Duel in the Dakotas
Red River Valley Speedway | West Fargo, ND
Saturday, August 27, 2022
Event Info

Duel in the Dakotas
August 27, 2022
Red River Valley Speedway
1805 Main Ave W
West Fargo, ND 

Event Description
10-time champion Donny Schatz leads the World of Outlaws to his home track in Fargo, North Dakota.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

Sprint Car Track Record
11.460 seconds by Kasey Kahne on 8/21/21

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Event Schedule
2PM Pit Gates open
5PM Grandstand Gates open
6:30PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
7:30PM Opening Ceremonies
*All times Central

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Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
seats are allowed

Handicapped Seating
In front of Section B and in front of Sections H & I

Pit Age Limit
There is not an age limit for the pit area at this event. Minors aged 17 and younger must submit a fully-executed minor “Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement/Minor's Assumption of Risk and Release and Waiver of Liability by.” These will be available at the Pit Ticket Windows.

Personal Coolers
No coolers allowed

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alcohol is available for purchase

Smoking Policy
Is there a Smoking Policy?
No smoking in grandstand. Smoking permitted in designated areas.

Family Section

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Camping Availability

Camping Cost
Call 1-701-282-2200 for camping

Closest Airport
Fargo, ND (FAR / KFAR) Hector International Airport

Other Airport
Grand Forks, ND (GFK / KGFK) Grand Forks International Airport

Track Info

Red River Valley Speedway
1805 Main Ave W
West Fargo, ND 

Track Phone
(701) 388-6637

Ticket Phone
(815) 344-2023

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Size & Type
0.375; Semi-banked

Sprint Car Track Record
11.460 seconds by Kasey Kahne on 8/21/21

Competitor Info
DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap

HANG TEN: Macedo Passes Sweet Late at Red River Valley for 10th Win of Season

Riding second behind the defending champ in the late stages, Carson Macedo was chomping at the bit, looking for an opportunity to grab the lead. One swift dive low into the corner later, the lead, and later his 10th win of the season, was his.

Macedo, of Lemoore, CA, chased three-time and defending World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series champion Brad Sweet around Red River Valley Speedway for the first 19 laps of Saturday night’s Duel in the Dakotas Feature, challenging him several times to the inside but could never seem to pull close enough to make the move.

As the two maintained a torrid pace through lapped traffic, Sweet came up on a slower car at the exit of Turn 4 and was forced out of his lane but still held onto the top spot as he clicked-off Lap 18. Macedo took advantage of the situation, inching closer to Sweet down the front stretch and firing-off a pass attempt in Turn 2. Sweet was able to hold him off down the backstretch, but the clock was ticking.

“I knew once we got to traffic, if there wasn’t a lapped car in my lane, I could close-in quite a bit on [Sweet],” Macedo said. “I had done it on a [Lap 9] restart and gotten really close, but just couldn’t get to his inside, then I kinda got stuck behind him there for a minute.”

Macedo entered Turns 1-2 on the bottom once again the next time by, and this time, made it count. Sweet skated up high as he entered the corner, leaving the door open for Macedo down low, and watched the Jason Johnson Racing #41 go by at the exit of Turn 2.

Macedo (41) made the pass on Sweet (49) on Lap 20 (Trent Gower Photo)

Now with the lead, Macedo began to pull away in traffic and appeared to have it in the bag, until the yellow came out with three laps remaining. On the restart, Macedo was perfect, never letting any challenger get close as he brought it back across the stripe to collect his 10th Series win of the season.

“Ten wins – that’s crazy,” Macedo said. “Winning double digits in a single World of Outlaws season is really tough to do. Without JJR and this team – Philip [Dietz], Clyde [Knipp] and Nate [Repetz] – doing such a good job, I don’t think I could do it.”

Though Macedo held-up well on the final restart, Sweet was not as fortunate. Sixteen-year-old Ryan Timms, in only his second career World of Outlaws start, had been running third the entire race and pounced on the opportunity when the green came back out. He pinned the throttle and rode the high line through Turns 1-2, zooming around the outside of Sweet at the exit of Turn 2 to take second.

“I didn’t really want to restart, to be honest; I was just kinda happy to try and bring it home in second,” Sweet said. “Carson went low, and I didn’t really go across the bottom that good. I left the top wide open.”

