World of Outlaws officials have issued a suspension and fine to James McFadden and the Roth Motorsports team for failing a tire test after competing with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series on April 14 at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55.

Tire samples were taken from the right rear tire McFadden and his Roth Motorsports team used during the Feature at the event and sent to an independent laboratory for testing of chemically altering substances in the tires, using a comparative analysis procedure.

The test revealed the tire had been altered and did not match or conform to the benchmarks provided by Hoosier Tire Company. Additional analysis verified the primary laboratory findings.

Due to the violation, McFadden and Roth Motorsports have been disqualified from the I-55 event and fined $8,200 in total — $6,000 to be returned from the event, $2,000 for the violation, and $200 for the tire analysis. In addition, McFadden and the team will lose 500 driver and owner points, and they have been issued a four-race suspension (owner, driver, and crew members).

The fines/suspension must be paid and served before the team is allowed to race in any future World Racing Group events. Any subsequent violations will result in a higher fine schedule and/or additional loss of points and/or suspension.

The Roth Motorsports team has filed an appeal of the decision. The team will be allowed to compete until the appeal process is completed.