NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals
Knoxville Raceway | Knoxville, IA
Friday, August 12, 2022
Event Info

NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals
August 10, 2022 to August 13, 2022
Knoxville Raceway
1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, IA 

Event Description
It's The Granddaddy of 'Em All. The 61st Knoxville Nationals brings the best of the best to Iowa for this four-day Crown Jewel.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

Sprint Car Track Record
14.351 seconds by Brian Brown on 5/22/21

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Frequently Asked Questions
To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand
Bleachers/ Chairbacks

Stadium Seating
No outside seating allowed

Handicapped Seating
Section D, row 1, and sections AA and BB, row 40. Companion seating is available.

Pit Age Limit
Aged 17 and under require parent waivers - Aged 12 and under must remain in vehicle or the fenced in area between turns 1 and 2. All pit fees apply. All ages same price

Personal Coolers
No coolers or outside Food/Beverages allowed


Credit Card Use
Concessions, Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Alcohol is available at the track

Smoking Policy
All grandstands are no-smoking. Smoking areas are available underneath stands.

Family Section
Sections I & J

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
camping at the North Campground for $160 for 4 days. Water and electric hookups are available.

Closest Airport
Des Moines International Airport

Track Info

Knoxville Raceway
1000 North Lincoln Street
Knoxville, IA 

Track Phone
(641) 842-5431

Ticket Phone
(641) 842-5431

Track Size & Type
0.500; Semi-banked

Sprint Car Track Record
14.351 seconds by Brian Brown on 5/22/21

Competitor Info
DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap

TICKET, PUNCHED: Abreu Wins #HardKnox, Locks-In with Madsen, Haudenschild, Brown

Friday’s #HardKnox program at the 61st NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey’s General Stores continues to be one of the most intense nights in all of Sprint Car Racing.

With 72 cars unqualified for Saturday’s $175,000-to-win, $10,000-to-start main event, the pressure was real with racers taking their last chance to grab four lock-in positions to The Granddaddy of ‘Em All.

At the end of the 25-lapper, a familiar face was welcomed to Victory Lane as Rico Abreu made it back-to-back wins in Friday’s #HardKnox portion of the Knoxville Nationals. It was his third preliminary win and locks him into his seventh career A-Main.

The St. Helena, CA native led all 25 laps in a relatively unchallenged dispute. He’ll roll off from 21st in Saturday’s 50-lap finale.

“Solid performance by the team tonight,” Abreu noted afterward. “I let them down last night with some poor decisions, and I think I made up for it tonight. This is huge for us to put HyVee in Victory Lane across the street. I’m thankful for their support and everyone who continues to support this race team. I can see it in my guys’ eyes how bad they want it. These races are so damn hard to win, but we put ourselves in a position and we finally capitalized on it.”

Abreu, Madsen, Haudenschild & Brown locked-in through Friday’s #HardKnox. [Trent Gower]

Following Abreu to the stripe on Friday was Kerry Madsen aboard the Roth Motorsports #83JR. The St. Mary’s, New South Wales, Australia native is now locked-in for his 15th career Knoxville Nationals A-Main.

“I had one chance to send it early on, but the top-four is more important than heroics of the moment on this kind of night,” Madsen said on keeping it cool. “This Roth Motorsports #83 was so comfortable and easy to drive over those last 25 laps. We’re gonna see if we can make a charge tomorrow.

Rounding out the podium was Sheldon Haudenschild in the Stenhouse Jr. / Marshall Racing, NOS Energy Drink #17. Following a rough preliminary night, the Wooster, OH native successfully rebounded with an eighth-to-third charge as he booked his fourth trip to the Knoxville Nationals A-Main.

“I really didn’t want to see those restarts,” Haudenschild spoke on his nervousness. “I got by the #5 [Bayston] in traffic, but then the caution came out right away. I threw a bomb on him, but then knew I would have to do something different with the #21 [Brown] there. Luckily, it all worked out. This is a tough, stressful week for everyone.,

Scoring the 24th and final lock-in position was Brian Brown, of Grain Valley, MO, who rocketed by Spencer Bayston in a surprise attack on the final restart. His bold move paid off with a 12th career Knoxville Nationals A-Main start.”

