$25,000-To-Win Hoosier Dirt Shootout Invading Kokomo on July 31, August 1

Fairbury's Matt Curl & Kokomo's O'Connor Family Promoting Epic Weekend with World of Outlaws Late Model Series at Kokomo Speedway.

The World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series will be invading Kokomo Speedway — one of Indiana’s legendary bullrings — in a special Fairbury Speedway promoted event on the weekend of July 31st & August 1st.  While the postponement of the Prairie Dirt Classic in 2020 was very disappointing to many, track owner Matt Curl and the O’Connor family came together with the World of Outlaws to create what will be one of the most exciting races in the Midwest this year.  From a purse in excess of $125,000 for the event, the winner will pocket $25,000 as the Hoosier Dirt Shootout presented by the Illinois State Rifle Association will follow the same format as the hugely popular PDC.


Friday, July 31, will feature hot laps, qualifying, and $2,500-to-win, $200-to-start, 25-lap showdown features for the World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Models, and $500-to-win, $100-to-start, 20-lap DIRTcar UMP Modified features.  Depending on the car counts for each division, they will be split up in equal showdown features, which will transfer cars to the A-Mains on Saturday.

Events on Saturday, Aug. 1, include Last Chance Showdowns for the World of Outlaws Late Models and DIRTcar UMP Modifieds, a World of Outlaws non-qualifier Summit Racing Equipment Shootout paying $2,000-to-win, a DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Championship Feature paying $5,000-to-win, and finally the $25,000-to-win Hoosier Dirt Shootout.

Advanced two-day general admission tickets are available online along with reserved camping.  Camping reservation will secure a spot for the weekend and exact placement will be determined upon arrival starting at 5pm Wednesday July 29th.  Advanced ticket holders will have a one-hour head start to put down blankets and secure their seats for the Hoosier Dirt Shootout weekend.  Also noting that an advanced two-day general admission will guarantee admittance if occupancy totals come in to play.

Check out all the event information for the Hoosier Dirt Shootout weekend presented by Illinois State Rifle Association at www.fairburyspeedway.com and www.Kokomospeedway.net .


Ticket Prices:

 Advanced Weekend General Admission Wristband – $55
Advanced Weekend Kids General Admission Wristband (12 years and under) – $20

(advanced 2-day general admission ticket holders will be able to enter the stands 1 hour before race day tickets on Friday)

Weekend Pit-Pass Wristband – $80
Weekend Kids Pit Pass 12 & under – $40
Friday Only General Admission – $25
Friday Only Kids General Admission – $10
Friday Only Pit-Pass – $40
Saturday Only General Admission – $35
Saturday Only Kids General Admission 12 & under – $15
Saturday Only Pit-Pass – $45

  • Any person 17 years of age and under must have a parental consent form signed before entering the pit area.
  • Advanced General Admission tickets can be purchased online at fairburyspeedway.com , or www.kokomospeedway.net until noon Thursday July 30th.
  • Fans who purchase advanced tickets are asked to print out voucher on the website and redeem at the will-call tent starting on Friday July 31st at 12pm.


Blankets & Seating 

People that purchase a two-day advanced ticket will be able to enter the seating areas to secure their seats one hour before race day purchased tickets on Friday July 31st.  Blankets may be put down at that time, please do not use tape, only straps or other removable tie downs on the bleachers. Any blankets/seats put down before that time unless authorized will be taken down and placed near the closest stairs.  You will be able to leave your blanket overnight for Saturday’s show, however we will not be liable for stolen blankets. Stadium seating will NOT be allowed because of the large crowd that is anticipated. Please respect your neighbors when putting down blankets.


