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World of Outlaws Billy Winn Classic
Bedford Speedway | Bedford, Pennsylvania
Thursday, July 11, 2024
Race Recap  

NO SLEEP TILL BEDFORD: Bobby Pierce Wins Billy Winn Classic at Bedford Speedway For 24th World of Outlaws Triumph

The “Smooth Operator” led the final 44 laps to score his sixth World of Outlaws Feature of 2024


Bobby Pierce was not caught resting on Thursday night at Bedford Speedway.

Using track position to his advantage, the Oakwood, IL driver held off multiple championship contenders at bay for his 24th career World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Models win in the Billy Winn Classic.

From the start, Pierce went to work from the outside of the front row by challenging polesitter Brian Shirley for the lead. A battle that the No.32 Low Voltage Solutions overcame on the second lap of the 45-lap Feature.

Multiple cautions were thrown for tires going flat on a plethora of dirt Late Models, Pierce had to defend his position from New Berlin, IL driver Brandon Sheppard and Marshalltown, IA driver Ryan Gustin to retain the race lead.

Pierce had to manage his tires wisely while flying through the clean air in front of him and utilizing the high line around the 0.625-mile track to build the interval between himself and the other two drivers as the laps closed fast.

Crossing the twin checkered flags, Pierce became the winningest driver of the 2024 season with his sixth triumph, but the fireworks continued after the finish as Pierce damaged his left-rear in an attempt to avoid a spun out car in the middle of Turn 1. Despite the contact, it did not take away the joy of winning at the Pennsylvania racetrack.

“We’ve been on a roll lately,” Pierce said. “This was a new track so we didn’t know what to expect, but we rolled pretty good there. It reminded me of Port Royal Speedway. It’s fun going to these big tracks because you have a lot of speed. The straightaways are so long, so on the restarts, you had to build up the speed. It was a different challenge in Turn 1 compared to Turn 3. The car was awesome all day.”

Hannah Newhouse interviews Bobby Pierce
Hannah Newhouse talks to Bobby Pierce after winning (Emily Schwanke Photo)

Sheppard finished second at the conclusion of the Feature, extending his lead in the Series title chase by 34 points over Mooresville, NC driver Nick Hoffman. The result at Bedford is Sheppard’s eighth podium in the last 11 Feature races.

“I don’t think any of us knew where to be,” Sheppard said. “I was sticking it out and had to use the outside to get by (Gustin). I feel we had as good of a car as Bobby did. The car was awesome all day.

“We’ve got a lot better consistency now. You gotta find the right balance and fine tune it from there. It’s been great with the Longhorn guys. Apparently, I drive different compared to everyone, I have this weird style compared to others, but everyone has been a huge help from Longhorn, Bilstein, and all of the sponsors. We’ll just keep continuing to work.”

Gustin cemented the podium with his third-place finish. With his performance, “The Reaper” earned his fifth consecutive Series top-five finish as he gets ready for one his favorite tracks in Sharon Speedway on Friday and Saturday.

“It’s always fun getting to race with Brandon when he’s one of the cleanest guys in the pit area,” Gustin said. “This was a whole new program for us going into this year and it takes a lot of time and effort. There’s been a lot of sleepless nights to get here, but I feel like we’re on the right track for sure.”

Indiana, PA native Gregg Satterlee picked up his first top-five finish with the Series in 2024 with his fourth-place result, and Decorah, IA driver Tyler Bruening rounded out the top-five finishers in the Billy Winn Classic.


Dirt King Simulator Hottest Hot Lap: Brandon Sheppard

Simpson Quick Time Award: Bobby Pierce

Heat Race Winners: Bobby Pierce, Cade Dillard, Brandon Sheppard, Brian Shirley

Last Chance Showdown Winners: Max McLaughlin, Jakob Piper

Bilstein Pole Award: Brian Shirley

Fox Factory Hard Charger: Dennis Erb Jr

Up Next: The World of Outlaws CASE Late Models travel north to Ohio’s Sharon Speedway for two days of racing on Friday and Saturday, July 12-13. For more information on the event and tickets, CLICK HERE.

In addition to the on-track action, Sharon Speedway will feature several off-track activities for fans on Saturday, including a cornhole tournament at noon (ET), water games in the campground on 2 p.m. and an autograph session at 4:30 p.m. 

If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all the action live on DIRTVision.

