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Remembering World of Outlaws Super Fan Anita Zwern


Remembering World of Outlaws Super Fan Anita Zwern

By Tony Veneziano and Kelly Brown

In racing you know you’ve made it when all people have to do is say your first name and everyone knows who you are. Walk down the pit lane at any World of Outlaws event and say Anita and all the drivers, their families, crew members and officials will know exactly who you are talking about. Anita Zwern to be exact, but Anita was more than enough for her liking. 

Trusty clip chart and pen in hand, Anita was on top of the racing action from the instant she stepped through the pit gate at the beginning of the night until the final checkered flag flew and she would exit the track hours later. A driver’s wife would wonder where her husband had qualified or what heat race he was in, not a problem, Anita had all of that information and then some at her fingertips. She would make numerous trips from the pit area to the midway and merchandise trailers each night to make sure that the wives knew exactly when and in what races their man was in. Anita would text race updates and results to friends who were not at the track as well, keeping them abreast with what was going on at the track and in the sport she loved.

Always willing to lend a helping hand and offer a kind word, Anita was a fixture on the World of Outlaws circuit for the last half dozen seasons, even being named the World of Outlaws Fan of the year a few years back.

The term “Racer” is tossed around all the time, but Anita epitomized the word. Whether it was near freezing temperatures at Volusia in February or 100 degrees at Chico during the Gold Cup, she was always at the track, clip chart and pen ready for the night of racing that awaited. With a smile on her face and determination in her walk, Anita shared her passion for Sprint Car racing time and time again and with everyone she knew and met.

Sprint Car racing truly lost one of its biggest supporters with Anita’s recent passing, but her mark on the sport will continue for many years to come with the creation of the Anita Zwern Scholarship Fund, which will help Sprint Car drivers’ children pursue degrees of higher education. Donations can be made to:

Anita Zwern Scholarship Fund

P.O. Box 130

Pittsboro, IN 46167

No doubt Anita is at a race up there right now, with clip chart in hand and a smile on her face. Come the season opener at Volusia, no matter the temperature the sun will certainly be shining on the track as Anita looks down on the sport and the people she loves.

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