Perfect Performance: Bloomquist Sweeps Pair Of World of Outlaws Late Model Series Events During DIRTcar Nationals by UNOH

By Kevin Kovac, WoO LMS P.R. Director

BARBERVILLE, FL – Feb. 19, 2011 – Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn., completed an unprecedented sweep of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series events during the 40th DIRTcar Nationals by University of Northwestern Ohio, holding off Brady Smith of Solon Springs, Wis., to capture Saturday night’s 50-lap A-Main at Volusia Speedway Park.

Duplicating his triumphant performance in the national tour’s season opener on Thursday night, Bloomquist advanced from the fourth starting spot to pass Billy Moyer of Batesville, Ark., for the lead on lap 31 and was never headed. He spent the final 15 circuits repelling intense pressure from Smith to become the first driver to win both WoO LMS features that are annually part of the mid-winter racing extravaganza at the half-mile oval outside Daytona Beach.

“This is a tough field,” Bloomquist said after pocketing $10,000 for his 21st WoO LMS victory since 2004. “This is a tough place this week – very demanding on the car, drivers, engines. It feels good to do what we’ve done this week.”

Smith, 33, settled for his second consecutive runner-up WoO LMS finish to the builder of his Team Zero by Bloomquist car. The winner of last year’s World of Outlaws finale during the DIRTcar Nationals by UNOH was just 0.637 of a second behind Bloomquist at the checkered – nearly two seconds closer than he was at the end of Thursday night’s 50-lapper.

The 53-year-old Moyer slipped to third in the final rundown after surging forward from the third starting spot to lead laps 1-30. Dan Schlieper of Sullivan, Wis., who started 13th, scored a DCN-best placing of fourth, WoO LMS regular Rick Eckert of York, Pa., was fifth after starting seventh and 11th-starter Chris Madden of Gray Court, S.C., finished sixth.

Of the top six finishers, only Moyer was not behind the wheel of a Team Zero chassis constructed by Bloomquist. That fact added even more significance to Bloomquist’s victory.

“It makes me feel good,” said Bloomquist, who owns four career WoO LMS wins at Volusia. “I think it pretty much takes any doubt away from anyone’s mind about the level that I try to help the guys who get our cars. I try to give as much advice and do as much as I can for them.

“If I would’ve gotten beat by one of my own cars – hey, so be it. I really like the group of guys that I’ve got and enjoy working with them, and I enjoy the respect that they give me back. I think when you see ‘Team Zero,’ you can see that it means something.”

Bloomquist, 47, had to withstand an especially strong assault from Smith, one of his customers/pupils. Smith, who started sixth, overtook Moyer for second on lap 33 and two circuits later began bidding for the lead.

Smith made repeated attempts to pass Bloomquist over the late stages of a race that ran caution-free from lap seven to the finish. He drew to the outside of Bloomquist at least twice and even got close enough to bump the rear bumper of the 2004 WoO LMS champion’s car rounding turn four on lap 37, but Bloomquist stuck to the inside groove and didn’t make a mistake.

“I think I was faster on that end (turns three and four) but on this end (one and two) he was a little bit better than I was,” said Smith. “I could get in and to the middle better than him, but just coming off the corner, if you were up the racetrack, there was nothing there compared to what the bottom was. When you were on the bottom you could just mash the gas coming off the corner. The bottom had more traction than the middle or the top.

“I drove as hard as I could – that’s how I race,” he added. “But he’s Scott Bloomquist – there’s a reason he’s the best. He’s not gonna be easy to pass. I felt like we had a car that could do it, but at the same time I feel like I did everything I could do so maybe we were the second-place car.”

Bloomquist enjoyed engaging in a tight, down-to-the-wire battle with one of his boys.

“I think they all will race me as hard as I’ll race them,” said Bloomquist, whose car was powered by a Roush-Yates Ford engine. “None of us are gonna give anybody nothing, and that’s what I like. But we’re also not gonna take somebody out or race in a fashion that we consider wrong. I feel comfortable when I’ve got one of my guys behind me, but I also know I better not make a mistake either.”

Four caution flags and one red flag slowed the race – all during by lap seven.

The most significant crash was a multi-car incident on lap seven in which Jack Sullivan of Greenbrier, Ark., rolled once in turn four but wasn’t injured. WoO LMS regular Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., tour Rookie of the Year contender Pat Doar of New Richmond, Wis., Dan Stone of Thompson, Pa., and Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn., were also involved in the tangle.

