World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Models
Richmond Raceway KY | Richmond, KY
Friday, April 23, 2021
Race Recap  

WIRE TO WIRE: McCreadie uses strong start, adaptability to win at Richmond Raceway

Uncertainty fluttered in Tim McCreadie’s mind before the start of Friday night’s World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Feature at Richmond Raceway.

He would see the drop of the green flag from his outside pole starting position, but doubts possessed his confidence in the position with Chris Madden on the pole. However, it only took a lap for those doubts to be exorcised.

The 2006 Series champion bested Madden on the first lap from the outside lane and never released his stronghold on the lead for all 40 laps.

“I knew [Madden] was really good and I wasn’t going to be able to snooker him, so I thought let’s just roll the top and see if there’s anything up there,” McCreadie said.

After passing Madden, the Watertown, NY driver tried to find comfort around the bottom of the track, but Madden again forced McCreadie to place doubt on his line by making up ground around the top.

Tim McCreadie talks with Ruben Mireles
Tim McCreadie talks with Ruben Mireles after a hard fought win./Jacy Norgaard photo.

With Madden on his tail, McCreadie returned to the top to kill the 29-time Series winner’s momentum.

“[Madden] moved up and started getting back to me, and my crew moved me up, and that’s when I noticed the sticks started moving farther apart again,” McCreadie said. “At that point I knew once [the track] latched down I’d probably be OK.”

And OK, he was. McCreadie was the first to see the checkered flag and claim his 33rd career World of Outlaws victory. He’s now tied for seventh on the all-time win list with 2004 Series champion Scott Bloomquist.

While Madden had to settle for second, the podium continues his promising consistency. The finish was his fifth top-five of the season. Even though he had a shot at passing McCreadie in traffic, he knew second was the best he could do once the track took rubber.

Madden races around Richmond
Chris Madden scores his 5th Top-5 of the season/Jacy Norgaard photo

“[McCreadie] was able to get back to the bottom, and we just couldn’t complete the pass,” Madden said. “His guys did a great job moving him around, getting him into the right position.”

One of the drivers who worked the outside of the racetrack early in the race was third-place finisher Scott James. The Bright, IN driver started eighth, and quickly went up high, moving up five positions.

“In the [pace] laps I felt like there was some traction up there,” James said. “The car was phenomenal; it would just roll right around the top.”

Ricky Weiss finished fourth, for his second-straight top-five finish, and Tyler Bruening finished fifth.

Three-time and defending champion Brandon Sheppard crossed the line ninth, for his eighth top-10 of the season. That’s more than any other driver on the Series. The New Berlin, IL driver still holds the point lead, but now there’s a tie for second place.

The bad luck continued for Mooresville, NC driver Kyle Strickler, when his hood popped up with just three laps to go. The “High Side Tickler” finished 22nd, dropping him into a tie with Madden, 46 points behind Sheppard.

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Morton Buildings Feature (40 Laps)-1. 39-Tim McCreadie [2][$10,000]; 2. 44-Chris Madden [1][$6,000]; 3. 83-Scott James [8][$3,500]; 4. 7-Ricky Weiss [4][$2,800]; 5. 16-Tyler Bruening [3][$2,500]; 6. B1-Brent Larson [5][$2,300]; 7. 76-Brandon Overton [12][$2,200]; 8. 17-Zack Dohm [6][$2,100]; 9. 1-Brandon Sheppard [9][$2,050]; 10. 81E-Tanner English [10][$2,000]; 11. 58-Mike [14][$1,600]; 12. 32-Bobby Pierce [16][$1,400]; 13. 97-Cade Dillard [11][$1,200]; 14. 12-Jason Jameson [24][$1,100]; 15. 31-Tyler Millwood [19][$1,050]; 16. 21-Kirk Phillips [18][$1,000]; 17. 40B-Kyle Bronson [23][$1,000]; 18. 28-Dennis Erb [20][$1,000]; 19. 97C-Michael Chilton [13][$1,000]; 20. 11-Tommy Bailey [21][$1,000]; 21. 99B-Boom Briggs [17][$1,000]; 22. 8-Kyle Strickler [15][$1,000]; 23. 99L-Darrell Lanigan [22][$1,000]; 24. D8-Dustin Linville [7][$1,000] Hard Charger: 12-Jason Jameson[+10]

