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World of Outlaws 'Big O' Showdown
Ogilvie Raceway | Ogilvie, Minnesota
Saturday, June 08, 2024
Race Recap  

HOLY HAUD: Wild Last Lap Leads Sheldon Haudenschild to Ogilvie Victory

Haudenschild slides Macedo and holds off Kofoid for seventh win of 2024 (Trent Gower Photo)

Every now and then Sprint Car Racing delivers a moment that race fans will never forget. And that’s exactly what occurred Saturday night at Ogilvie Raceway.

The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars rolled into the Minnesota oval for the second time ever for the Big O Showdown presented by Wagamon Brothers. Mother Nature offered up a picturesque evening. The entire grandstands filled before Hot Laps began. The stage was set for the massive crowd to see a show. And they got one they’ll be talking about for a long time.

In a bid to win the first two races in Series history at Ogilvie, Carson Macedo led nearly the entire race. He rocketed ahead early, sliced through traffic, and looked like he was on his way to Victory Lane.

Then the white flag flew, and a wild last lap followed.

Second running Sheldon Haudenschild cleared Macedo with a huge slide job in Turns 1 and 2 as Michael “Buddy” Kofoid got a run on both of them down the back straightaway. Kofoid then threw a slide job in the final set of corners, but Haudenschild narrowly held him off to claim a thrilling victory.

“We hounded him (Macedo) the whole race there, and it was just a deal where it was better to be running second, I think,” Haudenschild said. “I was just kind of able to see what he was doing and also the lappers. When we got to them, they were ripping the top and racing, too. He had to change his line up right there on the white. I was just able to pull a slide job there in (Turns) 1 and 2 and hoped to clear him down the backstretch and be able to pinch him enough into (Turn) 3 that he couldn’t get back there.”

The exciting win bumped Haudenschild up to seven in 2024 and 41 for his career, equaling him with fellow full-time driver Logan Schuchart for 19th on the all-time win list. He’s pulled within one of David Gravel for the most checkered flags this season. Ogilvie is the 25th different track where the Stenhouse Jr.-Marshall Racing driver has visited Victory Lane.

A fresh track rework set up a fast surface that evolved throughout the 30-lap Feature. Macedo owned the pole for the main event and took off when the green flag flew.

The early stages of the race were controlled by Macedo. The Jason Johnson Racing pilot pulled ahead and worked expertly through traffic. Behind him, battles broke out all over the place within the top 10.

Haudenschild and Kofoid faced off for the second spot with Kofoid claiming it early in the finale. But Haudenschild kept him well within sight as the race neared the halfway point. On the 17th circuit, Haudenschild found the run he needed to clear Kofoid with a tight slider in traffic in Turns 3 and 4. Then his sights locked on Macedo.

Haudenschild struggled to close in on Macedo upon first claiming the runner-up spot. In fact, Macedo pushed the advantage north of a second on the 21st circuit. But then Haudenschild went to work on slashing into the gap.

Buddy Kofoid races next to Sheldon Haudenschild
Sheldon Haudenschild passed Carson Macedo and held off Buddy Kofoid on the final lap for an Ogilvie victory (Trent Gower Photo)

With two laps remaining Macedo was less than half a second ahead. And then as the white flag waved Haudenschild built a huge run down the front straightaway. He pounced on the opportunity with a Turn 1 slider that narrowly cleared. Macedo looked to cross back over, but Kofoid filled the gap and closed on Haudenschild heading into Turn 3. Kofoid pulled alongside Haudenschild but couldn’t quite slide ahead. As the two leaders slid toward the top, Macedo turned off the cushion toward the bottom and drove back around Kofoid, but up ahead Haudenschild crossed the finish line to put the punctuation on a wild conclusion that wowed the capacity crowd.

“Hats off to (Kyle) Ripper, Luke (Vaughn), and Steve (Kinzer Dussel),” Haudenschild said. “They’ve been putting the work in, and we ‘ve been fast through the whole night on all of these nights… I think we’ve been there all year.”

