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Knoxville Nationals
Knoxville Raceway | Knoxville, Iowa
Friday, August 11, 2023
Race Recap  

HARD KNOX DELIVERS: Aaron Reutzel Holds Off Gravel for Hard Knox Victory, Three More Clinch Knoxville Nationals Finale Birth

Misfortune is bound to strike a contender or two during their prelim at the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey’s General Store. There are too many variables in racing to allow all of them to get through smoothly. And FVP Parts Hard Knox Night is about allowing those World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car heavyweights a chance to regroup and potentially lock in to the Knoxville Nationals finale.

And that’s exactly what happened Friday night at Knoxville Raceway.

Bad luck bit a pair of favorites in Aaron Reutzel and David Gravel on Wednesday night, leaving them forced to compete on Hard Knox Night. And the two did exactly what they’re supposed to do. Reutzel wheeled the Ridge & Sons Racing #8 to the victory while Gravel finished a close second. Their finishes secured them spots 21st and 22nd in the lineup for the $185,000-to-win, $15,000-to-start finale.

It was a comfortable drive for Reutzel as he led the field to green and never looked back. The result looked slightly in doubt coming to the checkered as Gravel got a run off the final corner but Reutzel held on. The Clute, TX native entered the night confident that if he did his job, they should have no issue locking in.

“It’s fourth or nothing here,” Reutzel said. “I don’t know where fifth lines you up here, but I know it ain’t good. I had tough luck. Same with David, tough luck… I just kind of put myself in a bad spot (on Wednesday) and got caught up in a wreck, but my guys did a great job getting the car back together. We had a fast race car. We knew we just needed to come into tonight and get a good (Qualifying) time, get through our heat where it started us up front and do what we did.”

For Gravel, Wednesday’s troubles left him a little weary entering the Feature, especially with having to start seventh. But the Big Game Motorsports driver did what he needed to do to lock into his 11th Knoxville Nationals finale.

“I’m just happy to get in the show,” Gravel said. “We’ve been fast. We had a plenty fast enough car to lock in on a prelim night, but that’s racing sometimes. Happy to bounce back with a different car, different engine. We just threw these body panels on there and were fast. I was bummed to start seventh in that Feature. I knew we’d be good enough to get up there, but again you just never know. It’s racing.”

There’s another element to Hard Knox Night. It’s not only about giving the titans of Sprint Car racing a second chance. It’s also an opportunity for some speedy underdogs to potentially sneak in. And Friday at “The Sprint Car Capital of the World” delivered on that storyline as well. After battling some recent adversity, Scott Bogucki drove an excellent 25 laps aboard the Liebig #10 to finish third, earning a spot in The Granddaddy of “Em All for the first time in his career in his seventh attempt.

Aaron Reutzel, David Gravel, Scott Bogucki, and Davey Heskin took the top four transfer spots on Hard Knox Night (Trent Gower Photo)

“I really don’t have the words,” Bogucki said of his emotion. “It’s pretty emotional. I came over here 10 years ago as a crew guy, and this was always the dream. We missed it by one car two or three times now. Same thing Wednesday night. We qualified good and missed the Heat transfer by one. After last week and all of the disasters that have gone on, it’s so nice to rebound. I can’t thank Shane enough and all of the guys with the #10 for believing in me.”

Behind Bogucki came another feel-good story. Davey Heskin started 10th and spent the race moving forward and took over the final transfer in the closing laps. The St. Michael, MN driver locked into the sport’s biggest race for the first time in 11 years. The moment left Heskin full of emotion.

“Honestly, it’s just unreal,” Heskin said. “It’s a blessing to have everything we have. On Wednesday I was pretty down but we came back. I think tonight was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been for a Heat Race. I think that kind of showed the last few laps. It’s just unreal to lock in. Everybody here knows how much time and effort is put into these things. Just to do it with your family and friends is something unreal.”

The spots are secured for the four individuals who emerged from Hard Knox Night. Now, they can rest easy and focus on all that remains for them – the 62nd Knoxville Nationals finale on Saturday.

