New Year-New Look: Elite Reveals it’s new look for 2011

In fashion, either you’re in or you’re out. Every season styles and fashions change, and when they do people rush to the store to get the latest fashions. It seems odd, but the same applies when it comes to auto racing paint schemes. Only fans run to get new merchandise with the new car on it and rush to the track to get a glimpse of what the new car looks like. Elite Racing is going to cut the suspense by revealing their 2011 look before setting a tire on the track on Wednesday night for their first race of the season.  



The 2011 look features the same red and black that Elite Racing fans are familiar with, but there is a slight twist. Designed by Jeff Sorrell, the paint scheme features a white marble finish which is on the wing and side of the car. Michel Romps with Motorsports Deigns worked carefully with Sorrell, to translate the design onto the racecar. The look of the car is so cool, we decided to photograph it on ice.


“We came up with an idea of what we wanted for this year,” explained Meyers. “We have had the same look the last few years so we felt like it was time to do something a little different. We wanted to try something to make the car stand out on the racetrack better. After winning the championship last year, we wanted to start with something fresh for 2011. We went to Jeff with a couple of ideas and he turned them into reality. Jeff Sorrel is an incredible artist and Motorsports Designs has an incredible team. You cannot always take what you have on paper and make it look exactly that way on the racecar, but they have the incredible ability to do that.”


Along with the paint scheme, Meyers will be beginning 2011 with two new Indocil Art designed Bell Helmets. Ryan Young designed both helmets and he has been designing helmets for Meyers for the past two seasons. The first is a matte finish helmet that mimics the tribal markings on the car’s wing and side panels. The second helmet is the championship design and features Meyers’ home state of California with a map of the United States and a large star over his home of Clovis, California. It also has a 2010 Championship design on the back. Both helmets promise to be sharp both on and off the track.


“Ryan and Indocil Art do a great job with our helmets,” Meyers added. “We just sent them a photo of what the car was going to look like and let them go crazy with the design.”


More photos of both the car and helmets are posted on the team’s website and facebook fan page at:!/paes/Jason-Meyers-Fan-Site/172476339462584.