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World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars
Knoxville Raceway | Knoxville, Iowa
Friday, June 09, 2023
Race Recap  

BROWNIE BAKES ‘EM: Flawless Feature Leads Brian Brown to Knoxville World of Outlaws Victory

The Knoxville Raceway résumé continues to grow for Brian Brown.

In his more than two decades of driving a Sprint Car, the Grain Valley, MO native has mastered the historic half mile. And that mastery was on full display Friday night at “The Sprint Car Capital of the World” with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars. Brown took the lead from Austin McCarl on lap two of the Premier Chevy Dealers Clash and never looked back on his way to victory.

Not only did Brown never look back, he never let off the throttle for all 25 laps of the Feature.

“That’s why I go to the gym three or four days a week because I ran my last lap as hard as I did my first lap,” Brown said.

The win was the seventh of Brown’s career with The Greatest Show on Dirt. A trio of those triumphs have come at Knoxville including another last June. The 44-year-old now owns 63 overall Knoxville victories, good enough for second all-time as he continues to chip away at his uncle, Danny Lasoski’s, record of 112.

But the most important fact from Friday night’s glory had nothing to do with numbers for Brown. It was about pride. It was about being a Knoxville regular beating the best competition in the nation.

“I came into this weekend, and I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to make you guys (the fans) proud,” Brown admitted while gesturing toward the crowd. “I can come up here and win on the weekends sometimes. Then the Outlaws come and sometimes I lay an egg. I was so proud to see Austin (McCarl) on the pole and me being third. I’ve said all along that in order to have a rivalry, you’ve got to beat these guys. The PA Posse beats them. I feel like we don’t do it enough, but I feel like I did my part tonight.”

As Brown said, he began the main event third on the grid. When the green flag flew, he wasted no time roaring by outside pole-sitter – James McFadden – heading into Turn 1. “Blackjack” slid ahead of the Roth Motorsports #83 and quickly got to work chasing down McCarl.

McCarl held on to lead the opening circuit, but Brown blasted around his outside coming off Turn 2 on the second circuit. Once he put the Casey’s General Store #21 out front, Brown immediately began to flex his muscle.

“Brownie” pulled away from McCarl as he clicked off the early laps, growing his advantage to more than two seconds as he approached traffic. Even lapped cars stood no chance of slowing down Brown. He put his machine anywhere necessary thanks in large part to some fine tuning by crew chief – Chad Morgan – ahead of the Feature.

“Chad made some good changes before the A-Main,” Brown said. “He came back this year, and we’re really clicking on all cylinders. Everything we’re doing, we’re doing it good.”

Brian Brown
Brian Brown go wherever he needed with his car Friday at Knoxville on his way to victory (Trent Gower Photo)

With the level of competition on the grounds, Brown knew maneuverability behind the wheel would be key to coming out on top. He’s felt comfortable this season moving wherever he needs to be, and it showed.

“I feel like I’ve been known to run the top probably more than I should,” Brown explained. “I think I’ve run the bottom this year just as good as I have in the past. I just felt like when I went down there (the bottom) and passed a lapped car, I felt like, ‘Man, that was pretty good.’ And I knew Brad (Sweet) normally runs the bottom, and he runs it as good as anybody in the whole world. I knew, if nothing else, maybe we’d mess up his timing a little bit.”

But Brown didn’t need to worry about messing up anyone’s timing as the battle for second raged on far behind him. Sweet, McCarl, and Rico Abreu all traded blows for the runner-up spot as the laps faded.

Brown went on to claim the checkered flag with nearly a five second advantage much to the delight of the Knoxville crowd.

“Most importantly, tonight’s about us,” Brown said. “I’m proud of our whole team. Proud to win a World of Outlaws race again. Proud to be a Knoxville regular and come back tomorrow and see if we can do it again.”

Rico Abreu came out on top of the scramble for second as he slipped by Sweet late. The St. Helena, CA native continued his recent hot streak with his 14th consecutive top five in overall Sprint Car competition. Abreu is up to seven World of Outlaws podiums this year (most among non-full-time drivers) and the 35th of his career. Abreu continues to be appreciative of how well his team has gelled this season.