Parker Price-Miller owned the misfortune of finishing fifth to complete the top five. While it was a strong outing, it left the Kokomo, IN native without a guaranteed position in the Knoxville Nationals finale. The difference between finishing fourth and fifth in the Hard Knox Feature is starting 24th in the Saturday finale or 11th in Saturday’s Last Chance Showdown.

On top of winning the NOS Energy Drink Feature, Reutzel also claimed the Simpson Performance Products QuickTime Award for the first time this year and the eighth time of his career.

Brent Marks was the KSE Racing Hard Charger by virtue of his run from 19th to 6th in the main event.

CASE No.1 Engine Oil Heat One went to David Gravel (231st Heat Race win of career). Your Life Iowa Heats Two through Six were claimed by Parker Price-Miller (22nd of career), Cory Eliason (20th of career), Chris Windom (first of career), and Tim Kaeding (77th of career).

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars take on the $185,000-to-win, $15,000-to-start finale of the 62nd NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals on Saturday, August 12. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to Knoxville, catch all of the action live on DIRTVision.


A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 8-Aaron Reutzel[1]; 2. 2-David Gravel[7]; 3. 10-Scott Bogucki[2]; 4. 2M-Davey Heskin[10]; 5. 9P-Parker Price Miller[9]; 6. 19-Brent Marks[19]; 7. 7TW-Brandon Wimmer[3]; 8. 5T-Ryan Timms[5]; 9. 1-Justin Henderson[8]; 10. 11-Cory Eliason[17]; 11. 26-Zeb Wise[22]; 12. 22K-Kaleb Johnson[15]; 13. 21H-Brady Bacon[21]; 14. 4W-Jamie Ball[4]; 15. 3-Tim Kaeding[14]; 16. 39M-Justin Sanders[16]; 17. 49X-Tim Shaffer[11]; 18. 2K-Lynton Jeffrey[18]; 19. 4CW-Chris Windom[12]; 20. 5C-Dylan Cisney[13]; 21. 7S-Robbie Price[24]; 22. 17W-Shane Golobic[23]; 23. 17B-Bill Balog[6]; 24. 42-Sye Lynch[20]