“Shit was going on, I can guarantee you that,” Brown joked on his wild ending. “This night is chaotic, just because the pressure is so high. Everybody knows how important this race is to me and my team, but it has not been a great week. Nobody has given up, though, and I think it’s starting to pay off. We’re gonna keep driving our ass off until that last checkered flag falls. This definitely makes tomorrow easier and less stressful.”

Brown slid by Bayston on the final restart to take the final transfer away. [Trent Gower]

Finishing behind the lock-in drivers and earning a position in Saturday’s B-Main lineup was Anthony Macri, Spencer Bayston, Corey Day, Justin Henderson, Brady Bacon, Dylan Cisney, Brooke Tatnell, Sawyer Phillips, Terry McCarl, and Brock Zearfoss.

NOS Energy Drink Feature Results (25 Laps) – 1. 24R-Rico Abreu [2]; 2. 83JR-Kerry Madsen [4]; 3. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [8]; 4. 21-Brian Brown [12]; 5. 39M-Anthony Macri [14]; 6. 5-Spencer Bayston [6]; 7. 14-Corey Day [1]; 8. 7-Justin Henderson [24]; 9. 21H-Brady Bacon [18]; 10. 5C-Dylan Cisney [13]; 11. 16-Brooke Tatnell [16]; 12. 3P-Sawyer Phillips [11]; 13. 24-Terry McCarl [7]; 14. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [10]; 15. 91-Kyle Reinhardt [20]; 16. 55T-McKenna Haase [23]; 17. 42-Sye Lynch [22]; 18. 1-Logan Wagner [15]; 19. 49X-Cale Thomas [17]; 20. 71-Cory Eliason [19]; 21. 1AU-Marcus Dumesny [5]; 22. 6B-Brandon Wimmer [21]; 23. 3-Ayrton Gennetten [3]; 24. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg [9]. Lap Leader(s): Rico Abreu 1-25. KSE Hard Charger Award: 7-Justin Henderson[+16]

Knoxville Nationals A-Main Lineup (50 Laps):

Row 1: 88 Austin McCarl — 7BC Tyler Courtney
Row 2: 15 Donny Schatz — 2 David Gravel
Row 3: 41 Carson Maced — 57 Kyle Larson
Row 4: 19 Brent Marks — 27H Daryn Pittman
Row 5: 49 Brad Sweet — 25 J.J. Hickle
Row 6: 1A Jacob Allen — 11M Parker Price-Miller
Row 7: 39 Justin Sanders — 11X Buddy Kofoid
Row 8: 7TAZ Tasker Phillips — 8 Aaron Reutzel
Row 9: B-Main Transfers
Row 10: B-Main Transfers
Row 11: 24 Rico Abreu — 83JR Kerry Madsen
Row 12: 17 Sheldon Haudenschild — 21 Brian Brown