Carson Macedo, who has led all but one of the 60 Feature laps the World of Outlaws have contested at Ogilvie, didn’t mask the heartbreak after the race. Haudenschild’s last lap move to take the win left the Lemoore, CA driver puzzled when all was said and done. On the bright side, Macedo pushed his streak of top fives to 16 in a row, and he’s only 10 markers behind Gravel for the points lead.

“That was honestly devastating,” Macedo admitted. “I took the white and did feel like maybe I was starting to catch Brock (Zearfoss) and the other lapper, but I didn’t think that peeling off of the top with one to go was the thing to do. I guess I could’ve just ran the bottom in (Turns) 1 and 2. I don’t know. That was just really disappointing.”

After nearly driving from third to steal the victory on the final lap, Buddy Kofoid settled for a third place finish in the Roth Motorsports No. 83. Nearly getting the win left a slightly sour taste in the rookie’s mouth, but he came away satisfied overall with the strong showing.

“It’s frustrating because I feel like I had a chance,” Kofoid said. “We were right there and just as fast as them, but you can’t hang your head about it. Those two (Haudenschild and Macedo) are a couple of the best right now.”

Donny Schatz and Giovanni Scelzi completed the top five.

A 15th to eighth drive earned Garet Williamson the KSE Racing Hard Charger.

Sheldon Haudenschild earned his second Simpson Quick Time of 2024 and the 31st of his career in Sea Foam Qualifying.

NOS Energy Drink Heats One and Three went to Sheldon Haudenschild (110th Heat Race win of career) and Brock Zearfoss (19th of career). Milton Hershey School Heat Two belonged to Giovanni Scelzi (48th of career).

Carson Macedo topped the Toyota Racing Dash.

Brooke Tatnell won the Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown.

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars head to Knoxville Raceway for the Premier Chevy Dealers Clash on June 14-15, giving the teams their final chance to prepare for August’s NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey’s General Store. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to the track, catch every lap live on DIRTVision.


NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps): 1. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[2]; 2. 41-Carson Macedo[1]; 3. 83-Michael Kofoid[3]; 4. 15-Donny Schatz[9]; 5. 18-Giovanni Scelzi[4]; 6. 2-David Gravel[7]; 7. 1S-Logan Schuchart[5]; 8. 23-Garet Williamson[15]; 9. 17B-Bill Balog[8]; 10. 22K-Kaleb Johnson[13]; 11. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[6]; 12. 70-Kraig Kinser[14]; 13. 13-Mark Dobmeier[20]; 14. 23W-Scott Winters[18]; 15. 7S-Landon Crawley[12]; 16. 11M-Brendan Mullen[16]; 17. 3-Tim Kaeding[11]; 18. 24T-Christopher Thram[10]; 19. 14T-Brooke Tatnell[19]; 20. 17Z-Zach Omdahl[22]; 21. G5-Gage Pulkrabek[17]; 22. 199-Ryan Bowers[21]; 23. 33-Scott Broty[23]; 24. 6-Bill Rose[24]

For complete results, CLICK HERE.

