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NY Stateline Showdown
Stateline Speedway | Busti, New York
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Race Recap  

NOS 101: Nick Hoffman Nets First Career World of Outlaws Win at Stateline

Nick Hoffman’s first trip to Stateline Speedway will always be memorable.

The Mooresville, NC driver led all but one lap Tuesday night to score his first career World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series win.

Hoffman and Gordy Gundaker brought the 24-car field to the green flag as both drivers fought for the top spot on Lap 1.

Gundaker had the early advantage on the inside, nosing ahead of Hoffman on the backstretch and holding that momentum as they finished the first lap.

But on Lap 2, it was a different story.

The “Thrill from Mooresville” kept his Tye Twarog Racing #9 car rolling on the outside, this time his momentum pushing him ahead of Gundaker off of Turn 2.

That burst of speed allowed Hoffman to clear Gundaker as they entered Turn 3, pulling ahead to lead Lap 2.

“I knew he had to take off first, but I knew if I could just roll speed through the middle of the racetrack and keep him pinched down where he couldn’t circle, I knew I could maybe clear him after a lap or so,” Hoffman said.

“That’s kind of what happened there. I was able to stay to his outside, and obviously, we’re buddies, so he isn’t going to run me into the fence. I was able to roll speed fast enough to get all the way alongside him coming to the first lap and then clear him off of [Turn] 2.”

It was a lead Hoffman wouldn’t relinquish. And despite a late charge from Max Blair, it was enough to put his name in the history books as the 101st different winner in World of Outlaws CASE Late Models history.

Nick Hoffman and Gordy Gundaker
Nick Hoffman takes the lead away from Gordy Gundaker/Quentin Young photo


“It’s just really unbelievable to do it at a place I’ve never been before,” Hoffman said. “Obviously Max [Blair] was going to be the heaviest hitter here. I feel like everyone was looking at him as the guy to beat.

“Our racecar is so good right now. We just have to keep it rolling.”

Hoffman’s $10,000 victory vaulted him to fourth in the points standings—34 points behind Chris Madden.

Blair settled for second, hoping to grab a second World of Outlaws win at Stateline.

The Centerville, PA driver moved past Gundaker for second on Lap 12  before he made a last-ditch effort to get by Hoffman in the final five laps.

As Hoffman caught the back of the field, Blair swung his Rocket Chassis to the top of the racetrack but couldn’t get enough grip to make the pass.

Blair said he thought if the race stayed green, he might’ve had a shot at passing Hoffman.

“I gave it one last effort with a couple of laps to go, there just wasn’t enough left,” Blair said. “I think if it would’ve stayed green earlier in the race when there was lap traffic when you could still move around a little bit, maybe we had a shot at it, maybe we didn’t.”

“We’ll take second and roll on down the road.”

Bobby Pierce took advantage of a Lap 25 restart to move from fifth to third, grabbing his second podium finish of the 2023 World of Outlaws season.

Pierce quickly moved to the top when the green came out, getting around Madden.

After he cleared the Series points leader, he only needed a few more laps to get around Gundaker, thundering his Longhorn Chassis into third on Lap 29.

It’s the Oakwood, IL driver’s second straight top five finish, enough to move him into fifth in points, 52 behind Madden.

“Fortunately enough, those guys got kind of bottled on the bottom,” Pierce said. “I hit my marks pretty good, but not great. But it was enough to get around Madden. Then I got next to Gordy, and on the next lap, I passed him.

“It was a really good run for falling back to fifth.”

Gundaker crossed the line fourth, and original Dirty Dozen member Chub Frank rounded out the top five.

Madden finished sixth, extending his points lead over Ryan Gustin to 22 points.

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Models head to Sharon Speedway in Hartford, OH, for the Battle at the Border May 25-27. The Series will battle in three complete shows, including a 60-lap, $25,000-to-win finale on Saturday, May 27.


If you can’t make it to the track, watch all the action live on DIRTVision – either online on with the DIRTVision App.

Before the racing begins on Thursday, May 25, fans are welcome to join the Battle at the Border Kickoff Party on Wednesday, May 24 at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Warren, OH from 4pm to 7pm.

Fans can interact with points leader Chris Madden, Ryan Gustin, and Logan Martin before they go to battle throughout the weekend.