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Feature Results
1108Aaron Reutzel 250.00025Running0$4,000
27+52David Gravel 25-0.107Running0$4,000
32-110Scott Bogucki 25-5.031Running0$4,000
410+62MDavey Heskin 25-5.931Running0$4,000
59+49PParker Price-Miller 25-6.325Running0$5,000
619+1319Brent Marks 25-8.116Running0$4,000
73-47TWBrandon Wimmer 25-10.061Running0$3,000
85-35TRyan Timms 25-12.079Running0$3,000
98-11Justin Henderson 25-12.533Running0$3,000
1017+711Cory Eliason 25-13.482Running0$3,000
1122+1126Zeb Wise 25-13.836Running0$3,000
1215+322KKaleb Johnson 25-14.734Running0$2,500
1321+821HBrady Bacon 25-16.014Running0$2,400
144-104WJamie Ball 25-16.648Running0$2,300
1514-13Tim Kaeding 25-17.165Running0$2,200
1616039MJustin Sanders 25-17.908Running0$2,100
1711-649XTim Shaffer 25-18.793Running0$2,000
181802KLynton Jeffrey 24-1 LapsRunning0$1,900
1912-74CWChris Windom 24-1 LapsRunning0$1,800
2013-75CDylan Cisney 24-1 LapsRunning0$1,700
2124+37SRobbie Price 24-1 LapsRunning0$1,600
2223+117WShane Golobic 24-1 LapsRunning0$1,500
236-1717BBill Balog 6-19 LapsDNF0$1,400
2420-442Sye Lynch 6-19 LapsDNF0$1,300
KSE Hard Charger: Brent Marks
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+119Brent Marks 120.0007Running0$400
21-121HBrady Bacon 12-1.9775Running0$400
34+117WShane Golobic 12-3.279Running0$400
46+212XAyrton Gennetten 12-3.920Running0$1,200
53-252Blake Hahn 12-6.767Running0$1,110
67+124TChristopher Thram 12-6.905Running0$1,000
75-21CBrenham Crouch 12-7.919Running0$950
813+53PSawyer Phillips 12-8.580Running0$900
911+211NHarli White 12-10.112Running0$850
1014+420GNoah Gass 12-10.682Running0$825
1120+950YRJ.J. Hickle 12-11.558Running0$800
1212013JTMark Dobmeier 12-12.807Running0$775
1323+1035Zach Hampton 12-12.926Running0$750
1418+470Kraig Kinser 12-13.118Running0$725
1524+944Chris Martin 12-13.857Running0$700
1610-61MDon Droud Jr12-14.001Running0$675
1719+216AColby Copeland 12-14.597Running0$650
1822+495Matt Covington 12-15.866Running0$625
1915-416Brooke Tatnell 12-16.350Running0$600
2021+144PSkylar Prochaska 12-16.678Running0$575
2117-41AChase Dietz 12-16.858Running0$550
2216-620A.J. Moeller 12-17.836Running0$500
239-144JKevin Thomas Jr6-6 LapsDNF0$500
248-1617AUJamie Veal 6-6 LapsDNF0$500
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11042Sye Lynch 120.00012Running0$400
28+626Zeb Wise 12-1.166Running0$400
3307SRobbie Price 12-1.235Running0$400
46+218TTanner Holmes 12-4.338Running0$1,200
52-36BClint Garner 12-4.543Running0$1,110
611+51KKelby Watt 12-4.820Running0$1,000
717+101XJake Bubak 12-5.225Running0$950
821+133ZBrock Zearfoss 12-7.768Running0$900
913+425Lachlan McHugh 12-8.020Running0$850
104-624HKade Higday 12-10.859Running0$825
117-422Riley Goodno 12-11.382Running0$800
1216+491Kyle Reinhardt 12-11.425Running0$775
1312-110VCap Henry 12-12.892Running0$750
1410-4101Kalib Henry 12-13.267Running0$725
1515021TCole Macedo 12-13.690Running0$700
1614-283TTanner Carrick 12-14.701Running0$675
1724+755TMcKenna Haase 12-16.132Running0$650
1822+417XTerry McCarl 12-16.595Running0$625
1923+435BAustin Bishop 12-16.621Running0$600
2019-1105Cody Ihlen 12-17.909Running0$575
2120-1W19Trent Pigdon 11-1 LapsRunning0$550
2218-42KKKevin Ingle 8-4 LapsDNF0$500
235-1827Carson McCarl 0-12 LapsDNF0$500
249-1545Rusty Hickman 0-12 LapsDNF0$500
C Main Results
11044PSkylar Prochaska 100.0007Running0$200
23+13ZBrock Zearfoss 10-0.922Running0$200
32-195Matt Covington 10-1.0353Running0$200
45+117XTerry McCarl 10-3.525Running0$200
59+435Zach Hampton 10-3.942Running0$200
613+735BAustin Bishop 10-5.507Running0$200
711+444Chris Martin 10-5.889Running0$200
818+1055TMcKenna Haase 10-6.600Running0$200
915+6121R.J. Johnson 10-8.678Running0$600
101009HLandon Hansen 10-10.637Running0$550
114-715JRCole Mincer 10-11.326Running0$500
