Night before the Ironman
Friday, August 04, 2023
Race Recap  

CONFIDENCE FORGED: Spencer Bayston Breaks Winless Streak With I-55 Victory

A winless drought can cause doubt to form for even the strongest teams. Such was the case for Spencer Bayston, heading into the Ironman weekend with a winless streak dating back to June 2022.

The 2022 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year never lost faith. But doubt asked when, and if, a win would come again.

Confidence answered, Friday night at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 for the Night Before The Ironman.

While cut nine laps short due to an incident with the track fence, Bayston had already made himself untouchable in Feature. After taking the lead on Lap 5, he gapped the field by seconds, leading to he and CJB Motorsports’ first win of the season.

“You start to wonder if you can win again,” Bayston said. “You know, it’s been over a year. We have all the tools. We have great partners. Great members and a phenomenal car owner with Chad Clemens. There’re times you start to question yourself. Just to get his out of the way feels really, really good.”

When it came time for the Feature, Cole Macedo started pole with David Gravel – the championship points leader entering the night – to his outside. Macedo darted ahead of the field in the first corner while Gravel looked to have an anchored tied to him and fell to fourth on the opening lap.

Brad Sweet moved up to second and Bayston wasn’t far behind in third. “The Big Cat” bicycled on the second lap, allowing Bayston to dive underneath him and steal the spot.

Two laps later, Macedo had his own scare, hitting a rut and bouncing all four wheels off the track. Like the camo on his #5 car, Bayston then made the pass for the lead so quick Macedo couldn’t have even seen it coming.

Once the CJB machine was in clear air out front, it was in a class of its own. Behind it, Sweet and Giovanni Scelzi soared by Macedo before sparring for second. The two traded attacks lap after lap, eventually letting James McFadden join in on the fight.

“Hot Sauce” won the battle and soon after benefited from a caution on Lap 19, erasing the four second lead Bayston had over him.

When the race resumed, Bayston pulled ahead but Scelzi wasn’t letting him out of his sight. However, the brewing battle was halted when Corey Day flipped into the Turn 4 fence, bringing out the red flag. With the fence damage too severe to fix for the night, the race was deemed complete.

Bayston’s drought was finally over.

“It feels so good,” Bayston said about getting his fifth career World of Outlaws win. “I know that’s not the normal, conventional, way to do it, but I was certainly happy for that one to be over. But I was so confident with my car and with what [my CJB Motorsports team] did with it there before the Feature to give me a car that was versatile and could move around through traffic and could battle. I was confident if we ran that one out, I could keep cutting my laps and we’d be in good shape.”

Spencer Bayston
Trent Gower photo

Scelzi had to settle for second, his second top-five finish in a row and third podium of the season.

“Good call to end the race; smart call by the officials,” Scelzi said.

Sweet finished third, adding to his insane I-55 statistics. Now, in 16 starts at the 1/3-mile track, he has 14 podium finishes.

With Gravel finishing eighth, Sweet also reclaimed the points lead – making for the ninth lead change of the season. The Grass Valley, CA driver now leads Gravel by two-points going into Saturday’s Ironman 55.

While the $20,000-to-win, 55-lap, spectacle is one of the most grueling races of the year, there’s at least one driver entering with no doubtful questions. Only confident answers.

The Night’s Notebook:
The KSE Racing Hard Charger was Logan Schuchart.

The night’s Simpson Performance Products QuickTime Award went to David Gravel for the eighth time in 2023 and the 105th time of his career.

CASE No.1 Engine Oil Heat 1 went to Cole Macedo (first Heat Race win of career). NOS Energy Drink Heats Two through Four were claimed by James McFadden (43rd of career), Brad Sweet (229th of career), and Giovanni Scelzi (33rd of career).

Cole Macedo topped the Toyota Racing Dash.

Jamie Veal topped the Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown.

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars take on the Ironman 55 finale at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 on Saturday, Aug. 5, with $20,000 going to the winner. The Xtreme Outlaw Midgets presented by Toyota will also be on the card vying for a $5,000 victory. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to the track, catch all of the action on DIRTVision.

NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps): 1. 5-Spencer Bayston[3]; 2. 18-Giovanni Scelzi[5]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet[4]; 4. 83-James McFadden[6]; 5. 21T-Cole Macedo[1]; 6. 11-Cory Eliason[7]; 7. 20G-Noah Gass[9]; 8. 2-David Gravel[2]; 9. 15-Donny Schatz[10]; 10. 45-Rusty Hickman[12]; 11. 41-Carson Macedo[11]; 12. 83JR-Michael Kofoid[13]; 13. 14-Corey Day[15]; 14. 31-Zach Daum[16]; 15. 51B-Joe B Miller[14]; 16. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[17]; 17. 17AU-Jamie Veal[21]; 18. 7S-Robbie Price[19]; 19. 97-Scotty Milan[23]; 20. 1S-Logan Schuchart[25]; 21. 101-Cody Maroske[18]; 22. 22-Riley Goodno[24]; 23. 7A-Will Armitage[20]; 24. (DNF) 1A-Jacob Allen[22]; 25. (DNS) 17-Sheldon Haudenschild

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Feature Results
13+25Spencer Bayston 210.00017Running150$10,000
25+318Giovanni Scelzi 21-0.445Running146$5,500
34+149Brad Sweet 21-1.642Running144$3,200
46+283James McFadden 21-3.266Running142$2,600
51-421TCole Macedo 21-4.4514Running140$2,350
67+111Cory Eliason 21-4.959Running138$2,150
79+220GNoah Gass 21-5.033Running136$2,100
82-62David Gravel 21-5.922Running134$1,950
910+115Donny Schatz 21-6.402Running132$1,900
1012+245Rusty Hickman 21-6.864Running130$1,850
1111041Carson Macedo 21-7.338Running128$1,400
1213+183JRMichael Kofoid 20-1 LapsRunning126$1,200
1315+214Corey Day 20-1 LapsRunning124$1,000
1416+231Zach Daum 19-2 LapsRunning122$950
1514-151BJoe B. Miller 19-2 LapsRunning120$900
1617+13ZBrock Zearfoss 19-2 LapsRunning118$900
1721+417AUJamie Veal 19-2 LapsRunning116$900
1819+17SRobbie Price 19-2 LapsRunning114$900
1923+497Scotty Milan 19-2 LapsRunning112$900
2025+51SLogan Schuchart 19-2 LapsRunning110$900
2118-3101Cody Maroske 19-2 LapsRunning108$900
2224+222Riley Goodno 19-2 LapsRunning106$900
2320-37AWill Armitage 19-2 LapsRunning104$900
2422-21AJacob Allen 1-20 LapsDNF102$900
258-1717Sheldon Haudenschild 0-21 LapsDNS102$900
KSE Hard Charger: Logan Schuchart
Last Chance Showdown Results
11017AUJamie Veal 120.00012Running0$0
2201AJacob Allen 12-4.035Running0$0
34+197Scotty Milan 12-5.490Running0$0
47+322Riley Goodno 12-7.761Running0$0
56+149JJosh Schneiderman 12-8.392Running90$300
69+33NJake Neuman 12-9.554Running90$250
710+36Bill Rose 12-10.865Running90$225
814+671MCaden Englehart 12-10.876Running90$200
916+77DDylan Dejournett 11-1 LapsRunning90$200
108-223BBrian Bell 6-6 LapsDNF90$200
113-81SLogan Schuchart 4-8 LapsDNF0$0
125-737Ayden Gatewood 2-10 LapsDNF90$200
1311-22KKevin Ingle 0-12 LapsDNS90$200
1412-296Jake Blackhurst 0-12 LapsDNS90$200
1513-219Trent Pigdon 0-12 LapsDNS90$200
1615-170Kraig Kinser 0-12 LapsDNS90$200
Dash 1 Results
12+121TCole Macedo 80.0002Running0$0
24+22David Gravel 8-0.613Running0$0
3305Spencer Bayston 8-1.549Running0$0
45+149Brad Sweet 8-2.082Running0$0
56+118Giovanni Scelzi 8-2.659Running0$0
67+183James McFadden 8-3.904Running0$0
78+111Cory Eliason 8-4.356Running0$0
81-717Sheldon Haudenschild 6-2 Laps6Running0$0
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+121TCole Macedo 100.00010Running
21-12David Gravel 10-0.912Running
34+120GNoah Gass 10-3.450Running
43-183JRMichael Kofoid 10-4.353Running
5503ZBrock Zearfoss 10-5.209Running
6601AJacob Allen 10-7.162Running
77049JJosh Schneiderman 10-8.615Running
8803NJake Neuman 10-9.631Running
99019Trent Pigdon 0-10 LapsDNS
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11083James McFadden 100.00010Running
2205Spencer Bayston 10-0.788Running
33015Donny Schatz 10-2.962Running
46+251BJoe B. Miller 10-4.066Running
550101Cody Maroske 10-5.667Running
69+31SLogan Schuchart 10-7.206Running
74-317AUJamie Veal 10-8.554Running
87-16Bill Rose 10-11.349Running
98-171MCaden Englehart 10-11.782Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11049Brad Sweet 100.00010Running
23+111Cory Eliason 10-0.629Running
32-141Carson Macedo 10-2.468Running
45+114Corey Day 10-4.093Running
54-17SRobbie Price 10-6.433Running
66097Scotty Milan 10-7.633Running
77022Riley Goodno 10-9.914Running
8802KKevin Ingle 2-8 LapsDNF
99070Kraig Kinser 0-10 LapsDNS
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+118Giovanni Scelzi 100.00010Running
21-117Sheldon Haudenschild 10-0.538Running
