Titan Machinery Showdown
Red River Valley Speedway | West Fargo, North Dakota
Thursday, June 29, 2023
Race Recap  

NORTH DAKOTA WARRIOR: Mike Marlar Wins Titan Machinery Showdown at Red River Valley Speedway

Mike Marlar wasn’t sure if he could pass race leader Ryan Gustin Thursday night at Red River Valley Speedway. But on Lap 27, the 2018 World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series champion got the break he needed.

A flat tire forced Gustin to pit, handing the lead to Marlar with 13 laps to go. That was all he needed, leading the rest of the way to earn his first Series win of 2023 in the Titan Machinery Showdown.

Gustin led the field to the green in the 40-lap Feature, but a yellow flag came out in Turn 3 for an incident involving Germfree Lab Rookie of the Year contenders Dustin Walker and Nick Hoffman—one that knocked the Mooresville, NC driver out of the race.

The “Reaper” tried to get momentum out front, but several cautions slowed the field down, including one for Cade Dillard, who spun on Lap 15.

That Lap 15 restart is when Dennis Erb Jr. and Marlar tried to make a bid for the lead.

Marlar swung to the outside of the Erb in Turns 1 and 2, hoping to drive around him for second. But on that lap, Erb had the momentum as he stayed in front of the #157 in Turns 3 and 4. Then, the defending champion got a burst of speed down the front stretch as he saw an opening underneath Gustin.

However, that opening closed immediately, as Gustin shut the door in Turn 1, holding onto the lead. That loss of momentum cost Erb the second spot as Marlar passed him in Turn 2 and set his sights on Gustin.

The “Winfield Warrior” got another chance to wrestle the lead away from Gustin two laps later when the caution came out for Brent Larson on Lap 17.

On that restart, Marlar nosed ahead of him as they hit Turn 2. But it wasn’t enough, as Gustin powered back by him down the backstretch, seemingly on his way to victory.

However, the race’s outcome changed on Lap 26 when the caution flew for Chris Madden.

Gustin pitted with a right rear flat tire during that yellow flag, handing the lead to Marlar.

That was the opportunity Marlar needed, as he led the final 13 laps to score the $10,000 prize and his 14th career World of Outlaws CASE Late Models win.

Marlar was relieved after the race, knowing how hard it would’ve been to pass Gustin.

“We were having a heck of a race there,” Marlar said. “I almost got him off of [Turn] 2 over there, and I hit that hole and bounced out probably close to hitting him. I got out of the gas, and he got back by me.

“When the caution came out, I thought, man, how am I going to get around that guy? And then the answer appeared in front of me. It’s kind of weird how that happens. It happens to a lot of people, and I hate that it happened to him today. He was going to be tough to pass, especially with 13 to go when he had clear sailing.”

Marlar said one of the reasons Gustin was so tough to pass was that the track surface threw him a curveball.

“The track was odd tonight,” Marlar said. “It actually gained grip instead of losing it. Usually, it’s not like that. There was more grip off Turn 4 late in the race and in the middle, than there was early. So, I was able to find that and get out into the middle of the track and passed them guys.”

Tanner English crossed the line second, bouncing back after a flat tire cost him a potential win Tuesday at Mason City Motor Speedway.

The Benton, KY driver said his car might’ve been good enough to win but needed to stay ahead of Marlar in the first three laps.

“I think the key to winning was Marlar passing me there before that first restart when we went double-file,” English said. “He got to third, so it put him to the outside, and he just kind of stayed ahead. He was pretty good. I don’t know if we had anything for him if we stayed ahead. I just stayed on the bottom there that one time and should’ve moved up and got in his line. I tried to stay down there and find something, but there wasn’t anything left.”

Kyle Bronson finished third after an aggressive battle with Bobby Pierce for third.