128-46XFrank Rodgers 10-12.708Running0$475
1319+64K2WMatt Wasmund 10-13.610Running0$450
1417+365Jordan Goldesberry 5-5 LapsDNF0$425
157-86Bill Rose 5-5 LapsDNF0$400
166-1037Ayden Gatewood 0-10 LapsDNS0$375
1712-5G5Gage Pulkrabek 0-10 LapsDNS0$350
1814-456Joe Simbro 0-10 LapsDNS0$325
1916-378Bill Wagner 0-10 LapsDNS0$300
2020015HSam Hafertepe Jr0-10 LapsDNS0$200
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
13+22David Gravel 80.0008Running
21-15CDylan Cisney 8-4.293Running
34+18Aaron Reutzel 8-4.482Running
45+117WShane Golobic 8-5.316Running
52-352Blake Hahn 8-6.646Running
66024TChristopher Thram 8-8.573Running
710+316AColby Copeland 8-10.281Running
8803PSawyer Phillips 8-10.691Running
911+23ZBrock Zearfoss 8-12.344Running
109-120A.J. Moeller 8-13.779Running
117-41MDon Droud Jr8-14.273Running
1213+1121R.J. Johnson 7-1 LapsRunning
1312-135Zach Hampton 0-8 LapsDNF
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+19PParker Price-Miller 80.0008Running
24+27TWBrandon Wimmer 8-1.245Running
31-222KKaleb Johnson 8-2.831Running
46+217AUJamie Veal 8-3.725Running
53-221HBrady Bacon 8-4.780Running
68+220GNoah Gass 8-7.047Running
710+350YRJ.J. Hickle 8-8.131Running
85-31CBrenham Crouch 8-8.788Running
9901AChase Dietz 8-10.853Running
107-311NHarli White 8-11.299Running
1112+144Chris Martin 8-12.439Running
1211-117XTerry McCarl 8-14.530Running
1313065Jordan Goldesberry 8-15.641Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11011Cory Eliason 80.0008Running
24+25TRyan Timms 8-1.735Running
32-149XTim Shaffer 8-3.605Running
43-119Brent Marks 8-4.589Running
55012XAyrton Gennetten 8-6.396Running
68+216Brooke Tatnell 8-8.081Running
79+270Kraig Kinser 8-9.825Running
87-113JTMark Dobmeier 8-9.873Running
96-34JKevin Thomas Jr8-12.303Running
1010044PSkylar Prochaska 8-12.959Running
1112+135BAustin Bishop 8-13.244Running
1211-16Bill Rose 8-17.276Running
131304K2WMatt Wasmund 7-1 LapsRunning
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1104CWChris Windom 80.0008Running
23+117BBill Balog 8-0.970Running
34+110Scott Bogucki 8-3.052Running
49+591Kyle Reinhardt 8-4.703Running
58+325Lachlan McHugh 8-4.922Running
62-46BClint Garner 8-5.706Running
76-126Zeb Wise 8-6.156Running
87-1101Kalib Henry 8-9.616Running
910+1105Cody Ihlen 8-11.839Running
1011+115JRCole Mincer 8-15.112Running
1112+19HLandon Hansen 8-20.358Running
125-727Carson McCarl 6-2 LapsDNF
1313078Bill Wagner 0-8 LapsDNF
Heat 5 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1103Tim Kaeding 80.0008Running
24+24WJamie Ball 8-0.649Running
3301Justin Henderson 8-2.214Running
42-27SRobbie Price 8-3.647Running
55018TTanner Holmes 8-5.884Running
68+283TTanner Carrick 8-7.453Running
713+655TMcKenna Haase 8-4.979Running
89+11XJake Bubak 8-7.696Running
97-21KKelby Watt 8-9.367Running
1011+137Ayden Gatewood 8-11.966Running
1110-1W19Trent Pigdon 5-3 LapsDNF
126-645Rusty Hickman 0-8 LapsDNF
1312-1G5Gage Pulkrabek 0-8 LapsDNF
Heat 6 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11039MJustin Sanders 80.0008Running
26+42KLynton Jeffrey 8-1.778Running
3302MDavey Heskin 8-4.392Running
44042Sye Lynch 8-5.023Running
52-324HKade Higday 8-6.531Running
67+110VCap Henry 8-7.211Running
710+395Matt Covington 8-8.624Running
85-322Riley Goodno 8-9.859Running
9902KKKevin Ingle 8-12.265Running
1011+16XFrank Rodgers 8-15.435Running
118-321TCole Macedo 0-8 LapsDNF
1212056Joe Simbro 0-8 LapsDNF
1313015HSam Hafertepe Jr0-8 LapsDNF
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
138Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX15.4250.000
2177TWBrandon Wimmer Fairmount, IN15.442-0.017
3215TRyan Timms Oklahoma City, OK15.479-0.054
4302David Gravel Watertown, CT15.510-0.085
53121HBrady Bacon Broken Arrow, OK15.574-0.149
63419Brent Marks Myerstown, PA15.589-0.164
