Everyone is searching for normalcy right now. From race fans missing the feeling of sitting in the stands, to the drivers cooped up at home, we’re shut out from our adrenaline fix. We all just want to feel normal again. Your World of Outlaws family is in the same boat. Race Directors, Officials, members of the Events Team, Stats guys and merchandise salesmen are stepping into new roles — ones that in some cases are far outside the realm of what they normally do — scrambling and working hard to find new and creative ways to bring The Greatest Show on Dirt to our fans. It’s what we do; we are entertainers. Our adrenaline drip comes from putting on events that are engaging, action-packed, and leaving our fans wanting more. To not be able to do that in the normal sense is scary, to be honest.

Wednesday night, when The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars and the Morton Building Late Model Series made their “virtual “ debut on Fox Sports 1, the ripple of relief both outside and within the company was felt from the top down. From back yards and living rooms all over the country, people who normally spend months at a time living on the road together were able to feel as close to normal as possible given our current circumstance.

This company is built off of racers and characters. Everyone knows the Voice of the Outlaws, Johnny Gibson. Many fans know Wes, our merch guy. Or Big Stick, who they mostly see hauling ass on a four-wheeler on his way to push a stalled car off of the track.  And there are many, many more.

We have a company-wide group chat that we use to communicate with one another. Normally, this chat is full of messages about toilet paper running out at Volusia Speedway Park, requests for parking assistance, and the rest of your normal behind-the-scenes race stuff. During Wednesday Night’s broadcast, in a spontaneous attempt to feel like we’re racing again, the chat looked much as it would during a real event.

Below are excerpts from that chat — a candid and hilarious look inside our company as we work hard to continue to bring entertainment and thrills to our fans, and to ourselves.


6:49 PM Cristina: Y’all better all be getting settled in for some FS1 racing action at 8PM. #justsayin

6:50 PM Tish: Go Johnny!

‎6:50 PM Austin: Already pre-gaming with black cherry rum and Pepsi.
6:51 PM Gina: Can’t wait!!

6:51 PM Ross: For me and Gina’s sake, please watch the commercials too. 😂😂

6:51 PM Ashley: Ohhhh Austin!! Now that sounds GREAT!!!! We are all set in TX!

6:51 PM Gina: LOL I was thinking the same thing!!

6:51 PM Jeff O: I’ll be watching of course!!!!!

6:52 PM Rob B: Dinner has been eaten. Ready for (virtual) racing!!

6:52 PM Austin: Ashley – it’s all thanks to Clinton!

6:53 PM Brandi: Whoo-hoo! Can’t wait over here in China Grove!

6:53 PM Gina: I thought we were going to start drinking? Maybe start with whatever Austin made – cherry rum and Pepsi 🤔

6:55 PM Tish:  

7:01 PM Gina: I like how it’s listed on your TV, Tish…Spectrum has it listed as “Wednesday Night iRacing”

‎7:03 PM Catherine: Here’s how my Fubo has it listed!

7:06 PM Jim: Can’t wait.  Dinner is done, unfortunately, no drinking allowed.  Plan on resting and watching our racers having fun

‎7:07 PM John: PreGame Salmon on the Grill …Cocktails included!

7:26 PM Tish: And for our awesome Sponsors! 🙂

7:31 PM Cristina: FYI.. for the Canadians… Fox Sports Racing

7:33 PM Casey: Christina, Kaeden Cornell can’t get into TeamSpeak.. needs help from someone on that end

7:35:25 Cristina: On it

‎7:34 PM Erik: Here are tonight’s starting lineups!  Enjoy!

7:34 PM Erik:                     
7:36 PM Tyler: How were the line ups set?

7:37 PM Erik: Based off times from previous sessions and an invert

7:37 PM Tyler: 👍🏻

7:37 PM Erik: Believe the Sprint invert was 6 and LM invert was 8.   You can blame Casey for both.

7:38 PM Tyler: I will

7:38 PM Casey: Correct

‎7:38 PM Megan: ‎Ready!!!

7:39 PM John: 👏👏👍👌

‎7:39 PM Hank: Ready!        