CASE Construction Equipment Feature (40 Laps): 1. 9-Nick Hoffman[2]; 2. 111-Max Blair[3]; 3. 32-Bobby Pierce[4]; 4. 11-Gordy Gundaker[1]; 5. 1*-Chub Frank[7]; 6. 44-Chris Madden[6]; 7. 96V-Tanner English[5]; 8. 40B-Kyle Bronson[8]; 9. 97-Cade Dillard[10]; 10. 44H-Dave Hess Jr[13]; 11. 3S-Brian Shirley[12]; 12. B5-Brandon Sheppard[14]; 13. 19R-Ryan Gustin[15]; 14. 25-Shane Clanton[16]; 15. B1-Brent Larson[11]; 16. 99B-Boom Briggs[24]; 17. 30-Todd Cooney[9]; 18. 36-Logan Martin[21]; 19. 9K-Mike Knight[22]; 20. 28-Dennis Erb Jr[17]; 21. 1ST-Johnny Scott[18]; 22. 76-Steve Kania[20]; 23. 14W-Dustin Walker[23]; 24. 9S-Breyton Santee[19] FOX FACTORY HARD CHARGER: Boom Briggs [+8]

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Feature Results
12+19Nick Hoffman 400.00040Running150$10,000
23+1111Max Blair 40-1.138Running146$6,000
34+132Bobby Pierce 40-1.749Running144$3,500
41-311Gordy Gundaker 40-5.4091Running142$2,800
57+21*Chub Frank 40-6.466Running140$2,500
66044Chris Madden 40-6.469Running138$2,300
75-296VTanner English 40-7.477Running136$2,200
88040BKyle Bronson 40-8.179Running134$2,100
910+197Cade Dillard 40-8.494Running132$2,050
1013+344HDave Hess Jr40-9.431Running130$2,000
1112+13SBrian Shirley 40-9.772Running128$1,600
1214+2B5Brandon Sheppard 40-10.418Running126$1,400
1315+219RRyan Gustin 40-10.455Running124$1,200
1416+225Shane Clanton 40-11.282Running122$1,100
1511-4B1Brent Larson 40-12.403Running120$1,050
1624+899BBoom Briggs 40535.656Running118$110
179-830Todd Cooney 40-14.105Running116$1,000
1821+336Logan Martin 40-14.591Running114$1,000
1922+39KMike Knight 40-15.818Running112$1,000
2017-328Dennis Erb Jr40-16.331Running110$1,000
2118-31STJohnny Scott 40-16.747Running108$1,000
2220-276Steve Kania 40-18.829Running106$1,000
2323014WDustin Walker 39-1 LapsRunning104$110
2419-59SBreyton Santee 24-16 LapsDNF104$1,000
FOX Factory Hard Charger: Boom Briggs
Last Chance Showdown 1 Results
12+128Dennis Erb Jr00.000Running0$0
25+39SBreyton Santee 0-1.212Running0$0
31-236Logan Martin 0-1.736Running0$0
43-122GGreg Oakes 0-1.933Running100$110
54-11ZLogan Zarin 0-2.667Running100$110
67+1X3Wyatt Scott 0-3.078Running100$110
711+496Mike Smith 0-3.877Running100$110
812+414WDustin Walker 0-4.213Running0$0
910+140Dutch Davies 0245.893Running100$110
108-22Dan Stone 0245.325Running100$110
119-222BDarrell Bossard 0244.316Running100$110
126-67JKyle Bedell 0390.907Running100$110
131306JRParker Martin 0390.907DNS100$0
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
12+11STJohnny Scott 00.000Running0$0
23+176Steve Kania 0-1.356Running0$0
31-29KMike Knight 0-2.576Running0$0
46+212BAndy Boozel 0-3.196Running100$110
57+20Ryan Scott 0-3.894Running100$110
65-10GDeshawn Gingerich 0-4.953Running100$110
712+529GJason Genco 0-5.204Running100$110
810+2B22Bump Hedman 0-5.649Running100$110
98-120Doug Eck 0-5.976Running100$110
109-120ENicholas Eck 0-7.166Running100$110
114-71VJohn Volpe 0202.796Running100$110
1211-17TDrake Troutman 0409.877DNS100$0
1313099BBoom Briggs 0409.877DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11032Bobby Pierce 00.000Running
22096VTanner English 0-2.248Running
34+130Todd Cooney 0-4.382Running
43-144HDave Hess Jr0-5.678Running
55036Logan Martin 0-6.599Running
66022GGreg Oakes 0-7.986Running
7709SBreyton Santee 0-10.397Running
810+2X3Wyatt Scott 0-10.533Running
98-122BDarrell Bossard 0-11.443Running
109-196Mike Smith 0-13.077Running
111106JRParker Martin 0-13.077DNS
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11011Gordy Gundaker 00.000Running
25+344Chris Madden 0-0.892Running
330B1Brent Larson 0-1.973Running
44019RRyan Gustin 0-2.988Running
52-328Dennis Erb Jr0-5.233Running
6601ZLogan Zarin 0-6.344Running
78+17JKyle Bedell 0-7.128Running
87-12Dan Stone 0-7.682Running
99040Dutch Davies 0-7.906Running
1010014WDustin Walker 0-10.104Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
110111Max Blair 00.000Running
24+21*Chub Frank 0-1.669Running
35+297Cade Dillard 0-2.327Running
43-1B5Brandon Sheppard 0-3.066Running
56+19KMike Knight 0-3.966Running
68+276Steve Kania 0-4.380Running
79+20GDeshawn Gingerich 0-5.949Running
87-10Ryan Scott 0-6.628Running
910+120ENicholas Eck 0-7.131Running
102-87TDrake Troutman 0-7.131Running
1111099BBoom Briggs 0-7.131DNS
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1109Nick Hoffman 00.000Running
23+140BKyle Bronson 0-1.296Running
32-13SBrian Shirley 0-2.090Running
44025Shane Clanton 0-2.865Running
5501STJohnny Scott 0-2.913Running
67+11VJohn Volpe 0-3.497Running