Qualifying Flight-A – 1. 44-Chris Madden, 15.329; 2. 83-Scott James, 15.563; 3. 17-Zack Dohm, 15.583; 4. 39-Tim McCreadie, 15.586; 5. 1-Brandon Sheppard, 15.587; 6. 8-Kyle Strickler, 15.656; 7. 97C-Michael Chilton, 15.664; 8. 97-Cade Dillard, 15.669; 9. 38-Derek Fisher, 15.688; 10. 99L-Darrell Lanigan, 15.739; 11. 21-Kirk Phillips, 15.822; 12. 31-Tyler Millwood, 15.831; 13. 1G-Ryan King, 15.843; 14. 13W-David Webb, 15.895; 15. 40B-Kyle Bronson, 16.062

Qualifying Flight-B- 1. 11-Tommy Bailey, 15.491; 2. 76-Brandon Overton, 15.523; 3. 81E-Tanner English, 15.586; 4. 7-Ricky Weiss, 15.607; 5. 16-Tyler Bruening, 15.664; 6. B1-Brent Larson, 15.692; 7. D8-Dustin Linville, 15.714; 8. 32-Bobby Pierce, 15.757; 9. 12-Jason Jameson, 15.759; 10. 16R-Justin Rattliff, 15.802; 11. 99B-Boom Briggs, 15.803; 12. 28-Dennis Erb, 15.819; 13. 58-Mike , 16.013; 14. 13-Brayton Laster, 17.062

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World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Models
April 23, 2021
Richmond Raceway KY
328 Greens Crossing Rd
Richmond, KY 

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Late Model Series

Late Model Track Record
13.987 seconds by Scott James on 7/19/19

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Event Schedule
1:00PM Pit Gates open
3:00PM Grandstand Gates open
5:30PM Drivers Meeting
6:00PM Hot Laps

1 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Hot Laps
2 KDRA Super Stock Series Hot Lap/Qualifying
3 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Qualifying - 3 Cars/2 Laps
4 DIRTcar UMP Modified Hot Lap/Qualifying
5 Opening Ceremonies
6 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Heats - 10 Laps
7 KDRA Super Stock Series Heats - 8 Laps
8 DIRTcar UMP Modified Heats - 8 Laps
9 KDRA Super Stock Series Last chance Showdowns (if needed)
10 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Redraw
11 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Last Chance Showdowns - 10 Laps
12 DIRTcar UMP Modified Last Chance Showdown (if needed)
13 KDRA Super Stock Series Feature - 25 Laps
14 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Feature - 40 Laps
15 DIRTcar UMP Modified Feature - 20 Laps

*All times Eastern

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Richmond Raceway KY
328 Greens Crossing Rd
Richmond, KY 

Track Phone
(917) 697-4776

Track Size & Type
0.300; clay oval

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Competitor Info
Event Format:
1-20 Entries = Overall Qualifying | Two Heats | All Cars Transfer | Top 2 from each heat redraw
21-24 Entries = Overall Qualifying | Three Heats | All Cars Transfer | Top 2 from each heat redraw
25-27 Entries = Overall Qualifying | Three Heats | Top 6 Transfer | Top 2 from each heat redraw | One LCS | Top 4 Transfer
28-31 Entries = A/B Group Qualifying | Four Heats | Top 4 Transfer | Top 2 from each heat redraw |One LCS | Top 6 Transfer
32-47 Entries = A/B Group Qualifying | Four Heats | Top 4 Transfer | Top 2 from each heat redraw |Two LCS | Top 3 Transfer
48+ Entries = A/B Group Qualifying | Six Heats | Top 3 Transfer | Heat Race Winner Redraws | Three LCS | Top 2 Transfer

Event Payout: 40 Laps
1. $10,000; 2. $6,000; 3. $3,500; 4. $2,800; 5. $2,500; 6. $2,300; 7. $2,200; 8. $2,100; 9. $2,050; 10. $2,000; 11.$1,600; 12. $1,400; 13. $1,200; 14. $1,100; 15. $1,050; 16. $1,000; 17. $1,000; 18. $1,000; 19. $1,000; 20. $1,000; 21. $1,000; 22. $1,000; 23. $1,000; 24. $1,000 Tow Money: $110 - MUST start LCS in order to receive Tow Money

Technical & Safety Rules:
GENERAL RULES: Under the guidelines of Chapter 1
TECHNICAL & SAFETY RULES: Under the guidelines of Chapter 3
Weight Rule is 2350. Pound per lap burn off in the Feature event ONLY

Tire Rules:
ALL FOUR (4) CORNERS: (Hoosier 1300, 1350) (AR 44,48)
RIGHT REAR OPTION: (Hoosier 1600) (AR 56)

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