“The last 10 laps or so I could hit my marks a whole lot better,” Abreu noted. “Thank you to my team. They do an incredible job. Ricky (Warner) and his critical thinking and just the way he adapts to my driving style and my race cars. Hats off to them. They work really good together, and it’s quite a sight to see on my end as a team owner and driver.”

Completing the podium was four-time and defending champion, Brad Sweet. The result marked his 12th top three of the season – enough to equal him with David Gravel for the most. The driver of the Kasey Kahne Racing #49 felt comfortable throughout a majority of the race and remained encouraged despite losing the runner-up spot late.

“I felt really good in the middle part of the race,” Sweet said. “I kept looking up because I felt like I was making really good time and good laps. I could see Brian was pretty far out front. I just kind of got hung up in lapped cars at the end. I had a really good rhythm and had my lines working and felt like when I had to move off that I wasn’t as good as I needed to be to get by the lapped cars. I struggled the last four or five laps to kind of link it all together. But I think we made progress all night long, and there were parts of that A-Main where I felt like we were probably as good as anybody.”

Austin McCarl and Carson Macedo rounded out the top five.

Donny Schatz came from 15th to ninth to earn the night’s KSE Hard Charger Award.

By finishing two spots ahead of Macedo, Brad Sweet trimmed the points lead down to only six markers. Gravel remains a close third 32 points back.

The night’s Simpson Performance Products QuickTime Award went to Carson Macedo for a fifth consecutive race and the 10th time this season.

Macedo also topped CASE No.1 Engine Oil Heat One for a milestone 100th career Heat Race victory. NOS Energy Drink Heats Two through Four went to David Gravel (225th of career), Rico Abreu (39th of career), and Brian Brown (77th of career).

Aaron Reutzel won the Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown.

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars are back at Knoxville Raceway on Saturday, June 10 for night two of the Premier Chevy Dealers Clash. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to the track, catch all of the action live on DIRTVision.


A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 21-Brian Brown[3]; 2. 24-Rico Abreu[4]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet[5]; 4. 88-Austin McCarl[1]; 5. 41-Carson Macedo[7]; 6. 83-James McFadden[2]; 7. 18-Giovanni Scelzi[9]; 8. 1S-Logan Schuchart[11]; 9. 15-Donny Schatz[15]; 10. 2-David Gravel[6]; 11. 11-Cory Eliason[10]; 12. 14-Corey Day[14]; 13. 39M-Anthony Macri[8]; 14. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[12]; 15. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[20]; 16. 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr[13]; 17. 5-Spencer Bayston[18]; 18. 2M-Davey Heskin[22]; 19. 19-Ayrton Gennetten[19]; 20. 1A-Jacob Allen[23]; 21. 9-Kasey Kahne[24]; 22. 3J-Dusty Zomer[17]; 23. 7S-Robbie Price[25]; 24. 8-Aaron Reutzel[21]; 25. 2J-Lynton Jeffrey[16]