34+145Rusty Hickman 10-3.027Running
43-131Zach Daum 10-4.384Running
5507AWill Armitage 10-6.288Running
66037Ayden Gatewood 10-8.635Running
79+223BBrian Bell 10-8.811Running
87-196Jake Blackhurst 6-4 LapsDNF
98-17DDylan Dejournett 4-6 LapsDNF
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1312David Gravel Watertown, CT10.4160.000
22883James McFadden Alice Springs, NT10.418-0.002
31649Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA10.449-0.033
4917Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH10.573-0.157
51121TCole Macedo Lemoore, CA10.594-0.178
6125Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN10.607-0.191
7141Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA10.633-0.217
83218Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA10.660-0.244
9483JRMichael Kofoid Penngrove, CA10.674-0.258
102215Donny Schatz Fargo, ND10.682-0.266
113311Cory Eliason Visalia, CA10.688-0.272
12831Zach Daum Pocahontas, IL10.734-0.318
131020GNoah Gass Mounds, OK10.781-0.365
141917AUJamie Veal Warrnambool, VIC10.807-0.391
15137SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC10.838-0.422
161445Rusty Hickman Tullamarine, VIC10.851-0.435
17243ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA10.869-0.453
1834101Cody Maroske Gold Coast, QLD10.896-0.480
193014Corey Day Clovis, CA10.911-0.495
20207AWill Armitage Athens, IL11.002-0.586
21351AJacob Allen Hanover, PA11.002-0.586
221851BJoe B. Miller Millersville, MO11.005-0.589
23397Scotty Milan Fort Collins, CO11.010-0.594
24537Ayden Gatewood Caruthersville, MO11.043-0.627
252549JJosh Schneiderman West Burlington, IA11.051-0.635
26176Bill Rose Plainfield, IN11.051-0.635
271522Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA11.053-0.637
28296Jake Blackhurst Hanna City, IL11.059-0.643
2963NJake Neuman New Berlin, IL11.174-0.758
302371MCaden Englehart Terre Haute, IN11.192-0.776
31272KKevin Ingle Huron, SD11.556-1.140
32217DDylan Dejournett New Madrid, MO12.910-2.494
33719Trent Pigdon , 12.910-2.494
34261SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA12.910-2.494
352970Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN12.910-2.494
363623BBrian Bell Arlington, TN12.910-2.494
Hot Laps Results
12883James McFadden Alice Springs, NT10.5850.000
23311Cory Eliason Visalia, CA10.623-0.038
3917Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH10.627-0.042
4312David Gravel Watertown, CT10.738-0.153
5831Zach Daum Pocahontas, IL10.740-0.155
6125Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN10.749-0.164
73218Giovanni Scelzi Fresno, CA10.778-0.193
83014Corey Day Clovis, CA10.802-0.217
9141Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA10.858-0.273
101917AUJamie Veal Warrnambool, VIC10.899-0.314
112549JJosh Schneiderman West Burlington, IA10.989-0.404
121445Rusty Hickman Tullamarine, VIC11.004-0.419
131020GNoah Gass Mounds, OK11.027-0.442
143623BBrian Bell Arlington, TN11.037-0.452
151649Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA11.057-0.472
16137SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC11.120-0.535
1734101Cody Maroske Gold Coast, QLD11.142-0.557
18397Scotty Milan Fort Collins, CO11.148-0.563
191851BJoe B. Miller Millersville, MO11.164-0.579
201121TCole Macedo Lemoore, CA11.185-0.600
21207AWill Armitage Athens, IL11.222-0.637
22296Jake Blackhurst Hanna City, IL11.242-0.657
23243ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA11.310-0.725
24351AJacob Allen Hanover, PA11.335-0.750
25537Ayden Gatewood Caruthersville, MO11.392-0.807
26176Bill Rose Plainfield, IN11.401-0.816
2763NJake Neuman New Berlin, IL11.471-0.886
282215Donny Schatz Fargo, ND11.575-0.990
291522Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA11.654-1.069
30272KKevin Ingle Huron, SD11.742-1.157
312371MCaden Englehart Terre Haute, IN12.756-2.171
32217DDylan Dejournett New Madrid, MO13.353-2.768
33261SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA14.766-4.181
34483JRMichael Kofoid Penngrove, CA10.787-0.202
35719Trent Pigdon , 0.00010.585
362970Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN0.00010.585
DIRTVision Highlights  
Event Info  
Night before the Ironman
Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55
1540 Herky-Horine
Pevely, Missouri 63070 