Finishing in positions 7-10 was Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., who started 18th; two-time defending WoO LMS champion Josh Richards of Shinnston, W.Va., who climbed as high as third from the eighth starting spot before getting shuffled backward on a lap-seven restart; 2010 WoO LMS Rookie of the Year Austin Hubbard of Seaford, Del.; and Brent Robinson of Smithfield, Va., who was the last driver on the lead lap at the checkered flag.

A field of 60 was signed in for the final night of the DIRTcar Nationals by UNOH.

Marlar led the way in Ohlins Shocks Time Trials with a lap of 16.142 seconds.

Heat winners were Jason Feger of Bloomington, Ill., Bloomquist, teenager Brandon Sheppard of New Berlin, Ill., Moyer, Eddie Carrier Jr. of Salt Rock, W.Va., and Brady Smith. The B-Mains were captured by Marlar, Darrell Lanigan of Union, Ky., who returned to action after missing Thursday night’s WoO LMS opener because a health issue put him in the hospital, and Clint Smith of Senoia, Ga.

Vic Coffey of Caledonia, N.Y., closed the evening’s action – and the 12 nights of the DIRTcar Nationals by UNOH – with a $300 victory in the 12-lap ‘Bulrush Dash’ for non-qualifiers.

The WoO LMS will be off for a month before returning to action at Columbus (Miss.) Speedway, which hosts the inaugural $20,000-to-win ‘Cash Cow 100’ on March 18-19. A special pre-sale ticket deal is available on-line at

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Results of WoO Late Model Series ‘DIRTcar Nationals by UNOH’ Night No. 1 at Volusia Speedway Park (Finishing Position/Start/Driver/Laps Completed/Money Won):

1. (4) Scott Bloomquist/50 $10,225
2. (6) Brady Smith/50 $5,000
3. (3) Billy Moyer/50 $3,200
4. (13) Dan Schlieper/50 $2,500
5. (7) Rick Eckert/50 $2,050
6. (11) Chris Madden/50 $1,700
7. (18) Don O’Neal/50 $1,900
8. (8) Josh Richards/50 $1,450
9. (22) Austin Hubbard/50 $1,250
10. (12) Brent Robinson/50 $1,150
11. (2) Eddie Carrier Jr./49 $1,050
12. (21) Clint Smith/49 $1,050
13. (24) Dennis Erb Jr./49 $950
14. (23) Jonathan Davenport/49 $900
15. (20) Darrell Lanigan/49 $1,000
16. (10) Tim McCreadie/49 $950
17. (14) Tyler Reddick/49 $770
18. (29) Tim Fuller/49 $50
19. (25) Steve Francis/49 $880
20. (5) Jason Feger/49 $750
21. (1) Brandon Sheppard/48 $700
22. (30) Chub Frank/48 $50
23. (26) Shane Clanton/32 $750
24. (9) Ricky Weiss/31 $700
25. (15) Dan Stone/6 $700
26. (28) Jack Sullivan/6 $700
27. (19) Mike Marlar/6 $700
28. (16) Pat Doar/6 $950
29. (27) Jimmy Mars/1 $700
30. (17) Ryan Unzicker/0 $825

* Earnings include Winners Circle program and cash contingency award bonuses

Time of Race: 32 Mins., 57.583 Secs.
Margin of Victory: 0.637 Secs.
Yellow Flags: 4 (Laps 0, 0, 3, 5)
Red Flags: 1 (Lap 7)
Lap Leaders: Moyer (1-30); Bloomquist (31-50)
Provisional Starters: Francis, Clanton, Fuller, Frank (WoO); Mars (DCN); Sullivan (UMP)
Rookie of the Race: Doar ($250)
WoO LMS ‘Bonus Bucks’ Winner: O’Neal ($500)

Ohlins Shocks Time Trial Results (Position/No./Driver/Hometown/Best Lap):