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World of Outlaws Late Model Entries
World of Outlaws Sprint Car Entries
Feature Results
12+124RRico Abreu 250.00025Running0$4,000
24+283JRKerry Madsen 25-1.264Running0$4,000
38+517Sheldon Haudenschild 25-1.785Running0$4,000
412+821Brian Brown 25-4.066Running0$4,000
514+939MAnthony Macri 25-6.107Running0$5,000
6605Spencer Bayston 25-7.569Running0$4,000
71-614Corey Day 25-7.879Running0$3,000
824+167Justin Henderson 25-8.372Running0$3,000
918+921HBrady Bacon 25-10.971Running0$3,000
1013+35CDylan Cisney 25-11.291Running0$3,000
1116+516Brooke Tatnell 25-12.881Running0$3,000
1211-13PSawyer Phillips 25-14.025Running0$2,500
137-624Terry McCarl 25-14.318Running0$2,400
1410-43ZBrock Zearfoss 25-14.973Running0$2,300
1520+591Kyle Reinhardt 25-15.485Running0$2,200
1623+755TMcKenna Haase 25-16.710Running0$2,100
1722+542Sye Lynch 25-18.307Running0$2,000
1815-31Logan Wagner 24-1 LapsRunning0$1,900
1917-249XCale Thomas 23-2 LapsRunning0$1,800
2019-171Cory Eliason 19-6 LapsRunning0$1,700
215-161AUMarcus Dumesny 17-8 LapsRunning0$1,600
2221-16BBrandon Wimmer 11-14 LapsRunning0$1,500
239-1455Hunter Schuerenberg 10-15 LapsRunning0$1,400
243-213Ayrton Gennetten 9-16 LapsRunning0$1,300
Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown Results
13+271Cory Eliason 120.0007Running0$400
21-16BBrandon Wimmer 12-1.1205Running0$400
37+455TMcKenna Haase 12-1.560Running0$400
49+515HSam Hafertepe Jr12-2.102Running0$1,200
52-373Scotty Thiel 12-2.947Running0$1,100
65-117BBill Balog 12-3.335Running0$1,000
76-109Matt Juhl 12-4.887Running0$950
812+413JTMark Dobmeier 12-7.289Running0$900
914+5101Lachlan McHugh 12-8.962Running0$850
108-217SSammy Swindell 12-9.284Running0$825
1110-121KThomas Kennedy 12-9.884Running0$800
1213+135Zach Hampton 12-10.466Running0$775
1315+240 12-11.192Running0$750
1419+518RRyan Roberts 12-11.863Running0$725
1518+327Carson McCarl 12-12.902Running0$700
164-127SRobbie Price 12-13.637Running0$675
1711-616AColby Copeland 12-14.272Running0$650
1822+411Roger Crockett 12-14.636Running0$625
1920+115MBobby Mincer 12-15.902Running0$600
2023+39JRDerek Hagar 12-16.962Running0$575
212101XJake Bubak 12-17.561Running0$550
2224+24WMatt Wasmund 12-22.697Running0$500
2316-717CCarson Short 12-24.754Running0$500
2417-711TT.J. Stutts 11-1 LapsRunning0$500
Micro-Lite Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
16+591Kyle Reinhardt 120.0001Running0$400
22042Sye Lynch 12-0.133Running0$400
31-27Justin Henderson 12-0.52611Running0$400
43-122Riley Goodno 12-1.199Running0$1,200
511+617WShane Golobic 12-1.978Running0$1,100
69+31MDon Droud Jr12-2.535Running0$1,000
74-320GNoah Gass 12-3.646Running0$950
87-155WMike Wagner 12-4.526Running0$900
912+32MDavey Heskin 12-4.682Running0$850
1013+352Blake Hahn 12-4.845Running0$825
1118+784Scott Bogucki 12-6.488Running0$800
125-744Chris Martin 12-7.868Running0$775
1316+335KChad Kemenah 12-8.828Running0$750
1421+745Rusty Hickman 12-10.449Running0$725
158-711KKraig Kinser 12-13.499Running0$700
1617+183TTanner Carrick 12-13.517Running0$675
1714-349JJosh Schneiderman 12-14.191Running0$650
1819+199Skylar Gee 12-15.626Running0$625
1910-947XDylan Westbrook 12-16.288Running0$600
2024+497Greg Wilson 12-16.310Running0$575
2120-111NHarli White 12-17.0704Running0$550
2223+165Jordan Goldesberry 12-18.1508Running0$500
2322-112Tyler Drueke 12-19.871Running0$500
2415-919WChris Windom 0-12 LapsDNS0$500
C Main Race Results
1101XJake Bubak 100.00010Running0$200
