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World of Outlaws Jim "JB" Boyd Memorial
Beaver Dam Raceway | Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Friday, May 31, 2024
Race Recap  

HAUD HEROICS: Sheldon Haudenschild Drives from Sixth for Another Beaver Dam Victory

A thrilling drive leads Sheldon Haudenschild to his fifth Beaver Dam win in the last six races (Trent Gower Photo)

Sometime a track just fits a racer perfectly. Whether it’s the size, shape, surface, or a blend of all the elements, drivers go with certain racetracks like yin and yang.

And that’s certainly the case with Sheldon Haudenschild and Beaver Dam Raceway.

Heading into Friday’s Jim “JB” Boyd Memorial opener, Haudenschild had topped four the last five Beaver Dam races with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars. Haudenschild being up front at the Wisconsin oval with the Stenhouse Jr.-Marshall Racing crew had become a foregone conclusion. And he didn’t let the “Badger State” fans down on Friday.

Haudenschild delivered perhaps his most exciting Beaver Dam victory to kick off the Jim Boyd Memorial. He hadn’t started worse than third in his previous four victories, but he lined up sixth Friday night and gave the crowd a show. The Wooster, OH native wheeled his way forward from row three, snatched the top spot from Carson Macedo on Lap 17, and held on late for his fifth win in the last six Beaver Dam races.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m Scott Boyd’s (track owner) long lost son or something,” Haudenschild said with a laugh of his success at Beaver Dam. “We just seem to have this place figured out. It’s cool to have the wins here and be friends with the Boyd family.”

The sixth win of 2024 for Haudenschild moved him to 40 for his career with The Greatest Show on Dirt as he becomes the 20th different driver to reach 40 victories. Five wins at Beaver Dam also breaks a tie with Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 to make it the winningest track on his résumé. It also broke a tie with Brad Sweet and Daryn Pittman to give him sole possession of the most World of Outlaws wins at Beaver through 34 visits.

The front row of Carson Macedo and Bill Balog led the field to green. Macedo slid ahead of Balog to take the top spot and lead the opening lap. As the front four cars all opted for the cushion on the first couple circuits, David Gravel gave the bottom a shot and it paid off. The point leader rolled all the way from the fifth starting spot to second in two laps.

The forward progress for Gravel halted when he reached second as he couldn’t also move by Macedo for the top spot. The lead duo settled into a rhythm while Haudenschild began to make his charge. At the completion of the first lap Haudenschild was in seventh. Only three circuits later he’d worked his way up to third.

Haudenschild quickly closed in on the lead duo as they navigated traffic. Lapped cars caused the leaders to bunch up and make daring moves to work their way through. Haudenschild grabbed the runner-up spot from Gravel on Lap 8, but Gravel took it right back on the following lap. Two circuits later Haudenschild passed Gravel again, and then a Lap 14 caution cooled off the battle.

Gravel used a strong run on the bottom during the restart to reclaim second, but it didn’t take long for Haudenschild to get his momentum wound up where he’s most comfortable – right against the fence.

Sheldon Haudenschild racing next to Carson Macedo
Sheldon Haudenschild ripped around the outside of Carson Macedo to make the race winning move at Beaver Dam (Trent Gower Photo)

As Macedo and Gravel rolled the bottom in Turns 3 and 4, Haudenschild blasted by Gravel on the top and into second on the 16th circuit. One lap later he used the same move to power by Macedo and into the lead.

There was no slowing Haudenschild after he took the top spot as he began to stretch the advantage while Macedo and Gravel battled for second.

A yellow flag with six laps remaining brought Macedo and Gravel to Haudenschild’s tail tank, but he proved to be too strong on the restart as he took off and drove to his sixth victory of 2024 in the NOS Energy Drink #17.

“Just searching the track and knowing when to move,” Haudenschild said of how he got to Victory Lane. “Me and David were on the bottom pretty early, but he was still trying the top in (Turns) 1 and 2. I kind of showed him my nose, and then he moved down, and that just put me searching again. But you can only do that with a really good race car. If your car is no good, you can’t search like that, so hats off to (Kyle) Ripper and the guys. They were on it all night even after starting in the back of that Dash.”

Carson Macedo brought the Jason Johnson Racing #41 home second for their eighth consecutive podium finish. They’re down to only 30 markers behind Gravel for the point lead. Macedo found himself wishing he’d tried something different to stay in front of Haudenschild with hopes of back-to-back victories after winning Fremont on Monday.

