World of Outlaws Aim to Shut Down Posse at Williams Grove Speedway

MECHANICSBURG, PA – The stars of the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series will be hungry for a victory at Williams Grove Speedway this year after being shut out of a win at the historic track in 2018.

The Series returns to Williams Grove Speedway – a track the Series has visited since its inaugural year in 1978 – on Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, for the Morgan Cup.

In three thrilling shows last year that showed why the Series is The Greatest Show on Dirt, Pennsylvania-native Lance Dewease claimed two of the victories, while Giovanni Scelzi made history, claiming his first Series victory at the speedway at just 16 years old, becoming the youngest ever winner in the Series.

The closest a Series regular came to victory was second all three nights — the three to do so were David Gravel and Series champions Daryn Pittman and Donny Schatz. They’ll look to improve one spot better this year. However, the Pennsylvania Posse, which won three of the seven Pennsylvania shows last year will not make it easy.

The last Series regular to win at the speedway is Shane Stewart on May 20, 2017. A day before Stewart’s win, David Gravel claimed his fourth win at the speedway.

Both have had a solid start to the 2019 season. Stewart has come close to a win several times this year with his new CJB Motorsports team. He currently sits seventh in points with eight top-10s in 13 races. Watertown, Conn.-native Gravel is also with a new team – Jason Johnson Racing – and has started the season with two wins. He is only the fourth driver this year to have more than one win – Brad Sweet, Daryn Pittman and Hanover, Pa.-native Logan Schuchart are the three others.

Schuchart and his Pennsylvania-based Shark Racing team are looking forward to heading home, and going to tracks he and his teammate, Jacob Allen both have a lot of experience at.

“It’s just a cool time to go back home for me and my team,” Schuchart said. “The majority of our team is from PA. So, everyone gets to go home and everyone likes going home.”

Allen, also of Hanover, Pa., shared his sentiment.

“It’s refreshing, just a feel-good feeling going back home to Pennsylvania,” Allen said.

While Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year contender Carson Macedo may be going to a lot of new tracks this year, the California native is familiar with the Pennsylvania speedway, having raced at it during his tenure with the All Star Circuit of Champions last year. That experience gives him confidence going into the Morgan Cup race weekend, he said.

It’s sure to be an exciting show you won’t want to miss.

Event information for the race is available at If you can’t make it to the track, be sure to watch the race LIVE on

Following the Series’ visit to Lincoln Speedway, The Greatest Show on Dirt will make its next stop Sunday, May 19, at Weedsport Speedway in Weedsport, NY.