Camping Information:

  • Available for purchase online at fairburyspeedway.com, or www.kokomospeedway.net until noon Wednesday July 29th.
  • Camping will open at 5p.m. on Wednesday, July 29th, to allow campers with reservations ONLY to secure their spots.
  • Each Camping Lot Must have an RV/Trailer on it; no car/van/truck-only parking is allowed in Camping Lots.
  • There are NO hookups for campers.
  • Generators are allowed if reasonably quiet. Quiet time for the weekend will be from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. Failure to obey camping rules, regulations and respect for the fairgrounds will result in loss of privileges for future events.
  • Please bag your garbage for pickup each day as cleanup crews will be going around throughout the weekend to keep the grounds cleaned up.
  • Campfires will be allowed ONLY in raised ringed fire pits. Please dispose of your ashes in the metal barrels around the speedway grounds.
  • There will be no additional parking areas for golf cart trailers or unauthorized vehicles in the camp ground areas. All vehicles and trailers must fit inside you camping spot.
  • NO Fireworks
  • Friendly pets allowed in campground, but must be leashed at all times and under pet owner’s constant watch.
  • There is NO overflow camping at the track, if you do not have a reserved spot, you will not be able to park on the grounds.


Gate Times:

  • Advanced General Admission Gate entry opens at 3pm on Friday July 31st. People who purchase an advanced two-day ticket will be allowed in one hour before race day purchased tickets.
  • Gates will open for race day purchased tickets at 4pm on Friday July 31st.
  • Pit Gate will open up at 12pm on Friday and Saturday. No personal vehicles will be allowed in the pits at any time!!

For Race Car Rigs Travelling and arriving during the night late Wednesday or Thursday, haulers will use the Main Pit Gate.  Race Teams will be parked upon arrival by speedway officials for maximum capacity for the weekend.  If you are wanting to park with another driver, we ask you come together to guarantee your spots.


Additional Weekend Information:

  • All credential requests must be sent to FALS owner Matt Curl @ [email protected] before the July 27th deadline for the event. All approved media credentials must show proof of media outlet and are mandatory to wear a neon vest if in the infield.  Credentials can be picked up at main office.
  • All Vendors must pre-register for the Weekend. Vendor’s fees will be $300 for the weekend. Registration request can be sent to [email protected]
  • No unauthorized Drones will be allowed on the grounds of the Kokomo Speedway at any time.
  • Rain Date if needed for the event is scheduled for Sunday, August 2nd.
  • Coolers or carry-in food are not allowed in any part of the grandstands. If you have special dietary needs that are not met by our concessions, you can exit the facility to obtain and consume items at your vehicle or campsite.
  • For the safety of our guests, the entire property is under surveillance at all times. Before, during and after all events, there are both uniform and non-uniform police officers on duty.  When entering the facility, always be aware of events on the track in case of any flying debris to avoid injury.  By entering the facility, you assume that risk.
  • If you lose your wristband you will have to purchase a new one.
  • Kokomo Speedway will not be responsible for the loss or damage of your property
  • All events are conducted by World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series officials and follow the DIRTcar/WoO general rules and specifications.
  • Racing Fuel and Hoosier Tires will be available from a vendor at the track each night.
  • The weekend events will be strongly recommending all CDC & ISDH guidelines during the event.
  • The Hoosier Dirt Shootout will be available through DIRTVision.com both nights of the event.


Golf Cart Rules:

General Rules That Apply Every Race Night

  1. All drivers must be at least 16 years old.
  2. No 4-wheeler or “gator” type vehicles are allowed outside of the pit area. GOLF CARTS ONLY in the general admission area.
  3. General admission area and pit area vehicles are restricted to their respective areas after the pits are closed to the public.
  4. A reasonable, slow (approximately 5 mph) speed limit will be enforced at all times.

Anyone violating the above rules may forfeit their right to operate their vehicle on our property and may be required to “load up” or remove their vehicle immediately at the discretion of the track officials.



Race Program Information:

Friday Night July 31st: Drivers Meeting at 5:30 p.m., Hot Laps at 6 p.m., Qualifying at 6:30 p.m., Racing to Follow!