“I feel like that was obviously the wrong move now, but hindsight is 20/20,” Macedo said. “I felt like during the race I was getting edged on the bottom. I could see David down there, and I think I could see Sheldon down there at one point. It just felt like in lapped traffic it was decent down there and getting so far around up top. It was weird. I went down there, and it was good, and then a couple laps later I went down there and spun (tires), and Sheldon blew my doors off. Then when I moved back up, it was way more grippy up there all of a sudden.”

David Gravel and Big Game Motorsports rounded out the podium. Like he has most of 2024, Gravel showed he had speed capable of winning but came up just a couple spots shy of his ninth victory of the year.

“We had a race-winning race car right there,” Gravel said. “What a racetrack. It changed. The fastest lane changed a couple times. I felt like if Carson just continued to run the top there and didn’t dirty up my air on the bottom of (Turns) 3 and 4, then I could’ve maybe got the lead. But that just opened up the top for Sheldon, and he was really able to rip it and make it count.”

Giovanni Scelzi and Logan Schuchart completed the top five.

A 23rd to 13th drive earned Scotty Neitzel the KSE Racing Hard Charger.

Giovanni Scelzi claimed his third Simpson Quick Time of 2024 and the 14th of his career in Sea Foam Qualifying.

NOS Energy Drink Heats One, Three, and Four went to Brock Zearfoss (18th Heat Race win of career), Buddy Kofoid (23rd of career), and Sheldon Haudenschild (108th of career). Milton Hershey School Heat Two belonged to David Gravel (258th of career).

Carson Macedo topped the Toyota Racing Dash.

Garet Williamson won the Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown.

Brock Zearfoss earned the night’s Smith Titanium Brake Systems Break of the Race.

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars finish the Jim “JB” Boyd Memorial at Beaver Dam Raceway with a $20,000-to-win finale on Saturday, June 1. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to the track, catch every lap live on DIRTVision.


NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps): 1. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[6]; 2. 41-Carson Macedo[1]; 3. 2-David Gravel[5]; 4. 18-Giovanni Scelzi[7]; 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart[10]; 6. 15-Donny Schatz[3]; 7. 83-Michael Kofoid[4]; 8. 17B-Bill Balog[2]; 9. 99-Skylar Gee[17]; 10. 73-Scotty Thiel[9]; 11. W20-Greg Wilson[13]; 12. 23-Garet Williamson[21]; 13. 2W-Scott Neitzel[23]; 14. 70-Kraig Kinser[14]; 15. 6-Bill Rose[15]; 16. 49J-Josh Schneiderman[11]; 17. 14T-Tim Estenson[19]; 18. 7S-Landon Crawley[12]; 19. 10V-Matt VanderVere[22]; 20. 25-Danny Schlafer[16]; 21. 87A-Austin Hartmann[20]; 22. 65-Jordan Goldesberry[24]; 23. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[8]; 24. 10W-Mike Reinke[18]

For complete results, CLICK HERE.