1. 36-Mike Marlar/Winfield, TN 16.142
2. 0-Scott Bloomquist/Mooresburg, TN 16.175
3. b5-Brandon Sheppard/New Berlin, IL 16.195
4. 21M-Billy Moyer/Batesville, AR 16.206
5. 44-Clint Smith/Senoia, GA 16.260
6. 1d-Don O’Neal/Martinsville, IN 16.265
7. 25F-Jason Feger/Bloomington, IL 16.268
8. 777-Jared Landers/Batesville, AR 16.327
9. 21d-Dan Stone/Thompson, PA 16.330
10. 39-Tim McCreadie/Watertown, NY 16.338
11. 44M-Chris Madden/Gray Court, SC 16.342
12. 2-Brady Smith/Solon Springs, WI 16.347
13. 24-Rick Eckert/York, PA 16.397
14. 15-Steve Francis/Ashland, KY 16.398
15. 49-Jonathan Davenport/Blairsville, GA 16.420
16. 29-Darrell Lanigan/Union, KY 16.421
17. 28c-Eddie Carrier Jr./Salt Rock, WV 16.428
18. 2x-John Henderson/Aiken, SC 16.437
19. 9s-Dan Schlieper/Sullivan, WI 16.438
20. 11R-Tyler Reddick/Corning, CA 16.441
21. 7-Ricky Weiss/St. Francis Xavier, MAN 16.472
22. 28M-Jimmy Mars/Menomonie, WI 16.512
23. 44P-Earl Pearson Jr./Jacksonville, FL 16.522
24. 28e-Dennis Erb Jr./Carpentersville, IL 16.522
25. 19F-Tim Fuller/Watertown, NY 16.524
26. 1R-Josh Richards/Shinnston, WV 16.526
27. 56-Russell King/Bristolville, OH 16.529
28. 1V-Will Vaught/Crane, MO 16.530
29. 24U-Ryan Unzicker/El Paso, IL 16.531
30. 3-Brent Robinson/Smithfield, VA 16.532
31. 54-Dillan White/Hopkinsville, KY 16.536
32. 19H-Austin Hubbard/Seaford, DE 16.544
33. 25c-Shane Clanton/Fayetteville, GA 16.551
34. 11d-Pat Doar/New Richmond, WI 16.568
35. M14-Brandon Thirlby/Traverse City, MI 16.571
36. 23-John Blankenship/Williamson, WV 16.589
37. 33-Brian Reese/Sharpsburg, GA 16.624
38. 71d-Ron Davies/Warren, PA 16.664
39. 1*-Chub Frank/Bear Lake, PA 16.675
40. 99L-Larry Wight/Phoenix, NY 16.684
41. 18W-Eric Wells/Hazard, KY 16.693
42. 101-Casey Roberts/Toccoa, GA 16.706
43. 16b-Tyler Bruening/Decorah, IA 16.716
44. 32c-Vic Coffey/Caledonia, NY 16.749
45. 7R-Kent Robinson/Bloomington, IN 16.755
46. 25z-Mason Zeigler/Chalk Hill, PA 16.759
47. 16R-Justin Rattliff/Campbellsville, KY 16.760
48. 17M-Dale McDowell/Chickamauga, GA 16.779
49. 15H-Jon Henry/Ada, OH 16.792
50. 1JL-John Lobb/Frewsburg, NY 16.823
51. 77-Jason McBride/Carbondale, IL 16.892
52. J4-John Garvin Jr./Sarver, PA 16.929
53. 99B-Rick ‘Boom’ Briggs/Bear Lake, PA 17.029
54. 47-Tyler Ivey/Tallahassee, FL 17.034
55. 72M-John Mason/Millersburg, OH 17.096
56. 1s-Jack Sullivan/Greenbrier, AR 17.143
57. 22-Jill George/Cedar Falls, IA 17.199
58. 4ds-Chad Hollenbeck/Kingsley, PA 17.444
59. 16H-Mike Hammerle/St. Charles, MO 18.111
60. 911-Jerry Perine/Cowell, OH 19.449

Heat No. 1 (10 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Feger, Eckert, Schlieper, Marlar, Fuller, White, Bruening, Henry, Mason, Reese

Heat No. 2 (10 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Bloomquist, Richards, Reddick, Hubbard, Coffey, Landers, Francis, Sullivan, Lobb, Davies

Heat No. 3 (10 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Sheppard, Weiss, Stone, Davenport, Clanton, Frank, K. Robinson, King, George, McBride

Heat No. 4 (10 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Moyer, McCreadie, Doar, Lanigan, Vaught, Zeigler, Wight, Garvin, Hollenbeck, Mars

Heat No. 5 (10 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Carrier, Madden, Unzicker, C. Smith, Wells, Pearson, Rattliff, Thirlby, Briggs, Hammerle

Heat No. 5 (10 laps – Top 3 Transfer): B. Smith, B. Robinson, O’Neal, Erb, Blankenship, McDowell, Ivey, Henderson, Perine (DNS) Roberts

