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Dairyland Showdown
Mississippi Thunder Speedway | Fountain City, Wisconsin
Thursday, May 04, 2023
Race Recap  

GETTING THE JUMP: Brandon Sheppard, Cade Dillard Open Dairyland Showdown with Wins at Mississippi Thunder

The opening night of the third annual Dairyland Showdown saw triumph and heartbreak for World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series drivers at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

Brandon Sheppard and Cade Dillard each took advantage of misfortunes from their competitors to score Thursday’s $5,000-to-win preliminary Features.

They also earned 150 points toward setting up the Heat Race lineups for Saturday’s $50,000-to-win finale.

Here’s how the two preliminary Features went:

FEATURE 1: Brandon Sheppard found himself in the right place at the right time Thursday night at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

After taking second from Dustin Sorenson on Lap 10, the four-time Series champion couldn’t find his way past leader Jake Timm.

However, an opportunity presented itself as Timm tangled with a lap car on the final lap, bringing out a caution and handing Sheppard the lead.

From there, “B-Shepp” held off Stormy Scott in the green-white-checkered finish to win the first $5,000-to-win preliminary Feature of the Dairyland Showdown.

Timm grabbed the early lead in the 25-lap Feature but had to hold off Scott in the race’s early stages.

The two raced side-by-side as Timm narrowly held the lead until the caution came out on Lap 5 for Terry Casey.

Timm pulled away from Scott, Sheppard, and Sorenson on the restart and aced two more restarts on Lap 7 and 10 to keep the position.

The Lap 10 restart is when Sheppard made his move, sliding under Sorenson for the runner-up spot in Turn 4.

As the laps clicked off, Sheppard reeled Timm in but couldn’t make the pass.

But that changed going into Turn 3 on Lap 24.

Timm tried to roll around Webster on the outside lane, but his left front made contact with Webster, sending Timm around and into the wall, ending his chances for victory.

Brandon Sheppard
Brandon Sheppard wins the first of two preliminary Features at Mississippi Thunder Speedway/Jacy Norgaard photo

Sheppard, who took advantage of the misfortune, had damage from Timm’s spin but held on for the win.

“I was just trying to avoid it at that point,” Sheppard said. “I got into him a little bit when I was spinning across there. I hate to see it for him. He was doing a heck of a job. I was definitely putting the pressure on him since I knew he had to get through those lap cars, and that one lap car didn’t give him any room there, and that’s unfortunate for him.”

Timm, who finished 16th, was frustrated with what happened, knowing he had let the $5,000 prize slip away.

“It was my fault,” Timm said. “I’m frustrated with myself, nothing else. I think Brandon got me on the white flag lap, and I kind of knew I’d get back by him in [Turns] 1 and 2 because I had the top, and he was going to be stuck on the bottom.

“I thought my only chance to win was to shoot between [two lap cars] and get in front of [Chad Mahder] and get that run off the top. Otherwise, if I would’ve stayed behind him, I think Brandon would’ve gotten me on the bottom. I just went for it all, I guess, and I just should’ve probably chilled out and maybe settled for second. I guess I don’t really know what the outcome would’ve been.”

Despite not being an official World of Outlaws win, it was the first time Sheppard took the checkered flag in a Series event while driving a Longhorn Chassis.

The triumph is just another step in his journey with the new car.

“Everything’s new for me this year,” Sheppard said. “My crew is different. The cars. The shocks. The motors. Everything involved with the whole team is different.

“We’re having a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying everything we’re doing.”

Scott crossed the line second after dropping back a few spots in the middle of the race.

The Las Cruces, NM driver said he found the changing track condition challenging.

“In the beginning, we were really good,” Scott said. “But once that racetrack went to the dirty stage, it’s kind of what we’ve been working on here, and we’re getting better. It’s just taking a little bit of time.

“We’re still struggling a bit in that condition, but once it blows off a little bit, we were good again. That’s kind of what happened.”