Timms, of Oklahoma City, OK, held onto second in the final laps and crossed the line to officially become the youngest podium finisher in World of Outlaws history at 16 years and one day, breaking the record set earlier in the season by fellow 16-year-old Californian Corey Day.

Timms (left) and Macedo (right) congratulate each other in Victory Lane (Trent Gower Photo)

“I don’t think it’s really kicked-in yet,” Timms said. “I’m really more bummed than anything that I couldn’t win, but everyone else is pretty happy, so I’m happy.”

Sweet crossed in third, bagging his 19th podium finish of the season. Though he wasn’t as comfortable in his NAPA Auto Parts/Kasey Kahne Racing #49 as he was during the win on Friday night, he does maintain his sizable lead in the Series points standings on the road to a potential fourth-straight championship.

“Last night we had everything dialed, and tonight, we were just a little off,” Sweet said. “And that’s racing. We tried to make changes all night to get the car better and just never quite hit on it tonight.”


The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series is back in action next weekend in a three-day spectacular at Washington’s Skagit Speedway for the Sage Fruit Skagit Nationals, Sept. 1-3. Tickets are available for purchase in advance at WorldofOutlaws.com or at the track on race day.

If you can’t be at the track, watch all the action live with a FAST PASS subscription to DIRTVision.


NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps)