B-Main No. 1 (12 laps – Top 2 Transfer): Marlar, Hubbard, Coffey, Bruening, Landers, Fuller, Francis, White, Reese, Mason, Lobb, Davies, Sullivan, Henry

B-Main No. 2 (12 laps – Top 2 Transfer): Lanigan, Davenport, Vaught, Frank, Clanton, Zeigler, Wight, K. Robinson, George, McBride, Hollenbeck, King, Garvin (DNS) Mars

B-Main No. 3 (12 laps – Top 2 Transfer): C. Smith, Erb, McDowell, Blankenship, Wells, Ivey, Briggs, Henderson, Thirlby, Hammerle, Perine (DNS) Pearson, Rattliff, Roberts

‘Bulrush Dash’ Finish (12 laps): 1. Vic Coffey, 2. Tyler Ivey, 3. Kent Robinson, 4. Tyler Bruening, 5. Jill George, 6. John Henderson, 7. Chad Hollenbeck

World of Outlaws Late Model Series Contingency Award Winners:

Arizona Sports Shirts ($100 apparel certificate to 22nd fastest qualifier): Tim Fuller
Armor All (one case of product to highest-finishing non-WoO team in A-Main w/decal): Billy Moyer
Comp Cams ($50 cash to 10th-place in A-Main or next highest w/decal): Brent Robinson
Eibach Springs (one free spring to each B-Main winner or next highest w/decal): Brian Reese/Kent Robinson/Rick ‘Boom’ Briggs
JE Pistons ($50 cash to A-Main winner or next highest w/decal): Billy Moyer
JE Pistons (one set of Pro Seal rings to 11th-place or next highest w/decal, redeemable w/next purchase of one complete set of rings): Clint Smith
JE Pistons (one set of Pro Seal rings to 21st-place or next highest w/decal, redeemable w/next purchase of one complete set of rings): Brandon Sheppard
MSD Ignition ($75 cash to A-Main winner or next highest w/decal): Scott Bloomquist
MDS Ignition ($25 cash to last-place in A-Main or next lowest w/decal): Ryan Unzicker
Ohlins Pole Award ($50 cash to fast qualifier or next highest w/decal): Scott Bloomquist
Quartermaster ($100 product certificate to A-Main winner or next highest w/decal): Billy Moyer
Quartermaster ($50 product certificate to 5th-place or next highest w/decal): Rick Eckert
Quartermaster ($25 product certificate to 15th-place or next highest w/decal): Tyler Reddick Hard Luck Award ($100 cash): Ryan Unzicker
R2C Performance ($100 certificate to highest-finishing driver w/decal or $100 cash if race winner is using R2C filter and decal is displayed): Billy Moyer
STP ($50 cash to 2nd-place in A-Main or next highest w/decal): Billy Moyer
Superflow Dynos ($50 cash to 7th-place in A-Main or next highest w/decal): Austin Hubbard
VP Racing Fuels ($50 cash to winner or Heat 1 or next highest w/decal): Jason Feger
VP Racing Fuels ‘Nice Jugs Award’ (one five-gallon plastic fuel jugs to fastest qualifier who does not make the A-Main or next highest w/decal): Russell King
WIX Filters ($50 cash to 13th-place in A-Main or next highest w/decal): Darrell Lanigan
Wrisco Aluminum (Three sheets of aluminum to A-Main winner w/decal): Scott Bloomquist

2011 World of Outlaws Late Model Series Point Standings as of Feb. 19 – 2 A-Mains completed (rank/driver/points/deficit to leader):

1. Scott Bloomquist 300
2. Brady Smith 292 (-8)
3. Billy Moyer 282 (-18)
4. (tie) Austin Hubbard 276 (-24)
4. (tie) Don O’Neal 276 (-24)
6. Chris Madden 264 (-36)
7. Rick Eckert 264 (-36)
8. Josh Richards 256 (-44)
9. (tie) Jason Feger 238 (-62)
9. (tie) Dennis Erb Jr. 238 (-62)
11. (tie) Shane Clanton 236 (-64)
11. (tie) Tim McCreadie 236 (-64)
13. Dan Schlieper 230 (-70)
14. (tie) Steve Francis 228 (-72)
14. (tie) Tyler Reddick 228 (-72)
14. (tie) Jonathan Davenport 228 (-72)
14. (tie) Clint Smith 228 (-72)
18. (tie) Jared Landers 226 (-74)
18. (tie) Chub Frank 226 (-74)
18. (tie) Eddie Carrier Jr. 226 (-74)

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