Shannon Babb rounded out the podium after starting 10th.

Brian Shirley finished fourth, while Kyle Bronson crossed the line fifth.

FEATURE 2: Cade Dillard’s Longhorn Chassis debut couldn’t have led to a better result.

The Robeline, LA driver inherited the lead after a Lap 15 incident with Brent Larson and led the final 11 laps to score the second preliminary Feature victory on Thursday at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

Larson grabbed the early lead in the 25-lap event, quickly clicking off the first 13 laps.

But as the Lake Elmo, MN driver closed on the tail of the field, his challengers closed behind him.

Dillard and Bobby Pierce made their moves to the front, each trying to get by Larson.

As the three drivers came through Turn 4 on Lap 14, Pierce tried to go around Larson on the outside before Larson slid up in front of him to hold the spot.

When they crossed the flag stand, Dillard snuck underneath Pierce and, with momentum, pulled a slide job on Larson in Turn 2 on Lap 15.

But as the two drivers waged war for the lead down the backstretch, the two cars touched, sending Larson around and into the wall.

Dillard said he thought he left him enough room when the two drivers left the turn.

“He knew he was in a bind and started using the whole track,” Dillard said. “We entered [Turn 1] and got a run on the top. I felt like I was far enough when I saw he wasn’t leaving any room. I checked up to leave him room. I mean, you can watch the video. I got on the brakes, and he just kept coming.”

Larson showed displeasure toward Dillard after the race was over, pulling next to the winner as he approached Victory Lane, signaling his frustrations.

He said he felt Dillard should have lifted once they exited the corner.

“I had no idea he was up top and whatnot,” Larson said. “You can’t see a guy until they’re past you in these things. You don’t have mirrors. You don’t have radios. Someone could have a run on you, and you’d have no idea.

“We all know that, and we have to race that way. We know that the guy in front can’t tell you’re there until you’re past him, so you have to lift for somebody. If you don’t want to lift, then that’s how we’ll play the game. I’ve lifted for him a bunch while he’s sliding all over the track, and I just won’t do it anymore. It’ll change the way I race around him. I can tell you that much.”

Dillard led the final 11 laps of the Feature to score the $5,000 preliminary Feature win in his first race behind the wheel of a Longhorn Chassis.

Cade Dillard
Cade Dillard wins the 2nd preliminary Feature at Mississippi Thunder Speedway/Jacy Norgaard photo

Pierce crossed the line in second. Despite not getting the win, he said he was happy with his finish.

“All in all, it was a good race,” Pierce said. “I was happy to come home second tonight. Congratulations to Cade on the win in his first time in a Longhorn. I hate to see another guy that fast, but it’s good competition.”

Germfree Rookie of the Year contender Nick Hoffman finished third.

The Mooresville, NC driver noted what Shannon Babb did in the first Feature and applied it to his strategy.

“Babb was making a lot of speed, kind of just sliding himself in [Turns] 3 and 4,” Hoffman said. “So, I kind of went to that early when there a little moisture in the middle. I was able to make pretty good speed until they went ripping around the top.

“It felt pretty good at the beginning of the race, but then everybody kind of transitioned to the top.”

Defending Series champion Dennis Erb Jr. finished fourth, and current Series points leader Chris Madden finished fifth.

UP NEXT: The World of Outlaws CASE Late Models return to Mississippi Thunder Speedway on Friday, May 5 for night two of the Dairyland Showdown, and another round for of split-field 25-lap, $5,000-to-win Features.

If you can’t make it to the track, watch all the action live on DIRTVision – either online on with the DIRTVision App.

