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Approved Influencers may request credentials for World of Outlaws and DIRTcar events at no cost. World of Outlaws and DIRTcar reserve the right to accept or reject any request for credentials, regardless of Influencer status.

Please apply to participate in our Influencer Program below.

To qualify as an Influencer, applicant must meet the following minimum criteria. We will also consider the type of content and tone — and whether it is good for our sport. Note that influencer status does not *guarantee* entry to an event.

Engagement rate of 4% or greater.

20,000 Likes/Follows
Engagement rate of 4% or greater
Active in comments by replying to follower questions

Engagement rate of 6% or greater

5,000 Subscribers
Minimum of 5,000 views per video

Deliverables | Agreement:

Influencers are expected to post a minimum of three (3) pieces of content leading up to, during, and after an event. Posts shall tag all related series, tracks, and drivers in and use the Hashtags provided (where applicable).

  • Pre-Event Post: At least 48 hours prior to the event, the Influencer shall post across his/her channels an “I’m going to [Event name, series, track]”-type post.
  • During the event: An “I am here” post of some kind, in keeping with the content style of the channel.
  • Post event: Some kind of review, recap in line with the content style of the channel.

Instagram or photography-based Influencers are expected to deliver an additional three (3) pieces of content for the World of Outlaws and/or DIRTcar to post to their channels and/or website in an agreed-upon manner.

World Racing Group has the right to use or highlight any related content on any social channels, websites, broadcasts, or related owned assets.

World of Outlaws and/or DIRTcar Racing may reach out to Influencers for specific programs, campaigns, or promotions.

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