Kerry Madsen – On the Podium at the Grove Open!

(Bill W) October 10, 2012 – It was a solid week for Kerry Madsen and the Keneric Racing #29 team.  A third place finish in the prelim at the Morgan Hughes Williams Grove Open highlighted the last ten days.  The St. Mary’s, New South Wales, Australia native also came home a solid fourth in Saturday’s World of Outlaws run at the Rolling Wheels Raceway in New York.

With fifty-plus of the best sprinters in the eastern United States gathered at Williams Grove Speedway, Kerry did what he had to do in preliminary action.  “We were definitely pleased to come out fourth quick,” he says.  “The car was really really good in the heat (second from fourth) and the Dash (win) too.”

Kerry shot out to the early advantage.  “We were able to get out and get a good lead there,” he says.  “The car was excellent!  Then after sixteen laps, we had a caution.”


He may have thought a little too much before the double-wide restart.  “I had been running the bottom,” says Kerry.  “I thought I would try to block and run the middle.  I spun the tires a bit and Paul (McMahan) got under me.  That was the race right there.”


Eventually, he would checker third in the prelim.  “Paul and (Greg) Hodnett were better than me at the end of the race,” admits Kerry.  “We were happy to land on the podium, definitely.  Running third at the Grove isn’t an easy thing to do.”


The next night, action would end in the B main after a qualifying lap netted twenty-fifth.  It seemed Kerry was always a spot out of a transfer.  “That’s the Grove,” he says.  “You can win one night, and miss the show the next.  It was a result of our qualifying.  If you are a tick off at the Grove in time trials, you are in for a long night.  To top it off, Steve and Kraig (Kinser) got the provisionals, so we had to watch from the trailer.”


Still, the prelim built confidence.  “It’s good to know we can win there,” says Kerry.  “We definitely can do it.  That will be a good feeling going back.  We know we can run towards the front.”

Kerry struck for tenth quick last Saturday at Rolling Wheels.  “We had a good run.  We qualified o.k.  We went out late, so it wasn’t bad for that.  We won the heat, but unfortunately, we lost a couple of spots in the Dash on the restart (finishing fourth).”


He would maintain his starting spot and checker fourth in the main event.  “In the feature, we came out and had a really good racecar,” says Kerry.  “We were battling with (Donny) Schatz for third.  We came on well there at the end.  We had a good racecar.  The car was great.  If I could have driven a little better, we could have had a better result.”

Saturday, the WoO will make up their August date at the “Ironman 55” at the I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Missouri.  Kerry will start on the pole in the afternoon make-up.  It will be followed by a full program at night.  “It should be a no-brainer mate (laughing)!” he says of his chances starting on the pole.  “Just lead 55 and get the victory!  I hope it doesn’t rubber up too early, actually.  Fifty-five laps on the tires is a lot.  At some point, you would think it would.  It will be a matter of getting a good start, and keeping an eye on the track.  The groove will change a few times I imagine.”

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