Preliminary Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. B5-Brandon Sheppard[3]; 2. 2S-Stormy Scott[4]; 3. 18B-Shannon Babb[10]; 4. 3S-Brian Shirley[6]; 5. 40B-Kyle Bronson[7]; 6. 12-Ashton Winger[9]; 7. 28S-Dustin Sorensen[2]; 8. 36-Logan Martin[18]; 9. 11G-James Giossi[12]; 10. 55C-Chad Mahder[14]; 11. 96V-Tanner English[13]; 12. 99JR-Frank Heckenast Jr[11]; 13. 6M-Dona Marcoullier[8]; 14. 90-Lance Matthees[21]; 15. 15-Nick Anvelink[5]; 16. 49-Jake Timm[1]; 17. 44W-David Webster[22]; 18. 7X-Jesse Glenz[16]; 19. 14G-Trevor Gundaker[17]; 20. 19R-Ryan Gustin[15]; 21. 58-AJ Diemel[19]; 22. 42-Terry Casey[20]

Preliminary Feature 2 (25 Laps): 1. 97-Cade Dillard[1]; 2. 32-Bobby Pierce[4]; 3. 9-Nick Hoffman[6]; 4. 28-Dennis Erb Jr[5]; 5. 44-Chris Madden[9]; 6. 11-Gordy Gundaker[3]; 7. 18-Chase Junghans[7]; 8. 25S-Chad Simpson[8]; 9. 25-Shane Clanton[16]; 10. 77-Jordan Yaggy[15]; 11. 32S-Chris Simpson[11]; 12. 22-Daniel Hilsabeck[19]; 13. 28M-Sam Mars[10]; 14. 76-Blair Nothdurft[18]; 15. 10-Paul Parker[14]; 16. 6JR-Parker Martin[21]; 17. 85-John Kaanta[20]; 18. 30-Todd Cooney[12]; 19. 14W-Dustin Walker[17]; 20. B1-Brent Larson[2]; 21. 22B-Gary Brown Jr[13]

