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World of Outlaws to Say Goodbye to Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Devil's Bowl Speedway Four-Wide

Devil’s Bowl Speedway will host the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series for the final time, Oct. 20-21.

Track promoter Lanny Ross Edwards announced on Friday that the Mesquite, TX facility had been sold and the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Stampede will be the final race ever at the historic half-mile track.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway ran its first race in 1966 and became the birthplace of the World of Outlaws by hosting the Series’ inaugural event on March 18, 1978 – won by Jimmy Boyd.

There have been 88 World of Outlaws races ran at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. After the Series’ first race at the track, it revisited the Texas oval for the next 10 years before a short hiatus. The World of Outlaws returned in 1992 and raced at the track every year up until 2003. Another 10 years when by before World Racing Group CEO Brain Carter was able to get Devil’s Bowl Speedway back on the schedule and keep its legacy with the Series going to present day.

“Devil’s Bowl Speedway has been an important part of the World of Outlaws and very meaningful to me,” Carter said. “I can recall all the times I sat down with Lanny Edwards and Ted Johnson and bringing the World of Outlaws back, and all that times the World of Outlaws raced there early on. It’s a very very important part to the history of the World of Outlaws.”

Three-time World of Outlaws champion Sammy Swindell holds the record for most Series wins at the track with 18. Twenty-time Series champion Steve Kinser is second with 14. Of active competitors, 10-time World of Outlaws champion Donny Schatz and Logan Schuchart are tied with three wins.

Four-time and reigning Series champion Brad Sweet and James McFadden scored wins at Devil’s Bowl in April.

Drivers will have two more chances to become a part of history this weekend if they can win one of the track’s final races. And adding to the significance of the weekend, it’s also the final stop on the 2023 tour before the World of Outlaws World Finals season finale at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Nov. 1-4. Sweet, looking for his fifth straight title will enter the Devil’s Bowl weekend with a 66-point lead over David Gravel, looking for his first Series championship.

Follow the World of Outlaws’ social channels (Facebook, Instagram and X), and website, as we pay tribute to Devil’s Bowl Speedway throughout the week.

For tickets to the track’s final two races, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all the action live on DIRTVision.

World of Outlaws Devil’s Bowl Speedway Winners:

3/18/78 Jimmy Boyd
9/16/78 Sammy Swindell
3/31/79 Steve Kinser
9/8/79 Sammy Swindell (2)
3/15/80 Doug Wolfgang
3/22/80 Sammy Swindell (3)
6/27/80 Sammy Swindell (4)
9/13/80 Sammy Swindell (5)
3/14/81 Danny Smith
3/21/81 Doug Wolfgang (2)
6/26/81 Ron Shuman
3/20/82 Bobby Davis Jr.
6/25/82 Steve Kinser (2)
4/22/83 Doug Wolfgang (3)
6/24/83 Ron Shuman (2)
3/3/84 Tim Green
3/4/84 Steve Kinser (3)
5/4/84 Bobby Davis Jr. (2)
6/21/84 Jeff Swindell
6/22/84 Jeff Swindell (2)
3/2/85 Sammy Swindell (6)
3/3/85 Steve Kinser (4)
6/21/85 Sammy Swindell (7)
3/7/86 Steve Kinser (5)
3/8/86 Bobby Allen
6/20/86 Sammy Swindell (8)
6/21/86 Sammy Swindell (9)
3/14/87 Sammy Swindell (10)
3/15/87 Sammy Swindell (11)
6/19/87 Sammy Swindell (12)
6/20/87 Bobby Davis Jr. (3)
3/19/88 Dave Blaney
6/17/88 Sammy Swindell (13)
6/18/88 Steve Kinser (6)
3/21/92 Stevie Smith
6/13/92 Sammy Swindell (14)
3/20/93 Steve Kinser (7)
7/31/93 Gary Wright
3/18/94 Mark Kinser
3/19/94 Andy Hillenburg
7/30/94 Steve Kinser (8)
10/22/94 Steve Kinser (9)
10/23/94 Sammy Swindell (15)
3/17/95 Mark Kinser (2)
3/18/95 Gary Wright (2)
7/29/95 Stevie Smith (2)
10/20/95 Steve Kinser (10)
10/21/95 Gary Wright (3)
3/22/96 Andy Hillenburg (2)
3/23/96 Steve Kinser (11)
10/18/96 Steve Kinser (12)
10/19/96 Mark Kinser (3)
3/21/97 Mark Kinser (4)
3/22/97 Mark Kinser (5)
10/17/97 Sammy Swindell (16)
10/18/97 Mark Kinser (6)
3/20/98 Steve Kinser (13)
3/21/98 Steve Kinser (14)
10/16/98 Gary Wright (4)
3/26/99 Danny Lasoski
4/24/99 Danny Lasoski (2)
4/24/99 Sammy Swindell (17)
10/15/99 Gary Wright (5)
3/11/00 Danny Lasoski (3)
10/27/00 Daryn Pittman
10/28/00 Sammy Swindell (18)
3/9/01 Danny Lasoski (4)
3/10/01 Craig Dollansky
10/26/01 Shane Stewart
10/27/01 Joey Saldana
3/15/02 Brad Furr
3/16/02 Joey Saldana (2)
3/15/03 Tyler Walker
4/18/14 Donny Schatz
4/19/14 Daryn Pittman (2)
4/25/15 Donny Schatz (2)
4/22/16 Joey Saldana (3)
4/23/16 Shane Stewart (2)
4/14/17 Jason Johnson
4/15/17 Brad Sweet
4/27/18 Daryn Pittman (3)
4/28/18 Donny Schatz (3)
4/12/19 Logan Schuchart
9/19/20 Logan Schuchart (2)
10/30/21 Logan Schuchart (3)
4/2/22 Brent Marks
3/31/23 Brad Sweet (2)
4/1/23 James McFadden


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