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PENALTY REPORT: Jeff Halligan suspended, fined for failing tire test


World of Outlaws officials have issued a suspension and fine to Sprint Car Driver Jeff Halligan and Team Jeff Halligan Racing for failing a tire test after competing with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series at Lincoln Speedway on July 23.

Tire samples were taken from the right rear tire Halligan used during time trials at the event and sent to an independent laboratory for testing of chemically altering substances in the tires in a comparative analysis.

The test revealed the tire had been altered and did not match or conform to the benchmarks provided by Hoosier Tire Company. Additional analysis verified the primary laboratory findings.

Due to the violation, Halligan has been fined, in total, $2,920 – $2,000 fine, $120 tire analysis fee and loss of the $800 purse winnings from the event – suspended from all World Racing Group events for the remainder of the 2020 season and lost 1,000 Series points for the 2020 season.

The Series’ ruling on tires is as follows:

15.10 Tires

B. The altering of any tire compound, by any means will not be permitted. Chemical alteration of the tread carcass and/or tread compound, such as tire “soaking” and or the introduction of tread “softener” and/or the physical defacement (removal, altering and/or covering) of tire sidewall markings in any manner will not be permitted. If any competitor is found to have altered their tires any penalty deemed appropriate by World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials may be issued. The rear drive tires may be protested by another competitor following the protest rules as stated in section 11.2.

  • a. Any tire may be inspected and/or analyzed for alteration at any time. This will consist of a process as determined by the independent laboratory that performs the analysis. A “Chain of Custody” process will be outlined with the competitor upon inspection of the tires.
    b. The analysis process will require shipment of the tire to the selected laboratory. Additional race event(s) may be completed before a determination is made. If a penalty is issued, the event(s) that fell into the analysis time period while the tire(s) were being analyzed will be considered as part of the penalty time period.

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