The two made contact several times in the race’s closing stages, including when they touched in Turns 3 and 4, leaving Bronson sideways in the middle of the corner. The Brandon, FL driver saved it and drove back by Pierce on the backstretch to gain the final spot on the podium.

The third-place finish is Bronson’s best during World of Outlaws Heartland Speedweek after dealing with bad luck, including a broken rear-end and flat tire.

“We’ve been having fast cars, but things haven’t been going our way,” Bronson said. “You can’t help flat tires and broken rear ends and stuff like that when it happens. Our cars had speed in it besides Tuesday. Tuesday was the only day I felt like we lacked a little speed.

“Hopefully, this will get us back on track here and get us back to where we need to be running and get going. We still have a lot of racing left to go, and we’re looking forward to it.”

Brian Shirley finished fourth, and Pierce rounded out the top five.

Pierce extended his Series points lead to 48 points over Hoffman, and 52 ahead of Madden.

Gustin fell to ninth at the end of the race, holding onto his seven-race top 10 streak. He said he felt the Titan Machinery Showdown was his race to lose.

“That’s how it goes unfortunately,” Gustin said. “I feel like we pretty much had that one in the bag. But you win some, lose some, and have some flat tires every now and again.”

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws CASE Late Models head north to Grand Forks, ND on Friday, June 30 for visit to River Cities Speedway. Then, the Series finishes World of Outlaws Heartland Speedweek with a stop at I-94 EMR Speedway in Fergus Falls, MN on Saturday, July 1.

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CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Feature (40 Laps): 1. 157-Mike Marlar[5]; 2. 96V-Tanner English[2]; 3. 40B-Kyle Bronson[9]; 4. 3S-Brian Shirley[15]; 5. 32-Bobby Pierce[12]; 6. 28-Dennis Erb Jr[3]; 7. 25-Shane Clanton[22]; 8. 11-Gordy Gundaker[8]; 9. 19R-Ryan Gustin[1]; 10. B5-Brandon Sheppard[11]; 11. 15-Donny Schatz[19]; 12. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[17]; 13. 30-Todd Cooney[6]; 14. 97-Cade Dillard[4]; 15. 76-Blair Nothdurft[14]; 16. 00-Mitch Johnson[21]; 17. 18X-Shawn Meyer[18]; 18. 14W-Dustin Walker[7]; 19. 27-Rayce McCord[24]; 20. 44-Chris Madden[16]; 21. 1ST-Johnny Scott[20]; 22. B1-Brent Larson[13]; 23. 5E-Shane Edginton[23]; 24. 9-Nick Hoffman[10] FOX FACTORY HARD CHARGER: Shane Clanton [+15]

