
11015Donny Schatz 120.00012Running0$0
23+144Dylan Norris 12-2.036Running0$0
34+119RMatt Campbell 12-2.799Running0$0
47+371Cory Eliason 12-2.903Running0$0
5505CDylan Cisney 12-4.141Running90$300
62-491Kyle Reinhardt 12-7.062Running90$250
711+48Freddie Rahmer 12-7.551Running90$225
814+65WLucas Wolfe 12-10.260Running0$200
98-11XChad Trout 12-11.204Running90$200
109-199MKyle Moody 12-13.943Running90$200
1113+235Austin Bishop 12-15.562Running90$200
1215+36Bill Rose 11-1 LapsRunning90$200
1310-323Devon Borden 3-9 LapsDNF90$200
146-812Brent Shearer 2-10 LapsDNF90$200
1512-37SRobbie Price 0-12 LapsDNS0$200
Dash 1 Results
12+169KLance Dewease 60.0006Running0$0
24+219Brent Marks 6-1.447Running0$0
36+32David Gravel 6-2.948Running0$0
41-35Spencer Bayston 6-4.039Running0$0
57+213Justin Peck 6-5.189Running0$0
63-383James McFadden 6-6.406Running0$0
75-21AJacob Allen 6-6.844Running0$0
88017Sheldon Haudenschild 6-7.767Running0$0
C Main Results
1105WLucas Wolfe 80.0008Running0$0
2206Bill Rose 8-5.034Running0$0
34+139Troy Wagaman Jr.8-5.531Running0$150
43-117BSteve Buckwalter 8-6.941Running90$150
55011KKraig Kinser 8-9.054Running0$150
67+122Bryn Gohn 8-10.656Running90$150
78+139TCameron Smith 8-10.956Running90$150
89+123MMichael Millard 8-13.244Running90$125
911+212WTroy Fraker 2-6 LapsDNF90$125
106-467Justin Whittall 0-8 LapsDNS90$125
1110-16DRyan Smith 0-8 LapsDNS90$125
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11017Sheldon Haudenschild 80.0008Running
23+113Justin Peck 8-4.278Running
32-139MAnthony Macri 8-4.821Running
45+141Carson Macedo 8-5.269Running
54-149Brad Sweet 8-6.228Running
67+144Dylan Norris 8-7.550Running
78+171Cory Eliason 8-8.773Running
89+18Freddie Rahmer 8-10.245Running
96-35WLucas Wolfe 8-11.531Running
1010011KKraig Kinser 8-13.858Running
1111023MMichael Millard 8-16.583Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11069KLance Dewease 80.0008Running
23+12David Gravel 8-1.852Running
32-111T.J. Stutts 8-2.887Running
45+11MLandon Myers 8-4.272Running
57+248Danny Dietrich 8-5.366Running
6605CDylan Cisney 8-6.816Running
79+299MKyle Moody 8-7.200Running
810+235Austin Bishop 8-8.238Running
98-117BSteve Buckwalter 8-9.030Running
1011+122Bryn Gohn 8-10.349Running
114-715Donny Schatz 3-5 LapsRunning
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11019Brent Marks 80.000Running
22083James McFadden 8-3.540Running
3303ZBrock Zearfoss 8-4.052Running
45+11SLogan Schuchart 8-6.721Running
54-155KRobbie Kendall 8-7.412Running
66091Kyle Reinhardt 89.942Running
78+112Brent Shearer 89.173Running
87-123Devon Borden 88.527Running
911+26Bill Rose 86.775Running
109-167Justin Whittall 88.160Running
1110-16DRyan Smith 3-5 LapsDNF
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1101AJacob Allen 80.0008Running
2205Spencer Bayston 8-1.644Running
3309Kasey Kahne 8-2.833Running
45+127Daryn Pittman 8-5.510Running
54-118Giovanni Scelzi 8-6.053Running
66019RMatt Campbell 8-6.743Running
7701XChad Trout 8-7.943Running
8807SRobbie Price 8-8.700Running
99039Troy Wagaman Jr.8-9.958Running
1010039TCameron Smith 8-11.611Running
1111012WTroy Fraker 2-6 LapsRunning
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
11717Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH16.4810.000
21169KLance Dewease Fayetteville, PA16.502-0.021
3939MAnthony Macri Dillsburg, PA16.513-0.032
41811T.J. Stutts Liverpool, PA16.548-0.067
5513Justin Peck Monrovia, IN16.564-0.083
6152David Gravel Watertown, CT16.637-0.156
71949Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA16.647-0.166
82015Donny Schatz Fargo, ND16.660-0.179
9341Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA16.691-0.210
10121MLandon Myers York, PA16.706-0.225
11165WLucas Wolfe Mechanicsburg, PA16.723-0.242
1225CDylan Cisney Port Royal, PA16.735-0.254
131444Dylan Norris Hanover, PA16.764-0.283
14148Danny Dietrich Gettysburg, PA16.849-0.368
15871Cory Eliason Visalia, CA16.913-0.432
161317BSteve Buckwalter Royersford, PA16.973-0.492
1768Freddie Rahmer Salfordville, PA16.982-0.501
18499MKyle Moody Lewisberry, PA17.023-0.542
19711KKraig Kinser Bloomington, IN17.237-0.756
202235Austin Bishop Elverson, PA17.276-0.795
211023MMichael Millard Bremerton, WA17.374-0.893
222122Bryn Gohn York, PA17.578-1.097
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1919Brent Marks Myerstown, PA16.5060.000
2211AJacob Allen Hanover, PA16.562-0.056
3883James McFadden Alice Springs, NT16.573-0.067
4115Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN16.604-0.098
573ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA16.628-0.122
6209Kasey Kahne Enumclaw, WA16.646-0.140
7555KRobbie Kendall New Freedom, PA16.683-0.177
81318Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA16.714-0.208
9191SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA16.729-0.223
101527Daryn Pittman Owasso, OK16.739-0.233
111491Kyle Reinhardt Neptune City, NJ16.751-0.245
12119RMatt Campbell Fawn Grove, PA16.771-0.265
131223Devon Borden Raymond, WA16.827-0.321
1431XChad Trout Dover, PA16.837-0.331
15612Brent Shearer Manheim, PA16.875-0.369
16187SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC16.881-0.375
171667Justin Whittall Vincentown, NJ16.983-0.477
18239Troy Wagaman Jr.Hanover, PA17.012-0.506
19106DRyan Smith Kunkletown, PA17.026-0.520
202239TCameron Smith Spring Grove, PA17.313-0.807
21176Bill Rose Plainfield, IN17.477-0.971
22412WTroy Fraker Newville, PA18.470-1.964
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Event Info  