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Feature Results
13+221Brian Brown 250.00024Running150$10,000
24+224Rico Abreu 25-4.637Running146$5,500
35+249Brad Sweet 25-4.787Running144$3,200
41-388Austin McCarl 25-6.3941Running142$2,600
57+241Carson Macedo 25-8.052Running140$2,350
62-483James McFadden 25-8.920Running138$2,150
79+218Giovanni Scelzi 25-9.210Running136$2,100
811+31SLogan Schuchart 25-9.816Running134$1,950
915+615Donny Schatz 25-10.737Running132$1,900
106-42David Gravel 25-11.394Running130$1,850
1110-111Cory Eliason 25-12.259Running128$1,400
1214+214Corey Day 25-12.293Running126$1,200
138-539MAnthony Macri 25-12.554Running124$1,000
1412-23ZBrock Zearfoss 25-14.493Running122$950
1520+517Sheldon Haudenschild 25-14.919Running120$900
1613-315HSam Hafertepe Jr25-16.585Running118$900
1718+15Spencer Bayston 25-17.352Running116$900
1822+42MDavey Heskin 24-1 LapsRunning114$900
1919019Ayrton Gennetten 24-1 LapsRunning112$900
2023+31AJacob Allen 24-1 LapsRunning110$900
2124+39Kasey Kahne 24-1 LapsRunning108$900
2217-53JDusty Zomer 24-1 LapsRunning106$900
2325+27SRobbie Price 24-1 LapsRunning104$0
2421-38Aaron Reutzel 20-5 LapsDNF102$900
2516-92JLynton Jeffrey 1-24 LapsDNF102$900
KSE Hard Charger: Donny Schatz
Last Chance Showdown Results
14+38Aaron Reutzel 120.0008Running0$0
2202MDavey Heskin 12-1.8984Running0$0
37+41AJacob Allen 12-3.256Running0$0
46+29Kasey Kahne 12-5.443Running0$0
51-47SRobbie Price 12-6.107Running0$300
63-324WGaret Williamson 12-6.994Running90$250
78+109Matt Juhl 12-7.959Running90$225
811+37TAZTasker Phillips 12-9.332Running90$200
95-425Lachlan McHugh 12-10.213Running90$200
1018+811MParker Price-Miller 12-11.925Running90$200
1112+17Brooke Tatnell 12-11.933Running90$200
1217+512XChase Randall 12-12.704Running90$200
1310-322Riley Goodno 12-13.275Running90$200
149-517BBill Balog 12-13.776Running90$200
1513-22KSKaleb Johnson 12-14.371Running90$200
161603PSawyer Phillips 12-15.275Running90$200
1715-211KKraig Kinser 11-1 LapsRunning90$200
1814-46BBrandon Wimmer 11-1 LapsRunning90$200
Dash 1 Results
11088Austin McCarl 60.0006Running0$0
22083James McFadden 6-1.883Running0$0
34+121Brian Brown 6-2.064Running0$0
45+124Rico Abreu 6-3.337Running0$0
53-249Brad Sweet 6-3.802Running0$0
67+12David Gravel 6-4.275Running0$0
76-141Carson Macedo 6-5.404Running0$0
88039MAnthony Macri 6-6.778Running0$0
C Main Results
12+112XChase Randall 100.000Running0$0
28+611MParker Price-Miller 10-0.753Running0$0
33020GNoah Gass 10-5.178Running90$110
46+220A.J. Moeller 10-6.738Running90$110
51-455TMcKenna Haase 10-7.621Running90$110
67+156Joe Simbro 10-12.098Running90$110
712+59HLandon Hansen 102.616Running90$110
810+2G5Gage Pulkrabek 9-1 LapsRunning90$110
911+26XFrank Rodgers 9-1 LapsRunning90$110
109-115JRCole Mincer 9-1 LapsRunning90$110
115-66Bill Rose 2-8 LapsDNF90$110
124-85XKerry Madsen 0-10 LapsDNS90$0
131301Justin Henderson 0-10 LapsDNS90$0
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11041Carson Macedo 80.0008Running
23+188Austin McCarl 8-1.003Running
32-118Giovanni Scelzi 8-1.823Running
44015HSam Hafertepe Jr8-4.484Running
56+13JDusty Zomer 8-5.816Running
65-17SRobbie Price 8-8.168Running
77025Lachlan McHugh 8-8.505Running
89+117BBill Balog 8-9.923Running
98-12KSKaleb Johnson 8-9.994Running
1010055TMcKenna Haase 8-12.883Running
111106Bill Rose 8-13.961Running
1212015JRCole Mincer 8-17.280Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1102David Gravel 80.0008Running
23+183James McFadden 8-3.451Running
34+11SLogan Schuchart 8-3.598Running
49+515Donny Schatz 8-4.908Running
52-319Ayrton Gennetten 8-7.048Running
66024WGaret Williamson 8-8.334Running
7701AJacob Allen 8-9.222Running
85-37TAZTasker Phillips 8-11.288Running
910+111KKraig Kinser 8-12.778Running
108-220GNoah Gass 8-13.104Running
1111056Joe Simbro 8-16.200Running
121206XFrank Rodgers 7-1 LapsRunning
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11024Rico Abreu 80.0008Running
22039MAnthony Macri 8-1.855Running
33011Cory Eliason 8-2.792Running
45+114Corey Day 8-4.016Running
56+15Spencer Bayston 8-5.631Running
64-22MDavey Heskin 8-6.719Running
78+19Kasey Kahne 8-8.906Running
811+322Riley Goodno 8111.266Running
910+16BBrandon Wimmer 8-10.767Running
109-112XChase Randall 8-11.572Running
117-420A.J. Moeller 8-13.172Running
12120G5Gage Pulkrabek 8-16.277Running
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11021Brian Brown 80.0008Running
24+249Brad Sweet 8-2.092Running
32-13ZBrock Zearfoss 8-2.838Running
43-12JLynton Jeffrey 8-4.411Running
55017Sheldon Haudenschild 8-4.643Running
68+28Aaron Reutzel 8-7.134Running
76-109Matt Juhl 8-8.374Running
811+37Brooke Tatnell 8-9.937Running
9903PSawyer Phillips 8-10.340Running
101005XKerry Madsen 8-11.047Running
117-411MParker Price-Miller 8-11.259Running
121209HLandon Hansen 7-1 LapsRunning
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1241Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA15.3790.000
2252David Gravel Watertown, CT15.417-0.038
3118Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA15.418-0.039
4919Ayrton Gennetten Versailles, MO15.422-0.043