76-112BAndy Boozel 0-3.876Running
89+120Doug Eck 0-4.680Running
910+1B22Bump Hedman 0-4.908Running
108-229GJason Genco 0-5.384Running
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
11932Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL16.6750.000
22011Gordy Gundaker St. Charles, MO16.708-0.033
3596VTanner English Benton, KY16.773-0.098
41228Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL16.805-0.130
51544HDave Hess JrWaterford, PA17.080-0.405
64B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN17.335-0.660
71830Todd Cooney Des Moines, IA17.346-0.671
8919RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA17.352-0.677
92136Logan Martin West Plains, MO17.412-0.737
10244Chris Madden Gray Court, SC17.437-0.762
11322GGreg Oakes Franklinville, NY17.594-0.919
12131ZLogan Zarin Moon Twp., PA17.724-1.049
13119SBreyton Santee Conneaut, OH17.776-1.101
14162Dan Stone Thompson, PA17.795-1.120
151422BDarrell Bossard Centerville, PA17.802-1.127
1617JKyle Bedell Little Valley, NY17.892-1.217
17796Mike Smith ARKPORT, NY17.896-1.221
181740Dutch Davies Warren, PA17.933-1.258
1910X3Wyatt Scott Garland, PA17.948-1.273
20614WDustin Walker Polk, MO18.411-1.736
2186JRParker Martin Miledgeville, GA0.00016.675
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
111111Max Blair Centerville, PA16.8600.000
2159Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC17.013-0.153
337TDrake Troutman Hyndman, PA17.047-0.187
4143SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL17.089-0.229
58B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL17.175-0.315
6940BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL17.307-0.447
751*Chub Frank Bear Lake, PA17.350-0.490
81225Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA17.414-0.554
92197Cade Dillard Robeline, LA17.432-0.572
1041STJohnny Scott Las Cruces, NM17.596-0.736
11139KMike Knight Ripley, NY17.603-0.743
12112BAndy Boozel Clymer, NY17.791-0.931
13170Ryan Scott PITTSFIELD, PA18.007-1.147
1461VJohn Volpe Lakewood, NY18.082-1.222
151076Steve Kania Erie, PA18.106-1.246
16729GJason Genco Frewsburg, NY18.182-1.322
1720GDeshawn Gingerich Dover, PA18.252-1.392
181620Doug Eck Corry, PA18.350-1.490
191920ENicholas Eck Corry, PA18.453-1.593
2018B22Bump Hedman Sugar Grove, PA18.652-1.792
212099BBoom Briggs Bear Lake, PA0.00016.860
Hot Laps Results
129B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL16.9860.000
2596VTanner English Benton, KY16.996-0.010
31740Dutch Davies Warren, PA17.161-0.175
4353SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL17.203-0.217
53325Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA17.229-0.243
6919RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA17.236-0.250
71932Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL17.245-0.259
832111Max Blair Centerville, PA17.274-0.288
94199BBoom Briggs Bear Lake, PA17.283-0.297
10261*Chub Frank Bear Lake, PA17.304-0.318
11322GGreg Oakes Franklinville, NY17.338-0.352
121830Todd Cooney Des Moines, IA17.388-0.402
132011Gordy Gundaker St. Charles, MO17.401-0.415
14244Chris Madden Gray Court, SC17.408-0.422
15369Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC17.456-0.470
164297Cade Dillard Robeline, LA17.477-0.491
171544HDave Hess JrWaterford, PA17.497-0.511
18251STJohnny Scott Las Cruces, NM17.503-0.517
193040BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL17.555-0.569
20271VJohn Volpe Lakewood, NY17.565-0.579
21162Dan Stone Thompson, PA17.602-0.616
22230GDeshawn Gingerich Dover, PA17.657-0.671
231228Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL17.697-0.711
24119SBreyton Santee Conneaut, OH17.697-0.711
25349KMike Knight Ripley, NY17.706-0.720
261422BDarrell Bossard Centerville, PA17.716-0.730
272212BAndy Boozel Clymer, NY17.720-0.734
2810X3Wyatt Scott Garland, PA17.776-0.790
29380Ryan Scott PITTSFIELD, PA17.783-0.797
30131ZLogan Zarin Moon Twp., PA17.924-0.938
313176Steve Kania Erie, PA17.976-0.990
324B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN18.012-1.026
332136Logan Martin West Plains, MO18.114-1.128
34796Mike Smith ARKPORT, NY18.203-1.217
352829GJason Genco Frewsburg, NY18.211-1.225
3639B22Bump Hedman Sugar Grove, PA18.250-1.264
374020ENicholas Eck Corry, PA18.320-1.334
3817JKyle Bedell Little Valley, NY18.332-1.346
39614WDustin Walker Polk, MO18.349-1.363
40247TDrake Troutman Hyndman, PA18.488-1.502
413720Doug Eck Corry, PA18.503-1.517
4286JRParker Martin Miledgeville, GA18.503-1.517
DIRTVision Highlights  
Event Info  