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Feature Results
16+517Sheldon Haudenschild 300.00014Running150$12,000
21-141Carson Macedo 30-0.57616Running146$8,000
35+22David Gravel 30-0.789Running144$5,000
47+318Giovanni Scelzi 30-1.625Running142$3,200
510+51SLogan Schuchart 30-2.168Running140$2,800
63-315Donny Schatz 30-2.925Running138$2,600
74-383Michael Kofoid 30-3.874Running136$2,400
82-617BBill Balog 30-5.157Running134$2,300
917+899Skylar Gee 30-6.007Running132$2,200
109-173Scotty Thiel 30-6.898Running130$2,000
1113+2W20Greg Wilson 30-7.156Running128$1,800
1221+923Garet Williamson 30-7.477Running126$1,600
1323+102WScott Neitzel 30-10.082Running124$1,400
1414070Kraig Kinser 30-10.366Running122$1,200
151506Bill Rose 30-10.943Running120$1,200
1611-549JJosh Schneiderman 29-1 LapsRunning118$1,200
1719+214TTim Estenson 29-1 LapsRunning116$1,200
1812-67SLandon Crawley 29-1 LapsRunning114$1,200
1922+310VMatt VandeVere 29-1 LapsRunning112$1,200
2016-425Danny Schlafer 28-2 LapsRunning110$1,200
2120-187AAustin Hartmann 28-2 LapsRunning108$1,200
2224+265Jordan Goldesberry 23-7 LapsRunning106$1,200
238-153ZBrock Zearfoss 22-8 LapsRunning104$1,200
2418-610WMike Reinke 22-8 LapsRunning102$1,200
KSE Hard Charger: Scott Neitzel
Last Chance Showdown 1 Results
11023Garet Williamson 00.000Running150$0
26+410VMatt VandeVere 0-2.556Running146$0
3302WScott Neitzel 0-2.761Running144$0
44065Jordan Goldesberry 0-3.548Running142$0
55047Todd King 0-6.879Running140$500
68+226RPreston Ruh 0-9.096Running138$400
79+212Corbin Gurley 0-10.897Running136$350
87-168Dave Uttech 0-11.993Running134$300
911+288Christopher Flick 0-0.345Running132$300
102-874NLuke Nellis 0182.469Running130$300
1110-143Jereme Schroeder 0182.469Running128$200
Dash 1 Results
12+141Carson Macedo 00.000Running0$0
21-117BBill Balog 0-0.231Running0$0
34+115Donny Schatz 0-1.232Running0$0
46+283Michael Kofoid 0-2.112Running0$0
5502David Gravel 0-3.015Running0$0
67+117Sheldon Haudenschild 0-3.843Running0$0
78+118Giovanni Scelzi 0-4.118Running0$0
83-53ZBrock Zearfoss 0-5.642Running0$0
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+13ZBrock Zearfoss 00.000Running
21-118Giovanni Scelzi 0-1.068Running
34+173Scotty Thiel 0-2.354Running
46+2W20Greg Wilson 0-3.553Running
58+399Skylar Gee 0-4.801Running
63-323Garet Williamson 0-5.290Running
75-274NLuke Nellis 0-6.541Running
87-112Corbin Gurley 0159.712Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1102David Gravel 00.000Running
22015Donny Schatz 0-1.672Running
3301SLogan Schuchart 0-3.099Running
44070Kraig Kinser 0-8.910Running
55010WMike Reinke 0-9.565Running
6602WScott Neitzel 0-11.550Running
77010VMatt VandeVere 0-13.012Running
88043Jereme Schroeder 092.986Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11083Michael Kofoid 00.000Running
22041Carson Macedo 0-3.935Running
33049JJosh Schneiderman 0-6.635Running
4406Bill Rose 0-11.670Running
56+114TTim Estenson 0-12.029Running
65-165Jordan Goldesberry 0-12.818Running
77068Dave Uttech 0-2.487Running
88088Christopher Flick 0-7.700Running
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11017Sheldon Haudenschild 00.000Running
22017BBill Balog 0-2.042Running
3307SLandon Crawley 0-5.796Running
44025Danny Schlafer 0-6.902Running
56+187AAustin Hartmann 0-10.000Running
65-147Todd King 0-27.773Running
77026RPreston Ruh 0-4.869Running
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
12018Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA11.4000.000
2162David Gravel Watertown, CT11.401-0.001
3283Michael Kofoid Penngrove, CA11.406-0.006
42717Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH11.469-0.069
5103ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA11.481-0.081
62515Donny Schatz Fargo, ND11.489-0.089
72841Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA11.511-0.111
82417BBill Balog North Pole, AK11.513-0.113
91123Garet Williamson Columbia, MO11.517-0.117
10171SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA11.592-0.192
111349JJosh Schneiderman West Burlington, IA11.601-0.201
12297SLandon Crawley Benton, AR11.604-0.204
131873Scotty Thiel Sheboygan, WI11.749-0.349
14570Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN11.773-0.373
15156Bill Rose Plainfield, IN11.791-0.391
162125Danny Schlafer Gibson, WI11.820-0.420
17774NLuke Nellis Forest Lake, MN11.842-0.442
18610WMike Reinke Howards Grove, WI11.855-0.455
19865Jordan Goldesberry Springfield, IL11.861-0.461
201247Todd King Sheboygan Falls, WI11.862-0.462
2114W20Greg Wilson Benton Ridge, OH11.864-0.464
22232WScott Neitzel Beaver Dam, WI11.867-0.467
232614TTim Estenson Fargo, ND11.882-0.482
242287AAustin Hartmann Plymouth, WI11.915-0.515
25312Corbin Gurley Hebron, IN12.003-0.603
26910VMatt VandeVere Zion, IL12.038-0.638
273068Dave Uttech Kenosha, WI12.158-0.758
28426RPreston Ruh Elkhart Lake, WI12.343-0.943
29199Skylar Gee Leduc, AB0.00011.400
303143Jereme Schroeder Lake Villa, IL0.00011.400
311988Christopher Flick Beaver Dam, WI0.00011.400
Hot Laps Results
12717Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH11.4480.000
22841Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA11.486-0.038
3297SLandon Crawley Benton, AR11.535-0.087
42417BBill Balog North Pole, AK11.608-0.160
5162David Gravel Watertown, CT11.700-0.252
62614TTim Estenson Fargo, ND11.718-0.270
72018Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA11.827-0.379
82125Danny Schlafer Gibson, WI11.927-0.479
91873Scotty Thiel Sheboygan, WI11.944-0.496
10103ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA12.021-0.573
112515Donny Schatz Fargo, ND12.078-0.630
12171SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA12.084-0.636
13283Michael Kofoid Penngrove, CA12.101-0.653
142287AAustin Hartmann Plymouth, WI12.156-0.708
15570Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN12.166-0.718
161123Garet Williamson Columbia, MO12.213-0.765
173068Dave Uttech Kenosha, WI12.246-0.798
18232WScott Neitzel Beaver Dam, WI12.250-0.802
191349JJosh Schneiderman West Burlington, IA12.283-0.835
2014W20Greg Wilson Benton Ridge, OH12.372-0.924
21910VMatt VandeVere Zion, IL12.564-1.116
221247Todd King Sheboygan Falls, WI12.656-1.208
231988Christopher Flick Beaver Dam, WI12.789-1.341
24156Bill Rose Plainfield, IN12.897-1.449
25865Jordan Goldesberry Springfield, IL12.970-1.522
26774NLuke Nellis Forest Lake, MN13.116-1.668
27312Corbin Gurley Hebron, IN13.128-1.680
28610WMike Reinke Howards Grove, WI13.191-1.743
29426RPreston Ruh Elkhart Lake, WI13.577-2.129
30199Skylar Gee Leduc, AB14.048-2.600
313143Jereme Schroeder Lake Villa, IL0.00011.448
DIRTVision Highlights  
Event Info  