22045Rusty Hickman 10-0.564Running0$200
35+211Roger Crockett 10-2.609Running0$200
43-112Tyler Drueke 10-4.707Running0$200
54-19JRDerek Hagar 10-8.960Running0$200
66065Jordan Goldesberry 10-10.899Running0$200
710+34WMatt Wasmund 10-14.049Running0$200
89+197Greg Wilson 10-14.293Running0$200
98-110Skylar Prochaska 10-16.324Running0$600
1011+12KKKevin Ingle 10-18.580Running0$550
117-46Bill Rose 10-19.314Running0$500
1213+197GAlan Gilbertson 5-5 LapsRunning0$475
1312-17WDustin Selvage 0-10 LapsDQ0$450
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1105CDylan Cisney 80.0008Running
22024Terry McCarl 8-1.363Running
3301AUMarcus Dumesny 8-2.196Running
4406BBrandon Wimmer 8-3.135Running
5507SRobbie Price 8-5.424Running
69+317CCarson Short 8-6.322Running
76-155TMcKenna Haase 8-7.563Running
88035Zach Hampton 8-7.649Running
97-221KThomas Kennedy 8-10.185Running
1010018RRyan Roberts 8-10.603Running
1112+197Greg Wilson 8-12.636Running
1211-112Tyler Drueke 8-14.681Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1101Logan Wagner 80.0008Running
22055Hunter Schuerenberg 8-0.450Running
34+114Corey Day 8-1.220Running
46+217SSammy Swindell 8-3.318Running
53-273Scotty Thiel 8-3.532Running
67+116AColby Copeland 8-4.572Running
78+1101Lachlan McHugh 8-5.495Running
811+311Roger Crockett 8-7.110Running
95-417BBill Balog 8-7.361Running
1010015MBobby Mincer 8-9.569Running
119-211TT.J. Stutts 8-10.349Running
121202KKKevin Ingle 8-16.394Running
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
14+33Ayrton Gennetten 80.0006Running
21-149XCale Thomas 8-0.6922Running
32-13PSawyer Phillips 8-3.531Running
46+215HSam Hafertepe Jr8-6.313Running
58+340 8-7.613Running
69+327Carson McCarl 8-7.946Running
75-209Matt Juhl 8-8.724Running
810+21XJake Bubak 8-11.151Running
97-213JTMark Dobmeier 8-11.219Running
1011+16Bill Rose 8-13.935Running
1112+114HJosh Higday 8-1.385DNS
123-971Cory Eliason 8-1.385DQ
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11039MAnthony Macri 80.0008Running
2203ZBrock Zearfoss 8-1.409Running
3305Spencer Bayston 8-1.911Running
4407Justin Henderson 8-2.933Running
55091Kyle Reinhardt 8-5.667Running
68+252Blake Hahn 8-6.466Running
77047XDylan Westbrook 8-8.097Running
810+299Skylar Gee 8-11.192Running
99035KChad Kemenah 8-11.620Running
1011+19JRDerek Hagar 8-13.509Running
116-511KKraig Kinser 8-15.444Running
121204WMatt Wasmund 8-18.280Running
Heat 5 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+121Brian Brown 80.0008Running
24+224RRico Abreu 8-1.381Running
36+321HBrady Bacon 8-5.169Running
41-320GNoah Gass 8-6.581Running
53-242Sye Lynch 8-7.587Running
68+249JJosh Schneiderman 8-9.309Running
75-255WMike Wagner 8-10.473Running
87-117WShane Golobic 8-10.694Running
911+265Jordan Goldesberry 8-13.166Running
1012+27WDustin Selvage 8-13.425Running
1110-111NHarli White 8-14.894Running
129-383TTanner Carrick 8-15.604Running
Heat 6 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
13+217Sheldon Haudenschild 80.0005Running
25+316Brooke Tatnell 8-3.184Running
34+183JRKerry Madsen 8-3.948Running
41-344Chris Martin 8-5.4343Running
52-322Riley Goodno 8-6.604Running
68+219WChris Windom 8-7.178Running
76-11MDon Droud Jr8-8.081Running
810+245Rusty Hickman 8-8.938Running
99084Scott Bogucki 8-9.629Running
1011+110Skylar Prochaska 8-10.439Running
1112+197GAlan Gilbertson 8-16.857Running
127-52MDavey Heskin 4-4 LapsRunning
My Place Hotels Qualifying Results
116BBrandon Wimmer Fairmount, IN15.8320.000