NY Stateline Showdown
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Stateline Speedway
4150 Kortwright Road
Busti, New York 14701 

Event Description
The World of Outlaws CASE Late Models make their return to Stateline Speedway for the only appearance in the Empire State in 2023.

Also in competition: UMP Modifieds and Challengers

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Late Model Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
4PM Pit Gates Open
4PM Registration Open (closes at 6PM)
5PM Grandstands Open
6PM Driver's Meeting
6:30PM World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Hot Laps
UMP Modifieds Hot Laps
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Low-E Insulation Qualifying - 2 Laps
Challengers Hot Laps
Opening Ceremonies
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Heat Races - 8 Laps
UMP Modified Heats
Challengers Heats
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Redraw
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Last Chance Showdown - 10 Laps
UMP Modified Last Chance Showdown (if needed)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Feature - 40 Laps
UMP Modified Feature
Challengers Feature

*Schedule subject to change*
*All times Eastern

Ticket Options  
Options And Prices
Grandstand Adults (18+): $30
Grandstand Students (13-17): $15
Grandstand Kids: Free
Pit Pass $45

Grandstand Type

Family Section Location

Handicapped Seating Location
Turn 1 Platform

Pit Age Requirement
NO age restriction for pits. 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian.

Pit Gate Location
Turn 1

Parking Cost

Handicapped Parking Location
Front Gate

Camping Availability
onsite, non-electric

Camping Cost

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating

Handicapped Seating
Turn 1 Platform

Handicapped Parking
Front Gate

Pit Age Limit
NO age restriction for pits. 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian.

Pit Gate Location
Turn 1

Personal Coolers
16" or Smaller with no glass

Alcohol Sales
Allowed but no Glass

Smoking Policy

Family Section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
onsite, non-electric

Camping Cost

Track Info  

Stateline Speedway
4150 Kortwright Road
Busti, New York 14701 

Track Phone
(716) 720-2403

Track Type
0.333; Semi-Banked Clay Oval

Late Model Track Record
14.900 seconds by Chub Frank

Closest Airport

Other Airport

Pit Gate Location
Turn 1

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Tire Rules
Left Front Tire: Hoosier (Open)

Left Rear & Right Front Tire:
Hoosier (90) NLMT2, (90) LM20.

Right Rear Tire:
Hoosier (92) NLMT2 (92) LM20 (92) NLMT3, (92) LM30.

**Grooving & Siping will be allowed**

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