Order of Events: (Subject to change)

  • WoO LM Hot Laps
  • Summit DIRTcar Modified Nationals Hot Laps & Qualifying (A/B hot lap group Qualifying)
  • WoO LM Qualifying (A/B group Qualifying, 2-Laps per car, 3 cars per session)
  • DIRTcar Modified Summit Racing Equipment Showdown Feature #1 – 20 Laps, $500 to win, $100 to start
  • DIRTcar Modified Wehrs Machine Showdown Feature #2 – 20 Laps. $500 to win, $100 to start
  • WoO LM Dyer’s Top Rods Showdown Feature #1 – 25 Laps $2,500 to win, $200 to start
  • WoO LM FK Rod Ends Showdown Feature #2 – 25 Laps $2,500 to win, $200 to start
  • DIRTcar Modified All-Star Performance Showdown Feature #3 – 20 Laps $500 to win, $100 to start
  • DIRTcar Modified Deke Trucking Showdown Feature #4 – 20 Laps $500 to win, 100 to Start
  • WoO LM VP Racing Fuels Showdown Feature #3 – 25 Laps $2.500 to win, $200 to start
  • WoO LM Pontiac RV Showdown Feature #4 – 25 Laps $2,500 to win, $200 to start – (if necessary)


Saturday Night August 1st : Drivers Meeting at 5:30 p.m., Hot Laps at 6:00 p.m.

Order of Events: (Subject to change)

  • WoO Late Model B-Main Hot Laps
  • UMP Modified B-Main Hot Laps
  • WoO Late Model & Modified Re-Draw & Pre-Race Festivities (approximately 6:30pm)
  • WoO Late Model LCS 20-Laps (top 2/3 to the PDC)
  • WOO Late Model Feature Cars Hot Lap session
  • UMP Modifieds LCS 15 Laps, Top 2/3 to Summit Modified Nationals
  • UMP Summit Modified Nationals Feature Cars Hot Lap session
  • Summit Racing Equipment Shootout 25-Laps, Winner’s Choice to take the $2,000 or transfer to Feature
  • Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature ($5,000 to win, 40-Laps)
  • Intermission & Track Prep
  • Hoosier Dirt Shootout (75 Laps $25,000 to win) present by the Illinois State Rifle Association


Tire Rules:

WoO Late Model Tire Rule: Hoosier LM 20, LM 30 on (4) corners with a Hoosier LM 40 Option on RR

  • Grooving and siping allowed on any tire

DIRTcar Modified Tire Rule: Hoosier E-Mod 26.5 or 27.5 M-30S on (4) corners; Hoosier M-60 option on RR Only

  • No Grooving allowed
  • Siping is permitted on the M-30 & M-60


Hoosier Dirt Shootout          Summit LM NQ Shootout                Summit Modified Nationals

  1. $25,000                                $2,000                                                 $5,000
  2. $10,000                                $1,000                                                 $2,000
  3. $6,000                                  $800                                                     $1,500
  4. $5,000                                  $700                                                     $1,000
  5. $4,000                                  $600                                                     $900
  6. $3,000                                  $500                                                     $800
  7. $2,750                                   $475                                                     $700
  8. $2,500                                  $450                                                     $600
  9. $2,300                                  $425                                                     $550
  10. $2,100                                   $400                                                    $500
  11. $1,900                                   $375                                                     $475
  12. $1,800                                   $350                                                    $450
  13. $1,700                                    $325                                                    $425
  14. $1,650                                   $300                                                    $400
  15. $1,600                                  $300                                                    $400
  16. $1,580                                  $300                                                    $400
  17. $1,560                                  $300                                                    $400
  18. $1,540                                  $300                                                    $400
  19. $1,520                                  $300                                                    $400
  20. $1,500                                  $300                                                    $400
  21. $1,500                                                                                                $400
  22. $1,500                                                                                                $400
  23. $1,500                                                                                                $400
  24. $1,500                                                                                                $400


Late Model Showdown Features Payout                            Modified Showdown Features Payout

  1. $2,500                                                                                         $500
  2. $1,000                                                                                         $250
  3. $500                                                                                            $175
  4. $250                                                                                            $150
  5. $225                                                                                            $125

6-20 $200                                                                                           $100


We would like to thank our Hoosier Dirt Shootout sponsors which make an event like this possible:

Illinois State Rifle Association

Bank of Pontiac, Dyer’s Top Rods, Pontiac RV, FK Rod Ends, VP Race Fuels, Wehrs Machine, Summit Racing Equipment, Deke Trucking, All-Star Performance, Varsitee Screen Printing, , Aftershock Graphics, Leman Paint Works, Tom & Pam Schahrer

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