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Feature Results
15+4157Mike Marlar 400.00013Running150$10,000
22096VTanner English 40-1.286Running146$6,000
39+640BKyle Bronson 40-3.907Running144$3,500
415+113SBrian Shirley 40-5.808Running142$2,800
512+732Bobby Pierce 40-5.979Running140$2,500
63-328Dennis Erb Jr40-7.035Running138$2,300
722+1525Shane Clanton 40-7.236Running136$2,200
88011Gordy Gundaker 40-8.090Running134$2,100
91-819RRyan Gustin 40-8.18327Running132$2,050
1011+1B5Brandon Sheppard 40-8.829Running130$2,000
1119+815Donny Schatz 40-9.369Running128$1,600
1217+51TPOTyler Peterson 40-9.878Running126$1,400
136-730Todd Cooney 40-14.312Running124$1,200
144-1097Cade Dillard 40-14.770Running122$1,100
1514-176Blair Nothdurft 40-15.640Running120$1,050
1621+500Mitch Johnson 39-1 LapsRunning118$1,000
1718+118XShawn Meyer 39-1 LapsRunning116$1,000
187-1114WDustin Walker 38-2 LapsRunning114$1,000
1924+527Rayce McCord 38-2 LapsRunning112$1,000
2016-444Chris Madden 27-13 LapsDNF110$1,000
2120-11STJohnny Scott 27-13 LapsDNF108$1,000
2213-9B1Brent Larson 19-21 LapsDNF106$1,000
232305EShane Edginton 1-39 LapsDNF104$1,000
2410-149Nick Hoffman 0-40 LapsDNF104$1,000
FOX Factory Hard Charger: Shane Clanton
Last Chance Showdown Results
13+215Donny Schatz 00.000Running0$0
24+21STJohnny Scott 0-3.334Running0$0
31-200Mitch Johnson 0-4.450Running0$0
48+425Shane Clanton 0-4.741Running0$0
56+15EShane Edginton 0-6.625Running0$0
62-427Rayce McCord 0-8.211Running0$0
77044*Cole Schill 0-8.873Running100$110
85-302Dan Dowling 0-14.223Running100$110
99032HLindsey Hansen 067.104Running100$110
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+119RRyan Gustin 00.000Running
21-197Cade Dillard 0-0.940Running
35+214WDustin Walker 0-4.353Running
43-19Nick Hoffman 0-5.273Running
54-1B1Brent Larson 0-6.032Running
67+144Chris Madden 0-6.642Running
79+200Mitch Johnson 0-10.255Running
8801STJohnny Scott 0-10.821Running
96-344*Cole Schill 0-11.735Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+130Todd Cooney 00.000Running
21-1157Mike Marlar 0-0.747Running
33011Gordy Gundaker 0-1.511Running
440B5Brandon Sheppard 0-2.584Running
55076Blair Nothdurft 0-3.590Running
67+11TPOTyler Peterson 0-5.345Running
78+127Rayce McCord 0-11.873Running
89+102Dan Dowling 0-0.819Running
96-325Shane Clanton 099.679Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+128Dennis Erb Jr00.000Running
21-196VTanner English 0-2.087Running
34+140BKyle Bronson 0-3.231Running
43-132Bobby Pierce 0-3.640Running
56+13SBrian Shirley 0-4.414Running
65-118XShawn Meyer 0-5.263Running
77015Donny Schatz 0-6.436Running
8805EShane Edginton 0-9.407Running
99032HLindsey Hansen 032.151Running
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
11297Cade Dillard Robeline, LA14.2700.000
223157Mike Marlar Winfield, TN14.337-0.067
31796VTanner English Benton, KY14.432-0.162
41619RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA14.467-0.197
51830Todd Cooney Des Moines, IA14.468-0.198
62428Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL14.478-0.208
7219Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC14.550-0.280
8111Gordy Gundaker St. Charles, MO14.653-0.383
9432Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL14.660-0.390
1027B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN14.668-0.398
115B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL14.681-0.411
12340BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL14.688-0.418
13714WDustin Walker Polk, MO14.703-0.433
141476Blair Nothdurft Renner, SD14.767-0.497
152218XShawn Meyer Wahpeton, ND14.782-0.512
162544*Cole Schill Hawley, MN14.809-0.539
17925Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA14.824-0.554
1863SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL14.836-0.566
191144Chris Madden Gray Court, SC14.875-0.605
2081TPOTyler Peterson Hickson, ND14.878-0.608
212015Donny Schatz Fargo, ND15.001-0.731
22101STJohnny Scott Las Cruces, NM15.084-0.814
23227Rayce McCord , 15.147-0.877
24135EShane Edginton East St. Paul, MB15.323-1.053
251500Mitch Johnson Hickson, ND15.556-1.286
261902Dan Dowling Davenport, ND15.920-1.650
272632HLindsey Hansen Watertown, SD16.546-2.276
Hot Laps Results
12428Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL15.1990.000
21796VTanner English Benton, KY15.285-0.086
323157Mike Marlar Winfield, TN15.388-0.189
42544*Cole Schill Hawley, MN15.388-0.189
52218XShawn Meyer Wahpeton, ND15.418-0.219
61830Todd Cooney Des Moines, IA15.468-0.269
727B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN15.614-0.415
81476Blair Nothdurft Renner, SD15.662-0.463
92015Donny Schatz Fargo, ND15.679-0.480
10219Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC15.699-0.500
11340BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL15.719-0.520
12432Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL15.790-0.591
131297Cade Dillard Robeline, LA15.855-0.656
1463SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL15.875-0.676
15714WDustin Walker Polk, MO16.012-0.813
16111Gordy Gundaker St. Charles, MO16.103-0.904
171144Chris Madden Gray Court, SC16.149-0.950
18925Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA16.274-1.075
191619RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA16.415-1.216
205B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL16.455-1.256
21135EShane Edginton East St. Paul, MB16.608-1.409
221902Dan Dowling Davenport, ND16.806-1.607
2381TPOTyler Peterson Hickson, ND16.916-1.717
241500Mitch Johnson Hickson, ND17.004-1.805
25227Rayce McCord , 17.164-1.965
262632HLindsey Hansen Watertown, SD17.746-2.547
27101STJohnny Scott Las Cruces, NM17.746-2.547
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Event Info  
Titan Machinery Showdown
Red River Valley Speedway
1805 Main Ave W
West Fargo, North Dakota 58078 