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Feature Results
12+117Sheldon Haudenschild 300.0001Running150$12,000
21-141Carson Macedo 30-0.35729Running146$8,000
33083Michael Kofoid 30-0.420Running144$5,000
49+515Donny Schatz 30-2.448Running142$3,200
54-118Giovanni Scelzi 30-3.609Running140$2,800
67+12David Gravel 30-4.687Running138$2,600
75-21SLogan Schuchart 30660.275Running136$2,400
815+723Garet Williamson 30-11.299Running134$2,300
98-117BBill Balog 30-12.162Running132$2,200
1013+322KKaleb Johnson 30-12.464Running130$2,000
116-53ZBrock Zearfoss 30-13.348Running128$1,800
1214+270Kraig Kinser 30-14.984Running126$1,600
1320+713Mark Dobmeier 29-1 LapsRunning124$1,400
1418+423WScott Winters 29-1 LapsRunning122$1,200
1512-37SLandon Crawley 28-2 LapsRunning120$1,200
1616011MBrendan Mullen 18-12 LapsRunning118$1,200
1711-63Tim Kaeding 7-23 LapsRunning116$1,200
1810-824TChristopher Thram 7-23 LapsRunning114$1,200
1919014TBrooke Tatnell 7-23 LapsRunning112$1,200
2022+217ZZach Omdahl 7-23 LapsRunning110$1,200
2117-4G5Gage Pulkrabek 7-23 LapsRunning108$1,200
2221-1199Ryan Bowers 6-24 LapsRunning106$1,200
2323033 6-24 LapsRunning104$1,200
242406Bill Rose 6-24 LapsRunning102$1,200
KSE Hard Charger: Garet Williamson
Last Chance Showdown 1 Results
11014TBrooke Tatnell 00.000Running0$0
23+113Mark Dobmeier 0-6.863Running0$0
35+2199Ryan Bowers 0-7.543Running0$0
42-217ZZach Omdahl 0-9.102Running0$0
57+233 0-9.700Running90$500
64-26Bill Rose 0-12.533Running90$400
76-18Jack Croaker 0-12.699Running90$350
89+191Reed Allex 0-14.420Running90$300
98-174NLuke Nellis 0-15.269Running90$300
1010014Jerry Richert Jr0194.215Running90$300
Dash 1 Results
11041Carson Macedo 00.000Running0$0
24+217Sheldon Haudenschild 0-1.993Running0$0
33083Michael Kofoid 0-3.843Running0$0
45+118Giovanni Scelzi 0-5.215Running0$0
56+11SLogan Schuchart 0-6.128Running0$0
62-43ZBrock Zearfoss 0-7.568Running0$0
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11017Sheldon Haudenschild 00.000Running
22083Michael Kofoid 0-0.688Running
3302David Gravel 0-1.452Running
44024TChristopher Thram 0-4.985Running
55022KKaleb Johnson 0-6.253Running
66011MBrendan Mullen 0-8.526Running
78+113Mark Dobmeier 0-11.817Running
89+1199Ryan Bowers 0-12.242Running
97-274NLuke Nellis 0-13.115Running
1010014Jerry Richert Jr0115.648Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11018Giovanni Scelzi 00.000Running
23+11SLogan Schuchart 0-0.872Running
32-117BBill Balog 0-2.320Running
4403Tim Kaeding 0-4.741Running
56+170Kraig Kinser 0-8.024Running
67+1G5Gage Pulkrabek 0-10.826Running
75-217ZZach Omdahl 0-11.574Running
8808Jack Croaker 0-13.580Running
99091Reed Allex 0-0.479Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+13ZBrock Zearfoss 00.000Running
24+241Carson Macedo 0-1.358Running
39+615Donny Schatz 0-3.829Running
41-37SLandon Crawley 0-5.861Running
55023Garet Williamson 0-6.769Running
67+123WScott Winters 0-8.703Running
76-16Bill Rose 0-11.177Running
88033 0-11.805Running
93-614TBrooke Tatnell 0263.899Running
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
12017Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH12.9380.000
21318Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA12.957-0.019
317SLandon Crawley Benton, AR12.968-0.030
4883Michael Kofoid Penngrove, CA13.033-0.095
5617BBill Balog North Pole, AK13.073-0.135
673ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA13.098-0.160
7242David Gravel Watertown, CT13.132-0.194
8261SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA13.135-0.197
9314TBrooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW13.308-0.370
101224TChristopher Thram Sanborn, MN13.363-0.425
1193Tim Kaeding San Jose, CA13.452-0.514
122741Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA13.453-0.515
13222KKaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD13.458-0.520
14417ZZach Omdahl East Grand Forks, MN13.474-0.536
152523Garet Williamson Columbia, MO13.504-0.566
16511MBrendan Mullen Grand Forks, ND13.521-0.583
171870Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN13.628-0.690
18176Bill Rose Plainfield, IN13.862-0.924
191074NLuke Nellis Forest Lake, MN13.872-0.934
2019G5Gage Pulkrabek East Grand Forks, MN13.879-0.941
212123WScott Winters Butterfield, MN13.981-1.043
222313Mark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND13.999-1.061
23148Jack Croaker East Grand Forks, MN14.140-1.202
242233 , 14.368-1.430
2528199Ryan Bowers Nowthen, MN14.394-1.456
261591Reed Allex St. Cloud, MN14.529-1.591
271115Donny Schatz Fargo, ND0.00012.938
281614Jerry Richert JrForest Lake, MN0.00012.938
Hot Laps Results
12017Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH12.6450.000
2883Michael Kofoid Penngrove, CA12.662-0.017
32741Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA12.666-0.021
4617BBill Balog North Pole, AK12.687-0.042
5222KKaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD12.863-0.218
693Tim Kaeding San Jose, CA12.900-0.255
717SLandon Crawley Benton, AR12.970-0.325
8242David Gravel Watertown, CT12.975-0.330
91870Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN12.987-0.342
101224TChristopher Thram Sanborn, MN13.041-0.396
1173ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA13.070-0.425
12511MBrendan Mullen Grand Forks, ND13.075-0.430
131318Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA13.096-0.451
14261SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA13.179-0.534
15417ZZach Omdahl East Grand Forks, MN13.256-0.611
162523Garet Williamson Columbia, MO13.256-0.611
17314TBrooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW13.308-0.663
18176Bill Rose Plainfield, IN13.389-0.744
192313Mark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND13.471-0.826
201074NLuke Nellis Forest Lake, MN13.513-0.868
2119G5Gage Pulkrabek East Grand Forks, MN13.698-1.053
222123WScott Winters Butterfield, MN13.709-1.064
2328199Ryan Bowers Nowthen, MN14.059-1.414
24148Jack Croaker East Grand Forks, MN14.115-1.470
251591Reed Allex St. Cloud, MN14.306-1.661
262233 , 0.00012.645
271614Jerry Richert JrForest Lake, MN0.00012.645
281115Donny Schatz Fargo, ND0.00012.645
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Event Info  