71252Blake Hahn Sapulpa, OK15.591-0.166
829PParker Price-Miller Kokomo, IN15.594-0.169
91949XTim Shaffer Aliquippa, PA15.600-0.175
10295CDylan Cisney Port Royal, PA15.652-0.227
11822KKaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD15.690-0.265
121311Cory Eliason Visalia, CA15.721-0.296
132817WShane Golobic Fremont, CA15.722-0.297
14261CBrenham Crouch Lubbock, TX15.734-0.309
15512XAyrton Gennetten Versailles, MO15.738-0.313
16724TChristopher Thram Sanborn, MN15.754-0.329
172517AUJamie Veal Warrnambool, VIC15.756-0.331
18114JKevin Thomas JrCullman, AL15.756-0.331
19181MDon Droud JrLincoln, NE15.769-0.344
201011NHarli White Lindsay, OK15.775-0.350
211413JTMark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND15.795-0.370
22243PSawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA15.866-0.441
233720GNoah Gass Mounds, OK15.870-0.445
243916Brooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW15.881-0.456
252020A.J. Moeller Rockwell City, IA15.890-0.465
26361AChase Dietz York, PA15.891-0.466
273270Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN15.896-0.471
281516AColby Copeland Roseville, CA15.906-0.481
29950YRJ.J. Hickle Quilcene, WA15.925-0.500
303844PSkylar Prochaska Lakefield, MN15.928-0.503
31223ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA15.963-0.538
32617XTerry McCarl Altoona, IA16.039-0.614
33166Bill Rose Plainfield, IN16.050-0.625
343535Zach Hampton Mooresville, IN16.132-0.707
352744Chris Martin Ankeny, IA16.169-0.744
36435BAustin Bishop Elverson, PA16.322-0.897
3723121R.J. Johnson Tampa, FL16.462-1.037
38165Jordan Goldesberry Springfield, IL16.537-1.112
39334K2WMatt Wasmund Jackson, MN16.657-1.232
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1210Scott Bogucki Mclaren Vale, SA15.5080.000
2214WJamie Ball Knoxville, IA15.736-0.228
32542Sye Lynch Cowansville, PA15.799-0.291
42817BBill Balog North Pole, AK15.841-0.333
5141Justin Henderson Tea, SD15.849-0.341
6122MDavey Heskin St. Michael, MN15.966-0.458
786BClint Garner Sioux Falls, SD15.976-0.468
877SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC15.978-0.470
9524HKade Higday Pleasant Hill, IA15.995-0.487
1044CWChris Windom Canton, IL16.003-0.495
11153Tim Kaeding San Jose, CA16.019-0.511
121339MJustin Sanders Aromas, CA16.031-0.523
13927Carson McCarl Altoona, IA16.043-0.535
142218TTanner Holmes Jacksonville, OR16.047-0.539
15622Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA16.110-0.602
162026Zeb Wise Angola, IN16.119-0.611
172645Rusty Hickman Tullamarine, VIC16.137-0.629
18392KLynton Jeffrey Prairie City, IA16.151-0.643
1911101Kalib Henry Sacramento, CA16.152-0.644
20311KKelby Watt Adel, IA16.200-0.692
212410VCap Henry Bellevue, OH16.203-0.695
222725Lachlan McHugh Gold Coast, QLD16.205-0.697
23383TTanner Carrick Lincoln, CA16.271-0.763
243821TCole Macedo Lemoore, CA16.338-0.830
253291Kyle Reinhardt Neptune City, NJ16.353-0.845
26171XJake Bubak Arvada, CO16.366-0.858
27292KKKevin Ingle Huron, SD16.380-0.872
2816105Cody Ihlen Pipestone, MN16.431-0.923
2935W19Trent Pigdon , 16.477-0.969
303695Matt Covington Glenpool, OK16.603-1.095
313415JRCole Mincer Burlington, IA16.612-1.104
323337Ayden Gatewood Caruthersville, MO16.670-1.162
33306XFrank Rodgers Lucas, IA17.345-1.837
34199HLandon Hansen Newton, IA17.464-1.956
351G5Gage Pulkrabek East Grand Forks, MN17.464-1.956
361056Joe Simbro Pleasantville, IA17.464-1.956
371878Bill Wagner , 17.464-1.956
382355TMcKenna Haase Des Moines, IA17.464-1.956
393715HSam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX17.464-1.956
Hot Laps Results
13419Brent Marks Myerstown, PA15.7970.000
2782KLynton Jeffrey Prairie City, IA15.819-0.022
33916Brooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW15.827-0.030
44110Scott Bogucki Mclaren Vale, SA15.829-0.032