  1. 41-Carson Macedo [1][$10,000]; 2. 5T-Ryan Timms [4][$6,000]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet [2][$3,500]; 4. 2-David Gravel [3][$2,800]; 5. 7S-Robbie Price [5][$2,500]; 6. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [7][$2,300]; 7. 1S-Logan Schuchart [8][$2,200]; 8. 15-Donny Schatz [9][$2,100]; 9. 5-Spencer Bayston [10][$2,050]; 10. 1A-Jacob Allen [6][$2,000]; 11. 83-James McFadden [11][$1,600]; 12. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [13][$1,400]; 13. 20G-Noah Gass [14][$1,200]; 14. 13-Mark Dobmeier [15][$1,100]; 15. 6-Bill Rose [18][$1,050]; 16. 11M-Brendan Mullen [19][$1,000]; 17. 11K-Kraig Kinser [12][$1,000]; 18. 99-Jordan Graham [22][$1,000]; 19. 2K-Kevin Ingle [24][$1,000]; 20. 14T-Tim Estenson [17][$1,000]; 21. 17S-Zach Omdahl [23][$1,000]; 22. 8-Jack Croaker [16][$1,000]; 23. 10-Josh Swangler [20][$1,000]; 24. 26-Blake Egeland [21][$1,000] KSE Hard Charger Award: 2K-Kevin Ingle[+5]
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World of Outlaws Late Model Entries
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Entries
Feature Results
11041Carson Macedo 300.00011Running150$10,000
24+25TRyan Timms 30-1.096Running146$6,000
32-149Brad Sweet 30-1.94619Running144$3,500
43-12David Gravel 30-2.796Running142$2,800
5507SRobbie Price 30-3.668Running140$2,500
67+117Sheldon Haudenschild 30-3.751Running138$2,300
78+11SLogan Schuchart 30-4.274Running136$2,200
89+115Donny Schatz 30-4.842Running134$2,100
910+15Spencer Bayston 30-5.141Running132$2,050
106-41AJacob Allen 30-5.464Running130$2,000
1111083James McFadden 30-6.003Running128$1,600
1213+13ZBrock Zearfoss 30-6.389Running126$1,400
1314+120GNoah Gass 30-7.085Running124$1,200
1415+113Mark Dobmeier 29-1 LapsRunning122$1,100
1518+36Bill Rose 29-1 LapsRunning120$1,050
1619+311MBrendan Mullen 29-1 LapsRunning118$1,000
1712-511KKraig Kinser 25-5 LapsRunning116$1,000
1822+499Jordan Graham 23-7 LapsRunning114$1,000
1924+52KKevin Ingle 11-19 LapsRunning112$1,000
2017-314TTim Estenson 8-22 LapsRunning110$1,000
2123+217SZach Omdahl 4-26 LapsRunning108$1,000
2216-68Jack Croaker 3-27 LapsRunning106$1,000
2320-310Josh Swangler 0-30 LapsRunning104$1,000
2421-326Blake Egeland 0-30 LapsRunning102$1,000
Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown Results
11011MBrendan Mullen 120.00012Running0$0
22010Josh Swangler 12-4.917Running0$0
34+126Blake Egeland 12-5.558Running0$0
45+199Jordan Graham 12-6.780Running0$0
53-217SZach Omdahl 12-7.890Running0$0
610+42KKevin Ingle 12-8.957Running0$0
78+113TTy Hanten 12-9.998Running90$300
87-114Tom Egeland 12-12.181Running90$250
96-364Andy Pake 11-1 LapsRunning90$225
109-1811Todd Mickelson 11-1 LapsRunning90$200
1111084Joshua Johnson 0-12 LapsRunning90$200
DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11041Carson Macedo 60.0006Running
22049Brad Sweet 6-2.801Running
3302David Gravel 6-2.998Running
4405TRyan Timms 6-4.492Running
5507SRobbie Price 6-5.047Running
6601AJacob Allen 6-5.573Running
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1101AJacob Allen 80.0008Running
23+15TRyan Timms 8-1.289Running
32-117Sheldon Haudenschild 8-3.426Running
45+15Spencer Bayston 8-5.189Running
54-13ZBrock Zearfoss 8-6.187Running
67+18Jack Croaker 8-8.566Running
76-111MBrendan Mullen 8-10.150Running
88026Blake Egeland 8-11.736Running
99014Tom Egeland 8-0.760Running
1010084Joshua Johnson 7-1 LapsRunning
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1102David Gravel 80.0008Running
23+17SRobbie Price 8-0.963Running
32-11SLogan Schuchart 8-2.348Running
44083James McFadden 8-3.641Running
55020GNoah Gass 8-4.990Running
66014TTim Estenson 8-5.723Running
77010Josh Swangler 8-8.285Running
89+199Jordan Graham 8-8.783Running
98-113TTy Hanten 8-12.797Running
101002KKevin Ingle 7-1 LapsRunning
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11041Carson Macedo 80.0007Running
22049Brad Sweet 8-3.0701Running
33015Donny Schatz 8-3.841Running
44011KKraig Kinser 8-5.836Running
55013Mark Dobmeier 8-8.001Running
6606Bill Rose 8-10.116Running
77017SZach Omdahl 8-11.417Running
89+164Andy Pake 7-1 LapsRunning
98-1811Todd Mickelson 1-7 LapsRunning
My Place Hotels Qualifying Results
1201AJacob Allen Hanover, PA11.6350.000
2192David Gravel Watertown, CT11.802-0.167
3941Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA12.001-0.366
4117Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH12.015-0.380
5161SLogan Schuchart Hanover, PA12.044-0.409
61149Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA12.071-0.436
7245TRyan Timms Oklahoma City, OK12.073-0.438
8267SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC12.100-0.465
91815Donny Schatz Fargo, ND12.113-0.478
1023ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA12.148-0.513
11783James McFadden Alice Springs, NT12.152-0.517
122511KKraig Kinser Bloomington, IN12.161-0.526
1365Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN12.176-0.541
142820GNoah Gass Mounds, OK12.177-0.542
151213Mark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND12.425-0.790
161511MBrendan Mullen Grand Forks, ND12.428-0.793
171314TTim Estenson Fargo, ND12.460-0.825
18216Bill Rose Plainfield, IN12.508-0.873
19108Jack Croaker East Grand Forks, MN12.605-0.970
20310Josh Swangler Detroit Lakes, MN12.763-1.128
212917SZach Omdahl East Grand Forks, MN12.775-1.140
222226Blake Egeland Climax, MN12.969-1.334
23813TTy Hanten West Fargo, ND12.991-1.356
2414811Todd Mickelson Minot, ND13.003-1.368
252714Tom Egeland Climax, MN13.048-1.413
26599Jordan Graham Grand Forks, ND13.254-1.619
272364Andy Pake Felton, MN13.264-1.629
28484Joshua Johnson Harwood, ND14.949-3.314
29172KKevin Ingle Huron, SD14.949-3.314

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