Previous Feature winners:
2018 – Lance Dewease on July 20, Gio Scelzi on Sept. 28, Lance Dewease on Sept. 29,
2017 – David Gravel on May 19, Shane Stewart on May 20, Brock Zearfoss on July 21, Greg Hodnett on Sept. 28 (makeup from 7/22), David Gravel on Sept. 28, James McFadden on Sept. 29, David Gravel on Sept. 30
2016 – Lance Dewease on May 20, Daryn Pittman on July 22, Lance Dewease on July 23, Danny Dietrich on Oct. 14
2015 – Donny Schatz on May 15, Danny Dietrich on July 24, Stevie Smith on July 25, Stevie Smith on Oct. 4
2014 – Daryn Pittman on May 16, Daryn Pittman on May 17, Greg Hodnett on July 18, Lance Dewease on July 19, David Gravel on Oct. 4
2013 – Donny Schatz on May 17, Donny Schatz on July 20, Don Kreitz Jr. on Oct. 4, Fred Rahmer on Oct. 5
2012 – Fred Rahmer on May 11, Steve Kinser on May 12, Cody Darrah on July 21, Paul McMahan on Sept. 28, Donny Schatz on Sept. 29
2011 – Daryn Pittman on May 13, Greg Hodnett on July 22, Jason Meyers on July 23, Jason Meyers on Sept. 30, Jason Meyers on Oct. 7
2010 – Chad Layton on May 13, Fred Rahmer on May 14, Lance Dewease on July 23, Greg Hodnett on July 24, Greg Hodnett on Oct. 1, Sammy Swindell on Oct. 2
2009 – Greg Hodnett on May 14, Greg Hodnett on July 24, Greg Hodnett on Oct. 3, Cody Darrah on Oct. 3 (Completion of July 25 event)
2008 – Steve Kinser on May 15, Daryn Pittman on July 18, Donny Schatz on July 19
2007 – Donny Schatz on May 17, Donny Schatz on May 18, Donny Schatz on July 19, Brian Leppo on July 20, Donny Schatz on July 21, Donny Schatz on Sept. 29
2006 – Fred Rahmer on May 27, Daryn Pittman on July 22, Doug Esh on Sept. 30
2005 – Steve Kinser on May 27, Fred Rahmer on July 23, Donny Schatz on Oct. 1
2004 – Don Kreitz Jr. on May 28, Danny Lasoski on July 24, Donny Schatz on Oct. 2
2003 – Donny Schatz on July 26, Steve Kinser on Oct. 4
2002 – Steve Kinser on May 16, Greg Hodnett on July 27, Lance Dewease on Sept. 28
2001 – Donny Schatz on July 26 (completed May 18 event), Don Kreitz Jr., on July 27, Lance Dewease on Sept. 29
2000 – Fred Rahmer on May 19, Sammy Swindell on July 29, Donny Schatz on Sept. 30
1999 – Steve Kinser on May 28, Mark Kinser on July 30, Mark Kinser on Oct. 2
1998 – Johnny Herrera on May 22, Stevie Smith on May 29, Kevin Gobrecht on July 31, Mark Kinser on Oct. 2
1997 – Mark Kinser on May 23, Jac Haudenschild on May 30, Mark Kinser on Aug. 1, Sammy Swindell on Oct. 4
1996 – Mark Kinser on May 25, Steve Kinser on May 31, Mark Kinser on Aug. 2, Lance Dewease on Oct. 5
1995 – Steve Kinser on May 26, Mark Kinser on Aug. 4, Mark Kinser on Sept. 30
1994 – Steve Kinser on May 27, Andy Hillenburg on June 3, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 5, Steve Kinser on Oct. 1
1993 – Don Kreitz Jr., on May 28, Dave Blaney on June 4, Steve Kinser on Oct. 1, Don Kreitz Jr. on Oct. 3
1992 – Don Kreitz Jr., on May 22, Don Kreitz Jr., on May 29, Steve Kinser on July 31, Steve Kinser on Oct. 3
1991 – Steve Kinser on May 24, Sammy Swindell on May 31, Steve Kinser on Aug. 2, Stevie Smith on Oct. 6
1990 – Steve Kinser on May 25, Sammy Swindell on June 1, Steve Kinser on Aug. 3, Steve Kinser on Sept. 29
1989 – Sammy Swindell on May 26, Bobby Allen on June 2, Bobby Davis Jr., on July 28, Stevie Smith on Sept. 30
1988 – Bobby Davis Jr., on May 27, Mark Kinser on June 3, Steve Kinser on July 29
1987 – Steve Kinser on May 22, Steve Kinser on May 29, Steve Kinser on July 31
1986 – Doug Wolfgang on May 23, Bobby Allen on May 30, Bobby Allen on Aug.
1985 – Keith Kauffman on May 24, Steve Kinser on May 31, Doug Wolfgang on Aug. 2
1984 – Steve Kinser on May 25, Steve Kinser on Aug. 3
1983 – Bobby Davis Jr., on May 27, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 5
1982 – Bobby Allen on May 14, Bobby Allen on May 21
1981 – Steve Kinser on June 5, Steve Kinser on June 12
1980 – Sammy Swindell on May 16, Keith Kauffman on July 26
1979 – Lynn Paxton on July 27
1978 – Kramer Williamson on Sept. 24

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