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Feature Results
13+2B5Brandon Sheppard 260.0003Running0$5,000
24+22SStormy Scott 26-0.484Running0$3,000
310+718BShannon Babb 26-1.746Running0$1,750
46+23SBrian Shirley 26-2.067Running0$1,400
57+240BKyle Bronson 26-3.272Running0$1,250
69+312Ashton Winger 26-4.636Running0$1,150
72-528SDustin Sorensen 26-5.381Running0$1,100
818+1036Logan Martin 26-5.435Running0$1,050
912+311GJames Giossi 26-5.525Running0$1,025
1014+455CChad Mahder 26-6.196Running0$1,000
1113+296VTanner English 25-1 LapsRunning0$800
1211-199JRFrank Heckenast Jr25-1 LapsRunning0$700
138-56MDona Marcoullier 25-1 LapsRunning0$700
1421+790Lance Matthees 25-1 LapsRunning0$700
155-1015Nick Anvelink 25-1 LapsRunning0$700
161-1549Jake Timm 24-2 Laps23Running0$700
1722+544WDavid Webster 24-2 LapsRunning0$700
1816-27XJesse Glenz 12-14 LapsDNF0$700
1917-214GTrevor Gundaker 7-19 LapsDNF0$700
2015-519RRyan Gustin 6-20 LapsDNF0$700
2119-258A.J. Diemel 6-20 LapsDNF0$700
2220-242Terry Casey 4-22 LapsDNF0$700
FOX Factory Hard Charger: Logan Martin
Feature 2 Results
11097Cade Dillard 250.00011Running0$5,000
24+232Bobby Pierce 25-1.347Running0$3,000
36+39Nick Hoffman 25-2.245Running0$1,750
45+128Dennis Erb Jr25-6.956Running0$1,400
59+444Chris Madden 25-7.299Running0$1,250
63-311Gordy Gundaker 25-9.067Running0$1,150
77018Chase Junghans 25-9.566Running0$1,100
88025SChad Simpson 25-10.153Running0$1,050
916+725Shane Clanton 25-10.688Running0$1,025
1015+577Jordan Yaggy 25-11.318Running0$1,000
1111032SChris Simpson 25-11.735Running0$800
1219+722Daniel Hilsabeck 25-13.449Running0$700
1310-328MSam Mars 25-14.318Running0$700
1418+476Blair Nothdurft 25-15.672Running0$700
1514-110Paul Parker 24-1 LapsRunning0$700
1621+56JRParker Martin 24-1 LapsRunning0$700
1720+385John Kaanta 24-1 LapsRunning0$700
1812-630Todd Cooney 24-1 LapsRunning0$700
1917-214WDustin Walker 23-2 LapsRunning0$700
202-18B1Brent Larson 22-3 Laps14DNF0$700
2113-822BGary Brown Jr14-11 LapsDNF0$700
FOX Factory Hard Charger: Shane Clanton
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1349Jake Timm Winona, MN13.4800.000
2528SDustin Sorensen Rochester, MN13.516-0.036
314B5Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL13.518-0.038
422SStormy Scott Las Cruces, NM13.519-0.039
5715Nick Anvelink Bonduel, WI13.529-0.049
683SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL13.576-0.096
7140BKyle Bronson Brandon, FL13.699-0.219
866MDona Marcoullier Houghton Lake, MI13.734-0.254
91712Ashton Winger Senoia, GA13.790-0.310
101618BShannon Babb Moweaqua, IL13.825-0.345
11999JRFrank Heckenast JrFrankfort, IL13.830-0.350
12411GJames Giossi Hudson, WI13.834-0.354
131996VTanner English Benton, KY13.894-0.414
142255CChad Mahder Bloomer, WI13.895-0.415
151219RRyan Gustin Marshalltown, IA14.060-0.580
16137XJesse Glenz Chippewa Falls, WI14.130-0.650
171014GTrevor Gundaker St. Charles, MO14.162-0.682
181136Logan Martin West Plains, MO14.228-0.748
192058A.J. Diemel Elk Mound, WI14.295-0.815
201842Terry Casey New London, WI14.372-0.892
211590Lance Matthees Winona, MN14.593-1.113
222144WDavid Webster Monroe, WI15.139-1.659
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1697Cade Dillard Robeline, LA13.5800.000
210B1Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN13.664-0.084
3211Gordy Gundaker St. Charles, MO13.749-0.169
41632Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL13.953-0.373
51728Dennis Erb JrCarpentersville, IL13.962-0.382
6219Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC14.009-0.429
7518Chase Junghans Manhattan, KS14.037-0.457
81125SChad Simpson Mt. Vernon, IA14.041-0.461
9444Chris Madden Gray Court, SC14.061-0.481
101928MSam Mars Menomonie, WI14.165-0.585
111232SChris Simpson Oxford, IA14.172-0.592
12730Todd Cooney Des Moines, IA14.231-0.651
13822BGary Brown JrBrandon, SD14.281-0.701
141310Paul Parker Kaukauna, WI14.288-0.708
151577Jordan Yaggy Rochester, MN14.337-0.757
16125Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA14.365-0.785
17314WDustin Walker Polk, MO14.421-0.841
182076Blair Nothdurft Renner, SD14.435-0.855
191822Daniel Hilsabeck Earlham, IA14.454-0.874
20985John Kaanta Elk Mound, WI14.874-1.294
21146JRParker Martin Miledgeville, GA14.874-1.294
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Event Info  

Dairyland Showdown
Thursday, May 04, 2023
Mississippi Thunder Speedway
2895 WI-35
Fountain City, Wisconsin 54629 

Event Description
The World of Outlaws CASE Late Models head back to Mississippi Thunder Speedway for the 3rd annual Dairyland Showdown, with the finale paying $50,000 for the 2nd straight season.