5588Austin McCarl Altoona, IA15.523-0.144
6783James McFadden Alice Springs, NT15.542-0.163
71815HSam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15.546-0.167
8121SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA15.592-0.213
9137SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC15.600-0.221
1037TAZTasker Phillips Plesantville, IA15.660-0.281
11163JDusty Zomer Brandon, SD15.674-0.295
122124WGaret Williamson Columbia, MO15.689-0.310
13825Lachlan McHugh Gold Coast, QLD15.728-0.349
14171AJacob Allen Hanover, PA15.738-0.359
1562KSKaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD15.763-0.384
161120GNoah Gass Mounds, OK15.834-0.455
172417BBill Balog North Pole, AK15.840-0.461
181515Donny Schatz Fargo, ND15.840-0.461
19455TMcKenna Haase Des Moines, IA15.980-0.601
201911KKraig Kinser Bloomington, IN15.983-0.604
21226Bill Rose Plainfield, IN16.239-0.860
222056Joe Simbro Pleasantville, IA16.326-0.947
231415JRCole Mincer Burlington, IA16.557-1.178
24236XFrank Rodgers Lucas, IA16.901-1.522
25101Justin Henderson Tea, SD16.901-1.522
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1324Rico Abreu St. Helena, CA15.4600.000
2821Brian Brown Higginsville, MO15.562-0.102
3439MAnthony Macri Dillsburg, PA15.585-0.125
4113ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA15.612-0.152
5111Cory Eliason Visalia, CA15.625-0.165
6222JLynton Jeffrey Prairie City, IA15.636-0.176
7152MDavey Heskin St. Michael, MN15.656-0.196
8949Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA15.671-0.211
9214Corey Day Clovis, CA15.678-0.218
102117Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH15.700-0.240
11165Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN15.748-0.288
121309Matt Juhl Tea, SD15.818-0.358
131020A.J. Moeller Rockwell City, IA15.868-0.408
14611MParker Price-Miller Kokomo, IN15.880-0.420
15179Kasey Kahne Enumclaw, WA15.896-0.436
16128Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX15.896-0.436
172312XChase Randall Waco, TX15.904-0.444
1853PSawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA15.944-0.484
19186BBrandon Wimmer Fairmount, IN15.983-0.523
20245XKerry Madsen Knoxville, IA16.064-0.604
212022Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA16.153-0.693
22147Brooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW16.162-0.702
237G5Gage Pulkrabek East Grand Forks, MN17.231-1.771
24199HLandon Hansen Newton, IA17.401-1.941
Hot Laps Results
13321Brian Brown Higginsville, MO15.0200.000
2252David Gravel Watertown, CT15.042-0.022
32939MAnthony Macri Dillsburg, PA17.093-2.073
42611Cory Eliason Visalia, CA15.076-0.056
52824Rico Abreu St. Helena, CA15.136-0.116
6472JLynton Jeffrey Prairie City, IA15.144-0.124
7163JDusty Zomer Brandon, SD15.283-0.263
81515Donny Schatz Fargo, ND15.297-0.277
92714Corey Day Clovis, CA15.301-0.281
101815HSam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15.316-0.296
11171AJacob Allen Hanover, PA15.318-0.298
12415Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN15.331-0.311
131911KKraig Kinser Bloomington, IN15.346-0.326
144617Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH15.358-0.338
15378Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX15.415-0.395
163111MParker Price-Miller Kokomo, IN15.429-0.409
173520A.J. Moeller Rockwell City, IA15.438-0.418
182417BBill Balog North Pole, AK15.524-0.504
194812XChase Randall Waco, TX15.530-0.510
20363ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA15.538-0.518
213809Matt Juhl Tea, SD15.556-0.536
22121SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA15.583-0.563
23429Kasey Kahne Enumclaw, WA15.583-0.563
24919Ayrton Gennetten Versailles, MO15.623-0.603
252124WGaret Williamson Columbia, MO15.647-0.627
26825Lachlan McHugh Gold Coast, QLD15.651-0.631
27397Brooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW15.654-0.634
28303PSawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA15.666-0.646
29137SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC15.681-0.661
301120GNoah Gass Mounds, OK15.687-0.667
31226Bill Rose Plainfield, IN15.727-0.707
32495XKerry Madsen Knoxville, IA15.733-0.713
33402MDavey Heskin St. Michael, MN15.771-0.751
34118Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA15.829-0.809
354522Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA15.852-0.832
36241Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA15.862-0.842
372056Joe Simbro Pleasantville, IA15.992-0.972
3832G5Gage Pulkrabek East Grand Forks, MN16.027-1.007
39783James McFadden Alice Springs, NT16.052-1.032
40588Austin McCarl Altoona, IA16.136-1.116
4162KSKaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD16.203-1.183
4237TAZTasker Phillips Plesantville, IA16.269-1.249
43236XFrank Rodgers Lucas, IA16.319-1.299
44436BBrandon Wimmer Fairmount, IN16.320-1.300
45455TMcKenna Haase Des Moines, IA16.324-1.304
461415JRCole Mincer Burlington, IA16.680-1.660
47449HLandon Hansen Newton, IA17.093-2.073
483449Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA17.093-2.073
49101Justin Henderson Tea, SD17.093-2.073
DIRTVision Highlights  
Event Info  