2614Corey Day Clovis, CA15.856-0.024
3133Ayrton Gennetten Versailles, MO15.880-0.048
4191AUMarcus Dumesny Sydney, NSW15.923-0.091
5273Scotty Thiel Sheboygan, WI15.966-0.134
61171Cory Eliason Visalia, CA15.970-0.138
72024Terry McCarl Altoona, IA15.987-0.155
83255Hunter Schuerenberg Sikeston, MO16.007-0.175
9183PSawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA16.014-0.182
10285CDylan Cisney Port Royal, PA16.018-0.186
11251Logan Wagner Harrisonville, PA16.028-0.196
122749XCale Thomas Fairland, IN16.036-0.204
13237SRobbie Price Cobble Hill, BC16.064-0.232
141017BBill Balog North Pole, AK16.071-0.239
15409Matt Juhl Tea, SD16.073-0.241
161455TMcKenna Haase Des Moines, IA16.084-0.252
171217SSammy Swindell Germantown, TN16.104-0.272
183615HSam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX16.203-0.371
19921KThomas Kennedy Winnipeg, MB16.204-0.372
202616AColby Copeland Roseville, CA16.246-0.414
212113JTMark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND16.261-0.429
223135Zach Hampton Mooresville, IN16.262-0.430
2316101Lachlan McHugh Gold Coast, QLD16.284-0.452
241740 , 16.301-0.469
251517CCarson Short Marion, IL16.329-0.497
26511TT.J. Stutts Liverpool, PA16.358-0.526
272927Carson McCarl Altoona, IA16.398-0.566
283018RRyan Roberts Aurora, NE16.431-0.599
292215MBobby Mincer Burlington, IA16.456-0.624
30331XJake Bubak Arvada, CO16.496-0.664
31712Tyler Drueke Eagle, NE16.549-0.717
323511Roger Crockett Broken Arrow, OK16.586-0.754
3336Bill Rose Plainfield, IN16.639-0.807
34897Greg Wilson Benton Ridge, OH16.652-0.820
35242KKKevin Ingle Huron, SD16.896-1.064
363414HJosh Higday Des Moines, IA16.896-1.064
My Place Hotels Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1177Justin Henderson Tea, SD16.2860.000
22124RRico Abreu St. Helena, CA16.297-0.011
3583JRKerry Madsen Knoxville, IA16.309-0.023
425Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN16.318-0.032
51042Sye Lynch Cowansville, PA16.328-0.042
63317Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH16.332-0.046
7153ZBrock Zearfoss Jonestown, PA16.347-0.061
82621Brian Brown Higginsville, MO16.383-0.097
9122Riley Goodno Knoxville, IA16.398-0.112
102839MAnthony Macri Dillsburg, PA16.413-0.127
113620GNoah Gass Mounds, OK16.489-0.203
12444Chris Martin Ankeny, IA16.503-0.217
131891Kyle Reinhardt Neptune City, NJ16.525-0.239
14355WMike Wagner Harrisonville, PA16.549-0.263
153516Brooke Tatnell San Souci, NSW16.555-0.269
16611KKraig Kinser Bloomington, IN16.567-0.281
172721HBrady Bacon Broken Arrow, OK16.569-0.283
1881MDon Droud JrLincoln, NE16.588-0.302
19947XDylan Westbrook Scotland, ON16.637-0.351
202217WShane Golobic Fremont, CA16.639-0.353
21252MDavey Heskin St. Michael, MN16.664-0.378
223052Blake Hahn Sapulpa, OK16.669-0.383
231349JJosh Schneiderman West Burlington, IA16.691-0.405
243419WChris Windom Canton, IL16.694-0.408
252035KChad Kemenah Findlay, OH16.705-0.419
263183TTanner Carrick Lincoln, CA16.751-0.465
271984Scott Bogucki Mclaren Vale, SA16.759-0.473
281299Skylar Gee Leduc, AB16.802-0.516
291411NHarli White Lindsay, OK16.991-0.705
301145Rusty Hickman Tullamarine, VIC17.009-0.723
31329JRDerek Hagar Marion, AR17.074-0.788
321665Jordan Goldesberry Springfield, IL17.101-0.815
332910Skylar Prochaska Lakefield, MN17.188-0.902
34234WMatt Wasmund Jackson, MN17.366-1.080
3577WDustin Selvage Indianola, IA17.458-1.172
362497GAlan Gilbertson Kasson, MN17.538-1.252

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