World of Outlaws Jim "JB" Boyd Memorial
Friday, May 31, 2024
Beaver Dam Raceway
N7086 Raceway Road
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 

Event Description

"The Greatest Show on Dirt" invades Wisconsin with an extended stay at Beaver Dam in honor of the late Jim Boyd.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

To Win Amount

Event Schedule
2PM Pit Gates open
4PM Grandstand Gates open
6:30PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
7:30PM Opening Ceremonies
Racing to follow
*All times Central

Ticket Options  
Options And Prices
Adult Pit Combo $52 (Pit pass and reserved seat purchased in advance)
Child Pit Combo (Ages 12-under): $28
Adult Reserved: $49
Child Reserved: $25
Adult General Admission: $45
Child (6-12) General Admission: $25
Kids 5 and under FREE GA
Race Day Adult Pit Pass $50
Race Day Child Pit Pass $35



Grandstand Type
Bleacher style; Chair backs in top 2 rows of section B & C

Reserved Seating
Upper rows in each section

Family Section Location

Pit Pass Price
Adult: $50
Child (0-12): $35
Upgrade any ticket to a Pit Pass for $10 on Race Day

Pit Age Requirement
NO age restriction for pits. 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian with signed Minor Waiver

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
There are no camping facilities at the Beaver Dam Raceway

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Upper rows in each section

Type of Grandstand
Bleacher style; Chair backs in top 2 rows of section B & C

Stadium Seating
Stadium seating is allowed

Pit Age Limit
NO age restriction for pits. 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian with signed Minor Waiver

Personal Coolers
No personal Coolers allowed


Alcohol Sales
Beaver Dam Raceway serves both beer and hard liquor.

Smoking Policy
There is NO SMOKING allowed within the Raceway except for designated areas

Family Section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
There are no camping facilities at the Beaver Dam Raceway

Track Info  

Beaver Dam Raceway
N7086 Raceway Road
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 

Track Phone
(920) 887-1600

Track Size

Track Type

Sprint Car Track Record
11.025 by Sheldon Haudenschild on 6/17/2022

Late Model Track Record
13.104 by Frank Heckenast Jr. on 6/30/21

Closest Airport
39 miles: Madison, WI (MSN / KMSN) Dane County Regional Airport

Other Airport
65 miles: Appleton, WI (ATW / KATW) Outagamie County Regional Airport

Track Map
Competitor Info  

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