The two preceding nights will include two split-field $5,000-to-win Features. each night.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Late Models, World of Outlaws Late Model Series

Support Divisions
USRA Modifieds

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
Thursday, May 4th
4PM Pit Gates open
4PM Registration opens (closes at 6PM)
5PM Grandstand Gates open
6PM Drivers Meeting
6:30PM World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Models Hot Laps
USRA Modifieds Hot Laps
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Low-E Insulation Qualifying - 2 Laps
Opening Ceremonies
USRA Heat Races (8 Laps)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Feature 1 (25 Laps)
USRA Modified Last Chance Showdowns (10 Laps)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Feature 2 (25 Laps)
USRA Modifieds Feature (25 Laps)
DJ/Bonfire to follow racing

Friday, May 5
7:30-10:30AM Breakfast
4PM Pit Gates open
4PM Registration opens (closes at 6PM)
5PM Grandstand Gates open
6PM Drivers Meeting
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Hot Laps
USRA Modifieds Hot Laps
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Low-E Insulation Qualifying - 2 Laps
Opening Ceremonies
USRA Modifieds Heat Races (8 Laps)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Feature 1 (25 Laps)
USRA Modifieds Last Chance Showdown (10 Laps)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Feature 2 (25 Laps)
USRA Modifieds Feature (30 Laps)
Beer Bar Open/ Live Music by Hillbilly Rocketship/Bonfire in the pits following racing

Saturday, May 6
7:30-10:30AM Breakfast
3PM Pit Gate Open
4PM Registration opens (closes at 6PM)
5PM Grandstands Open
6:15PM Drivers Meeting
6:45PM World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Hot Laps
USRA Modified Hot Laps
Opening Ceremonies
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Heat Races (8 Laps)
USRA Modified Heat Races (8 Laps)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Redraw
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Last Chance Showdowns (10 Laps)
USRA Modifieds Last Chance Showdowns (10 Laps)
World of Outlaws CASE Late Models Feature (75 Laps)
USRA Modifieds Feature (40 Laps)
*All times Central

Ticket Options  
Options And Prices
*3-day Admission Prices*
3-day Adult Admission: $100
3-day Senior (65+) Admission: $90
3-day Student (13-17): $15
3-day Adult Pit Pass: $130
3-day Student (6-12) Pit Pass: $45

*Thursday Event Prices*
Adult Admission: $30
Senior (65+) Admission: $27
Student (13-17): $5
Kids 12 & Under: FREE
Adult Pit Pass: $40
Student (6-12) Pit Pass: $15
Kids 5 & Under Pit Pass: FREE

*Friday Event Prices*
Adult Admission: $35
Senior (65+) Admission: $32
Student (13-17): $5
Kids 12 & Under: FREE
Adult Pit Pass: $45
Student (6-12) Pit Pass: $15
Kids 5 & Under Pit Pass: FREE

*Saturday Event Prices*
Adult Admission: $40
Senior (65+) Admission: $37
Student (13-17): $5
Kids 12 & Under: FREE
Adult Pit Pass: $50
Student (6-12) Pit Pass: $15
Kids 5 & Under Pit Pass: FREE

Grandstand Type

Frequently Asked Questions  
Support Divisions
USRA Modifieds

To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Bring your own lawn chair to better enjoy the cement grandstands!

Track Info  

Mississippi Thunder Speedway
2895 WI-35
Fountain City, Wisconsin 54629 

Track Phone
(608) 687-3282

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Size

Track Type
High-banked sweeping oval

Late Model Track Record
13.417 seconds by Ryan Gustin on 5/4/24

Closest Airport
La Crosse, WI

Other Airport
Rochester, MN

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Tire Rules
Left Front Tire: Hoosier (Open)

Left Rear & Right Front Tire:
Hoosier (90) LM30, (90) W30, (90) NLMT3.

Right Rear Tire:
Hoosier (92) LM30, (92) W30, (92) NLMT3.

**Grooving & Siping will be allowed**

Left Front Tire: Hoosier (Open)

Left Rear & Right Front Tire:
Hoosier (90) LM30, (90) W30, (90) NLMT3.

Right Rear Tire:
Hoosier (92) LM30, (92) W30, (92) NLMT3, (92) LM40 (92) NLMT4

**Grooving & Siping will be allowed**

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