CASE Late Mode Feature (45 Laps): 1. 32-Bobby Pierce[2]; 2. B5-Brandon Sheppard[3]; 3. 19R-Ryan Gustin[8]; 4. 22-Gregg Satterlee[9]; 5. 16-Tyler Bruening[15]; 6. 28-Dennis Erb Jr[19]; 7. 19-Dustin Sorensen[13]; 8. 3S-Brian Shirley[1]; 9. 97JR-Cody Overton[7]; 10. 9-Nick Hoffman[5]; 11. 40B-Kyle Bronson[11]; 12. B1-Brent Larson[23]; 13. 97-Cade Dillard[4]; 14. 8-Matt Sponaugle[16]; 15. 39-Timothy Smith Jr[25]; 16. 14W-Dustin Walker[24]; 17. 20TC-Tristan Chamberlain[20]; 18. 119-Bryan Bernheisel[14]; 19. 0-Rick Eckert[12]; 20. 22*-Max McLaughlin[17]; 21. 92-Jeff Rine[21]; 22. 2T-Kyle Lee[10]; 23. 1C-Alex Ferree[6]; 24. 21-Jakob Piper[18]; 25. 24-Dylan Yoder[22]

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Feature Results
12+132Bobby Pierce 460.00045Running150$15,000
23+1B5Brandon Sheppard 46-0.838Running146$7,000
38+519RRyan Gustin 46-1.519Running144$4,000
49+522Gregg Satterlee 46-2.190Running142$3,500
515+1016Tyler Bruening 45-1 LapsRunning140$3,200
619+1328Dennis Erb Jr45-1 LapsRunning138$3,000
713+619Dustin Sorensen 45-1 LapsRunning136$2,700
81-73SBrian Shirley 45-1 Laps1Running134$2,500
97-297JRCody Overton 45-1 LapsRunning132$2,300
105-59Nick Hoffman 45-1 LapsRunning130$2,200
1111040BKyle Bronson 45-1 LapsRunning128$2,100
1223+11B1Brent Larson 45-1 LapsRunning126$2,000
134-997Cade Dillard 45-1 LapsRunning124$1,700
1416+28Matt Sponaugle 45-1 LapsRunning122$1,600
1525+1039 45-1 LapsRunning120$1,400
1624+814WDustin Walker 45-1 LapsRunning118$1,300
1720+320TCTristan Chamberlain 45-1 LapsRunning116$1,200
1814-4119Bryan Bernheisel 45-1 LapsRunning114$1,200
1912-70Rick Eckert 44-2 LapsRunning112$1,200
2017-322*Max McLaughlin 34-12 LapsRunning110$1,200
2121092Jeff Rine 31-15 LapsRunning108$1,200
2210-122TKyle Lee 31-15 LapsRunning106$1,200
236-171CAlex Ferree 27-19 LapsRunning104$1,200
2418-621Jakob Piper 21-25 LapsRunning104$1,200
2522-324Dylan Yoder 2-44 LapsRunning104$1,200
FOX Factory Hard Charger: Dennis Erb Jr
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11032Bobby Pierce 00.000Running
25+319RRyan Gustin 0-2.825Running
33022Gregg Satterlee 0-3.927Running
46+219Dustin Sorensen 0-4.638Running
57+222*Max McLaughlin 0-5.433Running
64-292Jeff Rine 0-10.328Running
78+116HClinton Hersh 0-10.748Running
89+1EZ1 0-14.961Running
92-725ZMason Zeigler 0113.042Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11097Cade Dillard 00.000Running
2209Nick Hoffman 0-0.835Running
33040BKyle Bronson 0-2.667Running
45+116Tyler Bruening 0-4.080Running
57+228Dennis Erb Jr0-7.009Running
68+23 0-11.246Running
74-32J 0117.592Running
86-268 0137.780Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
110B5Brandon Sheppard 00.000Running
23+197JRCody Overton 0-0.812Running
35+22TKyle Lee 0-4.593Running
42-2119Bryan Bernheisel 0-6.106Running
54-121Jakob Piper 0-8.048Running
67+139 0-8.668Running
76-124Dylan Yoder 0-12.882Running
88075 0-17.362Running
99014WDustin Walker 0-17.362Running
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
14+33SBrian Shirley 00.000Running
21-11CAlex Ferree 0-3.062Running
35+20Rick Eckert 0-4.170Running
43-18Matt Sponaugle 0-4.808Running
56+120TCTristan Chamberlain 0-7.067Running
67+1B1Brent Larson 0-8.458Running
78+15 0-9.738Running
82-666Justin Kann 0-10.440Running
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1132Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL19.0940.000
2997Cade Dillard Robeline, LA19.413-0.319
3325ZMason Zeigler Chalk Hill, PA19.419-0.325
449Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC19.446-0.352
51022Gregg Satterlee Indiana, PA19.541-0.447
61540BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL19.661-0.567
7592Jeff Rine Danville, PA19.681-0.587
8122J , 19.692-0.598
9819RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA19.799-0.705
101416Tyler Bruening Decorah, IA19.849-0.755
111319Dustin Sorensen Rochester, MN19.860-0.766
12668 , 20.002-0.908
13222*Max McLaughlin , 20.010-0.916
141728Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL20.153-1.059
151616HClinton Hersh Somerset, PA20.208-1.114
1673 , 20.363-1.269
1711EZ1 , 20.870-1.776
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
12B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL19.5300.000
271CAlex Ferree Saxonburg, PA19.683-0.153
33119Bryan Bernheisel Jonestown, PA19.707-0.177
41066Justin Kann Huntingdon, PA19.734-0.204
51597JRCody Overton Evans, GA19.740-0.210
648Matt Sponaugle Wiley Ford, WV19.805-0.275
7121Jakob Piper Mercersburg, PA19.912-0.382
893SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL19.965-0.435
962TKyle Lee Mercersburg, PA19.992-0.462
1050Rick Eckert York, PA19.996-0.466
111724Dylan Yoder Middleburg, PA19.996-0.466
121120TCTristan Chamberlain Richmond, IN20.009-0.479
13839 , 20.199-0.669
1416B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN20.467-0.937
151375 , 20.566-1.036
16125 , 20.685-1.155
171414WDustin Walker Polk, MO0.00019.530
Hot Laps Results
119B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL19.4870.000
2132Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL19.559-0.072
31540BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL19.575-0.088
420119Bryan Bernheisel Jonestown, PA19.638-0.151
53297JRCody Overton Evans, GA19.674-0.187
63424Dylan Yoder Middleburg, PA19.693-0.206
71022Gregg Satterlee Indiana, PA19.712-0.225
8819RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA19.730-0.243
949Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC19.730-0.243
10263SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL19.737-0.250
11218Matt Sponaugle Wiley Ford, WV19.758-0.271
12220Rick Eckert York, PA19.825-0.338
132539 , 19.852-0.365
14997Cade Dillard Robeline, LA19.873-0.386
151416Tyler Bruening Decorah, IA19.876-0.389
162820TCTristan Chamberlain Richmond, IN19.886-0.399
17232TKyle Lee Mercersburg, PA19.931-0.444
181319Dustin Sorensen Rochester, MN19.983-0.496
19122J , 20.029-0.542
20325ZMason Zeigler Chalk Hill, PA20.037-0.550
21592Jeff Rine Danville, PA20.197-0.710
2233B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN20.233-0.746
231728Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL20.249-0.762
241616HClinton Hersh Somerset, PA20.270-0.783
25295 , 20.306-0.819
2673 , 20.328-0.841
272766Justin Kann Huntingdon, PA20.332-0.845
281821Jakob Piper Mercersburg, PA20.350-0.863
29222*Max McLaughlin , 20.517-1.030
30668 , 20.762-1.275
313114WDustin Walker Polk, MO20.769-1.282
3211EZ1 , 20.921-1.434
333075 , 21.321-1.834
34241CAlex Ferree Saxonburg, PA21.321-1.834
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Event Info  