53121HBrady Bacon Broken Arrow, OK15.842-0.045
63720GNoah Gass Mounds, OK15.900-0.103
77191Kyle Reinhardt Neptune City, NJ15.916-0.119
83844PSkylar Prochaska Lakefield, MN16.011-0.214
9302David Gravel Watertown, CT16.025-0.228
106442Sye Lynch Cowansville, PA16.026-0.229
11223ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA16.034-0.237
12604WJamie Ball Knoxville, IA16.036-0.239
13543Tim Kaeding San Jose, CA16.038-0.241
14512MDavey Heskin St. Michael, MN16.048-0.251
156255TMcKenna Haase Des Moines, IA16.049-0.252
16531Justin Henderson Tea, SD16.061-0.264
17467SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC16.090-0.293
18361AChase Dietz York, PA16.093-0.296
19215TRyan Timms Oklahoma City, OK16.148-0.351
202517AUJamie Veal Warrnambool, VIC16.163-0.366
21261CBrenham Crouch Lubbock, TX16.166-0.369
226717BBill Balog North Pole, AK16.181-0.384
235926Zeb Wise Angola, IN16.203-0.406
2450101Kalib Henry Sacramento, CA16.208-0.411
25334K2WMatt Wasmund Jackson, MN16.239-0.442
266625Lachlan McHugh Gold Coast, QLD16.247-0.450
276118TTanner Holmes Jacksonville, OR16.252-0.455
2823121R.J. Johnson Tampa, FL16.255-0.458
29561XJake Bubak Arvada, CO16.256-0.459
305239MJustin Sanders Aromas, CA16.310-0.513
317595Matt Covington Glenpool, OK16.317-0.520
322744Chris Martin Ankeny, IA16.318-0.521
333270Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN16.321-0.524
344827Carson McCarl Altoona, IA16.324-0.527
354522Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA16.334-0.537
36295CDylan Cisney Port Royal, PA16.340-0.543
37434CWChris Windom Canton, IL16.355-0.558
386310VCap Henry Bellevue, OH16.356-0.559
394283TTanner Carrick Lincoln, CA16.358-0.561
40243PSawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA16.362-0.565
41476BClint Garner Sioux Falls, SD16.381-0.584
427615HSam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX16.381-0.584
433535Zach Hampton Mooresville, IN16.383-0.586
4455105Cody Ihlen Pipestone, MN16.389-0.592
45701KKelby Watt Adel, IA16.409-0.612
464424HKade Higday Pleasant Hill, IA16.422-0.625
477721TCole Macedo Lemoore, CA16.439-0.642
487237Ayden Gatewood Caruthersville, MO16.529-0.732
4974W19Trent Pigdon , 16.549-0.752
5040G5Gage Pulkrabek East Grand Forks, MN16.551-0.754
512817WShane Golobic Fremont, CA16.687-0.890
52682KKKevin Ingle Huron, SD16.743-0.946
5338Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX16.838-1.041
544956Joe Simbro Pleasantville, IA16.876-1.079
557315JRCole Mincer Burlington, IA16.900-1.103
561949XTim Shaffer Aliquippa, PA16.960-1.163
571311Cory Eliason Visalia, CA16.980-1.183
58181MDon Droud JrLincoln, NE17.075-1.278
5929PParker Price-Miller Kokomo, IN17.201-1.404
606545Rusty Hickman Tullamarine, VIC17.215-1.418
61512XAyrton Gennetten Versailles, MO17.235-1.438
621413JTMark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND17.261-1.464
63435BAustin Bishop Elverson, PA17.293-1.496
64114JKevin Thomas JrCullman, AL17.335-1.538
652020A.J. Moeller Rockwell City, IA17.375-1.578
661252Blake Hahn Sapulpa, OK17.420-1.623
67696XFrank Rodgers Lucas, IA17.435-1.638
68724TChristopher Thram Sanborn, MN17.447-1.650
69166Bill Rose Plainfield, IN17.455-1.658
701516AColby Copeland Roseville, CA17.463-1.666
71589HLandon Hansen Newton, IA17.471-1.674
721011NHarli White Lindsay, OK17.590-1.793
73950YRJ.J. Hickle Quilcene, WA17.591-1.794
74165Jordan Goldesberry Springfield, IL17.763-1.966
75617XTerry McCarl Altoona, IA17.897-2.100
76822KKaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD17.913-2.116
775778Bill Wagner , 18.896-3.099
78177TWBrandon Wimmer Fairmount, IN18.896-3.099
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Knoxville Nationals
Friday, August 11, 2023
Knoxville Raceway
1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, Iowa 50138 