Champion Racing Oil National Open
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Williams Grove Speedway
1 Speedway Drive
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055 

Event Description
The World of Outlaws face the PA Posse and the money-hungry invaders in this 60th Annual National Open worth $75,000-to-win at Williams Grove.

Saturday's portion of this event has been rescheduled to October 22 (with an October 23 rain date). See below for schedule.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
Drivers Meeting at 5:15
Engine Heat at 5:30
Hot Laps at 6:00, followed by Qualifying and Heat Races

2:30PM Pit Gates open to public
4PM Grandstand Gates open
6:00PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
7:00PM Opening Ceremonies

*All times Eastern

Ticket Options  
The finale has been rescheduled from Oct 1 to Oct 22 (Oct 23 raindate).
Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Options And Prices
General Admission Friday: $35
Reserved Tickets Friday: $40
General Admission Saturday $40
Reserved Tickets Saturday: $45

Camping is $40 for the weekend.

Grandstand Type

Handicapped Seating Location
Front Stretch - Buddy Seats

Pit Age Requirement
NO children under 14 allowed in the Pit area. 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Parent/Guardian must fill out & sign waiver for children 14-17

Pit Gate Location
North side of the track. NOTE: Will Call is located next to the office on the front stretch off of Park Place and Speedway Dr.

Parking Cost

Handicapped Parking Location
Front stretch and limited parking on Beer Hill (Turn 3)

Camping Availability

Camping Cost
Call the track for details

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Seat cushions are permitted.

Handicapped Seating
Front Stretch - Buddy Seats

Handicapped Parking
Front stretch and limited parking on Beer Hill (Turn 3)

Pit Age Limit
NO children under 14 allowed in the Pit area. 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Parent/Guardian must fill out & sign waiver for children 14-17

Pit Gate Location
North side of the track. NOTE: Will Call is located next to the office on the front stretch off of Park Place and Speedway Dr.

Personal Coolers
Coolers no larger that 18" are allowed. No glass containers.


Alcohol Sales
No alcohol sold on site.

Smoking Policy
No smoking in the Grandstands, or near food stands

Parking Cost

Camping Availability

Camping Cost
Call the track for details

Track Info  

Williams Grove Speedway
1 Speedway Drive
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055 

Track Phone
(717) 697-5000

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Size

Track Type
Semi banked; paperclip oval

Sprint Car Track Record
16.089 seconds by TJ Stutts on 4-8-23

Late Model Track Record
19.500 seconds by Jason Covert

Closest Airport
Harrisburg Int

Other Airport

Pit Gate Location
North side of the track. NOTE: Will Call is located next to the office on the front stretch off of Park Place and Speedway Dr.

Track Map
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Competitor Downloads

Competitor Info
Mufflers not required

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