World of Outlaws Billy Winn Classic
Thursday, July 11, 2024
Bedford Speedway
702 W. Pitt St.
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522 

Event Description

The World of Outlaws Late Models will return to Bedford Speedway on Thursday, July 11, as part of a new three-day weekend in the northeast before the Series returns to Sharon Speedway the following two days.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Late Model Series

To Win Amount

Event Schedule

Pit Gates: 3PM

Grandstand Gates: 5PM

Hot Laps: 7PM

*All times Eastern

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Ticket Phone

Options And Prices

Spectator tickets: $35

Kids 12 & under: Free

Handicapped Seating Location

Pit Pass Price


Parking Cost


Handicapped Parking Location

Located behind the main grandstand. Limited spaces.

Camping Availability

Dry and hookup spots are available. Camping is controlled by the Bedford Fair Assoc.: please call 814-623-9011.

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Handicapped Seating

Handicapped Parking

Located behind the main grandstand. Limited spaces.

Alcohol Sales

Alcohol is permitted to be brought into the speedway. Glass is not permitted.

Parking Cost


Camping Availability

Dry and hookup spots are available. Camping is controlled by the Bedford Fair Assoc.: please call 814-623-9011.

Track Info  

Bedford Speedway
702 W. Pitt St.
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522 

Track Phone
(814) 623-0500

Ticket Phone

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Size

Late Model Track Record
18.490 by Tyler Bare on 9/28/18

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Tire Rules
Left Front Tire: Open (Hoosier Only)
Left Rear & Right Front Tire: Hoosier (90) NLMT2, (90) NLMT3
Right Rear Tire: Hoosier (92) NLMT2, (92) NLMT3, (92) NLMT4
**Grooving & Siping will be allowed**

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