Event Description
The World of Outlaws CASE Late Models make their return to Red River Valley Speedway for the first time since 2020, as the first of 2 stops in North Dakota.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Late Model Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
2PM Pit Gate opens
4PM Registration opens
5:30PM Grandstand opens
6:30PM Driver's Meeting
7PM Hot Laps & Qualifying

*all times Central
*All times Central

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Ticket Phone
(701) 388-6637

Options And Prices
$30 Advance Purchase Ticket (limited time)
$35 General Admission
$15 12-and-under
$40 Pit Pass

Grandstand Type

Reserved Seating
Upper Rows in Sections B-J

Family Section Location
Section E - no alcohol

Handicapped Seating Location
In front of Section B and in front of Sections H & I

Pit Age Requirement
There is not an age limit for the pit area at this event. Minors aged 17 and younger must submit a fully-executed minor “Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement/Minor's Assumption of Risk and Release and Waiver of Liability by.” These will be available at the Pit Ticket Windows.

Parking Cost

Camping Availability

Camping Cost
Call 1-701-282-2200 for camping

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To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Upper Rows in Sections B-J

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
seats are allowed

Handicapped Seating
In front of Section B and in front of Sections H & I

Pit Age Limit
There is not an age limit for the pit area at this event. Minors aged 17 and younger must submit a fully-executed minor “Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement/Minor's Assumption of Risk and Release and Waiver of Liability by.” These will be available at the Pit Ticket Windows.

Personal Coolers
No coolers allowed

Credit Card Use
Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
alcohol is available for purchase

Smoking Policy
Is there a Smoking Policy?
No smoking in grandstand. Smoking permitted in designated areas.

Family Section
Section E - no alcohol

Parking Cost

Camping Availability

Camping Cost
Call 1-701-282-2200 for camping

Track Info  

Red River Valley Speedway
1805 Main Ave W

Track Phone
(701) 388-6637

Ticket Phone
(701) 388-6637

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Type
0.375; Semi-banked

Sprint Car Track Record
11.460 seconds by Kasey Kahne on 8/21/21

Late Model Track Record
14.270 Seconds by Cade Dillard on 6/29/23

Closest Airport
Fargo, ND (FAR / KFAR) Hector International Airport

Other Airport
Grand Forks, ND (GFK / KGFK) Grand Forks International Airport

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Tire Rules
Left Front Tire: Hoosier (Open)
Left Rear & Right Front Tire: Hoosier (90) LM30, (90) W30, (90) NLMT3 Right Rear Tire: Hoosier (92) LM30, (92) W30, (92) NLMT3, (92) LM40, (92) NLMT4 **Grooving & Siping will be allowed**

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