Event Description
It's The Granddaddy of 'Em All! The 62nd Knoxville Nationals brings the best of the best to Iowa for this four-day Crown Jewel with a million-dollar purse and Sprint Car immortality available.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

Event Schedule
8 a.m. Knoxville Raceway Ticket Office opens
10 a.m. Vendors Open in Fan Zone
10 a.m., 12 p.m., 1:30 p.m. Fan Forums at National Sprint Car Hall of Fame
11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. Autograph Sessions at National Sprint Car Hall of Fame
Noon Food Vendors Open
2 p.m. Pit Gate Opens
5:00 p.m. Grandstands Open
7:15 p.m. Hot Laps

*All times Central

Ticket Options  
Ticket Phone

Options And Prices
Single Day tickets and 2-, 3-, and 4-day Packages available.

Grandstand Type
Bleachers/ Chairbacks

Family Section Location
Sections I & J

Handicapped Seating Location
Located in the front stretch grandstands. Wheelchairs and scooters seating is available in row 39 (AA & BB) Also is section D, row 1

Pit Age Requirement
Aged 17 and under require parent waivers - Aged 12 and under must remain in vehicle or the fenced in area between turns 1 and 2. All pit fees apply. All ages same price

Parking Cost

Handicapped Parking Location
Behind the front stretch grandstands and behind Dyer-Hudson Hall.

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
camping at the North Campground for $160 for 4 days. Water and electric hookups are available.

Frequently Asked Questions  
Type of Grandstand
Bleachers/ Chairbacks

Stadium Seating
Foam or other seat cushions are permitted as long as they are not more than 20" wide. Stadiums seats are NOT ALLOWED

Handicapped Seating
Located in the front stretch grandstands. Wheelchairs and scooters seating is available in row 39 (AA & BB) Also is section D, row 1

Handicapped Parking
Behind the front stretch grandstands and behind Dyer-Hudson Hall.

Pit Age Limit
Aged 17 and under require parent waivers - Aged 12 and under must remain in vehicle or the fenced in area between turns 1 and 2. All pit fees apply. All ages same price

Personal Coolers

Soft side, collapsible coolers no bigger than 6-pack size and empty are allowed


Alcohol Sales
Alcohol is available at the track

Smoking Policy
All grandstands are non-smoking. Smoking areas are available underneath stands.

Family Section
Sections I & J

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
camping at the North Campground for $160 for 4 days. Water and electric hookups are available.

Track Info  

Knoxville Raceway
1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, Iowa 50138 

Track Phone
(641) 842-5431

Ticket Phone

Track Size

Track Type
Semi-banked clay oval

Sprint Car Track Record
14.351 seconds by Brian Brown on 5/22/21

Closest Airport
Des Moines International Airport

Track Map
Competitor Info  

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