7:39 PM Cristina: 😃

7:40 PM Tom: We will be pumping engines after the sprint car feature…😁

7:40 PM Austin: I’ll help after victory lane Tom.

7:41 PM Tom: 👍

7:42 PM Larry: 10 mins to the 8 min horn.

7:43 PM Tyler: I will be taking down the balloons

7:43 PM Chris: All generators filled in the infield? Don’t want the inflatables to go down on live TV.

7:45 PM Austin: Tyler, Pick mine up while you’re down there, please!

7:45 PM Tyler: No

7:45 PM Austin: Tyler will you at least turn them off?! Lol

7:45 PM Tyler: Sure that’s what you did for me at world finals

7:45 PM Eloy: Anthony, what’s the noise level on the loop!?

7:47 PM Anthony:: 106. My guess is it has something to do with the 15 loops iRacing has all over the track 🙂

7:47 PM Tim: Dave F, don’t forget your flags

7:47 PM Tom: Dave F, don’t drop your green flag

7:48 PM Eloy: OH BOY!  Maybe Johnny turned on the ceiling fan in the announcer’s booth!

7:48 PM Dean: Larry you have the confetti cannon ready?

7:48 PM John: Dave’s STILL in his Shorts is at the Concession Stand signing His “Hero Cards”! 🙄🤩

7:50 PM John: Tyler, do U have the Signal 4 the Fireworks?

7:50 PM Carlton: Mo, turn off the deep fryers!! “Eloy is the only one that will get this joke. Sorry

7:51 PM Eloy: LOL

7:51 PM Tom: Lol…

7:51 PM Eloy: IRONIC!  I’m only 49 miles from Devils Bowl!

7:51 PM Shane: Let’s go racing!!!

7:51 PM Brandi: Does anyone have FS1 on now? Cause the Stone Cold vs The Rock match is epic leading up to our event

7:52 PM Eloy: I do!  WWE is on

7:52 PM Dean: Where is Dave F? Anyone seen Dave F?  Is he signing autographs somewhere? We need Dave F.

7:52 PM Larry: Cannon ready to go. Tyler pyro for the 4 wide?

7:53 PM Tyler: I can’t set off the fireworks. I don’t have my pyro license.

7:53 PM Erik: The popcorn machine at Lincoln Park is worth 25 points on the noise every time it turns on!

7:53 PM Brandi: It’s the pre-race show!

7:53 PM Austin: Perfect, I can handle it from there.

7:53 PM John: Call him on the Radio! …Never Mind..Gotta Better Chance of Aliens Answering that radio signal NASA sends! 🙄

7:53 PM Larry: Just seen Dave F on the golf cart going back to get his radio.

7:54 PM Tim: Haha. Good one Larry.

7:55 PM Doug: Did Dave grab the right shirts?  He is going to need Blue shoes and red shoes tonight

7:56 PM John: Gloves..gloves…Don’t forget the Gloves !!!!

7:57 PM Carlton: Mike “let’s go, let’s go. It’s the pedal on the right”

8:00 PM] John Nelson: Will Johnny be introducing Dave F as ” The Tiger Flagger” tonight ???🤔🙄

‎8:05 PM Dean:

8:09 PM Ben: Massive load over the past 10 days for so many in the company… but I have to give a HUGE shout out to the DIRTvision, Production, PR, Digital teams… along with Casey, Mike, Anthony and all of those who leaned in… and we have a new favorite driver as a company… lookout for Virginia’s Trent Ivey!  So proud of this one guys!

8:12 PM Ross: iBigStick is ready to put ‘em in the 4 wide. ‎

8:13 PM Austin: I’m ready

‎8:16 PM John Nelson: I found Dave !!!

8:23 PM Catherine: My bittersweet #TweetYourSeat       

8:25 PM Tom: Clinton, driver ok?

8:28 PM Erik:
8:30 PM Ashley:

8:31 PM John: Virtual Fire Bombs next year! 🔥

8:35 PM Tom: All cars cleared the scale

8:35 PM Catherine: Yes to the 🔥💥! With a drone shot view!