World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars
Friday, June 09, 2023
Knoxville Raceway
1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, Iowa 50138 

Event Description
It's Knoxville's finest vs. the World of Outlaws in this doubleheader at The Sprint Car Capital of the World - the last chance for the travelers to prepare for Knoxville Nationals.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
2PM Pit Gates open
5PM Grandstand Gates open
6:30PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
-Racing to follow
*All times Central

Ticket Options  
Options And Prices
$35 adult single day
$64 adult two-day
$22 for ages 13-19
children 12 and under FREE

Grandstand Type
Bleachers/ Chairbacks

Reserved Seating
All seating

Family Section Location
Sections I & J

Handicapped Seating Location
Located in the front stretch grandstands. Wheelchairs and scooters seating is available in row 39 (AA & BB) Also is section D, row 1

Pit Age Requirement
Aged 17 and under require parent waivers - Aged 12 and under must remain in vehicle or the fenced in area between turns 1 and 2. All pit fees apply. All ages same price

Parking Cost

Handicapped Parking Location
Behind the front stretch grandstands and behind Dyer-Hudson Hall.

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
camping at the North Campground for $160 for 4 days. Water and electric hookups are available.

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
All seating

Type of Grandstand
Bleachers/ Chairbacks

Stadium Seating
Foam or other seat cushions are permitted as long as they are not more than 20" wide. Stadiums seats are NOT ALLOWED

Handicapped Seating
Located in the front stretch grandstands. Wheelchairs and scooters seating is available in row 39 (AA & BB) Also is section D, row 1

Handicapped Parking
Behind the front stretch grandstands and behind Dyer-Hudson Hall.

Pit Age Limit
Aged 17 and under require parent waivers - Aged 12 and under must remain in vehicle or the fenced in area between turns 1 and 2. All pit fees apply. All ages same price

Personal Coolers
Soft side, collapsible coolers not bigger than 6-pack size are allowed


Credit Card Use
Concessions, Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Alcohol is available at the track

Smoking Policy
All grandstands are non-smoking. Smoking areas are available underneath stands.

Family Section
Sections I & J

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
camping at the North Campground for $160 for 4 days. Water and electric hookups are available.

Track Info  

Knoxville Raceway
1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, Iowa 50138 

Track Phone
(641) 842-5431

Track Type
0.500; Semi-banked

Sprint Car Track Record
14.351 seconds by Brian Brown on 5/22/21

Closest Airport
Des Moines International Airport

Track Map
Competitor Info  

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