Event Description
Only the strongest and the fastest can prove they are worthy of the Ironman title in this grueling 55-lapper with $20,000-to-win on the line.

For the second consecutive year, the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Cars are accompanied by the Xtreme Outlaw Midgets, battling for $4,000 on Friday and $5,000 on Saturday.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

Support Divisions
Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
2PM Pit Gates open
5PM Grandstand Gates open on Friday
4PM Grandstand Gates open on Saturday
6:30PM Hot Laps/Qualifying with Opening Ceremonies and Racing to Follow
*All times Central

Ticket Options  
Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Options And Prices
2-Day Adult Reserved: $80 Advanced / $85 Day of
2-Day Adult GA: $70 Advanced / $75 Day of
2-Day Kids GA (12 and under): $20
Single Day Adult Reserved: $40 Advanced / $45 Day of
Single Day Adult GA: $35 Advanced / $40 Day of
Single Day Kids GA (12 and under): $10

2-Day Pit Pass: $90
Pit pass: $45


Grandstand Type

Reserved Seating
Sec ABC Sec K

Family Section Location

Handicapped Seating Location
End of all bleachers

Pit Pass Price
Pit gate is location near the drag strip entrance

Pit Age Requirement
No Age limit - All minor's require proper waiver

Pit Gate Location
Pit gate is location near the drag strip entrance

Parking Cost

Handicapped Parking Location
In front of main Gate

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
No Charge

Frequently Asked Questions  
Support Divisions
Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Sec ABC Sec K

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Stadium chairs allowed

Handicapped Seating
End of all bleachers

Handicapped Parking
In front of main Gate

Pit Age Limit
No Age limit - All minor's require proper waiver

Pit Gate Location
Pit gate is location near the drag strip entrance

Personal Coolers
No personal coolers allowed

Credit Card Use
Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Alcohol is available for sale at the track

Smoking Policy
No smoking in grandstands

Family Section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
No Charge

Track Info  

Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55
1540 Herky-Horine

Track Phone
(636) 479-3219

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Type
0.333; High-banked

Sprint Car Track Record
9.995 seconds by Kyle Larson on 5/22/20

Late Model Track Record
12.081 seconds by Billy Moyer on 6/23/07

Closest Airport

Other Airport
St. Louis

Pit Gate Location
Pit gate is location near the drag strip entrance

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Competitor Info
Midget Tire Rule:
Hoosier tires on all 4 corners.
LR must be D12 or harder.
RR MUST be (SP3 Only)
(Grooving and Siping is Allowed)
Teams can have (1) new and (2) used tires marked before Drivers meeting.

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