8:36 PM Dean: Eric, are the Late Models ready to go behind Greci hill?

8:37 PM Erik: Ready to roll!

8:38 PM Mike: No they’re not! They’re still rolling up the hill!

8:38 PM Dean: Bloomer just being..  well…Bloomer.

8:38 PM Doug: Can we please have the track crew stripe the wall?

8:39 PM Rob P: No that’s safety’s job. Track crew puts water down… not scrape walls 😂

8:39 PM Doug: All World of Outlaw Sprint car officials to channel 3.

8:41 PM Dean: Tower to Rob P…  Squeak, squawk, squiggle…. “go ahead”..

8:42 PM John: Just to be “Real”… I’m watching this event inside a “Meat Freezer” to replicate temperature on the Flagstand for the ‘019 World Finals! 🥶🤯

8:43 PM Rob P: Mike, track looks good to keep rolling

8:45 PM Mike: Hell yeah it does, it’s way too wet

8:46 PM Rob P: It will be good for the feature that’s all the fans remember anyway

8:47 Rob P: Mike, have the cars roll the marbles in while they’re just pacing around to widen the track out

8:49 PM Erik: Late Models with slide jobs and 4 wide racing.   Ohhhh my!!

8:50 PM Tyler: That is because they are the best

8:51 PM John: Thanks for running the Track in Boyz…Super Dirt Series Up Next! 👌👏👏😁

8:52 PM Dean: Tyler, Driver ok?

8:53 PM Tyler: Yep he is good. He is getting used to that lately.  I believe he finished Monday’s race like that

8:54 PM John: Only a “2” count…lifted his shoulder!

8:55 PM Dean: We need the DIRTcar style restart.

8:56 PM Dean: May I be a homer and root for our newest signed SDS tour regular Mike Mahaney?

8:56 PM Cristina: #GoTeamDIRTVision!!!

9:02 PM Dean: Job well done by everyone involved.  Be proud!

9:02 PM Gina: Woo hoo Ross,  they all made it in!!

9:03 PM Ross: Took one helluva day to get to that point! Lol

9:03 PM Catherine: Those commercials have all been amazing! 🤘🏻🙌🏻🔥

9:03 PM John: Awesome Job !!

9:04 PM Tom: Great job everyone.

9:04 PM Brandi: Awesome show!!!

9:05 PM Gina: Great job everyone!! This group…made this broadcast tonight on Whatsapp very entertaining!

9:05 PM Megan: Incredible job everyone!

9:05 PM Erik: This was great!   Awesome show!

9:07 PM Eloy: Did all the transponders get picked up? 🤦🏼‍♂

9:07 PM Kenny: Eric

9:07 PM Erik: Yea go-ahead Ken

9:08 PM Kenny: 👍all good at the scales

9:08 PM Rob Blount: That was really cool tonight. Glad to be a part of the team!

9:08 PM Dean: Rob P. Great job on the track again! 😉

9:09 PM Chris: While we have everybody’s attention … make sure you tune into the #DVWatchParty on Friday and Saturday … I promise you won’t be disappointed!

9:10 PM Lindsey: Chris is right in true PR manner. It’ll be a great show each night.

9:10 PM Chris: #teaser

9:13 PM Brian: Outstanding!!! Everyone should be very proud. A very positive impact!!  Just what the Dr. ordered for our team and race fans around the world!

9:13 PM Jeff: AWESOME

9:14 PM Cristina: #WRGTogether

9:14 PM Carlton: Great job everyone. Special kudos to Johnny. Awesome job on short notice but I really don’t like hearing you call a late model race. LOL

9:15 PM Erik: But he did such a great job calling the late models!!!   Lol

9:17 PM Jordan: The Late Model 4-wide call was the highlight of the night!

9:19 PM Carlton: I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Johnny but I feel like I’ve been cheated on. 😢

9:20 PM Megan: 🤣 🤣


9:23 PM Kenny: Cross-training Carlton.it goes on a lot in a big company. Hope Rick does u a good job next week

9:23 PM Catherine: I wondered if anyone thought that! He did awesome.