A message from World of Outlaws Series Director Carlton Reimers regarding the rule changes for the 2019 season: 

Recently, the new 2019 Support Bar Rules that were developed as a result of the Knoxville Nationals Chassis Manufactures’ meeting and the Sprint Car Council meeting were released. Since the release numerous suggestions and alternatives have been forthcoming. Some of them good; some not so good. After continued discussions and consideration the 2019 Support Bar Rules have been amended to allow the following:

First, the Curved Support Bar, as long as it meets the minimum spec size of 1.375 X .083, can have a gusset support brace, as depicted in the provided diagram, that will bring it into compliance of the 20” maximum span spec for the roll cage top rails. Implementing this adjustment, in some cases, will prevent the need to move existing “Safety Bars” and/or the need to change existing paneling, while still addressing the need to better brace the roll cage top rails.

Secondly, the alternative Support Bar is permitted to have a slight curve in its design to allow for driver elbow room and/or to enhance the welding surface. This bar must still connect to the roll cage rear upright no higher than 7” from the hip rail. See provided diagram. This change should not adversely affect the bracing qualities of the bar and this bar design is necessary to accommodate some existing chassis designs.

It should be noted that these 2 amendments do not change or alter the 2019 rule changes that were released August 22, 2018. These amendments are only meant to enhance the effectiveness of the new rules. For reference see the August 22 release.