World of Outlaws 'Big O' Showdown
Saturday, June 08, 2024
Ogilvie Raceway
1539 Minnesota 23
Ogilvie, Minnesota 56358 

Event Description
The World of Outlaws are visiting "The Big O" for the second year ever!

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

To Win Amount

Event Schedule

2PM Pit Gate Open
3PM Grandstands Open
6:30PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
Racing to follow

*All times Central

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Options And Prices
Adult Pit Combo $52 (Reserved Seat + Pit Pass)
Child Pit Combo $28 (0-12 yrs) (Reserved Seat + Pit Pass)

Race Day Prices:
Adult Reserved - $49
Child Resv (0-12yrs) - $25

Pit Pass:
Adult - $50
Children (12-under) - $35

Grandstand Type

Reserved Seating
Entire Grandstand

Family Section Location
No family section

Handicapped Seating Location
At bottom of the frontstretch

Pit Pass Price
Adult: $50
Children (12 & Under): $35
Upgrade any ticket to a Pit Pass for $10 day of race

Pit Age Requirement
No age restriction for pits. 17 and under must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian, with signed Minor Waiver

Parking Cost
Free for most events

Handicapped Parking Location
At the front gate

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
None; Full Hookups at Sundown Campground (adjacent to racetrack), Contact Bill 651-274-8065

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To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Entire Grandstand

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating

Handicapped Seating
At bottom of the frontstretch

Handicapped Parking
At the front gate

Pit Age Limit
No age restriction for pits. 17 and under must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian, with signed Minor Waiver

Personal Coolers
No coolers.


Alcohol Sales
No outside food or drinks permitted. Alcohol is available for purchase.

Smoking Policy
No smoking allowed in the grandstands.

Family Section
No family section

Parking Cost
Free for most events

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
None; Full Hookups at Sundown Campground (adjacent to racetrack), Contact Bill 651-274-8065

Track Info  

Ogilvie Raceway
1539 Minnesota 23
Ogilvie, Minnesota 56358 

Track Phone
(763) 267-4572

Ticket Phone

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Size

Sprint Car Track Record
11.743 seconds by Carson Macedo on 6/3/2023

Late Model Track Record
14.186 seconds by Darrell Lanigan on 7/13/19

Closest Airport

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